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10/18/2007 2:05 PM

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10/21/2007 6:45 AM

Xax Sirxez sat in his private chamber on Frigate One. He sat in a meditative stance in the middle of the red carpeted room. A few windows were on the surrounding walls, displaying the blackness of space.

Already, Journey had moved through the unknown regions and had mapped the entire region. They had officially left the galaxy, they were in unknown territories, their main goal, to find other civilizations.

Xax opened his eyes slowly, letting them rest on the bed in the corner of his room for a second, then shutting them again with a sigh. Xax stood up slowly and walked over to the door in his room. The door automatically slid open to admit him then, when he passed through, shut and locked as Xax told it to.

Xax's room was not that far from the bridge of the ship he was on, so he began walking in that direction. There wasn't really anything he could do there, he was just going there to go there. There wouldn't be many people there, just a few pilots and navigators. Midday lunch hour was currently going on, but Xax decided to skip it.

The door opened as Xax walked into the bridge. Sure enough, there were only a few people here, a general, a few pilots, and a few navigators.

[i] So many people on this flight...... What if something went wrong... [/i]

Xax walked up to the tall general who was wearing a white uniform and looking out the main viewport. "Are we going to reach a new destination soon?" Xax questioned

The General replied "Our navigators thought we would soon, so we sent out some scouting ships to find out"

Xax nodded his reply and then turned around and walked out of the bridge and toward the cafeteria.

[i] Might as well get something to eat....[/i]

10/21/2007 8:53 PM

Zan Zurin wiped his face with a towel before tossing it into a bin. Walking out of the refresher, he finished dressing and attached his lightsaber to his belt. While large and comfortable to most people, the main exercise room of Frigate 1 seemed cramped to Zan, who was used to practicing the routines that Xax ran him through. Prolonged runs, sharp changes in speed and direction, and the acrobatic flips and jumps associated with combat training allowed him to quickly cover the area. While proficient in hand-to-hand in close quarters, he preferred having space to manuever.

Adrenaline still pumping he stepped out into the hallway, making his way to the cafeteria. As he walked, he spied the shorter, furred form of his master ahead of him. Quickening his pace, he made his way next to Xax, a small grin curling the corner of his mouth.

"Please tell me I'm not the only one getting tired of looking at the same walls all the time, Master."

10/21/2007 9:07 PM

Karva woke up from his nap and sat up on his bunk in Frigate 3. He wiped the sweat from his brow and shuddered. He had just had another dream about his wife's death. They still came quite often even though it had been almost a year. His friends told him he would eventually get over it but Karva wasn't surte if he believed them.

He forced these thoughts from his mind and went into the refresher station to take a quick shower then headed for the mess hall to get some food. On the way out he strapped his blaster around his waist. You never knew when you might need it in this galaxy. Technically they were no longer in the galaxy. They had passed into Unknown Space several weeks ago. They had yet to find anything though.

Karva reached the mess hall and got some food then sat down at a random table avoiding the Jedi Knight. Jedi had always freaked him out a little with all of the things they could do. Karva once again cleared his mind and began eating.

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10/22/2007 7:23 PM

Jarrem put on his armor and began to check his blasters. His "contract" was still asleep but Jarrem wanted to make sure that he was ready before the contract got up. Not only that but it really helped should something happen to his frigate. " Yes another day with Frigate three." jarrem said to himself. Since Jarrem already ate he stepped outside of his living quaters and headed to his contracts quarters. The contracts real name was Hream goldhoth but Jarrem knew that giving away names usually led to someone getting killed. Now jarrem uses the name contract to anyone he is hired to protect. Jarrem finally made it to Hream's room.

Hream was still sleeping of course but something wasn't right. Either it was the first time in ages that Jarrem forgot to lock a contracts door or someone broke in. Jarrem quickly check through each room and didn't seem anything out of the ordinary. Jarrem now sat in a chair in the perfect spot. The main door was visible as well as Hreams room. Hream was sleeping so soundly that it almost looked like he wasn't breathing at all.

10/23/2007 3:06 PM

"Please tell me I'm not the only one getting tired of looking at the same walls all the time, Master."

Xax turned to face his energetic padawan, he had sensed him come down the halls after him and had prepared himself. The two looked awkward together, the master was a great deal shorter than the padawan.

"Zan, everyone on these ships are tired of looking at these walls, the ships for that matter. But be patient my padawan, I recently spoke to the Captain and said they found signs of a planet near by, they are checking it out now."

They entered the cafeteria of Frigate one, Xax ordered a plate and then sat down and began to eat. [i]There has never been anything this grand before....[/i] Xax thought. So many people, all hoping for newer things, greater things.

But still, something didn't seem right, well, everything was right as it should be, but Xax couldn't shake the feeling like something bad was about to happen. Then, it happened, an image flashed into Xax's mind. It showed Journey, floating outside a green planet. Next, an image of a military caravan with tanks and troopers alike was shown marching, with Xax and Zan walking alongside a tank. They passed a large stone with strange markings on it. Next, an image of a Xax standing on a hill, lightsaber in hand and ignited was shown.

It all arrived and disappeared so quickly that it alarmed Xax so much that he dropped his fork, it clattered on the plate.

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10/24/2007 8:50 PM

Jarrem pulled off the hit easily. After all that was why he was there all along. A few dozen people wanted hream killed and now it was done. He just needed to be hired as his bodyguard and finally kill him in his sleep. Jarrem sat back in his chair. The poison he fed Hream was quick. Hell it was almost instant. To bad Jarrem was stuck on this expedition for a little longer. But that was fine. He was given another target amongst the group but he could also find work in other areas. after all he was the most revered bodyguard by most. Of course not to many know of his killing expertise. The good news was that the cameras in the room all lead to a feed in Jarrems room. He had already set them to loop until he set the alarm. then it had a half hour before it resumed play. Jarrem walked back to his room until the loop stopped. Now he couldn't get caught. no witnesses, no cameras that could show the killing, and no suspicion of him being the killer. Jarrem made it look like he and his "contract" looked like real friends. No more motive on that note. Now who was going to be left to blame? Jarrem went back to the diplomats room for his story. He entered to wake Hream up. He tries to wake him up several times to no avail. Then when Jarrem finally checks his pulse he finds out Hream was dead. From then on it was smooth sailing. The poison was long gone to. Jarrem flushed it into space. Now to alarm the athorities.

10/25/2007 6:03 PM

Zan had been apprenticed to Xax for the better part of a decade by now. Together, they'd traveled across most of the length and breadth of the known galaxy. They'd trained and fought together many times. Many times, Zan didn't need to hear was said, just watching his Master's body language told him all he needed to know.

The clattering of dishes had caused an immediate reaction in Zan, more reflex than thought. Dropping his own fork, one hand reached for his lightsaber, his head and eyes turning to scan the crowd to see what had caused the sudden distress he felt from Xax. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary besides a few stares and curious glances in their direction, Zan looked at him, noting the stillness of his Master's body.

"What is it, Master?"

10/26/2007 8:45 AM

"What is it, Master?"

Xax sat there, staring off into space with a perplexed look. Zan was already reacting, getting ready for a fight. Many times Xax always taught that a simple motion, such as dropping a fork no matter how insignificant, could always mean trouble.

"I don't know, I had a vision, of a planet and then a military convoy moving through a jungle, you and me with it. Then I saw myself on a hill with my lightsaber..."

Xax trailed off, still looking in the same direction, the same look on his face. The cafeteria was filling up to the point of overflow, cafeteria one always had the best food of all the dining areas.

"I think something bad is going to happen....."

Shaking his head and scratching his head, Xax returned to his meal, filled with dread. Something bad was going to happen, he knew it, but, while fearing its comming, he also yearned to know what would happen.

10/27/2007 10:14 AM

Zan sat there, nodding his head as Xax talked, then turned back to his own meal.

[i]Visions...the bane of Force abilities. Visions of what might be, what's possible. But the future is always changing, nothing is set in stone. Are we headed into a war? Not my preferance, but at least we'd be planetside.[/i]

He finished his meal, thoughts turning to the news that they were close to a planet, then to his Master's vision. It wasn't until he was about to stand that a curious thought overwhelmed him.

[i]He saw both of us with the convoy, then just himself on a hill. Where did I go...?[/i]

He shook his head with a small laugh. If it was a war, he was probably fighting somewhere else. No need to keep both Jedi together in one place all the time, right? But there was still that thought nagging in the back of his head: did I make it?

10/28/2007 5:04 PM

Karva ate in silence but the conversation of the man next to him was very interesting. Apparently the ship was nearing a planet. Well a littler fresh air would be nice since they had been cramped inside of this ship since the beginning of their voyage. Karva couldn't wait to stretch his legs a little.

He finished eating and made his way to the lounge to read for a little while.

10/30/2007 12:36 PM

The Midday meal was ate in silence by everyone. Light conversation drifted through the room but was supressed quickly. Excitement ran through the air, the news of a new planet was to much to comprehend. The emotions were building up, able to be put over the edge at any moment.

And in less than one second, that moment happened, the one moment that would change so many lives.


The voice over the intercomm shattered the ominous silence, the man behind it obviously extremely excited. A second of silence continued, then was broken. Waves of cheering erupted from the silence as the many citizens began praising people.

Xax stared at the ceiling then looked at Zan with a grin, a few of his fangs showing. "Zan, come with to me to the bridge, the Commander probably needs us"

With that, he stood up, leaving his plate at his place and walking away. He pushed his way through a throng of people that were crowding themselves into elevators to get more information and get to their positions.

Finally, he found an elevator that was occupied, but had enough room for him. Stepping in, he settled in for the long ride to the bridge, the few people in there were looking at him with fear.

10/30/2007 5:01 PM

Zan had started with the sudden announcement, but calmed himself quickly. He had just been told that they were closing on a suspected planet, so it wasn't as much of a shock as relief.

[i]Finally...a chance to look at something besides these walls. I don't care how much they try decorating with different themes, doesn't change the fact that this is a ship.[/i]

He hurried and finished his food, not surprised by Xax's order and quick departure from the table. Downing what was left in his glass, he followed his Master to the elevators.

Apparently, everyone wanted to use the elevators at the same time. It took a while before there was space for one, and he defered to Xax, a small grin crossing his face at the reactions of others. He called into the elevator as the doors were closing.

"I'll meet you on the bridge, Master. And don't worry folks, his bark is worse than his bite."

It was another few minutes before he managed to squeeze into another lift, the crowd inside exiting at various floors before he walked out and made his way to the bridge. He nodded to the sentries as he walked in, eyes going straight to the orb that hung in the viewscreens, surrounded by the blackness of space.

11/03/2007 3:01 PM

"I'll meet you on the bridge, Master. And don't worry folks, his bark is worse than his bite."

The door shut before Xax could respond, all he managed to do was open his mouth to form the words on his lips before he had to close them again. Xax smiled his toothy smile, Zan hadn't really calmed anyone down, they were still edgy.

[i]An so we see the normal Zan, you better wait till our next training exercise...[/i] Xax thought with a gleeful grin.

The elevator ride was short and quick. Almost immediately after Xax left the elevator, it left again to another place, probably, far away from the bridge. Xax entered the bridge in time to see people running around madly, bringing data that the commander had requested.

Xax stepped up to the commander and bowed. The commander, commander Draysan, returned the bow and said quickly, "Master Sirxez, as you probably have heard, there is a planet in sight. Droids have returned from the atmosphere, there is air and it is breathable. We are gathering scouting parties and would like to request that you and your padawan accompany them."

Xax stood in silence, pondering the possible outcomes. If there was a population on the surface, then it was either hostile or friendly. They would need to find that out. The droids returned with information about the wildlife and atmosphere, but they could never find ideal positions for colonies. Thats a job for a sentient being. He noticed Zan walk into the bridge and a thought came to him.

Xax looked at the commander and stated, "I think that I am going to turn that question into a test...."

Xax walked over to Zan, who was approaching the viewscreen, Draysan was following closely behind with a perplexed look on his face.

"Zan" Xax began "Commander Draysan here has asked if we would accompany the scouting parties to the surface. I decided to let you make the decision. Now, before you choose, consider all of the possible variables. How much help would we provide? If the population down there is hostile, how many lives would we save? Think hard."

Xax was purposely putting more pressure on the decision, Zan would have to make major decisions in his future, it is good to get ready for such situations. There would be times when Zan would make a decision and that would result in death, he needed to be prepared for those times.

11/04/2007 10:13 AM

"Commander Draysan here has asked if we would accompany the scouting parties to the surface. I decided to let you make the decision. Now, before you choose, consider all of the possible variables. How much help would we provide? If the population down there is hostile, how many lives would we save? Think hard."

Zan turned from the view screen as his master spoke, then looked back to the planet as he thought. He'd wasn't too surprised by this move. Xax had told him that he'd be expected to act as a full Knight, especially since some people didn't understand that as a padawan, he was still learning. His mind went over standard scouting procedures as his eyes skimmed the streams of information collected by the droids so far, and he sent a tendril of the Force to the planet. He felt no overt hostility, but it was entirely possible that anyone down there didn't know of their arrival yet. He turned back to Xax and the captain.

"Jedi are trained in many areas, Master. If there are natives down there, we could act as diplomats, along with some of the ship's crew. If the natives turn out to be hostile, we would help the scouts alot, and we wouldn't necessarily have to kill the natives, just defend against their attacks.

"I say we go. We'd be a tremendous asset on several counts. And even if the planet or wildlife suppresses the Force, we wouldn't know that for sure unless we were there in person."

He let the corner of his mouth curve up in a small smile.

"And besides...exploring would help stop the the 'cabin fever' that seems to be affecting everyone, including Jedi. Fresh air does wonders for dispelling the monotony of staring at the same walls everyday."

11/05/2007 6:38 AM

Kyp stood behind the commander of the [i]Solo's Cun[/i] in the form of a holocron image. Ever since the vessels left port a few months prior he had found himself either within his fighter standing feet behind the able commander, soaking in all the knowledge he could. Being frigate number two of the fleet, the vessel held the bulk of the military prowess of the newly erected Outbound Flight program. This is why it had direct communications with the scout wings flying miles ahead of the vessel.

"Kyp." The broad shouldered commander beckoned with a genuinely proud expression. "This planet look at it. The first of many uncharted planets we will subjugate upon our journey into the Unknowns. But you, you I must ask what we do next..."

"Commander I do believe your judgment will be fair and decisive."

"Your loyalty is flattering. Then adhere to my judgment. You, young Kyp, will deice our next course of action."

"Well," Kyp paused to ensure his next words were careful and calculated. "It is obvious we must land. I believe high ground would prove the safest for an expedition."

Again pausing Kyp used his long range scanners to scan the planet. "That plateau in the Northern Hemisphere. It is flat, high, and the climate seems stable. Patch those coordinates to the Command ship. In the meantime I will lead my wing down to scout the landing zone. If it is deemed worthy as a secure insertion point, I will land and wait for a drop ship of surveyors, soldiers, and scouts."

"Hmmm interesting bold I must say. But what if someone already is down there."

"Command will send Jedi when we contact them, It is what they are best at, they will be our diplomats. If all else fails I will usurp that role myself."

"Yes sometimes I forget you are a Jedi yourself."

"I am no Jedi yet, my military training comes before excelling in the ranks of the Order. I would much rather sail the expanses of space than brandish a saber to uphold peace."

" Ha... I will ensure that the Masters aboard do not here such talk. You know how stern they can be."

"Yes Commander Jax."

"Very well then, assemble your wing and get down there."

"Aye Commander..."

"Coetelin Out..."

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11/05/2007 12:52 PM

Xax listened to Zan's reasonings for going down their. It was the reasoning he would have expected, and it was what he would have done himself. Nodding every now and then to show his acknowledgment and appreciation, along with a quick smile when he cracked one of his typical jokes.

"Very well Zan, Commander" Xax turned to face Draysan, "You may include us in your scouting parties, what will you need of us?"

Draysan returned his question with an answer "Just wait here on Frigate one, we are having sign ups for soldiers who want to accompany the scouting parties."

Xax nodded and bowed to Draysan, who, after returning the bow, scurried off to do the seemingly impossible tasks that his superiors set for him. Xax turned his gaze over to his padawan. Having to look up to see him, Xax said "Well Zan, I believe that you made the right decision.

Xax strode over to the viewport, preparing a lecture for the young man, "It is a jedi's life, making these decisions. There will be times in your life when you will have to make a choice, and someone will die because of it. You must however work past these bad emotions, and do what is the best. Remember: listen to logic, but always trust in your heart"

It was a phase that he commonly used. Xax tries to teach people that your mind is a good thing and can work out situations, but sometimes, you have to do the right thing.

"And now Zan-" Xax began, but was cut off as he laid eyes on the planet. Xax stared at the planet, a shocked expression adorned his face. The planet was green and had clouds shrouding the atmosphere, exactly how he pictured it in his vision...

11/06/2007 5:07 PM

Zan had been watching the planet as he listened to Xax. While pleased with his Master's approval, he bit his tongue at pointing out that it was only common sense that the Jedi go down with the scouts.

"And now Zan-"

He had crossed his arms in front of him, waiting for the chance to hop on a shuttle and go down to the surface when he noticed the sudden silence. Looking over, he was slightly startled at the look on Xax's face. His Master rarely showed emotions, especially shock and surprise, yet both were clear as day. His eyes quickly turned to the instrument panel in front of him, checking for threats before he looked back out of the viewscreen. No threats were evident, and the only things visible on the screen were the planet and distant stars.

[i]That's odd. I don't feel anything in the Force. What could have caused that reaction?[/i]

Eyes still on the viewscreen, he turned to Xax, not looking away until he spoke. The look on Xax's face was still there, but had started to change back to normal.

"Master? Are you okay?"

11/07/2007 11:28 AM

"Alpha One and Two, lead pair up with Three and Four, and fly around the perimeter of that plateau." Kyp paused to re adjust his scanners. "Five and Six follow me into the center. Stay above me. I will fly low alone. No need in having us all killed if we are attacked."

"Aye Sir..." The group chimed in in unison.

Sticking to the plan the fighters reered down skimming the coast. It was quite not even the waves of the small ocean seemed to break the silence. Weaving through the sparse trees of the Plateau, nothing could be seen. It was quiet. Too quiet. Diving in lower to the ground, the grass parted before the fighter. Kyp hoped to scare any inhabitants out. Yet still no movement.

"Status Report!"

"Alpha One Clear."

"Alpha Two Clear."

"Take the Wing back to the ship and escort the scout Teams I will land..."

11/12/2007 2:48 PM

"Master? Are you okay?"

Xax continued staring at the planet. The green planet was shrouded in a heavy mist. Occasionally, a brief flash illuminated a small portion of the clouds meaning that the planet was going through a thunderstorm.

"That planet, thats-" He stopped, pointing at the viewscreen, "That is the planet that I saw in my vision"

Xax stopped, eyes still trained on the planet as if Xax could uncover more information about his destiny just by staring at the planet. His thoughts were interrupted when Draysan walked up to him and informed him that the scouting party was ready, and was moving out.

[i]Already! Lots of people really want to get off this ship[/i]

Xax shook the thoughts out of his head and turned to Zan, "Draysan says that the scouting party is ready. We need to go docking bay 53 and get on the landing craft. Thats where everyone thats on the team will go."

Xax turned and slowly walked out of the command center, his thoughts still focused on the planet. If that was the same planet from his vision, then would that mean the rest of it would come true?

(OOC: GRAHH! Sorry about abruptness and stupidness, I am not really pleased with this post. Anyway, everyone should go to Docking bay 53 and get on the landing craft.)

11/12/2007 7:19 PM


The announcement startled Karva out of his reading and he looked around. Everyone was talking all of a sudden. A few minutes later there was another announement saying that scouting parties were being formed and that everyone interested should report to docking bay 53. Karva hastened to his room and grabbed his armor and weapons then quickly made his way to the docking bay. He arrived right ahead of two Jedi. He moved out of the way to let them pass then climbed aboard one of the landing craft and strapped himself in.

11/14/2007 6:11 PM

Zan looked from the planet to his Master, then back. It looked like a normal habitable planet to him. Maybe Xax was looking too deep into it, or the vision had startled him more than he'd admit. He nodded and followed Xax off the bridge and towards the hangar.

"Perhaps you're mistaken, Master, and it's a different planet. Besides, Force visions don't always come true. If they did, every Jedi would be rich from gambling tables. I'm sure things will be fine."

He nodded thanks to an armored crewmember who let them pass as they walked to one of the landing craft.

[i]But what if this was the planet? What if the vision did come true?[/i]

He exhaled a light sigh of relief to ease both stress and building anticipation of breathing non-recylced air.

"Personally, I think this will be a fairly pleasant journey. Either way, the fresh air will do wonders for everyone going down."

[OOC: Short, but gets us to the shuttle and ready to get planetside. Was going to make a joke about the air making Xax's fur frizzy if it's humid, but decided not to.]

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