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11/16/2007 3:16 AM

hey people, it's been awhile since i last posted a thread here in the rp query so here goes everything.

its starts out with a new game coming out, a holograph game, so basiclly you put on a helmet, body armor shin pads and gloves with wireless sensors. then you walk into a room designed for holographs such as movies games and the such like. but when the first 4241 players sign in the game malfuctions and all the kids and adults that are in there and come in are stuck there. ( i know this sounds like spy kids but believe me its not)
sometime after this incedent and people relize that getting there family to dinner isn't gonna be easy anymore the government calls in the help of 200 expert gamers from around the world plus some hackers that could digitly hack into sh!t. when the team signs in they create there charactors (nothing fancy just some basic weapons, skills, and body parts).

if you could give me some ideas to improve it if there are any then please do, it would make the beginning of the digital adventure better (or worse) or if not at least more intresting.
Ok i'm gonna write a basic start then.

2518, england, south london.
"hey mum can i get that new game, err whats it called, erm, soul sealer,
its the one full of people getting killed by a beast but their bodies don't biodegrade they stay completly whole. and in the end your supposed to kill the beast", hari shouted.
"yes dear"

two days later

"die bitch die" hari shouted
hari opened fire on the digital creature.

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