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12/06/2007 2:33 PM

Right then new idea the year is 225 ABY the galaxy is split in two the Sith have stopped striking from the darkness and have overthrown the outer rim , mid rim and Expansion Region . While the Jedi still maintain power over the Inner rim , Core Worlds and the Deep Core it is a constant War each side will not rest until the other is defeated. you can play as Jedi or Sith and there will always be NPCs from the opposite side if every picks Sith or Jedi
Here is a map of the galaxy which I'm going by
This is for the lightsaber Styles
and use Wookiepedia for anything else you want to know
Here is the character sheet



Preferred lightsaber Style:







Name: Grensen Rederick

Age: 23

Preferred lightsaber Style: Juyo

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Description: 5 foot 9 with black Sith robes and red Sith armor blue eyes and black hair

Weapon: Double Bladed red Lightsaber

Alliance: Sith

History: Growing up in a major Sith controlled city it was rather hard and dangerous to not join the Sith he was taken from Tatooine to Mustafar and trained in Sith arts through pain and practice Grensen Learned to master a double blade and crafted his own lightsaber he now is ordered to aid in the effort to defend Kashyyyk

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