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10/23/2007 7:42 PM

Bill Dazachovski light his cigarrete in the back of the car, inhaling as Carl opened the door to the drivers seat and put himself at the wheel.
"The Ministry won't let us go forward unfil we get clearance from the locals...Jim, we'll be sitting here for the next couple of weeks..." He muttered, annoyance slowly rising through his voice, he turned toward "Big" Jim sitting in the passenger side, then sent a slight glance back toward Bill, he gave a slight nod of disapproval, then went back to his cigarrete, Carl started the car and pulled it out onto the main road, Carl let his gaze wonder over onto a young child herding Catonian goats on the side of the road, he set his eyes forward as he smiled.
"Prior to the war, this place was just the same...it's been the same for years. Orcivans thought this place was holy though, so when the war started, they made one helluva' rush to capture it..."
"And it'll still be a farming community in fifty years!" Bob said as he puffed from his cigarrete. Carl turned the car to the left as it slid past a JA roadblock, as soon as they pulled out Carl looked back toward the road block.
"Now that the JAO's in this the region should be more stable..."
Bill chuckled,
"Whad' you think Big? This little hole'll be the se after this?"

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