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10/10/2007 10:28 PM

Ok at the risk of being shot I will give this idea a twirl anyways.

So I was at the video game store the other day and saw Dynasty Warriors Gundam and thought Hmmmmm. Gundam? I used to like Gundam. Why not? Anywho I bought the game (used of course Im not made of money) and came to remember why I used to enjoy the series so. Well two days later, no sleep and now I am starting to think it might actually make a good RPG. Hear me out.

While it is fun to run around in gigantic robots and blow shit out of the sky that is not what this RPG will be about. I really liked the character development in the series and pilots like Miliardo and Hiro having to question their usefullness in a society that only longs for peace. Men and Women trained only for battle to end a war that if completed will mean they are no longer needed? Good stuff in my opinion.

So here is what I want to base this on. 50 years after Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Peace has been obtained and for the most part their is no conflict between the Earth and the Space Colonies. While many enjoy this there is a select group of individuals who find their place in the world uncertain. Soldiers. With no battles to be waged they find themselves feeling incomplete and unwanted, a lifetime training to fight has left it difficult for them to cope in a universe that wants only peace. Well what happens when trained killers get bored? They find someone to kill. A group of radical fundamentalist believe that the Earth Sphere United Nation and their Preventers are simply a group of weak politicians being bought out by large corporations to support individual goals and care nothing for the people. These fundamentalists consider humanity to have become a weak shadow of themselves and long to strengthen them through the fires of war.

Now what about the Gundam pilots. Well the Gundam Wing cast is too old to pilot the suits anymore. Even though it is peace time there are still special individuals who are natrually gifted piloting mobile suits. The Gundam being a symbol of freedom and protection is still in use and of course every now and then a new one is discovered in someone's personal stash or old decomissioned military bases.

Characters in this story can range all across the board. Maybe they Preventers and pilot their Gundams in the desire to up hold peace. Perhaps they are mercenaries using their superior skills to survive. Maybe they are test bunnies sitting in a secret developmental lab in case they are needed. Its fairly open.

Now if you want to join please be serious. While the Gundams and fighting will be important your character is what I really care about. Make it interesting, think it out. It would be cool to read a bio and say "I really want to see where this person will go." As for the suits themselves. Im not sure yet but I am thinking custom design your own but if they people wish it then maybe we can use the established models from the show.

Okay death squad. FIRE AWAY!

10/11/2007 8:58 AM

I'm interested but I don't really like Gundam wing, I am a huge mega fan of Gundam Seed and destiny.

If I did this I would have to drop a different thread so I'm not saying yes yet, but Im interested tho....

10/11/2007 11:46 AM

absolutely love Gundam Wing, sign me up

10/11/2007 8:45 PM

this sounds fun. oh and i think i saw gundam wing endless waltz before but can't remember. can you help me with the plot of that one? i think i remember some scenes from it but im not sure if i'm thinking of the right one.

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