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10/21/2007 4:57 PM

Darth Vadion was disturbed, he sat in a deep slumber upon his chair in his hideout on the planet Korriban. Nightmares ran through his head and he was sweating profusely. His nightmares had him shaking in his chair until suddenly his eyes snapped open and he bent over holding his head in his hands.

[i]What is happening? Why am I having these nightmares?[/i]

Usually based on the severity of the nightmares he could block them out, but every once in a while a strong terror of the moemories of killing all those defenseless people in the temple flooded back into his head. He did not regret his decision to kill them, what scared him was the fabrications that his mind had made up for their deaths. Instead of them being sleeping students they had turned into visions of himself, in his nightmares he was killing himself.

He rose from his seat and pulled his hood over his head to hide the sweat that now dripped from his face. Exiting his room he met the guards stationed just outside his door.

"Guards, Follow me"

The guards hoisted up their rifles and followed suit as he led the way down a hallway into the command room where his military leaders stood around a holo-table that showed a ghost like image of the known galaxy.

"Commander, report"

The elderly man wearing a military uniform began to relay all the recent information that had been gathered about republic fleet movements. Vadion showed no sign of what had happened in his room on his face, though no one could really see his face anyway what with his hood being pulled up and the room being dark. He was still troubled, the news of fleet movements meant that in order to make his first move Vadion would have to gather a few more ships and supplies. Then he could use his battle meditation to ensure that even though his fleet would be slightly outnumbered that they could still have a decisive first victory.

10/22/2007 3:55 PM

Dakn Helles stood in a training room, sweat glistening on his face. The training droid before him held a lightsaber in its metalic claw, the blue glow of its blade would iluminate the room had the lights not been on.

Dakn held a crimson blade in his own hands in a two handed grip, the blade held forward pointing at the droid. Dakn had been training in saber combat for almost two hours now.

The droid raised its ball shaped head and spoke in a undescriptive voice. "Shall we go again, master?"

Dakn, breathing heavily as he replied "No, I am done today" Dakn lowered his saber and with a flick of the force, deactivated the droid. It slumped to the side, lifelessly, as it awaited another opponent for training.

He clipped his lightsaber back on his belt and left the room. He walked down a complex series of hallways, eventually leading to his own room. As he entered the room, he began stripping off his clothes. He entered the refresher, the water pouring down his body felt good after a good workout.

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