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10/09/2007 5:26 PM

Star Wars RP #5 ladies and gents, am I crazy? *brandishes knife* lol, hope that doesn't discourage you from joining. Well, anyway, without further adu, the next great chapter in the Star wars universe (unofficially):)

The Journey of a Lifetime

The Year is 329 ABY, the galaxy is at peace, war has been brought to an end, Trade flourishes, it is said that the Sith have been destroyed, the Jedi protect the galaxy with a gentle but firm hand. However, one major thing has been plauging the Chancallor and common people for that matter. What is in the Unknown regions?

For years the Unknown regions has sat out there, ominously. The uncharted land presenting an interesting situation. The adventurers of the galaxy look at it with wonder, wanting to know what is out there, along with fear, fearing what is out there. We know of the Chiss and Kiliks, but generally, we don't know. The territory has never been charted, and probably never will.

Until now....

The Supreme Chancallor has organized funding and an idea, originally derived from Jorus C'Baoth's Outbound Flight mission that failed misserably. The large ship/fleet is of the same design, in every aspect. It has been named Journey, for it will be the Journey of wonders, a Journey that men would dream of. It is, The Journey of a Lifetime.

There is your general plot and story, players would be people on this ship going out to explore the Unknown regions, charting what they find. Then afterward, we will venture out of the Unknown regions and into a search for other life. I will allow two people to play jedi, more specificly, a Master and Apprentice. There can be another Jedi, ranked at Knight, but the Master and Apprentice must be each others master and apprentice. The rest of people can be civillian, soldier, or government official.

Journey is of the same design as Outbound Flight was, six frigates and one large storeroom with a large supply of supplys. This is what a brief description of each.

Frigate one - A command Frigate, here is where all the major navigational decisions take place, it has a medium amount of Military and Civilian personel.

Frigate two - A Military Frigate, is heavily armed and carries a large amount of Military personel, no civilians.

Frigate three - Another medium frigate, medium amount of Military and Civilian Personel.

Frigate four - A Civilian frigate, dedicated to civilians and where they live. Little weaponry.

Frigate five - Another medium frigate

Frigate six - Like number one, this is here in case the first one is damaged.

The core is a storage area, large amounts of weaponry and essentials, no one lives here.

Now, here is the character sheet.


Gender and Species:


Frigate of Residance:

Weapons or Items:




Reson for Joining Journey:

There you go, anyone interested? I think I am going to take up the Jedi Master of the pare.

10/09/2007 7:30 PM

man i never thought of joining a star wars rp yet but i might wanna join this one. count me in.

10/10/2007 3:48 PM

Excellent, if only *cough* Nanuk and Stoic *cough* would join me. Then we would have the whole gang. :D

10/10/2007 3:53 PM

Cough all you like honey- I don't like being stuck on space ships :P

I'm kind of Star Wars'ed out at the moment, tbh, so I want to see how these other threads go. If I can and you still have room/allow it I might try to join later.

10/10/2007 4:04 PM

I don't like being stuck on space ships :P

I wasn't planning to spend most of the time on ships, I had a plan about a new planet, but I can't tell you....

10/10/2007 7:34 PM

Finally a new one!! Well DW I said I would join so here I am. If I was a Jedi would I be able to turn to the dark side? Just wondering. I probably won't play a Jedi though.

10/10/2007 8:41 PM

hey will this character be fine?

Name: jarrem kroshec

gender and species: male, human

age: 35

frigate of residence: frigate three

weapons or items: two heavy blaster pistols, medipacks, light military grade armor

Appearance: Caucasian, usually looks like he constantly has a 5 oclock shadow, He has black hair and brown eyes. Jarrem looks a few years older than he is. He wears green military grade armor most of the time but he has a emblem of a cresent with two swords crossing it printed on it. He wears green clothes over the armor with a camoflage pattern.

Bio: Jarrem had been a mercenary for as long as he has been employed. Jarrem Join the military but was kicked out for not obeying his superiors orders. He was hired by a security company and has stayed with them ever since. Jarrem has protected some important and sometimes shady people. Most of the time some people have bodyguards that arm themselves with blaster rifles but Jarrem prefers a set of heavy blaster pistols just the same.

Reason for Joining Journey: Jarrem was hired by a wealthy diplomat who was going on the journey. Now Jarrem goes where the Diplomat goes and Jarrem has let the military know that he is willing to volunteer to help scout out a planet to prevent casualties.

10/10/2007 9:10 PM

Okay I have a character.

Name: Karva Selzen

Gender and Species: Human male

Age: 25

Frigate of Residance: Frigate 3

Weapons or Items: DL-44 blaster pistol, vibroblade

Personality: Karva is generally an easy going person unless you mess with his friends. Then your in for some pain.

Appearance: Tall and lanky with long jet-black hair tied back in a ponytail. He wears some blaster scarred battle armor with a strange ancient-looking insignia on it. This armor was used by his great great grandfather in the Clone Wars and has been passed down through his family to the first male child ever since. It has been repaired and modified multiple times and though it looks battered it is servicable.

Bio: Karva grew up on Coruscant with his poor family. They always seemed to have bad luck no matter what they did. Eventually Karva got tired of this lifestyle so he stowed away on a ship and went out to seek his destiny. He worked various jobs and eventually bought his own ship. He worked as a smuggler and a trader for awhile but eventually became a bounty hunter. He worked in this profession for several years then he fell in love with a woman he was hired to kill. They faked her death and the two of them went into hiding. Unfortunatelly after several years of peace someone finally found them and killed the love of Karva's life. Karva escaped but saw no reason to go on living in this galaxy. Then he heard about Journey. He signed up immediately.

Reson for Joining Journey: He has no reason to stay in the known galaxy anymore. He thinks that maybe he'll find something out in the Unknown Regions to go on living for and if he doesn't then the mission will probably fail and he will die and that's fine by him too.

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10/11/2007 12:13 PM

always up for star wars, as long as im a jedi, lol

Name: Jora Sovrak

Gender and Species: male, Human

Age: 28

Frigate of Residance: Frigate 3

Weapons or Items: Lightsaber, blue blade

Personality: calm, strategic. Does get hotheaded at times

Appearance: Tall and lanky, red hair and grey-blue eyes. jedi robe with a dark brown cloak

Bio: Born on coruscant, his potential with the force was immediately detected and spent most of his childhood years in the temple learning all he could about the force. When it came time for him to make his own lightsaber he fashioned it after an old pattern typically used for dueling. He has been appointed to a master for 15 years, and assigned to the journey.

Reson for Joining Journey: He hand his master are on the mission at the request of the Supreme Chancellor.

10/11/2007 12:13 PM

Both characters are accepted, and if you were a jedi, I would say that if you started to turn to the dark side it would be ok. It would spice up the storyline a little. I will be playing the Jedi Master, I will get a sheet up sometime. I kinda wanted someone to play the padawan because I wanted him/her to have major role.

10/11/2007 7:52 PM

Ahh...I love it when two people are posting at the same time and don't realize it.

Shig- Are you asking to be the padawan assigned to DW's char, or an independant Jedi Knight?

DW- You should know I can play about any type of char for SW you'd need me to. If Shig wants to be padawan, I can slide in somewhere else. We already have a bodyguard and a merc/scout. Maybe the military commander of the Journey?

ZK- You could probably join the other SW threads as well. And if DW happens to be braindead at the time, I could find a way to have your char slide in. Not to steal the TM's thunder or anything, of course....;)

10/11/2007 8:04 PM

Well I'm kind of already in three other RPGs not counting this one so I don't think I'll join the other ones. 4 is enough.

10/12/2007 12:38 AM

Well I'm kind of already in three other RPGs not counting this one so I don't think I'll join the other ones.


There was a period a couple of months ago where I had 14 on the go.

Oh the stress...

/end interuption

10/12/2007 12:03 PM

I was planning on being the padawan

10/12/2007 3:23 PM

Well, pardon the biases but I kinda wanted Stoic to play the Padawan. No offense shig, but you have a tendency to drop out unexpectedly. Plus, I wanted more power over Stoic *evil grin* :D

You could play the knight though, or another military person.

10/12/2007 6:58 PM

if you were a jedi, I would say that if you started to turn to the dark side it would be ok. It would spice up the storyline a little.

Well, pardon the biases but I kinda wanted Stoic to play the Padawan. No offense shig, but you have a tendency to drop out unexpectedly. Plus, I wanted more power over Stoic *evil grin* :D

So....you're biased and want me to be the padawan, and yet you said that it's okay if the jedi start to turn to the darkside. With all the set examples of apprentice turning against master, you want me to be your apprentice?

You really don't know me that well, do you?

10/14/2007 11:34 AM

Well it doesn't really matter, you could turn to the dark side or not, it doesn't matter. Whatever you want.

10/16/2007 8:19 PM

Ok, so I get Padawan.

Shig, looks like you get indie Knight.

DW, if any info needs changed or added, let me know.

Name: Zan Zurin

Gender and Species: Male human

Age: 18

Frigate of Residance: Frigate 1

Weapons or Items: Single-bladed lightsaber, green blade

Personality: Usually calm and meditative, he occasionally acts on impulse. Has a quick sense of humor to go along with moderate Force and fighting abilities.

Appearance: Has black hair cut short with a Padawan blade on the right side, and dark blue eyes. He has a slender, athletic build, and is slightly above average height.

Bio: Born in the Mid-Rim, he was found to be strong with the Force at birth, and was given to the Jedi shortly thereafter. He's completely devoted to the Jedi, and has little to no curiosity about where or who his parents are.

Reson for Joining Journey: He was assigned to accompany his Master on the mission by the Jedi Council.

10/18/2007 2:04 PM

Name: Xax Sirxez (zacs-SEER-zecks)

Gender and Species: Male Shistavanen

Age: 48

Frigate of Residance: Frigate 1

Weapons or Items: Single Bladed lightsaber, Turquoise

Personality: A calm person who reasons things out. It took years of training to break his species's natural insticts of hunting but he finally succedded. Has a strong sense of duty. Is a very strong person, both in physical combat and force powers. Teaches padawans through vigorous physical and mental training

Appearance: Short and stocky, he stands only at about 5'8 but is very muscular. His head looks like a wolf, with gray fur all over his body. He has short pointed ears, a long developed snout, and yellowed teeth. He has one emerald green eye, and one that is deep blue. He wears a tattered light brown tunic and no other form of clothing. His claws are black and slightly sharpened.

Bio: Xax grew up on Uvena Prime, in the sheltered life of his race's natural wanting for seclusion. So, in early ages, he learned many hunting skills and fighting skills that would stay with him for his whole life. People usually avoid Uvena Prime because of it's inhabitants along with myths that have arisen. However, one such ship, a slaver ship, went there and captured many Shistavanen including Xax. The slaver ship had subdued all of the "cargo" with knockout gas and while they were asleep, the Republic caught on to the trail and liberated everyone on board.

Xax awoke in a cell on Coruscant at the age of 16, where he was calmed and taught Basic. The republic was wary of letting him out on the streets because of his race, so they seeked help from the jedi. One such jedi, Master Yith, an old male human, came to visit Xax. Instantly, he was recognized for his force ability and Yith demanded that he wanted Xax as his apprentice.

Through his apprenticeship, Xax was avoided out of fright, especially after one such fight with another student after Xax almost killed him. Pushed by Yith, but really by himself, Xax then began working on getting past his primal instincts. After many painful years, Xax finally gained control over himself and was elevated to the rank of Knight. After many successful missions, Xax was elevated to the rank of master, becoming known for his ability in combat and the force. Eventually, Xax began to look for an apprentice. When Xax found Zan, he knew that the young boy was destined for greatness and chose him as a padawan. He trains Zan with a series of harsh physical training exersizes along with force exersizes.

Reson for Joining Journey: He was assigned by the council to be the head Jedi on the expedition.

Sorry that took so long, but here he is. I will go start the thread in the Star Wars section, go post your sheets there. Stoic, now that Xax has been made you could make Zan's profile more deep.

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