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12/23/2007 9:14 PM

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News casters vehicles could be seen screaming through the streets, always vigilant, always trying to get a piece of the next shooting, the next riot. The National guard seemed near useless, they themselves as disorderly and chaotic as the people they were sent to protect. Gun shots, shouting, screaming, explosions were frequent and close. Countries weren't at war with countries, nations weren't having civil wars or social unrest it was just chaos.

People acted irrationaly fought when they could talk, killed when they could walk away.ANd it wasn't just people, it was the animals, the plants, the bugs. Everything forgot how it once worked and now picked up completly illogical behavior. Deer stalked mice, mice attacked cats, geese migrated north when they should migrate south. Plants seemed to grow at radical rates, snaking up over buildings, pushing through sidewalks and concrete foundation.

And it wasn't just sentient beings either it was the weather. The weather raged in unpredictable manners. High winds, hurricanes, typhoons all occuring with out the proper conditions to cause them.

The world was tearing itself apart, heaving upward and then smashing back down upon itself. The people inside could do nothing more than be subject to its will.

Jane scampered through the debris covered streets, dashing behind tipped cars and abandoned tanks. The quiet hometown she once knew now looked like a scene she had seen so many times over seas, but not nearly as censored.

She looked to her house, it was only a handful of meters away. One quick dash and she would be on her front step, darting into its protective confines. She kicked off her high heels and scanned the area. Most of the roaming gangs had already left, leaving the abandoned war torn street in an eerie silence, but she wasn't about to take any chances. With one final breath she pushed herself from the ground and began to sprint to her door.

But her feet didn't quite reach her "wipe your paws" welcome mat. They stopped short of the mailbox suddenly ceasing their movement and collapsing to the ground without any provocation. Her hands spread out in fron of her and her head tucked itself up next to the wood of a telephone pole. Her eyes blinked once heavily before dousing her conciousness into the blackness of sleep.


Jane's eyes opened wit ha start. She could have sworn it was real... all of it felt so real. Her eyes blinked once. Blinked twice. Blinked one more time. It had been a dream right? She looked around. She was in her bed, the dark blue conforter was wrapped around her body, her windows had the drapes drawn closed and her dresser light was still on from where she had fallen a sleep reading.

But somethign was not the same. It was her room, but it was not. She flexed her fingers and opened up the drapes that should have revealed a window that showed her backyard, and it did, but it was not her backyard. A person stood out in her garden looking bedazed and confused. She could not make out whether it was a man or a woman but the more she tried to decipher who it was the more she noticed something was different.

Her bedroom disappeared around her, and became the place she was concentrating on. Her house was behind her all the same but she had not moved. How did she get from her bedroom to her garden? She turned and through the haze of her vision she asked, "he-, hello?"

12/23/2007 9:57 PM

Jeff was driving down the road, weaving around overturned vehicles. The city seemed deserted and might well be. The world seemed like it was coming to an end. Everything that people took for granted as always being the same was changing drastically. Jeff was on his way out of town with his family. This place was a wreck and it was dangerous as well. They had a place in the mountains, far away from civilization, though with the way the plants were behaving they may not even be safe there.

"Dad how far to the summer house?" his 10 year old son Darren asked looking up from his Gameboy.

"We should be there in about an hour Darren. Why don't you just play your game?" Ellen said soothingly. Darren obeyed and went back to the small game system. He seemed to be taking the changing world in stride as if nothing was different. His 15 year old sister Alice, on the other hand, seemed scared all the time since the changes began. She had seen one of her friends killed by a man just because she was walking too slow down the sidewalk. Jeff was worried that she might be mentally scarred by the incident. Ever since she had barely spoken to anyone and just sat there in silence or reading a book. She was doing the latter now. It was some fantasy book by a guy named Robert Jordan. Jeff remembered reading the series when he was her age but the name slipped his mind at the moment.

Suddenly Jeff felt very tired. So tired that he felt his eyes begin to slip closed. He pushed the brake on the car down quickly and it jerked to a stop just as his eyes slipped closed. Everything was black...


Jeff opened his eyes. He was no longer in his car. He was now in a large retrofitted school bus with steel bars over the windows and barbed wire around them. He was holding an old M1 Garand in his hands and as he looked around he could see most of his friends were there as well. He caught a glimpse of himself in the reflection from the window and saw that he was wearing what he normally wore, fatigue jacket, beret, and a Beatles t-shirt. Out of the windows he could see the ruined city. Up ahead was a house and there were ruined cars and buildings everywhere. The bus slowed to a stop in front of the house. Jeff could see that it was one of the few intact buildings on the street.

"You coming?" his friend Walter called snapping Jeff out of his reverie. He stood up and checked the magazine of his weapon to make sure it was loaded then followed everyone off of the bus. There were about five of them in all not counting himself and they all wore paramilitary outfits.

"Okay guys we need supplies so we are going to split up into teams and search theses houses. Jeff, Danny, and Dave search this house. Paul, Aaron, and I will search the one across the street. We will move down the street systematically searching each house. Okay guys move out," Walter said.

"Oaky come on guys. Let's see if the door is unlocked first. Danny, check the front, Dave check the side, and I'll check the back. Meet inside. If the door is locked break it down," Jeff said. The whole car ride had faded from his mind like a dream. He walked around the side of the house as the other two set off to the other doors. As he stepped into the back yard he saw a man standing in the garden looking confused. Suddenly a woman appeared there too but for some reason this didn't seem strange to Jeff.

"he-, hello?"

"Hello ma'am. Is this your house?" Jeff asked.

12/23/2007 10:43 PM

Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, Downtown has been under water for a week now. Squirrel Hill and Oakland were starting to flood. Mt. Washington and Castle Shannon where safe for the meantime. At least from the water. The Rioters where everywhere. Mostly robbing the electronic stores. The little Magic Shoppe on Arlington Rd was left alone. Nothing worth stealing. At least that is what it seemed. With all the pure uncut jewels it was worth more then Zales or Jared's.

On the inside there was a group of people. Tre, the owner, and his one employee Ana where buzzing around helping out the ten or so people hiding out with them. There was a family of three with a little girl, an old man, Ana's kind of boyfriend Ray, Ray's roommate Mick, and three girls from the local art school.

"It's really bad out there," says Ray as him and his roommate come back in with some extra food, from what's left at the market.

"You guys alright?" asks Ana.

Ray wraps his arm around her and kisses her forehead. "Yeah we're fine," he says. Tre goes to the window and looks at the mods running by as a mix of hail and fog seems to be everywhere. Tre turns to Ray and Ana and begins to speak. Ana is drowsy. She can't seem to stay awake.

"The world is goin' straight ta hell ain't it kiddo?" was the last thing Ana could remember hearing before she fell asleep. Before everyone fell asleep.


Her eyes open to see nothing at first. Nothing as far as the eye could see. She rubs her eyes. Slowly blinking. Hoping to gain a clue as to what is going on. "Tre?" She calls out, hoping to here the sound of his voice. She begins to stand up. "Guys? Seriously this isn't funny. Where are you?" she calls out. She starts to walk in any direction. Does it really matter when there is nothing?

The area begins to fill with trees, grass, flowers, and woods type stuff. "Okay..." She rolls up her sleeps to reveal her protection knots. She tightens her bandanna, and flicks one of her earrings. She continues to run for an unknown amount of time. The woods turn to forest, then plains, then houses start to appear.

"TRE! RAY! MICK!" She stops running and places her hands on her knees as she tries to breathe. The stuff in her pocket was jabbing her in the leg, so she adjusted things then sat down. A few houses off she saw a few people running around the houses. "Shit more raiders." She ducked behind a house, into a garden. She hides behind a bush to see a pair of people talking. She keeps her fists curled. Her eyes are fixed on the people waiting for one of them to notice her or, some of those other people popping up behind her. "What in the great Gods is going on?" she thinks to herself.

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12/24/2007 8:36 AM

Jane turned with a start to look at the man in the fatigues and Beatles T-shirt. She looked down at herself seeing that she was not in the pajamas she thought she had come out in, but in her Monday morning office clothes. The two of them on her lawn made a stark contrast to one another.

"Well tell you the honest truth sir, I really have no idea. One minute I was sitting in my bedroom and the next thing I knew I was standing here in my garden."

Why was she speaking to this man? She had no idea who he was, and being a New Englander she wasn't in the habit of talking to strangers. The shaded man she had seen before in the garden still didn't take form, and still the garden didn't feel the same. Was some one in her bushes?

"I don't mean to be rude butwhy does every one seem to be living in my garden?" There were tents now as she looked around. Tents but no people and her house was fast fading ino oblvion and being replaced with empty fields. The man in the Beatles shirt was still there and the eyes in the bushes materialized into a woman and the shaded man remained hazy, almost like a blurred out face on T.V.

"Do you know why you were brought here?" The voice didn't seem to come from his mouth, it seemed to be around them, but the source was clearly the man. "You have been summoned, have been brought forth into this world to save your own. The world is in a state of unrest, I do not mean your petty plane of existence I mean the very soul that you live and feed upon is in a state of turmoil."

"You mean Earth?" asked Jane.

"If that is the name you give it then yes, Earth. It is having a... nigtmare I believe is the human word for it and you have been brought here to be its.... what is the word.... Mommy?"

"I'm sorry, but, what?"

Jane looked at him with the kind of look that said, nope, I am definetly dreaming this.

"You were the first three souls we could find, others will likely join you as fast as we can find a way to connect with them and transport them here, but you were the first three we could physically link to. You will help."

He looked at the three of them and for the briefest moment familiar faces could be seen taking the place of his own blurred image, but none of them seemed to fit quite right. He seemed to be waiting for a reply with a sly sort of smile on his face.

Jane looked at the other two people there with a dumb, blank look on her face. "Ok, so again.... what?"

12/24/2007 8:19 PM

Jeff gave a start as the terrain began to change. Now they were standing in a field surrounded by tents. The hazy, man-shaped thing began to speak, or at least Jeff heard words and had the feeling that they came from it. He raised his rifle and pointed it at the shape hen realized he wasn't holding it anymore.

"Okay I am officially freaked out," he said, "Where did my friends go? Where the hell are we? You expect us to save the world? I'm only an author. My characters are better suited to this task than I am. How do you fight a nightmare anyway?"

12/24/2007 10:39 PM

As things began to grow stranger and stranger Ana became more and more worried about her boss, lover, and friend. The shrub she was hiding behind was now gone as tents took its place. She began to grow scared until this strange shadowed man voice said something about the earth, mother Gaia. things her grandmother and mother told her about.

The other two people seemed very confused. "Gaia?" She presses her hands onto the ground, then says to herself under her breathe, "Mother Earth" She stands up and walks up behind the one who is speaking.

"Okay I am officially freaked out, Where did my friends go? Where the hell are we? You expect us to save the world? I'm only an author. My characters are better suited to this task than I am. How do you fight a nightmare anyway?"

"Fools, how else to beat a nightmare? Dreams." She folds her arms across her chest. "Why not listen to the shadow voice white devil! Maybe you'll learn something."

She reaches into her bag and starts to grip the crystals. "Where are those three?" she thinks to herself.

12/27/2007 7:43 PM

"How do you defeat a nightmare," the shadow voice repeated. "Well I have to say I enjoy the young ladies answer and if it were as simple as that we would not have called upon mortal souls to assist the lives of the eternals. I am certain that the answer lies with in this world but it is much too powerful, whatever it is, to be extracted by the Druids. Travel to the center mortals, travel to the center and maybe there you will be able to wake from this forever dream."

The shadow man and his shadow voice disappeared became other things, a puppy at one time and then a cat and seemed to pad off to blend with the hazy surroundings.

"That was not helpful, and I'm with Beatles shirt over there, I am officially freaked out." She looked to the two things in the her whole line of sight that didn't seem to shift and morph into something else. "Head to the center? What the hell? How the hell do you know what the center of a dream is?"

But something tugged at her, something, some inherent knowledge and logic that seems to swarm through your mind when you fall into your dreams, overtook her.

"Wait when you go into your dreams, you always seem to be severyl out of place, or able to fit right in, your dreams always seem to havea destination in mind, an endpoint that it is striving to get to, but you always seem to wake up just before you hit the answer. So, what if we just follow the dream? We follow the dream until we are just about to reach the end and then everything will be ok. Right?"

The dream seemed to shift in response to her sentence, seemed to mold around her and the two others near her. The tents remained and the fields and emptiness around them became forests, thick and oppressive. Their clothes turned into something tattered, more remains of clothing than actual clothing and with her new outfit she felt a need to run. To scratch away from everything around her except those two other people. She didn't know them but she felt they could be safety.

Bright yellow explosions could be sem further in the thick of the jungle. She could feel bullets whizzing in the air around her and although no other people could be seen the message was clear, they needed to run.

"We'll discuss theories later! Let's go!" It felt right, just follow the dream and everything would be ok, just follow the dream.

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