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09/25/2000 4:47 PM

as night falls on the small town of citadel a stranger walks into town as people watch the stranger steps up to an inn and askes for shelter when the person refuses the stanger pulls out a sword and kills the inn keeper and the next day a strange cloud forms over the town a cloud in the shape of a dragon on the nearest hill many of the towns people say dragons dozens of dragons as the dragons walk closer to the town several knights and warriors are seen in town along with the stanger who was an assasin that was targeted for killing the dragon lord now as they watch the battle for good and evil rages as the warriors stand ready to meet the onslaught of the dragons

09/30/2000 4:56 AM

"Yo,dragons." Balen smiles, and holds up a daisy. "Peace, not war! Come on down,and, like, be nice!"Then Balen pulls out his fiddle and starts playing a peaceful, happy song for the dragons.

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