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10/22/2007 8:36 PM

ok i have a sci fi Rpg in mind right now

its 2600 A.D. and technology is so far advanced that now people and machines can be compatible with each other. with this new technology came the next step in online gameing and web surfing. The government had began a new war out in space against a new alien threat. the government began a new project to train soldiers to fight these aliens through virtual reality. The program that was created was call A.I.D.A and did well in test versions. suddenly during programing the system went haywire and a glitch was formed. When soldiers enterd the similator some never came back out. The program was abandoned and the project scrapped. Years later hackers find A.I.D.A in a search of an old military database. These hackers went into the similator to find old data. However the news broke out and every gamer saw this as the ultimate war similator. millions of people logged in daily. Then came the sleepers. The glitch in the program forced people to delete all backup personalities. once your character died in AIDA you died in real life. Eventually people started to die everywhere. The government had tried to delete the program but it was to late. The system was in every inch of the universal web. It was to large to delete. The government instead made logging on against the law. The ammount of sleepers had died instantly and all was well. Or so they thought. in underground organizations all over there are hackers who still log in. they are the coded ones. They go in to get rare data and to get the money that is hidden in this massive labyrinth that is the war similator.

a character sheet will come later but is anyone interested?

10/22/2007 8:58 PM

sounds pretty cool. I'll play if there are more people.

10/23/2007 6:36 PM

Sounds like a really nice idea.. I'm in also if more people come along.

Also, if our character is a hacker couldn't we edit ourselves in the program to gain superhuman abilities?

10/24/2007 6:29 PM

yes and no

you can switch what weapons your holding and what kind of armor you have but as for super strength and super speed and that no. however infinite ammo, invulnerability, damage increaser and defense increaser are downloadable files that last for a certain ammount of time. oh and another thing. this is based on the coded arms videogames so if you want more info play one of the games to get a feel for this. and unlike the actual game i will allow melee weapons as well as guns. please use only five guns at a time for your characters. here is the character sheet now. and i do plan on going from game world to offline world.

coded name: ( try to make seperate from real name )
online character description:
weapons: up to five
armor: three slots ( helmet, body armor, leg guards)
passive files: other weapon or armor files your char has.

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