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11/27/2007 9:42 AM

This is kinda a mix of soul caliber and Trigun. Basically people in 2145 have the power to take peoples souls if they kill them these people are called soul reapers apart from taking peoples souls and living forever they have superhuman reflexes lastly, they are have one rule to have a hundred soul reaper souls after they have achieved that the must take the trail of souls to become the ultimate being.







Number of total souls:


Name: Grensen Rederick

Age: 117

Sex: Male

Family: Mother & Father (long been deceased) brother Kiane (Soul in Grensen)

Description: Wears a black great coat and stands just taller than an average man long spiked blue hair and dark green eyes

Weapons:long sliver sword and dark sliver twin guns

Number of total souls: 73 (Including his twin brother)

Bio: Life was good until Grensen and Kiane turned 17 they were practicing shooting in the yard when Grensen shoot his brother without realizing he took Kiane's soul. He now hopes to gain enough souls to bring his brother back and for Kiane forgive him.

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