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11/19/2007 4:28 PM

ok well i'm back after a long absence and i've come back with some rp ideas. though i dont know whether to let both come out or to only use one.

My first idea is among the lines of the World of Darkness setting.

In Detroit, MI crime has hit a record high and not to many get solved. However, supernatural activity has died as of late. Until that is sever bodies are found killed in mysterious ways. Some were bled clean with only two bite marks as a wound, others on the outskirts of town have been found mutilated by some kind of large animal, and People living on the rich end of town have been found killed ritualistically and with strange burns on their bodies. But all these events have been connected by one little sign. A skull with three swords in it has been imprinted on each of the bodies. local vampires, werewolves, and mages have started to investigate what kind of cult or new power has come to the city. They have started to hire some of their own and some "paranormal investigators" to find these renegades and stop them before the whole supernatural world is found by the human detectives investigating these strange murders.

You'll be any of the supernatural races as well as human and will be charged with finding and learning about the cult as well as possibly destroy them.

Race: ( human, mage, werewolf, vampire, changling, etc)
clan/auspice/path/seeming/etc. (unless human)
covenant/tribe/order/court/etc. (unless human)
job: if any

my second idea is Something i think i might add to the general roleplay.

centuries ago a war broke out between godlike beings known as the gual. These beings fought each other for decades and across many lands destroying many human settlements. Eventually during one of the greatest battles of these gual a group of human shamans cast a curse over them. The Gual souls were cursed to forever remain in the weapons they carried until they could come to peace, or untill they were destroyed. The gual trapped in their weapons could not fight or reason with each other unless they were carried by a human soul. They shamans hid the cursed weapons for years trying to keep them from breaking out into war again should they ever find a human to weild them. Centuries later archeologists found these weapons scattered everywhere and sent them into museums and the like for preservation not knowing what they truely found. However not all of the archeologists were ignorant of what the weapons held. Some heard the call of the weapons soul and listened to it tell its story. They even found powers the weapons gave them through ancient magic. Most kept the weapons and even fought with them when the weapons found their rivals. however now most of these weapons have been hung on the wall as family heirlooms or something gathering dust in a attic. However the weapons are being rediscovered as well as their abilities. Now many of the keepers of these weapons look to free their cursed weapons so they may be rewarded by those trapped. whether by truce or by destruction.

basically you'll play someone who has inheireted or found one of these weapons. You can either seek to make peace with each weapon or to destroy all of the cursed souls.

Human's name:

weapons name:
weapon type:
weapon powers:
weapon description:
weapon bio:

the weapons act as a second character or as a voice in your chacters head. at most your weapon can have three powers. You may also have two smaller weapons ( knives, small swords, etc.) but each weapon will have a different soul.

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11/19/2007 4:40 PM

Hmm Raikoh, I'm kinda interested in the second one, general roleplay one. But I don't know, just put me down as a maybe for now.

11/19/2007 4:44 PM

well at least i got a mabe. oh and whats wiht the damn greenskeeper host? every time i hit a link i have to go through one or two error screens before i get to the page i want. Oh and i also need help on the backstory to the second idea. im trying to think of something better but i would like someone good at writing for such help.

11/19/2007 4:51 PM

Well, you could do a thing where some people who are evil get ahold of the weapons and use them for bad purposes. Then, people who use them for good purposes, battle them in a climatic war of Light VS. Dark.


We could all get together to go on a quest to free the trapped souls from their prisons.

Just a few thoughts...

11/19/2007 4:54 PM

woah major idea almost shot right past my head as soon as i saw free trapped souls. But i grabbed its ass and now ima brainstormin. my new backstory will be up in a few minutes.

11/19/2007 4:57 PM

Glad to be of help, lol.

11/19/2007 5:01 PM

There at least i feel better about the agenda of the thread.

11/19/2007 5:59 PM

Question: Are there guns in this story? Not that I want to use guns, I mean will our enemies and allies be wielding guns?

11/19/2007 6:16 PM

guns ( if any ) will not be fused with the souls of the gual. They will be store bought weapons with no other abilities other than they shoot bullets. only swords, axes, staffs, bows, and other weaponry that does not use gunpowder will have a gual soul. so yes but they wont have any special powers attached to them.

11/19/2007 6:19 PM

So, we will be using ancient weapons with magical powers against other ancient weapons with magical powers and guns?

I think I will join now :D. I am formulating a character, may have him/her up in a few days.

11/19/2007 7:16 PM

well heres my character to which helped me with the basic idea of this whole thing

Name: Chris Hallows
gender: male
age: 24
description: Chris is a scrawny looking guy. 5'10", 145 lbs. Chris normally wears a black t shirt with a brown zip up sweatshirt over it, He also wears blue jeans and white tennis shoes.
bio: Chris has never been the jock that won all the football games or anyone thought of as popular. He's always stayed at home and did his homework and did whatever. Sometimes on weakends he'd visit his grandfather and listen to the stories he'd tell Chris. The stories were about swordsmen and that. Chris always Liked his grandfathers stories. especially since they were on major wars and battles from the middle ages and stuff like that. The coolest thing Chris' grandfather had though was a huge old sword in his basement. His grandfather told him about the history of the sword and how his grandfather gave it to him when he died. Eventually Chris went to college and never got to visit his grandfather much.

Then a few years later Chris' Grandfather finally died. Chris came back for the funeral and found out his Grandfather left him the sword as well as a nearby cabin they never knew he owned. When Chris first held the sword he noticed something different about it. First off it was lighter than it looked and it had a strange feel to it. When Chris Reached the cabin though was when everything change. As soon as he entered the door he heard a voice. "You know this was the first place i met your grandfather?" Chris looked and saw nothing. " Hey here on the counter." Chris looked and saw where he laid the sword and saw it glow. " you have much to learn."

Since then Chris has dropped out of college and got a minimum wage job. It doesn't matter too much since he still manages to travel alot. Chris travels to alot of museums to see the ancient weaponry. And to see if its another soul lost to the curse.

weapon name: pantherfrost
weapon type: Zweihander
weapon powers: strength of a thousand men: panderfrost grants the user godlike strength. He may be the smallest guy ever but as long as the sword is in hand he could pick up a bus. this also adds to the weilders stamina letting him take on more damage than he normally would. Cowards bane: The Sword has exchanged owners many times though it has also been exchanged because of assasins and theives. panderfrost has developed a counter to that. Whenever someone tries to attack his wielder using stealth Panderfrost will parry the attack no matter where it is on the wielder. Forbiden sight: Panderfrost is so big it would be easily noticed in a crowd of people. Panderfrost found a way past that though. Now panderfrost could be wielded in a group of people and never be seen by anyone execpt by those with other gual weapons. It also allows panderfrost to sneak past xray machines and metal detectors.

weapon description: Other than basic zweihand characteristics ( five foot blade one foot hilt, about fourteen pounds.) It has a unique handle fitted with many gual inscriptions. The blade itself is blue and it has a saw tooth edge.

Weapon bio: Panderfrost was a general of one of the clans that fought in the war. Panderfrost lead many men into battle and fought for almost no cause other than to help other clans he was allies with. After the curse was set he wished to bring peace among the gual and try to lift the curse through peace but has several times had to destroy gual who would not submit. Panderfrost now uses a hidden stash of cash from the cabin and Chris as a way to travel the world to look for his brothers in arms. As well as his enemies. Panderfrost uses Chris to go to museums to look for sleeping gual within the ancient weaponry.

11/19/2007 8:21 PM

I definitely like the second idea, and I've got a few ideas that I'm panning around in my head that I have to decide on before I can choose which character I want to go with. Not only that, I have to decide on the weapons as well, so it may be a few days but I should have something up pretty soon...

Anything else on the story though? Like why so many weapons are being discovered and used now as opposed to when they were first found?

11/20/2007 3:45 AM

well all the weapons have been found at one time but their former owners have grown old and can't use them as they could before. Most hid their weapons in attics, safes, some even sold them to museums for lots of cash. The weapons have all been discovered but it was so long ago the weapons now are either lost in hiding or are being sent down the line to a younger heir. its now the younger generation that holds the weapons.

11/22/2007 7:08 PM

I am also interested in the second idea as long as you're not going to disappear again raikoh. I will try and think up a character as soon as possible. By the way are you still going to play Lights Out?

11/22/2007 7:11 PM

as long as you're not going to disappear again raikoh

I second that.

By the by, my character is almost done...

11/25/2007 8:01 AM

I would be mildly interested in a WOD Game... is it going to be set before all the major changes to White Wolf games? If so, Count me in... I have a Kitsune who would be handy.

11/26/2007 4:24 PM

I am also interested in the second idea as long as you're not going to disappear again raikoh.

ok i shouldn't disappear for long but we're going to get high speed in the near future so i might be gone for a day or two there. other than that no.

By the way are you still going to play Lights Out?

no sorry you guys have gotten ahead of me in that one. otherwise i would.

I would be mildly interested in a WOD Game... is it going to be set before all the major changes to White Wolf games? If so, Count me in... I have a Kitsune who would be handy

well since im a newer WOD player or white wolf game player period i'd say not.

By the by, my character is almost done...

sweet. oh and late happy thanksgiving day. i had to much family stuff going on that week to check here.

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