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11/15/2007 1:56 PM

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11/16/2007 5:21 PM

[i] Friday, December 14th, day after Sir Henry's assassination...[/i]

"From now on and until this whole mess is sorted out, all students must sleep with their weapons nearby"

The words hung in the air throughout the entire hall. Most of the students sat there, and accessed the situation in their minds; others, sat there with dumbstruck expressions on their faces. The students had all assembled for the morning meal in the Great hall. There were 12 long, rectangular tables in this massive room, one for each division with 4 extra tables for the first year students. The tables were all lined up so they were parallel to each other vertically. At the head of the room, there was one more long table where all the masters sat. Only one seat remained empty, the one that belonged to Sir Henry.

Richard Trenton sat near the end of the Ranger table, a plate of untouched scrambled eggs and bacon was at his place. Richard had just heard of the assassination the last night, as everyone else had. Everyone had been awoken during the night to search for the murderer. The entire population was frightened at the moment, at no time in history had such an atrocity occurred.

Richard turned his gaze back up at the Masters' table. First, at the left end of the table, were the masters of the craft path. There was Master Chreb, the master cook who was currently adorned in a crisp white robe. Chreb was a fat and short man, weighing almost 300 pounds of fat. He had short blonde hair and looked like a kind man. His appearance, however, was the polar opposite of his personality. His quick temper and fearless obsession with putting students down for failure made him a fearful person indeed.

Next, came the blacksmith master, Master Hirntor. Hirntor wore a black tunic and black cloak over his large frame. He was tall, about 6'3 and weighing a good 210 pounds. He had dark skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair. Despite his daunting appearance, Hirntor was a good man. Always encouraging, and always kind, he made his Division a very enjoyable job.

After the crafters, there then came the Diplomats. The first person Richard saw next, was the amazingly beautiful Amelia Aan, the Ambassador Master. She wore a white dress that flowed to the floor. She was thin and tall, and moved with effortless grace. Her face was adorned with long blonde hair and brilliant emerald green eyes. Despite the fact that she was getting older, she still had the power to make any man's head role.

Next to her sat the Scribe master, Oliver Kint. The small man wore light brown robes; he had light brown eyes and light brown hair. Despite his feeble appearance, he always taught with determination, never backing down from a task. Always pressing his students, but always a lovable and faithful person.

After the Diplomatic path, there then came the Magicians. The first one was the Elementalist Thomas Gertin. Thomas was of medium height, wearing his traditional robes that came in an assortment of colors, but today they were of light and dark green. The Elementalist was thin, had brown hair and blue eyes, and was a kind person. He has a similar personality to the Scribemaster, Oliver.

After Thomas, there sat the old woman Beatrix Meur, the experienced and powerful Healer Master. Her once blonde hair was now completely silver, and her high set blue eyes were hidden behind a small pair of glasses; she wore bright white robes. Beatrix had iron nerves, the kind of person who would keep going until the bitter end. She reflects this personality with her students.

After the magicians, there came the warriors. Sir Henry's seat was empty, but after his chair was the Ranger Master, Vincent Norn. Vincent was a medium height man, and skinny, with black hair and dark brown eyes. He wore a black tunic and a black cloak with his hood drawn. Vincent was a shady type of person, never really revealing any information about himself. He never really handed out praise either, only rewarding his students with a slight nod and a short "Well done."

Richard turned his gaze back to Beatrix Meur, the woman who had originally spoke. She sat in her comfortable chair, her piercing blue eyes scanned over the crowd of students. Because of the cost to attend the Academy, and the difficulty of being picked in a tournament, there weren't that many students there, a good 300 maybe.

Beatrix's voice rang out again through the entire hall, "Also, the vacation that was planned for next week has been canceled"

After that, cries of protest rang up through the entire hall, most people were looking forward to the break from their hard lives.

"SILENCE!" Beatrix shouted and everyone instantly became quiet, "Now I understand that all of you were looking forward to this, but because of recent events, it would be too dangerous to leave here."

A bunch of low whispers began snaking their way through the students. Richard was unaffected by the announcement. He had planned on staying at the Academy any way, plus, he had expected something like this to happen. With a quick shake of his head, Richard grasped his fork and began chewing his food.

11/16/2007 6:58 PM

Isn't present, due to his having been locked in a cabinet by some other students roughly one half of an hour earlier.

11/16/2007 7:00 PM

Morgan, emotion not really effected by the announcement of the vacation being canceled continues to read from one of her books that she had brought with her to breakfast. She quietly thinks to herself, "I'm surprised someone was able to kill Sir Henry." She adjusts herself in her seat. Her food still untouched as normal. She ignores the chatter around her from the other students. "Now who could have had the skill?" she continues to think. To her this seemed more like a big ole' game of clue. While thinking she is struck in the back of the head with a paper ball.

Turning her head she stops a group of third year guys snorting slightly. She unravels the paper and sees the words that looks more like notes for a class. She snickers to herself. "Heh, this teacher checks notes."

She leans back and takes a look around the room. She looks for Broderick. She looks to Madam Meur and makes a gesture as to ask where her cousin was. Meur merely shrugs as if she hadn't seen him at all this day. Morgan stands up, closes her book and begins to walk out of the room, as she passes a group of other students her age, they seem to whisper things. She merely glares at them, and continues to walk. She leaves the main hall and walks down to the library.

"Broderick? Are you in here?" she says.

11/16/2007 7:12 PM

[i]"Broderick? Are you in here?"[/i]

Hearing this, he pounds on the cabinet doors with his fist. "Yes! I'm in the cabinet!" He pauses, then adds "There should still be scrolls on the ground in front of it, I think."

11/16/2007 7:24 PM

Morgan continues into the library. She takes a good look around the room and spots the scrolls on the floor. "I see them." She bends down and picks them up. She places them on the table next to her. She then takes a good look at the lock. "Well this one might take me a minute or two." She takes a good look at this pad lock. "This one is a big one." She grabs a hold of the star at the end of her hair. She starts to mess around with it.

She begins to get frustrated. "I don't think I can get it open Broderick" she says to him. "Just hold on a moment. Maybe I can find that" she swallows hard and grits her teeth. "That Ranger, Brenden." She pats the door and shouts, "I'll be right back" as she sprints out the door.

11/16/2007 9:00 PM

Brenden leaves the breakfast early. He heads out the door and goes down the main hall. 'Wow, surprised to hear that the headmaster's dead. Never saw that coming.' He thought to himself as he wandered. He continues down the corridors heading for the main practice court yard. He decides for some reason to take the route past the library.

"Just hold on a moment. Maybe I can find that... That Ranger, Brenden. I'll be right back"

'Who the hell...' He thought to himself as someone ran into his side from the door. "Ow, what the..." Brenden looked up toward his offender. He looked up to see Morgan. "Wow, where's the fire... or did you start it this time." He commented as he stood up and brushed himself off.

11/16/2007 9:06 PM

"Wow, where's the fire... or did you start it this time."

She, after hitting his side, leans against the door frame. Mostly to keep herself from falling onto her rear. "I did no-! Brenden?" she looks up at him and proceeds to stand up straight and clear her throat. "Could you assist me?" she calmly asks. "Some of... those barbarians locked Broderick in one of the map cabinets again. I can't get the lock open." she looks down. She hates asking for help. Absolutely hates it. Especially from someone lower then her. "Could you h.e.l.p. me get the lock off?"

11/16/2007 9:51 PM

Darwin finished his breakfast and headed to the library to get some of his work done. The news of the headmaster's death had shocked him at first but death didn't really affect Darwin. The cancellation of the vacation didn't either since he had no family to visit.

As he neared the library he saw a Elementalist student who's name he thought was Morgan and a Ranger named Brenden standing outside the library. As he got closer he heard Morgan say something about Broderick being locked in the map cabinet.

Darwin was friends with Broderick since they were both less than popular. He hurried over to the two students.

"What happened? Who locked Broderick in the map cabinet this time?" he asked.

11/17/2007 12:46 AM

As much as Josef had been surprised by the assassination, its method surprised him more.

[i]A dagger? To his back?! And he couldn't fight back?!! The killer couldn't have been a bowman then.[/i]

He'd shook his head in disbelief. Obviously, if you wanted to eliminate a strong opponent, it was best to hit him from far away. Why risk it with a dagger when a good shot with an arrow could help more and keep you safer?

He'd just turned back to his meal when some other third year students walked up and carelessly tossed a key onto his plate. One of the crowd sneered at him. "If you want to help others, builder, you can start by navigating towards the Mystic."

He couldn't help but watch as they walked away. Shaking his head, he wondered what they meant. Those of the warriorpath had always looked down on him as their servant. He wondered if they realized that without his skill, they'd soon be out of arrows and bolts.

[i]Then again, maybe that's why they mess with me. They fight with swords and brute strength, not distance and intellect.[/i]

Finishing his food, he left the hall, headed towards the library. While the Mystics had their own tower, they kept the scrolls of basic spells in the main study. Besides, he'd concluded long ago that most of the warriors feared what they didn't understand, and few of them had shown any comprehesion or proficiency in the magical arts.

He slid along the wall to avoid a group of students crowded around the doorway to the library. As he did, he couldn't help but shake his head at the variety that they represented. The beginning of a joke popped into his head: a diplomat, a magician, and a ranger meet in front of a door... He paused inside the library, looking around.

[i]Navigate to the Mystic...maps towards the areas that are considered high in magic?[/i]

He walked to the map section, pausing when he saw that only one cabinet was locked. He looked at the lock, then at the key in his possession, then at the lock.

[i]Do I want to know?[/i]

Taking a deep breath, he braced himself and undid the lock, mild shock coursing through him when the door fell open to reveal a magician. He'd seen the kid around before, but never tried to catch his name. Shaking his head, he simply looked the kid over and, upon determining that the mage wasn't in danger of dying right away, started to turn away, tossing the key to the mage's feet as he mumbled under his breath.

"Remind me to perfect those armor-piercing arrows as soon as I can..."

11/17/2007 5:54 AM

Liz was sitting close to the Masters' Table, as she always did, on the morning of the announcement. Despite being weary from the previous night's frantic search, she was rapt with attention.

It all seemed surreal - an effect which probably wasn't helped at all by the lack of sleep. The Master of the Warriorpath, dead, and by a dagger to the back of all things. Liz could remember her older sister, Mina, rambling on about how great a warrior he was (and how strong he was, and how deep and rustic his eyes were, etc., ad nauseam), back when she had come home from her first year at the Academy.

But now Sir Henry was dead. And the killer was still at large.

Liz knew one thing, and that was that whoever the killer was, she didn't want to have to confront. Physical combat was never her specialty, and she wasn't exactly top of her class. The only thing she was truly proficient in was throwing things, and while that was respectable enough, it wasn't anything to give her true reason to boast about her combat abilities. Either her daggers couldn't go as far as the Rangers' bows, or they didn't deliver the power of the Warriors' large swords, weapons, and axes - neither Master of Combat had ever given her knack of accuracy anything more than a perfunctory nod, with a mutter of 'Acceptable' or the like.

Suddenly, Liz realized that the room around her was abuzz with people talking, and starting to get up. She realized dazedly that her breakfast was untouched, but that was okay - she didn't really feel like eating anyways.

She grabbed a couple pieces of toast, despite her lack of appetite, and got up from the table. As she walked past a window, she glanced outside to approximate the time. Judging by the length of the shadow of the Great Willow tree, she had approximately three hours to highsun, which meant her first class - Basics of Diplomacy, with the head of the Diplomaticpath - was to start in ten minutes.

She came to a 'T' in the corridors, on the wall of which was written "Diplomaticpath Classrooms" with a corresponding arrow directed down the passageway to the right.

So, naturally, she went left.

As she reached her room, she shut the door. As seemed her custom, she began to talk to herself once she felt she was alone. "Alright...Ms. Aan won't be happy with me, but I'm getting some sleep." She was about to crawl into bed, when the words of Mrs. Beatrix rang in her head.

"From now on and until this whole mess is sorted out, all students must sleep with their weapons nearby"

She reached over and pulled a couple of her daggers from their hiding place, and slipped them under her pillow. Still not feeling quite safe, she walked over to the door.

Standing at the door, hand pressed against the hard wood, she closed her eyes in concentration. She could feel the grains of the wood, and sense how it was once a part of a live tree. She set up a simple dream ward, which would wake her up should anyone try to open the door.

Then, finally, exhaustedly (Mrs. Beatrix said that was a simple ward - hah! It took quite an effort to set it up), she climbed into bed, and slipped into a fitful sleep.

11/17/2007 6:39 AM

Richard finished his breakfast and stood up from the Ranger's table. He ignored all of the major whispers going around and left the Great Hall. By now, a few people had left to go do their own things before classes began.

He opened the large oak doors of the Hall and began walking down the hallway. He had a little time to himself before he had to go to his first class. Richard entered the main library that contained many great works.

Nothing made sense lately, Sir Henry was an amazing warrior, crowned the greatest swordsman in the whole kingdom for the last 5 years. The chances of someone confronting him head on and stabbing him with a dagger was very slim. Beatrix Meur, the Healer master, did the autopsy herself. She concluded that there was no signs of struggle, there was only one blow done to Henry.

It didn't make sense.

Richard entered the library and passed a few people. He walked over to one of the bookshelfs and pulled an ancient text out of the sea of books. Richard walked over to a comfortable chair and sat down and began to read.

11/17/2007 8:07 AM

While trying to summon enough up enough tolerance to ask Brenden for help she hears another voice to the side of her.

"What happened? Who locked Broderick in the map cabinet this time?"

She turned to see Darwin. She didn't mind him much. He was nice to Broderick. She turns to him and says, "More then likely those bloody knights again." She crosses her arms and continues, "It's bad enough that they are harassing me, but they should leave Broderick alone. He hasn't done anything to-" she stops as she feels a chill down her spine. A moment later she hears the sound of the lock hit the ground. "Excuse me for a moment, both of you?" She turns round and looks into the library. The figure she didn't quite recognize.

That isn't hard for her to not know a student. Everyone knew her, but that was do to her nickname. As she entered the library again she hears a group of students pass behind Brenden say it. [i]"It's her the Frigid Bitch"[/i] Her nostrals flair as she tries to not do a thing about them.

She gets closer to see that it was one of the blacksmiths. She knew he was not of her class, but since he had assisted her and her cousin without even being asked she crosses her right arm across her torso and lowers her head. "Thank you master craftsman for saving my cousin from the cabinet."

In the back of her mind there is a small distorted figure looking a lot like her grandmother. It begins to yell, " HOW DARE YOU LOWER YOUR HEAD TO A RIFT LIKE THAT! THAT IS NOT THE PROPER!" it poofs away.

She stands up straight and looks at Broderick, "Well are you going to stand up there all day? Or are you going to thank your rescuer?"

She looks at the man in front of her, "Thank You again truly, Josef. That is who you right. I am terrible with names. I apologize if I am incorrect."

11/17/2007 9:39 AM

Brenden just stared in awe as he saw this sight he never expected to see. 'She is lowering her head... to a lower classmen... Oh this is too good.' He thinks to himself and snickers. Brenden is tempted to say something but holds his tongue. 'Wonder what her grandmother would think about this'. since everything seemed to be under control here, he started to walk past Darwin toward the courtyard.

11/17/2007 1:15 PM

Garrett walked solemnly down the corridor towards his first class, iron leg clinking on the stone floor. Some students ran by him.

[i]Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me... D-d-don't, don't touch me... [/i]

He often talked to himself, and was consciously aware of when he was doing it.

Garrett noticed a group of students at the mouth of the library, his great refuge from all the [i]normies[/i]. He was frustrated by this, that his colleagues would defile his sanctuary. He glanced out the window to check the time, and dismissed his irritability as a consequence of morning and mourning.

There were more important things to worry about.

"Death", he muttered to himself, catching the eyes of some nearby first years. Garrett wasn't sure what to make of Sir Henry's murder. While he commended the assassin's ability to remain undetected, he was troubled by the fact that he was a great warrior who now lay cold somewhere.

[i]Dark times... don't touch me...[/i]

He continued on his journey to his first class of the day, but he couldn't exactly remember what or where it was. He carried on regardless, letting the repetitive clink clink of his iron leg carry his thought into another realm.

11/17/2007 1:17 PM

Tristan sat with the few other students of the merchant class who were not attached to noble patrons. No aristocrat sat within ten feet of him. He was not always a pariah among the other nobles, but the death of Sir Henry had aristocrats in the battlepath splitting largely along political factions: which left House Alistair alone. Except for the merchants, of course.

He noted a group of older student knights (not destined to become generals, apparently) blowing off some steam, picking on smaller students in the other paths. He supposed that with their family ties they could afford to alienate other students at will. Sir Henry's sudden death had the students on the path to become knights feeling insecure, and apparently some felt the need to exert control over their surroundings. He couldn't imagine it getting anything but worse over the week of no classes and confinement. Especially now that Sir Henry was not here to reign them in.

Truth be told, he was feeling a little insecure himself. Sir Henry had been a good man. After Tristan had gotten into his first fight, (older students had called his father a traitor and his mother a common whore...so he had tried to kill them with his bare hands) Sir Henry had, after disciplining all parties involved severely, assured Tristan that his family's past would not affect how his performance was judged here. From what he had seen of the nobility of the kingdom that was a rare thing, and he was not sure Sir Henry's replacement would share such a view.

On the other hand, whenever the killer was found and made to confess, there would be a new villain. If he were to somehow aid in the catching of the killer it could do even more to pull his family's name out of the mud. Now, how to solve a crime with no detective skills...

He realized that his companions had finished their breakfasts in silence as well, lost in their own thoughts, and were beginning to trickle out. He noted that many left food on their plates, but loss of appetite was not something he was suffering from. He left his empty plate and headed towards the practice yard. He was restless, and working himself to exhaustion was sure to calm him down.

11/17/2007 2:13 PM

After he recovers somewhat from his disorientation, Broderick sees Josef. "Sorry. Thanks, Josef." he says. "It seems that you start to get a bit dizzy after being locked in these cabinets for a while." Once doing so would no longer put him at risk of falling over, Broderick offers a slight bow. He then begins to gather up the scrolls and replace them in their cabinet.

11/17/2007 10:00 PM

Darwin walked into the Library after Morgan and saw Broderick step out of the cabinet and begin gathering up scrolls. Darwin walked over and began helping his friend.

"Who locked you in there this time Broderick?" he asked as he handed the last scroll over.

11/18/2007 1:06 AM

Ideas for arrow designs had just begun to fill Josef's head when he was stopped short by a figure dressed in black and silver. Looking up, he was surprised to see "The Frigid Bitch" standing in front of him. His confusion was magnified when she bowed to him, then stood up and berated the young mage from the cabinet to offer his thanks. He'd just begun to regain his thoughts when she looked back at him.

"Thank You again truly, Josef. That is who you right. I am terrible with names. I apologize if I am incorrect."

He started to nod his head back to her but paused and, remembering Morgan's social position to his, crossed an arm over his stomach and bowed at the waist. He also returned Broderick's bow as well, though he was curious about how they knew his name. Magicians had no need to know a bowyer. Perhaps it was through his sister, Sierra, another student of the Mystics. He watched as the diplomat came up and helped pick up the mess before answering.

"Yes, my name is Josef, m'lady. There is no need for thanks though. This opportunity was tossed my way, quite literally, by some of the warrior students."

He hesitated for a brief second, unsure of how to continue.

"If honor demands that you reward or return the favor, then watch for my sister. While her marks have been decent enough so far, I think she could be doing better. Don't run her into the ground though. Even if she doesn't take her studies that seriously now, I don't want her to miss out on her youth.

"Unless you have further need of me..."

He bowed to the three of them, then stepped to the side to leave.

11/18/2007 2:55 AM

[i]Darwin walked into the Library after Morgan and saw Broderick step out of the cabinet and begin gathering up scrolls. Darwin walked over and began helping his friend.

"Who locked you in there this time Broderick?" he asked as he handed the last scroll over.[/i]

"Thanks." He takes the last scroll and gently places it atop the stack of scrolls in the cabinet. "I'm not sure, actually. They picked me up off the ground and stuffed me into that cabinet pretty quickly, so I didn't get a good look, but it was probably those knights again."

[i]"If honor demands that you reward or return the favor, then watch for my sister. While her marks have been decent enough so far, I think she could be doing better. Don't run her into the ground though. Even if she doesn't take her studies that seriously now, I don't want her to miss out on her youth.

"Unless you have further need of me..."

He bowed to the three of them, then stepped to the side to leave.[/i]

Broderick turns to Morgan after closing the cabinet and asks, as Josef passes out of sight, "Thanks. Um... If it's alright, I was wondering, who was that?" He pauses, trying to put his thoughts in order. "That is, his name does sound a bit familiar, but I don't think I've actually seen him before now. I mean, aside from during meals and such." He frowns, realizing that he has missed most, if not all of breakfast, and reaches down to make sure that the book he'd been reading is secured by his sash, only to discover that it is missing. He starts to look around for the book immediately; Food can wait.

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11/18/2007 3:27 AM

"Thanks. Um... If it's alright, I was wondering, who was that? That is, his name does sound a bit familiar, but I don't think I've actually seen him before now. I mean, aside from during meals and such."

Crossing her arms, "I've seen him around. He is the same year as me and I know he's in the Smithing division. That's all I really know." She catches him searching for his book. She looks around a little bit and doesn't spot it.

"Are you sure you didn't see who stuffed you Broderick?" She noticing the shadows by the window and the lack of the morning song birds she comes to a conclusion. "We'll have to look for it later. We are late for our first classes. Lets get going."

She walks out of the library and heads to the left. After a few more turns she hears someone call out, "Hey Frigid Bitch!" she ignores it and continues down the hall. a small group runs passed her and cuts her path off. "You don't listen very well do you?" says , what seems to be the leader, as he grabs the collar of her cloak.

"Release me now, before you regret it." she calmly states.

"Why? You gonna freeze me?" he says laughingly. "You let the little freak out. You spoiled our fun."

She grits her teeth. "The little freak, as you call him, is my cousin, and friend. So leave him alone."

"Friend?! He's just tolerant of you cause he has too be." one of them says.

"Yeah, who could be friends with you." says another.

Her mood turns black. She focuses on the leader's pant leg. After a moment it catches a flame. She lets the flammable material do the rest. He lets go of her collar. She walks right past them as they try to put their friend out. She begins to run. After a few turns and curves, she exits the school and finds herself on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. She sits there letting her darkness grow. Her mind echoing the latest insults and the others she had been putting up with since she had started at the school. She watches the waves crash against the rocks some 300 ft below.
Over the first two years here she had found herself her countless times before. Usually for the same reason. She has never, as whole heartedly in this very moment, considered jumping. Her eyes are puffy with tears and her cheeks are red from the cold, but she doesn't care.
"Frigid bitch...would anyone remember my real name?" she thinks to herself.

11/18/2007 6:23 AM

Broderick sighs, and walks out into the hallway. He had been enjoying that book, and his mind was still buzzing with riddles and puzzles and pictures and healer diagrams. He glances around to see if he can spot his cousin, and sees a group of four students from the warpath. He glimpses one of them holding his cousin up by her collar, but barely notices when the knight's pant leg catches fire.

The diagrams, pictures, puzzles and riddles vanish in a cloud of calculated rage. Nobody- NOBODY treats his family that way.

He's vaguely aware that the knights are laughing at him. One of them says something about being scared, in a mocking tone.

He sees a tall, lit candelabra against the wall. The tallest of the knights had a large burn on his leg, but the flames had been put out. He sees his book's diagram of the leg in his mind's eye. He hears the sound of ripping paper, and sees his book being shredded in the hands of one of the knights.

The knight is on the floor before he can laugh. Broderick hears a yell of surprise from his left, and slams his foot into the injured knight's shin. He jumps back to avoid an attack, grabs the candelabra, and swings it at the third knight, who catches it. The knight's legs stiffen and become swollen, bulging with so much muscle that his knees can no longer bend. The last knight moves to attack Broderick, who blocks his swing with the candelabra, and pulls on it, causing the third knight to topple over onto the fourth, where his pant leg catches fire on one of the fallen candles that remained lit. In the time this provides, Broderick swipes the first knight's mace and whips it into the last knight's shin, then flees further down the hallway at full tilt, in no particular direction besides away from the knights, and passes out from exhaustion upon arriving outside/in a classroom/etc.

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11/18/2007 7:15 AM

Richard glanced up from his book to see that there was something of a struggle going on. He returned to his book with a sigh. However, when he looked up from his reading, he glanced at the position of the sun out of the window and realized he would be late to his first class.

With a groan, he got up and tossed his book on his chair and walked out of the library. He walked through the halls with some speed. Richard's next class wasn't really a class, it was more of a practice session.

Richard left the castle and walked across the green grass to the edge of the nearby forest. His master, Vincent Norn, always stressed to Richard that if he was ever late, he would have to do a lot more physical work than he normally did.

As the forest came into clearer view, Richard caught sight of the dark figure of his master waiting for him there. It was cold out, but most teachers wanted their students to be able to withstand wavering temperatures. The gray sky had no hint of sunshine, only the threat of snow. Richard decided to reach his destination faster and broke into a sprint. Richard glanced over to the sea for a brief moment and saw someone sitting on the cliff.

"You're late" Vincent called out to him, his arms crossed in a disappointed image.

"Sorry Master, I got.....caught up in the Library" Richard replied.

Vincent nodded and said, "Well, I guess we should start today's session now shouldn't we? Take out your bow."

11/18/2007 10:58 AM

[i]The door, where's the door!

Fire clutched her chest, the lack of oxygen and the effort of breathing searing her from the inside. Gasping for air, she continues to stumble down the corridor.

Shadows leap all around. The dull roar of rises behind her. She quickens her pace.

Something grabs her ankle, and she sprawls flat-out on the floor. Crying out from the pain shooting up her elbows, she frantically kicks out behind her, hoping to land a blow on her pursuer.

Looking up - The door! Escape! Must escape!

With a final heave, she scrambles back to her feet. Running, hand out stretched, she flails against the door.

Her eyes are closed in desperation. She could feel the grains of the wood, and sense how it was once a part of a live tree. Hand on the door, it squeaks open...[/i]

With a gasp, Liz wakes up, and in an instant a dagger has left her hand and is sailing. Even now, her aim is true, and the blade flies straight - into the door. The closed door.

Panting, she could still feel the tightness in her chest. What had triggered the ward? Regaining her senses, she can mark out clues to her dream. The dull roar of people passing by in the hallway - it was almost time for class. What class?

Glancing outside, she was startled to find out she couldn't have been asleep for more than a handful of minutes. But something had triggered her ward.

Maybe someone. The person in her dream - she didn't think it was herself. Mrs. Beatrix said that these dream wards are very much like real dreams, and can be just as strange. No, it wasn't herself. Someone was trying to escape, and probably brushed past her door on the way. But escape from what?

Closing her eyes, she tried to remember the dream. It was fading quickly...she remembered the panic. Wanting escape but never finding it. Then the door - the door to where? The door to escape. What about it, though? As the door opened, what did she see? Nothing - her eyes were closed. But she could hear something...something constant...and repeating...like waves. Waves? From the ocean? Yes! And she could smell it! Salt-water...definitely the ocean.

So someone had come past her ward, and inadvertently triggered it. Next time, she'll have to concentrate more on the parameters, Liz thought with a sigh.

With a deep breath, she threw the covers off, the cold winter air all the more brutal from her nice, cozy refuge of warmth underneath the comforter. She might as well get up now.

Getting out of bed, she grabbed the other dagger that was underneath her pillow and stuck it into her sheath. She then walked over to the door and yanked that one out of the wood. [i]That could have been somebody's head...[/i]

Now what to do...she could actually go to class, which is what she planned on doing, except she found that her feet were taking her somewhere else. She took turn after turn, zig-zagging across the Academy, until she finally realized where she was going - the cliff side. The escape. Who would she find there?

As she rounded the last corner, she could see the door was still open, held ajar by the winds coming off the cliff. The air rushed around her, bitingly cold, heavy with the scent of the sea. The doorway seemed more like a portal - a portal to another place, cold and desolate, but beautiful in its own way. And there, in the center of the portal, stood its queen: Morgan Maddox.

As depressing as it was, it was fitting, in its own way. Morgan - known to most of the school as The Frigid Bitch - found consolation here at the cliff's edge, which was every bit as cold as she made herself out to be. Morgan was related to Liz, ever since Kyle married one of her little sisters (Luna, I don't know any of your family's names, and I just made Kyle up, so if you want to help me with some details as to the marriage, that'd be good), but they hadn't ever truly gotten to know each other. Liz was more well-acquainted with Arwen, the youngest of her family, than with Morgan. Still, between what little she'd seen of Morgan, and from what Arwen told her, she didn't seem as bad as her reputation. Almost, but not quite.

Despite telling herself she shouldn't interrupt her sister-in-law, she walked towards her. She didn't bother keeping her footsteps silent - the wind would keep the sounds of her approach hidden.

Reaching the doorway, Liz couldn't get herself to enter the portal. This was Morgan's place - she had no right to intrude.

"Makes you wonder, doesn't it?" She said, indicating the ocean and its eternal battle with the rocks. She hoped Morgan wouldn't get upset, but then Liz wouldn't begrudge her if she did. Liz couldn't help it, though - she wanted to help, and to see what it was that Morgan was escaping from.

11/18/2007 12:16 PM

He'd left the library towards the Craft Tower, heading down towards the bellows area where the metalworking was done. His master, Hirntor, was helping some of the younger students, giving tips on how to make the edges of their work sharper, more refined. Looking up, he'd smiled and nodded to Josef, holding up a finger to signal that he'd be a minute.

Josef nodded and stood against the wall, out of the way of other students walking by. There were only thirty-odd smithing students, and he was the only one specializing in arrows and bolts, as far as he knew. That, combined with his studious nature, had allowed him to adopt a more independant study program, with Hirntor setting goals and checking in on him a few times a week. Looking around the large room, he saw the others bustling about, some pounding away at red-hot metal with their hammers, others fine-tuning their edges and other details. He looked up and saw Hirntor walking to him, and he nodded his greetings as the large man starting talking to him.

"Ah, if it isn't my favorite bowyer...still finding ways to upset the warriors, I see."

Josef startled slightly. Was this about the mage in the library cabinet? One of the others had tossed him the key. He hadn't asked to be drug into that affair. He was about to protest when the mastersmith pulled a couple arrows from behind him and held them up. Both had normal fletches and mostly wooden shafts, with metal replacing the wood towards the heads. One head, however, looked as it had been cut into six different strips and then peeled back to look like a mushroom, while the other was a standard targeting tip until you looked closely and saw thin grooves cut into the head and noticed that the center of the head had been hollowed out. Hirntor continued.

"I had your latest design tested against armor. While they all expanded on contact, only the ones shot at thin leather penetrated. Others shot at studded leather and chainmail expanded at the armor, and might have caused surface wounds only. Against plate armor, they were virtually useless."

Josef felt heat rush into his cheeks. One of the senior bowyers from his village had showed him that design the last time he'd been home. Used by hunters, the expanding heads made the target to bleed more, allowing any hit to become deadly to the game. While it worked for putting more food in storage, they evidently didn't have the penetration needed to get through armor initially. He stayed quiet as his teacher continued.

"There's no need for embarassment, son. I'm sure the Rangers would like them for when they hunt. But, as far as your assignment goes, they won't get you a high grade. You'll need to find a way to get through the armor before they waste their energy expanding on the surface. It was a good idea, just needs refining. Just work on them, my boy, and I'm sure you'll have those knights thinking twice before they charge at any archers."

Handing the arrows back, Hirntor grinned and turned away, the smile fading as he turned back.

"And before ye get any bright ideas about testing your next design yourself, bring 'em to me. Wouldn't want the others to suspect you, would we?"

With that, he walked over to another set of bellows, voice rising as he shouted instructions to a first year that hadn't let the metal get hot enough before pounding.

Josef stood there for a couple seconds before picking up the arrows and heading to his room up in the tower. Tossing the arrows onto his desk, he grabbed a pack and loaded it with some food and supplies, along with a spare hollopoint tip he hadn't attached to a shaft. He always did his best thinking in the woods. Perhaps while looking for more supplies he'd figure out a solution.

Walking out of the Academy, he watched one of the ranger students disappear into the woods with his master. Skirting the edge of the woods, he headed towards the cliff. The few birds that in the area for winter nested along there, so it'd be the best place to find feathers to use as fletches. Walking up, he looked up from the ground to see Morgan sitting on the edge a little bit off, with a younger female standing close to her. Keeping a modest distance, he walked to the cliff's edge and got on his hands and knees, leaning over to survey the side. It wasn't long before he saw what he was looking for. Putting his pack on the ground, he took out some rope and tied it to the sturdiest tree he saw nearby, the other end tied around his waist. Backing up the edge, he steeled his nerves and stepped off, walking down the wall of rock, slowly letting slide out as he lowered himself and started walking sideways along the face.

He'd just reached the opening and was about to grab the feathers he saw when he felt a peculiar twang in his rope and heard the clatter of small rocks falling. Looking up and over at where his rope disappeared over the lip, he saw that his movements to the side had rubbed the rope against sharp edges. Calming himself, he started to slowly pull himself back up the rope when another rock fell loose from the edge. Feeling the rope go a bit slack and then stiffen again, he instinctively reached for the edge of the opening with one hand, the other hand grabbing it desperately as the rope snapped and he felt himself start to fall.

Josef found himself hanging from the opening in the rock, the remains of his rope dancing in the breeze. The cold wind was causing his muscles to tense, and he felt his fingertips start to numb from the cold and exhertion, feathers still gripped in one hand. He took a deep breath and tried to remember what he'd been taught about wilderness survival.

[i]Be calm. Don't panic. It's a 250 ft drop to rocks and water if you slip. So stay calm and wait for...[/i]


11/18/2007 1:06 PM

"Makes you wonder, doesn't it?"

Morgan wasn't really paying much attention to her Sister-in-law. She was configuring how much pain she'd feel if she where to jump. She was lost in her own head. Remembering the only time she had ever been happy. She missed her mother. Remembering learning how to ride a horse when her father wasn't the drunk he is now.

"After mother died..." she thinks to herself. "You became something." She remembers all those times her father would get drunk and start accusing her and her sisters of killing their mother. "Useless girls. Why couldn't you be boys!" he would cry. Then he'd try to take his aggression out on them by beating them, but Morgan would always take the brunt of it. Shielding Arwen, while she shielded the younger two. Maybe that is why she doesn't trust most people.

"Everyone will hurt you." she thinks as she recall later on her grandmother beating her when she didn't wave right, sit up straight, treat Broderick as an equal, anything not proper.

Then she remembers when she became the frigid bitch. Three years ago. The knight who claimed to be the ladies man. He tried to assult her, for she wasn't interested in his flirts. When he tried to force her she iced him. A coat so thick they had to let him thaw for a few days. Since he was a popular 3rd year the rumors flew like wildfire almost instantly. Then the name calling and harassing started. She could handle most of it, but three years of this, would be enough for anyone.


As she stood up her eye caught glimpse of Josef. Her eyes narrowed. "Liz! Get one of the teachers." she looked back at her, "NOW!"

She looks back at Josef. She began to measure how far he was from the water. "This is going to be painful." she sighs and takes her cloak off and places it on the ground. "It's about 300ft to safety... I can do that. I'll be out for a day or so...." She calls out to him.

"Hold on!" She reaches out over the water and begins to move her fingers. Her eyes begin to role towards the back of her head. The water below Josef begins to form and a geyser begins to form. It begins to rise up.

She can no longer feel the cold. Only the pain running all over her body. She grits her teeth and closes her eyes. The geyser is now only ten feet below Josef. She begins to bleed from the mouth as her muscles tense and her knees shake. "I can do this!" she thinks.

11/18/2007 3:14 PM


The arrow embedded itself in the tree 30 yards away. There was a makeshift target drawn onto it, the arrow was a little above the center. Vincent stood next to Richard, his unyielding eyes were staring at Richard, watching his every move. Richard drew another arrow and knocked it, aiming for the target.


The sudden, unexpected noise caused Richard's arrow to fly wide to the right. Simultaneously, Richard and Vincent looked up at the sky, deducing where it came from. They looked at each other, and then sprinted off in the direction of the sound. They exited the clearing and saw a girl on the cliff's edge, looking over, and another girl right next to her.

[i] Thats Morgan Maddox[/i]

Richard knew the 3rd year Elementalist, not personally, he had seen her around before. Richard was also aware of her "Nickname" if you would call it a nickname. Richard never would join in to those types of things, always avoiding those situations.

Suddenly, Morgan begins shaking violently and bleeding as well. Although he didn't bother with magic, Vincent knew its affects and what could happen.

"NO, STOP!" Vincent screamed as they were 20 yards from Morgan. Suddenly, Vincent increased his speed and it was difficult for Richard to keep up with the seasoned soldier. When Vincent reached Morgan, he grabbed her gruffly by the shoulders and shook her out of her trance.

"Your going to cripple yourself!" Vincent said. "Now tell me, who yelled for help." He said flatly.

11/18/2007 3:50 PM

[i]'Hold on.' No kidding. Not like I'm going anywhere anytime soon.[/i]

He craned his neck looking up and over at her, watching as she spread her hands over the water. The sound of churning water below him causes him to risk a look down, which he almost immediately regretted. Being able to see the distance he'd probably be falling soon didn't make him feel secure, and the sight of the geyser slowly coming up to towards him wasn't much better. His mood began to brighten as the geyser kept rising.

[i]Well...not the most orthodox of plans, but any shelter in a storm.[/i]

He was about to put a foot on the stream of water to test it when it suddenly the water dropped down and crashed back to the surface, only spreading ripples to testify that something had been there. His mood dropped, only to sour completely when he looked back up to see Vincent shaking Morgan. He shook his head in disbelief.

"Hey! That was my ride off this cliff!"

[i]I don't care if he's a teacher or not, only a fool shakes a mage when they don't know what spell the mage is casting at the time. Glad I wasn't on that thing yet.[/i]

11/18/2007 4:03 PM

Morgan felt herself lose the geyser. "*cough* no! *cough*" She looks to the the teacher Vincent had been the one shaking her. She brushed his hands away, "Josef, if he falls he'll die!" She tries again to summon the geyser, but it's to late her body can't generate the proper amount of energy. "shit..." she exclaims before collapsing to the ground. Everything is now blurry and dark. Her body, sore and almost broken, she is incapable of moving. The closes her eyes and tries once more to make the water rise. enough to where if he does fall, he won't die.

Blood is now coming out of her nose and more so out of her mouth. blood is now streaming down from her eyes causing the snow on the cliff to turn pink and slowly turn red. She focuses harder.

11/18/2007 5:02 PM

"Josef, if he falls he'll die!"

"If you kept up that spell you would both die!" Vincent yelled his reply. The cold wind was made even colder from the sea winds; snow began to fall from the sky. When Morgan collapsed on the ground, Vincent looked over the edge at Josef, then back at Morgan.

"Richard" He said when he turned to face the boy, "Take her back inside, go see Beatrix" Richard nodded and then, with the utmost care, he picked up Morgan and ran toward the Academy as fast as he could.

Vincent turned back to Josef, and accessed the situation. It would be difficult to rescue him, he was down on the side of the cliff, the weather was horrible, chances were that help wouldn't arrive in time. Vincent Removed his bow and quiver from his back, then removed his belt with all of his weapons. He still wore his cloak as it gave him a little bit of warmth.

Slowly and ever so carefully, Vincent swung over the edge, got his footing in a hole in the side of the cliff, and began to descend. His foot slipped into a crack, then his other, then he moved downward with his hands. Eventually, he reached Josef and was right next to him.

"Grab onto my back!" Vincent yelled over the now howling wind.

Richard ran as fast as he could, eventually reaching the door to the Academy. Richard ran up a staircase and into the Great hall; it was deserted. With a groan, Richard ran through the halls in the direction of the Healer's tower.

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11/18/2007 6:16 PM

Tristan walked out of the dining hall and witnessed the whole bizarre incident. First a group of "knights" call the heir to one of the most powerful houses in the country a frigid bitch to her face, then she catches one on fire, then one for no apparent reason destroys a book, and then a healer attacks them. He couldn't be sure, but he thought the healer was related to the Braddox girl. The knights bungle the fight grandly, and end up in a tangled mess on the floor, some on fire, one horribly mutated by some aberration of a healing spell.

"I'd say this got a little out of hand," he muttered to himself. He debated waiting around for the instructors to show up, so as to be able to provide them with an unbiased account of the events, but decided that would probably just net him ill will from both sides.

Instead he continued to the practice yard at the base of the battlepath tower. His first class was there anyway, so he figured that he may as well get warmed up. Stepping out into the crisp cold, he smiled. He loved this weather. After stretching to limber up, he had about twenty minutes to himself before the rest of his class began to show up, and about ten before the instructor did.

He loved this class. Not because he was exceptional in any way when it came to combat, but because it was class policy that any conflicts could be handled in a sparring match. He had gotten his head cracked a few times as a result of that policy, but always gave as good as he got. Now that he thought about it, that might be why students in the battlepath only picked on students in other paths; less chance of instructor-sanctioned payback.

He was practicing his swordstrokes at the pels when the instructors arrived, a knight and two third years. They nodded in approval when they saw him already practicing, and settled in to wait for the rest of the large class to arrive. Most were there by the time class officially started, and they began the sparring rotation.

Over the clash of the blunted swords on shield and the constant low rumble of the surf a cry for help rang out. Tristan stopped fighting and looked in the direction the cry had come from, only to receive a ringing blow to the basinet from his sparring partner.

"Continue sparring!" the instructor barked. "Sir Vincent is closer, and will send a student for our help if it is needed.

Though he chafed at being kept in the dark while something interesting was happening, he knew better than to cross the instructor. So instead he returned to sparring, taking his frustration out on the irritating boy who had just struck him.

11/18/2007 7:17 PM

(The knights do manage to put out the flames, and eventually the four start to hobble collectively back towards the battlepath tower. They would never willingly admit losing to Broderick in a fight, but they'd pay him back twofold for the embarrassment, regardless. For the moment, however, they had to think of an explanation for their injuries. Most of them could be dismissed as injuries from sparring matches, but Rhys' legs would be much more difficult to explain.)

11/18/2007 11:07 PM

Josef watched the scene above him. He'd heard the water start to churn and boil again, but it died out all too quick. He then watched as Vincent slipped over the cliff and started climbing down, finding footholds where where others would have fallen. He watched as the instructor scaled down next to him.

"Grab onto my back!"

"You're fuckin nuts, sir, you know that?"

Regardless of how crazy he thought the ranger was, his numbing hands convinced him that a slim chance was better than an almost certain death. Reaching over, he grabbed Vincent's cloak at the shoulder with one hand, then swung over and grabbed with the other, biting the feathers before he grasped the thick material as the Ranger began the upward climb.

It took several agonizing minutes, but Vincent eventually crawled over the edge of the cliff. Between the slips and harsh wind, the added load had caused the balance to shift continuously. Josef rolled off the ranger to the snow, grateful to be alive. Pulling the feathers from his mouth, he pointed at the instructor.

"Thank you. You're still nuts, but thank you."

Rolling to his hands and knees, he looked around, noticing the blood for the first time. Looking around slightly confused, he turned back to Vincent.

"Morgan...she was trying to save me...where is she?"

11/19/2007 6:55 AM

"Liz! Get one of the teachers." she looked back at her, "NOW!"

For a brief moment, Elizabeth's inner ego flared, angry to be spoken to in such a tone. Then reason took precedence, so she spun on her heel and rushed back into the castle.

By the time she reached the Great Hall, all the students and teachers had left. Classes had already begun. Sprinting across the Great Hall, she flew through the opposite archway, to where the Healers' Classes were.

As she rounded a corner, a student appeared in front of her, carrying a large stack of books. "MOVE!" She screamed, although she knew neither one of them were going to move fast enough. In her scamble to change direction, however, her feet slid from under her, and she was sent sprawling. Pain shot up from her vicious meeting with the stone floor, and her lungs spasmed as all of the air was forced out of them.

"Oh, oh...ar-re you ok?" The boy's voice was shaky, and he was obviously unsure of whether he should help her or put the books down first.

Liz labored to draw in a breath. "Fine," she managed to wheez. Laboriously, she put one arm underneath her, then the other, and pushed herself off the ground.

Still gasping for breath, she opened the first door she came to, to see a classroom full of students and a teacher she didn't recognize staring back at her. Rather than waste her breath trying to explain, she shut the door again and continued on. Door after door, the same thing, and Liz started to get frantic. She began sprinting again, shoving doors open just long enough to get a glimpse and see if Mrs. Beatrix was in there or not - and still, she could not draw a proper breath.

Finally, at the end of the hall, she shoved open a door, and she saw Mrs. Beatrix standing at the head of the classroom. "Missu-" the words caught in her throat, as another spasm clutched her diaphragm. She wheezed in another breath.

Immediately, Mrs. Beatrix strided over to her, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Calm down, child." As if on cue, Liz's spasms soothed out, and she drew in a deep breath. Liz was amazed to feel the warmth, and the comfort that seemed to flow from that simple hand on the shoulder.

Finding that she had her breath back, she made quick use of it. "Mrs. Beatrix! Come, quickly! There's a student in trouble!"

Immediately, she spun around and addressed the class. "I want you all to study the diagrams I have given to you. I expect you to know them, in full, at the start of next class. You may leave class early, on the stipulation that none of you follow me. That is all"

She turned to Liz. "Lead the way."

Liz began to walk down the hallway once more, walking as fast as she could, without wanting to leave Mrs. Beatrix behind. "For heaven's sake, girl, move those young legs of yours! I thought you said there was an emergency - emergencies warrant running!"

Turning red from shame, she began sprinting again. Liz glanced over her shoulder to make sure that she wasn't losing her professor, to find that Mrs. Beatrix was right behind her.

Looking forward again, they rounded the corner and into the Great Hall, to see a boy rushing off towards the Healer's Tower with a body in his arms - Morgan's Body!

"Morgan!" Liz shrieked.

Ever calm, Mrs. Beatrix's voice rang out. "Richard Trenton! Come back - I am right here!" Mrs. Beatrix rushed in front of Liz, taking Morgan's slack body into her own arms. "Richard!" she admonished him, "As a third year student, you should know better than to move an injured person unnecesarily." All thoughts of continued admonishment obviously left her mind, however, as she laid Morgan gently on a table.

Without looking up, Mrs. Beatrix addressed Liz. "Judith, you have been studying those diagrams I handed to your class, have you not?"

"Yes, of course Ma'am."

"Good. Don't think your enthusiasm or your talent for sorcery has gone unnoticed - now is the time to test that. I shall ask you to assist me."

Shock gripped her. "Ma'am?"

"Simply do as I say. I will require your assistance, Judith. If you do not feel you are up to the task, I must know now, so you may fetch someone who is."

Her inner ego stoked once more, she focused herself. "I can do it! I'll do whatever you tell me to."

"Good. Now, here's what I want you to do..."

She followed Mrs. Beatrix's instructions word for word, concentrating solely on their work. Mending torn muscles and ligaments here, removing internal bleeding there, restoring energy to where it was needed. Everytime she felt like she had no more energy, Liz would dig deeper, and push ahead. Even so, there was more than a couple of times when Mrs. Beatrix put a hand on her shoulder and said some comforting words like "You're doing fine, child," and Liz could feel the energy flow from the professor and into herself. Reenergized, she would double her concentration.

Morgan's heart was the worst. She could see - no, that wasn't the right word. Obviously, she couldn't see Morgan's heart...rather, she could sense Morgan's heart, although what sense she was using, she did not know. Perhaps it was the 'magic sense' - major damage to it from the stress. Any more, and her heart might have exploded. It was here that Liz was only able to help in a very little way, and ovserve as Mrs. Beatrix masterfully healed the heart and removed the hard lumps that had formed - scar tissue?

Elizbeth wondered if it might be possible to help someone emotionally through the use of healing magic. Just like Mrs. Beatrix was healing the physical heart, might she be able to heal the emotional scars as well?

Now wasn't the time for experimental magic, however. Realizing that she had begun to get sidetracked, Liz once more doubly doubled her concentration.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, but was probably more on the lines of a half hour, Mrs. Beatrix looked up at Elizabeth for the first time. "You have done excellently, Judith. I believe it is time for you to rest now."

Hearing those words, Liz realized how tired she was. Slipping into a seat at the table upon which they were working, she felt the fatigue wash over her. She hadn't noticed how much energy she had been expending while they were working - but she was feeling it now.

Sitting down, she also realized one more thing - the Hall was no longer empty. Despite the crowd that had gathered around them, it was perfectly silent; a strange occurance indeed.

Liz was too tired to dwell on any of that, however, and looked back at Morgan to see if she would awaken.

11/19/2007 7:26 AM

As Brenden was returning from practice, he was heading in the direction of the great hall. He was minding his own until he saw the crowd that had gathered. 'Great', he thought as he walked toward the crowd, 'another meaningless group meeting that causes an inconvenience to everyone else.' Brenden ignored the crowd and started to make his way through. "Excuse me, pardon," he said as he tried to get through the crowd. Brenden soon approached the center of the crowd and saw the table. "What the?" he wondered as he saw someone on the table. With some maneuvering he saw the person on the table. 'Morgan' he thought. He looked around to see if he could figure what was going on, and saw Elizabeth. He moved closer and tapped her shoulder. "Excuse me could you tell me what happened."

11/19/2007 12:56 PM

"But when, Garrett?" said Master Hirntor, his voice displayed uncharacteristic annoyance. "My patience is wearing thin with you."

What!? Don't you like it? Can't you admire its beauty?" asked Garrett sincerely. He gestured towards the decorative ornament on the workshop table. Its curls and swirls could entrance even the steely. It was quite startling.

"Well, as a matter of fact, I absolutely adore it," he said as a small, slightly cheeky grin cracked through his pretend frustration "But, I as have told you many times before, enough to make me blue in the face, you are here to learn to make weapons.. especially because... well you know." He glanced to the curvaceous metal on the table. "Which is a bit of a shame," he added.

"It's quite alright," replied the young student, turning his back on his kind teacher. He didn't care much for what Hirntor had just told him; Garrett had decided he was going to continue making his ornaments regardless.

[i]Maybe only with scrap metal and anything leftover...

But only maybe.[/i]

Garrett sighed. He was perplexed by this development. He purged it from his mind and decided to make a start on his assignment.

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11/19/2007 1:36 PM

"Morgan...she was trying to save me...where is she?"

"I may not be any type of Magician, but I know that whatever she was doing, she wouldn't have lived had she kept it up. I sent Richard with Morgan inside to find Beatrix, come on."

With that Vincent stood up and walked over to his deposited weaponry on the ground. He slowly reassembled his items and then began walking toward the Academy.

"Morgan!" "Richard Trenton! Come back - I am right here!"

Richard heard these yells and turned around. After Beatrix and the other girl began to work their magic, Richard sat back to watch, awestruck at what they were doing. Richard's heavy breathing slowed down as he began regaining his breath.

When the entire procedure was completed, and he saw the girl that used to be on the verge of death, he breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

Beatrix looked over to Richard and said, "Now young man, I have some questions for you. When you found her, what was happening?"

Richard snapped his head over to face the woman and said, "Well, I think that she was casting some sort of spell. She was bleeding and was shaking, Master Vincent stopped her short afterward. Just before this, we heard someone cry out for help too."

Beatrix nodded and said, "I think I will have to talk to Vincent later, whatever spell she was attempting was apparently too much for her. The internal damage she sustained was great, its remarkable she made it this far"

Beatrix turned to the silent crowd and yelled, "Well, don't you all have classes to be in?!" Almost instantly, the crowd dissolved, and students went their separate ways. "Richard, I would like to you stay here."

That was the last thing Beatrix said to Richard, and he obeyed. Richard sat down on a bench, and waited for what Beatrix wanted from him.

Vincent and Josef entered the front doors of the Academy, seeing a few people leaving the Great Hall. To see what was going on, the two of them entered to Hall to see Morgan lying down on the table, Beatrix was also nearby.

Vincent walked up to Beatrix and said, "Will she be alright?"

Beatrix replied, "She will be fine, she just needs to rest. Now, whats the story from your point of view."

Vincent relayed the story back to his colleague. After that, Beatrix turned to Josef and asked, "What were you doing on the side of a cliff anyway? Tell us your story."

11/19/2007 4:40 PM

"I may not be any type of Magician, but I know that whatever she was doing, she wouldn't have lived had she kept it up. I sent Richard with Morgan inside to find Beatrix, come on."

Josef merely nodded and stuck the feathers in a pouch attached to his belt. The few feathers that had almost been his fatal downfall. He shook his head as he undid the remains of his rope, jogging over to his backpack to put both pieces back in the pack. Throwing the bag onto his back, he ran to catch up to Vincent, who'd already started walking back to the Academy's entrance.

Curious about the crowd coming from the Great Hall, he followed the head ranger into the hall. Watching the crowd finish dispersing, he saw Morgan's seemingly unconscious body laying on the table with Beatrix and a couple other students standing nearby. He recognized the younger female as the one who'd been with Morgan by the cliff. The other student was a ranger. He vaguely remembered Hirntor having him do some touchups on the ranger's bow as an assignment.

His eyes moved back to Morgan's still body on the table. He saw her chest rising and falling with slow, shallow breathing, her eyes still closed.

[i]Why would she risk death to save me? All I did was unlock the cabinet, and I asked her to watch over my sister for me.[/i]

His thoughts were interupted by Beatrix's inquiry, and he looked over at the healer.

"What were you doing on the side of a cliff anyway? Tell us your story."

"Well, I needed supplies for my assignment. Seahawk feathers make some of the best fletches, and I know some nest on the cliffside. So I tied a rope to a tree with the other end around my waist and climbed down to get some. I guess the rocks were sharper than I thought, and they cut my rope. I was able to grab the opening before I fell, and called for help."

He motioned to the younger female standing there.

"She and Morgan were by the cliffs, and must've heard me shout. Morgan told me to hold on, and she started making a geyser to lift me back up to the edge. I was about to step on it when it suddenly dropped back to the surface. I looked up to see Master Vincent shaking Morgan. I guess she tried to start the spell again, but it didn't work. Then he was climbing down next to me, telling me to grab onto his back. I did, and he climbed back up. Then we came here."

He looked to the sleeping mage, then back to the healer.

"Anything I can do to help her?"

11/19/2007 6:09 PM

Liz, exhausted, was sitting in the chair with her head resting on her crossed arms. When she heard the student's story, she couldn't help but look up.

"You mean to tell me that my sister almost died, because you were trying to get some feathers!?"

Rage, frustration, and fatigue battled, and she just let out an unintelligible cry expressing each three, before letting her head slam back onto her arms.

"Ggrrraaaaahh!" *Thunk*

11/19/2007 7:09 PM

Arwen was walking into the great hall with her three friends when she caught a glimpse of Morgan on the table, Liz with her head on the table, teachers, a ranger, and the old weapons smith. Her three friends also caught a glimpse.

"Hey, it's that the frigid bitch?" says one.

"Yeah, it is. I wonder what happened?" says another.

"I don't know..." Arwen's eyes go wide.

"Isn't she your sister?" says the last one.

"N..no. We're just related." Arwen says as she leans against the door frame.

"We need to get to class Arwen." says the first one.

"Yeah" say the other two.

"I'll be right behind you." Arwen says. She makes sure that the three are out of eye site when she steps into the great hall. She stands behind Brenden, about ten feet or so. "Morgan?" she says quietly. She had never seen her sister in a state like this. To Arwen, Morgan was someone who was strong and powerful, not like this.

She begins to step backwards towards the doorway again. She hits a bench, but continues to walk. "What happened?" she thinks to herself.

11/19/2007 7:31 PM

"You mean to tell me that my sister almost died, because you were trying to get some feathers!?"

"Ggrrraaaaahh!" *Thunk*

Josef opened his mouth to argue in his defense, stopping when the young girl slammed her head back to the table. He closed his mouth, jaw tightening as the arguement ran through his mind.

[i]I didn't ask her to put herself in danger, it was her choice! I wasn't too eager to trust a geyser of water to lift me up! You could just as easily gotten another rope lowered to me, that would've been fine![/i]

He took a deep breath, exhaling through clenched teeth before looking to the instructors.

"If that's all then..."

Not waiting for a response, he turned to leave. The sight of a female almost tripping backwards only caused him to shake his head, his sour mood causing him to just walk past rather than offer assistance.

[i]Go on, keep gawking. Look at them: the passed out girl and the idiot who almost caused both of their deaths. I didn't ask for her to over-exert herself![/i]

Reaching the corridor, he turned and began stalking towards his room.

11/19/2007 8:15 PM

Arwen freezes as the guy passes her. "What's going on?" she thinks to herself. She watches as he disappears around the corner. She sits right down on the bench she nearly tripped on. "I d..do...don't....Wha...what's going...Morgan?" she begins to stutter to herself. She gets up after a moment and bolts out the door to catch up with her friends. As she runs down the hall she trips and falls face first. When she looks to see what it is she tripped over she sees a familiar face. "Broderick!" She begins to shack him. "Wake up you lazy bugga!" she continues to yell at him.

11/19/2007 8:37 PM

Brenden listen to what happened before seeing the odd display that occurred. He stuck around for a few more minutes, and checked to see how Morgan was doing. When he saw that she was going to be alright he headed off to the dorms. 'What a circus' he thought to himself as he walked off.

11/21/2007 12:22 AM

[i]"Broderick!" She begins to shack him. "Wake up you lazy bugga!" she continues to yell at him.[/i]

"Ngh- What? Don' shout." he says, then he pauses for a moment, evidently a bit disoriented. "You say something about Morgan? Some knight picked her up... She set him on fire. Affer that's a bit of a blur. Lots of running."

11/21/2007 8:27 AM

Arwen, in her rage, picks the boy up off the ground and drags him to the great hall. "Find out what happened!" as she tosses him into the Hall with Lady Beatrix, Sir Vincent, and Elizabeth.

11/22/2007 6:35 PM

Darwin was walking down the hallway studying his notes when he almost ran straight into the crowd outside of the Great Hall. He stood on his tiptoes to see what was going on and saw Morgan lying on a table with some girl who Darwin thought was a healer and the healer master. The master told everyone to go back to class and most of the people started leaving. Darwinstarted walking through the Hall to get to his next class when he saw Broderick thrown through the doorway by another healer.

[i]What is with all the crazy stuff happening today?[/i] he thought to himself.

He walked over to Broderick and helped him up.

"Do you know what happened to Morgan?" Darwin asked.

11/23/2007 2:39 AM

Garrett left the workshop. He needed some air, apart from the stuffy nonsense that inhabits the lair of Hirntor. He was allowed to do leave because the Academy knew he was a delicate special case, what with his rough and tumble beginnings.

The door to the cliffs was ajar, and something just sort of called for him outside. He couldn't resist taking a look. The snow crunched under his feet. It was a pleasant sort of sound; it was a natural noise.

Garrett spotted small drops of blood laying on the surface of the fresh powder. He began to worry.

[i]Someone could be hurt...[/i]

There was a vague trail of the red substance leading back inside. He chose to follow it, just to make sure. More for him to feel secure rather than for the injured's safety. It was the trail that called to him, and he willingly traced it. He lost it a couple of times, but eventually found himself back in the warmth of the Academy itself.

He continued on along the stone floor until he came to the Great Hall. He peered around the corner.

[i]That's that Mordred... no, Maureen... no, no, no... Mor-something-whatever girl..

I wonder...[/i]

He began to eavesdrop on all the conversations around him: the chitter in the Hall and the chatter of the two students down the corridor. He wanted to know.

11/23/2007 8:31 AM

[i]"Do you know what happened to Morgan?" Darwin asked.[/i]

"Ugh..." Broderick put a hand to a still forming bruise on his head and, with Darwin's help, shakily got to his feet. "No... I'm guessing something happ'nd after that bit with the knights?"

He tried to organize his thoughts; They were still a jumble of disjointed images and sounds, but after a few moments, the implications of the question truly occurred to him.

"Is she alright?"

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11/23/2007 9:07 AM

"Is she alright?"

"I don't know she's lying on the table over there. There were some healers working on her," Darwin replied. "And what are you talking about knights? What did I miss? I left through the opposite side of the library from you guys."

11/23/2007 9:53 PM

"I don't know she's lying on the table over there. There were some healers working on her," Darwin replied. "And what are you talking about knights? What did I miss? I left through the opposite side of the library from you guys."[/i]

Broderick remains silent for several seconds, then says "A group of knights were insulting her in the hall, and one of them grabbed her. I think she got away from them alright, but after that, I..." There is another long pause before he continues. "I lost sight of her after that."

11/24/2007 1:26 AM

"A group of knights were insulting her in the hall, and one of them grabbed her. I think she got away from them alright, but after that, I..." There is another long pause before he continues. "I lost sight of her after that."

"Well then maybe you should go see if she's okay. I've gotta go to class. See ya later Broderick." Darwin said. He then turned and walked out of the Great Hall. He almost collided with a first year exiting the door but narrowly avoided her and went on his way.

11/28/2007 7:58 AM

[i]It's dark... where... wait... I've been here before... It's cold...[/i]

Her eyes open to the cliff once more. She watches as another her tries to call up the geyser. The double's arms go out. She looks at her own. As the double begins to use the magic her own body begins to hurt.

[i]What's happening... Why does this hurt...[/i]

Elizabeth runs through her. The pain in her body becomes over whelming. She begins to hear voices.

"Friend?! He's just tolerant of you cause he has too be."

"Yeah, who could be friends with you."

She places her hands on her head.

[i]Silence... Get out of my head...[/i]

The image changes. She can see herself three years ago. Walking along to class minding her own business. The Knight who got in her way.

"You must be a skilled archer, my lady, as you have sent your arrow straight into my heart."

"Excuse me?"

"You don't know who I am?"


Him blocking her path just like she recalled. Him placing his hand on her face, pull her to him.

"Stop it, I prey you."

"Milady, thou art more lovelier than the gods' sweet nectar...might I have a taste?"

Her temper snapping at him like she had remembered. Her hand reaching up and slapping his face as hard as she could.

"Get away from me!"

He grabs her upper arms, slamming her into the wall.

"How can you resist my fire?"

She looks up to the window.

[i]This is where that horrid name started&[/i]

"Prehaps you need to cool off."

The icy wind begins to blow hard, it gets colder and colder. The knight's armor begins to ice over. Her face turns red from the cold. His hair begins to ice over.

"You little witch!"

He steps back trying to brush off the ice, but that's when she had lost temporary control and over did it. The blast of sub zero air rushed to him. The ice is two thick to burn off. He's trapped.

[i]Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch, Frigid bitch[/i]

On the table her hands move to her head as she begins to scream. "STOP IT!"

Thomas Gertin walks passed the great hall as she begins to cry out. "Miss Maddox?" he looks inside to see Beatrix Meur and Vincent Norn. He quickly runs pass the little healer boy and over to the teachers. It is indeed miss Maddox on the table. He pulls her hands away from her face, before she claws them open.

"What has happened here?"

"Your student tried to call up a spell she was not strong enough to use," replies Vincent. "I stopped her before she killed herself."

"She was still entranced?"

"Yes," Vincent says rather bluntly.

"Fool, you did more damage that way!"

He turns to Beatrix. "Thank you for saving her. I know her grandmother would come down on this school with all her power if the heir to the house had died in our care" he looks back down at Maddox, "Now we should get her to her bed to rest. Tables are most uncomfortable."

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11/30/2007 5:39 AM

Broderick pulls up his hood and adjusts it a bit in an attempt to hide the bruise he suspects is forming, and strides over towards the table, albeit a bit clumsily from his remaining dizziness. He remains mostly silent, listening to what is said in an attempt to get an idea of what happened after he "lost sight of her".

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