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12/19/2007 5:22 PM

Well those who have roleplayed with me know I have a nasty habbit of getting something really good started and then drifting off into oblivion. So I am here this time to stay.... I hope. I need to write something and I have been working on a couple of different scenarios.

Firefly is big in my mind as is a post apocolyptic setting. I don't want anything to do with a D&D game or white wolf but I am up for a fantasy setting.

If anyone is looking for something and is willing to DM I would be more than happy to join and this time to stay.... I hope. If you are vacilating like myself please come on in and jump into this thread maybe we could work something out.

12/19/2007 5:34 PM

I am currently DMing a game called Light's Out. It is sort of post-apocalyptic. We only have three players including myself so you would be welcome there.

12/19/2007 5:39 PM

I'll check it out. I have to warn you though if there are zombies I am out. I am a zombie hater. But I will definetly take a look.

I'd love to jump in but being 44 posts in you look like you got a pretty good thing going for you. Thank you for the invite though.

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12/19/2007 7:26 PM

Well if you change your mind then join. we could use a few more people. If you wanted you could even play an evil guy.

12/20/2007 10:03 AM

Theres a just underway firefly/Serenity based thread in Sci Fi, tho I don't know if the GM has seen firefly episodes.

Check it out at least and Evilmouse is normally open to ideas, Its nice to have you back again.

12/20/2007 8:39 PM

*Shudders at the thought of an RPG being run by someone who hasn't seen the show.* You know I was just watching that tonight too. I'll check that out and see how its going. If you guys are way far in then I might back out but if anyone wants to start a new firefly thread then I am all for it.

12/21/2007 2:05 PM

Yes yes I havent seen the series but I'm working on it. They still play it on sci-fi. But if I can ever get my new computer put to gather then i will download them. But i am currently having memory problems.

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