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10/08/2007 8:50 PM

In the 21st century the human race was at its highest point. Technology was like nothing anyone could imagine and most legends and myths were forgotten or supposedly proven false by science. Then came the day the Sun turned black. Humanity was at first curious about this strange event. But then what civilizations of old used to fear for centuries returned. Humanity began to fall to these creatures of the night. now many live in fear at the creatures that live in the darkness.

Basically you can play as either a human being hunted by these creatures of the night or be one of these feared preditors. The setting is sort of apocalyptic but it is less of a wasteland and is more of a urban setting. if you wish to be one of the creatures please give a good description of it if it is something not known by many. If i can get some people intrested i might make a character sheet yet.

10/08/2007 9:57 PM

I don't care how busy I am, there is NO way I'm missing this one! I'm going to be a prefitir, I think it might be somthing similar to the beasts on Alone in the Dark.

10/09/2007 7:32 PM

those things were awesome. so thats one person in I might wait for one more before i put a char sheet in. Either that or i'll wait till i get bored.

10/09/2007 9:42 PM

Yea they kicked some major ass. Im going to watch the movie tonight to be sure those are what i want to make. I wanna make sure that whatever it is, it is fierce, powerfull, and scary. If im going to stalk and scare people I wanna be sure i do it in style. :D

10/10/2007 7:39 PM

also remember that you want to make it somewhat intellectual so it can communicate with others. but if i can't get anyone to join then we might not get so far to make a character sheet.

10/11/2007 9:24 AM

Well I say we cross our fingers and hope for the best. Because i really want to play as a blood thirst beast that hunts you guys down.

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