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10/19/2007 9:23 PM

The year is 2361, the Great War has ceased it's tragic spread on the planet, and the world is slowly returning to peace, or so it seems...the Azrican OGSX, a secret unkown Division of COI, Azricans premiere intelligence agency, see's the world to what it is turning into though, as rebellions against the now occupying AO Joint forces in Eastern Aluerone spring up seemingly overnigh, the newest group of premiere graduates from the Great War, and the COI's War College are too be thrust into the unstable War Rooms of the UAG.

You will be one of the lucky few who have passed the OGSX's recruitment tests, be you from the ANA, or a senior CIO informant.

Character sheet:


Occupation: (Former CIO, or ANA Military Forces)


Prefered Operational Parameters: (i.e. Intelligence, Weapons Evaluation ect.)



10/21/2007 11:41 AM

Name: "Big" Jim Taylor

Occupation: former CIO

Appearance: Standard Combat attire: Vest, pants, shirt and fingerless gloves. A navy blue headband wrapped around his forehead. Black and green face paint covers his features, his blue eyes can pierce into any man. His red hair is disheveled and he is a slightly more than average muscular man.

Prefered Operational Parameters: Special Forces

Bio: A vet of the great war he decided to receive extra training from the CIO and has since been promoted to captain of a unit of the special forces. He carries a special assault rifle with a short range sniper scope.

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10/21/2007 8:33 PM

Posts great and all but you could mainly use a name...If you have any callsigns just you them in the RP, I'll have the thread up tommorow.

10/22/2007 12:08 PM

sorry I thought I did put a name

10/23/2007 7:44 PM

"Keeping them in check" is the thread name, it's in General Roleplaying.

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