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10/07/2007 11:09 PM

Benn-Salian sat upon his throne before an empty altar. The realization that the wind was a poor substitute for his former followers hit Benn-Salian hard. There were days, not so long ago, when there were followers that would arrive daily. The satyr-like capricans had raised praise for the elder god in years past and the aquatic Abiel before them. But none now, in what seem the dark days of the lord, Benn-Salian.

Benn-Salian felt the presence of the only other inhabitant of the temple, Gabriel Jhadon, as he entered the altar. Gabriel was the champion of the ill-fated capricans and since the destruction of his home world of Ohm had become advisor to his god. This had proved to be an odd arrangement since Gabriel's disdain for his lord was well known.

Benn-Salian raised himself off his throne and aligned himself near the caprican. "Tell me, Gabriel of Ohm, do you know why all of my worlds have ended?"

"Was it the meddling, sire?" Gabriel Jhadon suggested wryly.

"Bah! That's a simple answer for simple people," Benn-Salian, now a bit flustered, retorted.

"All worlds must contain darkness," Benn-Salian began again with no sign that he had been flustered, "Darkness often houses creatures that seek the death of all. Creatures like Insano and Black Plague. But still the darkness must exist. Perhaps the equilibrium ensures that this is true. It is truly impossible to create a world that is void of darkness. Do you remember the demon that appeared when I tried with the world, Illiadu?"

"Yes. You almost died," Gabriel remembered with a smile that was too hard to conceal.

"Be that as it may..." Benn-Salian gestured towards the bay windows, "I have created a new world. It is called All-World. The regions are known as Northlund, Eastlund, Southlund, Westlund and Centerlund respectfully. I've kept the names simple for you to remember."

"It looks flat."

"Well it IS flat," Benn-Salian admitted, "but then again it isn't. Let's just say that I wouldn't recommend sailing off the edge."

Gabriel Jhadon didn't doubt his lord. He actually decided not to inquire further about the nature of All-World but then curiosity got the better of him. "Lord, you referred to the darkness beforehand."

"Yes I did," Benn-Salian agreed, satisfied that the caprican remembered, "The darkness houses those that seek ill of the world. Since I cannot deny the house nor can I deny an inhabitant, I shall take residence there myself!"

"I shall create a dark race of Ka Sai and they shall be death aspected. With Benn-Salian and these lawful, dark Ka Sai the world no longer need fear death for that is we."

Gabriel Jhadon reflected upon these words. Was it a bad omen for a world to be created by a self-appointed god of death? What would it mean for a former god of light to trade his robe for a darker shade? Were these dark tidings indeed or was it, as Benn-Salian insisted, the one way to solve the solutions of the world?

While the caprican pondered, Benn-Salian stepped down on All-World. After a short search Benn-Salian found the limbs of the Diamond Willow, a tree that was native only in Northlund. He bound these together to create the structure of the first Ka Sai. He then molded the earth and clay of All-World around the Diamond Willow to form the Ka Sai's flesh and muscle. He then finished by using obsidian, sometimes known as dragon glass, to shield some of the more vulnerable spots of the body during the Ka Sai's eternal vigil.

"Hile, Waya' guaru. He who is first among the Ka Sai." Benn-Salian greeted.

"Hile, Lord Benn-Salian," Waya' guaru replied with inherent intelligence.

"Waya' guaru, as your lord and creator, I require that you protect All-World against all who would bestill her beauty. Against all chaotic Ender Gods such as the likes of Insano and Black Plague you must stand firm. Do you ken?"

The Ka Sai, Waya' guaru, nodded in understanding. He did not know what he could do against an ender god, but he now promised a god, his god, and he mustn't fail. He knew that a fight against an ender god began with preparation.

Benn-Salian began to leave but stopped short, turning back towards Waya' guaru, "You should know that I tend to have a dislike for clerics. Sometimes they pretend to be me. I recommend that you do not create a temple nor train clerics in my name. You all shall know death and by such you shall know me."

With those words, Benn-Salian did, in fact, take his leave.

Waya' guaru was then confronted with a troupe of other Ka Sai, his troupe. He viewed them slowly since he had not, as of yet, seen what he himself looked like. There, he judged himself and them during that span of the moment. Since he had nothing to compare it to he judged all to be satisfactory.

"Follow me men," Waya' guaru announced to the troupe of Ka Sai, "Benn-Salian has left us with aplenty to do!"

10/08/2007 12:27 AM

[The End of Ohm]

Greylen looked over the diminishing world of Ohm, the destruction that was laid upon it's grounds and the scavenging of the only survivors of the Crystian race. He wept looking on the ruined cities and the ruined temples; in his left hand he held the last artifact he gave his people. The jade egg, in his right he held his race of crystians.

Greylen knew his role in this world, the last thing he could do was leave, but this was the end of this world so last things came first. He used his power as one of the last gods left on this devastated land and parted his way to a new world.

[All-World, Westlund]

Greylen's journey was rough, the space between was ripe with turbulence which dared him to continue, threatening to take many more lives of his dear Crystian race; even threatened to take his life.

However he broke through to the new world with an explosion. A pillar of flame accompanied him on his decent to this new land; lush greenery could hardly be made out from the smoldering black smoke that encompassed him. He fought against the heat, he fought against his death as he fell, without his knowledge the Crystians were dieing in his very hand, clenched, embracing against the pain, he fought to stay alive.

With a sudden explosion the ground split beneath his fall opening up a ravine that nearly encompassed him. He was human now, staring to the peak of the ravine. Bodies fell from the heavens hailing forlorn, bloody pieces of Crystian's around him. He felt his stomach sink for the first time he could remember.

He brought his hands above his head catching the bloody rain embracing it, weeping in the mist.

There was stirring, moaning sounds that startled him in his moment. Greylen turned his head to face the noise, his eyes swelling with water when he noticed a Crystian who had lived.

Silva Windwise stood holding the jade egg into her carbon blackened breasts. Her eyes glared at Greylen distantly but she was sane, shock did not consume her. She saw the whole of the old work of Ohm, she lived, this was nothing. Blood dripped from her brow but she looked at Greylen with defiant eyes, peering at him through her own illusions of breaking him with her own hands. She was better then that though.

"Is that it?" Silva questioned Greylen and turned away walking down the dark ravine, drenched in her own people's blood, her tattered clothes hanging loosely off her limbs.

There was more stirring and moans for Greylen to hear, he turned surveying the land. He was pleased to see his pale white Crystians standing one by one, though many died he had this handful living.

Greylen raised his hands in embracing thought toward his people and spoke only to himself. "I will tend to you all." he whispered, "I will use the last of my godly powers to grant you homes." Greylen shed his first happy tear that day.

10/08/2007 10:44 AM

(All-World, Eastlund)

Lunitari looked up from her book, where she sat reading in her Towers in the stars. Going to the largest of the windows, which allowed her to gaze over the constellations and stars she loved so dear, she smiled as what seemed a new star blinked in the heavens. Within minutes, a tall pale figure in white robes decorated with Lunitar's own symbol came into the room, looking to the window before bowing to her goddess.

"Mistress...there is.."

"Yes, I know, Seela." The Light God responded with a satisfied air, "a new world world has been born, and with it, perhaps another chance to spread our wings from a Sky home and bring peace to the ones that will no doubt need it."

Seela gave a relieved smile, her silver hair swishing as she nodded. "Perhaps, Lady." she said quietly, more hopeful then her tone gave away. She could not wait to give the news of this new world to the rest of her kind, Angelyns, the race that follwed Lunitari, Elder Goodess of Light.

The Angelyns had retreated to the skies centuries ago, along with their deity, who had chosen to rule from a distance rather then step onto the worlds. It was here Angelyns lived and studied in peace, tending to the gathering of knowlege and teaching the ways of nature, good magic, and defense against the darkness, shall it ever rise up again. As it had so many times before....

"You shall take the others and go this new world. Take your place in it, in my name." Luniitari broke the long silence, turning from the window to look at her lead disciple. "In my name, you will defend the inhabitants against any shadows, and teach my ways of peace and tolerance."

"Yes, M'lady.." Seelia's crystal blue eyes shone happily. and she looked around her as other Angelyns entered the throne room, upon hearing the goddess's declaration. The group spoke in excited murmurs and nods, each with new questions, before Lunitari raised a hand. Silence fell in the room.

"I know no more of these events then you, my dear ones." She said softly. Just that we have sat aside to long, and the light must now again take an active roll in the cycle. So, it shall, and in the process, perhaps peace and happiness can reign for a time."

There was a collective nod as the eyes of each Angelyn turned to the starry portal that was opened with a wave of Lunitari's hand.

"Go. And know I am with you always." she promised them.

With that, every Angelyn in the Tower sanctuary made their way through the portal, stepping onto the lands of Eastlund of the new world. When the last of tem had stepped through, the portal closed, and Seela turned to the group. Scholars, priests, clerics, wizards - all turned eyes to the leader.

"This area will do nicely, but we have much to do. First, to build a city and a temple to Lady Lunitari, to gather and bring followers."

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10/08/2007 12:25 PM

The stars remain constant apart from a single set, which drifts low on the horizon, I have wandered this path for two days. I have seen things moving under me, created by beings I can only feel, alone in my knowledge and my travels I formed Lupid round and blue. Lupid follows me across the sky unwavering and constant, vanishing as I when the land passes into light. One the fourth day I wandered if I could create a being like me, Lupid cannot think, he only follows, if I could, what. A fifth day passed before I summoned Delk from the blackness and cast him down like a seed, down into the fertile lands on the coast of Southlund. Burning into the ground in a light like that I had seen before on the first day.

That night I came from above Lupid at my side, I stood next to Delk the scorched dirt, dusty and billowing out from under my robe. Delk had split into three shards, two laying vibrating as broken halves, they both wanted to join yet when I did so they moved away. I pondered this awhile, these two halves of Delk must be alive, without form or mind but with will. I took the first rock lighter in colour and shaped it into a form like my own, being the only form I knew. The entity naked with long blond hair, childlike blue eyes and pale light like skin stood, gazing a Lupid and I, not moving a muscle.

"Know you how to speak child," I spoke softly and quietly, the creature stood still not giving a reply. I looked deep into it's eyes, its mind was large but it was empty, I placed my hand on its head and gave it knowledge of thought, language, freedom and the dance. I watched the creature for a while as it picked fruit from a nearby tree, "I shall name you creature, you are a Mal'ach and your name is Minel the first daughter," The creature came back a inquisitive expression on her face.
"If I am Minel, then who are you mother," Minel directed her gaze on me again.

"Have not a title to describe myself," I spoke aloud, "I shall call myself of the stars that shine and walk across the night, Lunalesca Dancer of the Night Sky is how you shall know me, Minel."
"Yes Mother Lunalesca," Going back to the fruit she had been picking, while I wandered in thought, "Minel will you be lonely without my presence," I spoke after a while.

"I don't know Mother Lunalesca, is it that you must leave me," She seemed worried.

"I must leave when the light comes, else I will become invisible to all that may end my existence. I shall create you another from which you can create more so you shall not be alone in the daylight." Thus I created a being with which Minel could have child, I made him strong to protect her, the shard of Delk I crafted him from was redder giving a hue to his skin.

"It is up to you Minel to teach Minon the first son, tho I have given him knowledge of words and to name the creatures as I have named you," I rose to my feet. I bid farewell to Minel and Minon before rising back into the firmament with the light coming over the edge, I retreated below the other.

10/13/2007 11:19 PM

-Somewhere in the realm of Vakearo-

Solana felt her energies become exasperated; her black scaled skin was overcastted with her battered armor, the parts of her body that shown was covered by the blood of her adversary's mortal troops. Clutching her clawed hands in fury Solana summoned forth a fireball, paying no heed to it as it formed its creeping fingers over her hand without gesture or word; the flaming ball was thrown, impacting the wooden bridge, creating a massive explosion on impact.

Solana rushed forward, leaping over the demolished bridge, her foot steps touch lightly on the ground while the shadow of her minions came, darkening the land. A smile came over her face.

They were terrified of her power. This world would be hers; the other gods were too weak to stand against her alone.

She surveyed her surrounding as she approached the center of the village confident of her victory, but before she reached the village square, one of her most loyal servants appeared, his blood soaked hide still reeked of scorched flesh and ash. The dragons body barely fit in the square, his tail nervously battering the side of a wooden home, with what the Dragon considered taps.

"No my lady! It is a... " he frantically began but she silenced him with a wave of her hand. The Elder Dragon held his ground grimly, hoping his goddess would heed his words. Dezsir knew better then to continue his statement and instead stared at the goddess, his eyes pleading with her.

"Out of my way you fool!" She yelled. "How dare you get in my way!" She said her voice elevated.

Solana was tired from the fighting yet she still had enough power to deal with this fools obviously lack of intelligence. Her small, armored, humanoid figure hid her true strength, with a single hand she pushed the dragon's neck aside and forced her way through as the dragon cried out a warning.

Solana spun around, prepared to teach him a lesson. She began to raise her hand but she felt some significant magic activate. Her eyes sharpened in concentration, searching for a spell.

The village was surrounded by a veil of white light that shot up into the sky forming a circle, a strange series of ruins which included a pentagram fromed within the circle.

Before Solana could react she found herself trapped in the center of the strange formation; as the light began to diminish she saw Delzir's dead head fall to the ground before her, severed by the piercing light.

Her eyes went wide in surpise with the realization of the trap, but anger quickly overrode this. She designed the spell herself; how dare such infidels copy her work.
Gathering what was left of her magic Solana tore the counter spell from her memory, but before she could grasp it a strange pain in her back struck. She looked down, watching as a spear emerge through her chest.

"Solana, you have plagued our world far to long. It ends here!" A voice behind her proclaimed, As Solana felt the ruins complete their magic and her skin begin to tingle, desperately she reached out to the young goddess.

"Aikea, I can offer you power beyond your dreams." Solana negotiated, "Just dispel this and I'll let you live. You know as well as I do, you will never survive without me." She reminded the younger goddess of the spells true drawback, the sacrifice of its user.

"I desire only to restore this land to and its glory." Aikea consoled.

"You came, Dark One, now die!" Aikea shouted as anger filled her again. Solana felt spit hit the back of her head, just below her long obsidian colored back spikes.

With the remaining power Solana had, she altered a single character in the ruin a second before it activated in full.

Solana screamed as she felt her soul be ripped from her body watching as the draconic visage that was her body, implode leaving behind a white tiara with a black gem embedded into it. The gem began to suck her soul in, she struggled desperately reaching out to her loyalist Dragons, dragging them with her across the rift.

-Moments later on All world-]

Serra blinked as she scoured the land, her wings still in the middle motions of flight, despite now being on the ground, confused the young Dragon roared in fury at the heavens, her voice echoing off the mountains, as she prepared to let out a second cry, a voice echoed within her head. The voice was her goddess; she searched scrying the strange Tiara upon her head. Serra instinctively bowed, despite being unable to see her Lady.

"Serra, listen to me," Solona spoke.

"Those infidels back on Kyterel, trapped my essence in this... this trinket!" Her words filled with twisting anger.

"Until I can be freed, I will be unable to do much as even talking will be cumbersome to me. I do not know where we are, but I brought you, and three others to this world, you four will be my champions, in charge of forming a new empire within our surrounding mountains" Solana's voice echoed in her head and then it went silent, only an hour later did the Dragon move realizing her goddess was done or not continuing their talk.

Her stomach getting the best of her she walked down the valley, her ears easily picking up the water, from the valley's river, upon seeing her image she noticed some of her color had changed, she was still mostly black in color, however now she was speckled in silver.

It was then she encountered, her sister and brother Dragons. She had noticed their smell before of course, but simply felt no need to address it until now.

She would enjoy being queen. She did not need to say a word as the three Dragon's eyes glossed over and the Lady of Ruin's voice echoed in their heads once again.

"Serra, will be in charge here, if there are any questions, I will be more then happy to answer all your questions for the rest of eternity" Solana said with a hiss, the other three Dragons bowed their heads despite their goddess's voice leaving them, however Serra would see to it then got their proper instructions.

"All right you three, we have no idea what land this is, Tyraxiz fly to the east and see what's there, if you encounter anything intelligent, try to befriend it for now, no matter who they are" She said with a hiss, knowing the Male Dragon hated the idea of making peace with anyone.

"Lavikiz, find sources of magic for us to feed on, we will soon need a food supply," Serra continued her command, "I will stay with Selteera here to establish our borders, as well as create a nest for her." She said nodding to the Female Dragon who seemed relieved

10/16/2007 1:36 PM

Beneath these strange skies,
The undying ages go by
By these strange shores where ancient songs sigh,
None know what may be unearthed by the tide
And beneath these strange skies,
Who knows what destiny may rise
Unbidden, unmourned, but unforgotten
As a mote of dust in the eye of time

The tide was rising against the shores of All-World, and the wind that it brought bore the scent of change.

The goddess known most often as Ava walked slowly along the beach, ignoring the chill of the wind or the ominous stormy sky overhead. She left no footprints and the swirling water was undisturbed by her passing.

She had wandered for millenia between worlds until the spark of life entering All-World had caught her notice. The newly formed world's potential had called to her, and she'd found herself here, casually drifting along the coastline. A speck of light in the distance caught her attention and she frowned, staring at it. The odd light flickered and disappeared before bursting forth again, a pillar of fire lancing down from the sky followed by an ear-splitting explosion. Even without true corporeal form, she was rocked by the impact and staggered backwards.

Brilliant blue eyes stared at the column of smoke and dust that had followed the god Greylen's entrance to All-World, though she didn't know this. It was an omen, she knew, she could feel that in her blood, feel it tugging in the wind. This world was beautiful, yes, but too... orderly. It grated on her; all the gods here wished for order in their varied ways, to different degrees. None of them understood the purity and the necessity of chaos. Order bred similarity, stagnation, and worst of all(she grinned) boredom.

Purpose filled her steps as she began to walk along the beach again, headed southwards toward the delta that filtered into the ocean from the marshlands.

The heart of the wide-spreading marshland that sprawled across this corner of the continent was a deep swamp, hidden from the eyes of the world by tangled trees and hanging moss. The river's motion became a crawl here, and it was a place of deep silence, a place that spoke of secrets.

The goddess picked her way among the hummocks and ghosted over the stagnant waters to an islet. The breeze rustled through the tangled trees overhead, and she closed her eyes, a smile ghosting across her face. Ava called on her power, the power of shifting tides, changing winds, and chaos.

What looked like a ball of bluish flame sparked to life in front of her, like foxfire seen in the distance, and several others rapidly followed it. The flame expanded into a humanoid form, and finally settled down on a tall, kneeling form. The amphibious being blinked large golden eyes, and looked up at her. The goddess was still wreathed in the phosphorescent blue flames, and repressed a grin at the look of awe she saw in the being's eyes.

"You are the Naibiri. In this orderly world, you are to bring chaos and change to fight stagnation. This will be your home, but you must spread out throughout the world to bring change. The waterways will be your true sanctuary, but land will hold little fear for you."

She leaned over and kissed the one in front of her gently on his forehead, pushing the reddish quills on his head back.
"You will be my Emissary and voice in this world. Your people will have little need of a leader, but you shall hold that position. Go with my blessing."

Ava straightened and stepped backwards, disappearing in a swirl of blue fire. The Naibiri blinked and looked around at the others of his race. He stood, ran a webbed hand through his quills, and attempted to figure out what in the name of the Goddess they were supposed to do now.

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10/25/2007 4:29 PM

::Temple of Benn-Salain::

"I can see you watching All-World, Gabriel," Benn-Salian acknowledged, "are you home sick for Ohm?"

The champion of the ill-fated capricans ignored this question. "Mere Curiosity, that is all."

The elder god betrayed a smirk. "I thought you had sworn not to be interested in my projects?"

"I have never said such a thing."

"You needn't waste the time saying it aloud. Remember, I am your god."

"Sometimes I wonder why you bother keeping me in existance at all," Gabriel Jhadon said with contempt.

Benn-Salian allowed a moment of thought on this, he himself did not know either.

"What was that?" Gabriel's concerns interjecting through Benn-Salian's thoughts.

Benn-Salian used his omnipetence to see what the caprican had seen before his outburst. It replayed in his mind's eye. A dark shadow had come untucked underneath the world and had darted across the land.

"By Merlyn's borrowed magic!" Benn-Salian exclaimed, "that was a Glabrezu, a demon from Under-World. I must have Waya'guaru and the other Ka Sai deal with this immediately."

::All-World, Eastlund::

The Glabrezu demon searched the new world. It had spent enough time Under-World, it now wanted gratification from this world. Where will it find what it was looking for? Then the potential source of gratification surfaced. From this distance this source seemed to be about five or six feet tall, light haired with pointed ears. Angelyn. The name popped in the demon's head.

The Glabrezu exchanged his appearance for one similar to the Angelyn's. "Hail stranger, praise to Lunitari," the demon greeted the true Angelyn.


Shad'nethroyd, a Ka Sai with little patience, travelled to the east following the path of the demon.

He kept on his person a blade of otataral to aid him against the demon. Waya'guaru had given it to him explaining that the blade was effective in nullifying magic. This would prove useful against an otherworldly entity as the demon. It was said that otataral was a substance that the natural energy was drain so much as that it would absorb any nearby magic to compensate for its loss. Shad'nethroyd appreciated the gift from his captain.

The Ka Sai felt the air become slightly warmer and thicker. It was only his training that allowed him to recognize this. He was gaining on the demon, but he was still several days off.

10/25/2007 5:40 PM

[Somewhere in Westerlund]


Greylen stood, his great vision surveying the lush woodlands and valleys off the distance. Below he could hear the moans and screams of his injured Crystians.

Saddened but not defeated he stood strong and proud, but deep inside knew he only stood there fighting back his tears.

He wasn't accustomed to this loss, he never loved anything more then he did the Crystians. They were his children, and he failed them.

That thought tumbled its way around his mind. However he had a choice. Run, or fight this emotion. Flee from his sadness embracing his own dark thoughts, or stay and fight with his children.

The choice may have sounded easy to him, but it was too hard for him to decide. However there he stood, surveying the landscape, standing proud and that's when it came to him.

Greylen reach his hand forward in front of his face and made a fist so hard he could hear the strain in his ligaments audiobly. He thought hard and closed his eyes, his fingernail dung them selves deep into his palm bringing up streams of blood that flowed down his arm.

He imagined a marble palace with a silver roof that gave to its greenish blue rust. Pillars with great battles and achievements carved deeply into their bases. Hallways adorned with large jade tiles on the floor, waterways flowing on both sides and bridges that spanned the short distance into many large rooms.

He was pleased with this thought and set it aside, but he was not done. He thought dreamily of a great garden, lined with lilies and roses and well trimmed hedges that created complex mazes around the base of the palace he imagined earlier. It had garnet walkways that would lead to many open fields of poppies, daisies, gardens with great fruits and berries, and wooded areas whose canopies sheltered small waterfalls that flowed gently into the palace.

There was a great tree in his mind, with size that dwarfed the palace and canopy brought shade over the surrounding land. Its great roots brought up water from deep beneath the earth, spilling it gently over the land.

Greylen laughed with relief and spoke softly to himself, "They needn't a place of worship. I failed them after all."

His eye's shot open and he plunged his bloody palm deep into the earth and cast his final godly spell. He summoned the palace, he summoned the great tree, and with his final godly breath he summoned the great garden.

His breath was labored, but he was not dead. Greylen stood, his hand still in the ground and watched the twisting earth and trees slowly form his dream.

He was some distance away, as he still stood by the ravine. So he sat his butt on the softened earth and forgot he was a god.


Silva had made some distance between her and Greylen. She thought her people all dead.

The jade egg was held tightly still to her now sweating body. It's imcomplete wings propping themselves out of old cracks. Soot and blood made its way frequently into her eyes and mouth and she tasted the foulness of them both.

She was alone, walking across a great grassy plain when she heard the cracking of the jade egg. A piece of the egg broke free around one of the wings flying off some distance.

Silva dropped the egg and stared at it with transfixed eyes of wonder, fear, and curiosity. She was amazed but a dark thought dawned on he.

"There's magic here?!" She gawked in awe.

Silva never saw magic, but Greylen gave her people a jade egg to protect them from it.

Her eyes shot from one side to another examining the world around her just as another piece of egg shot up making a buzzing sound next to her right ear. She could hear a strong heart like beats from within the egg beating furiously.


Each beat sent a vibration into her legs tickling her feet.

Silva leaned over and kissed the green egg on one of its smoother surfaces, and whispered in a motherly tone, "be born, I will take care of you." She assured it.

Its beat began to quell its self into a steady whisper. Silva hugged the egg lifting it to her breasts cradling it when the world for her went black.

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11/02/2007 2:23 PM

[All-World, Eastlund]

:: Lunitari::

The Light goddess materialized in front of Seela, seeing the look of confusion on her Angelyns faces as they gazed around the empty terrain of their new home. "Fear not, my dear ones, she said serenely as she closed her eyes, as the small group of Angelyns gathered around her.

She lifted her arms in a seeming meditation, and as her followers watched, the empty ground was covered by lush green grass, with rolling hills, and lush trees and flowers. In a deep valley surrounded by high hills, a medium sized village began to construct itself out of white stone, houses and buildings enough for all the Angelyns and their needs, whether it be houses, shops for trade, or churches. This would be up to the people, for now, even though the village was beautiful and well made, all the buildings were blank inside.

When she was done, Lunitari opened her eyes and smiled, the Angelyns gazing around themselves in awe. "Welcome to your eartjly home, my dears. Do with it as you will, makes lives for yourselves here, meet others around you. But, remember always, my way is one of peace and diplomacy, of study and growth. I am with you always."

She kissed each of the 20 Angelyns on the forehead with a blessing, then vanished.

After a few minutes of silents, the group began to mill around inspecting her their new home and surroundings. Then, hearing a distance voice hail, Seela approached the new comer. "Hail! Praise Lady Lunitari," she replied, her eyes gazing at the stranger. "The others are already in the city, are you a late comer from the Tower?"

11/07/2007 11:00 AM

Tyraxiz flapped his massive wings as he flew following what he believed to be east, the idea the sun might come up at a different point on this world never crossed the Dragons mind. He was far to annoyed with his orders to begin to ponder the question, They were Dragon, why bother to befriend them at all, better to rend the magic from their life-forces one by one in the hunt. Tyraxis watched the land pass far beneath him without much interest in it, but them something struck his mind like a hammer, a massive magical spell!

"Food!" The sudden burst of magical energy made Tyraxiz forget about his orders entirely, more concentrated on his own stomach. Tyraxiz picked up some speed flying toward the source of magic, so excited was he lightning already danced across his red striped black scales, and between his long horns that sprouted from the back of his head, the mere concept it might be a living creature eluded his one track mind.

By the time Tyraxiz arrived however the burst of magic had faded away, however the area still echoed with the magic cast. Tyraxiz could see the great tree and flew low over the Ravine as he headed for it searching for where the source of the magic had gone. Landing on the Ravine side only a few hundred yards from where the Palice and garden had come into existence, enraged at losing what he had already considered a snack, he craned his neck into the air and let a powerful roar, echoed with the crackling of electricity dancing between his body and earth below him. His Purple eyes looked over the area with his white eyes and sniffing the scent of magic, his claws digging into the soil his eyes scanning the area overlooking the man he saw on the hills. The old man could not have been the source of such powerful magic, after all he couldent sence nearly the level of magic in him that would be required for what he had felt.

Lavkiz sniffed the air for sources of magic, he felt the massive amount of magic being used and though he was much younger then Tyraxiz he also knew what was usually behind such an outburst, fighting gods was for Elder Dragons. Instead the younger Dragon only two thirds his male counterparts size dove low over the forests around the valley where they had landed. He found no magical items as he went, but plenty of life to take in magic from and So Lavkiz began to sample the local life he found. Playfully he picked a deer up and threw it into the air as hard as he could, then he opened his jaws and let the deer fall into his waiting jaws, the small meal disappearing quickly, as he forced his way into the woods, he found it much to hard to maneuver so, he began to play a game he had learned when he was young, focusing the electricity as best he could he began to to try and strike his prey with just enough force to nearly kill them, the object being to render them immobile but keep them alive until he was ready to eat them, however after the first few shots he realized what he had overlooked, his less then complete accuracy had already created three spreading fires, backing out of the woods as quickly as he could, Lavkiz enjoyed the heat of the sun once again on his back. He wondered if he should head back or take a nap, he had learned their was plenty of food for them in the local area, but he was really had not searched, so Lavkiz spread his wings out and basked in the sunlight as he lay, his purple eyes closed, and his nostrils flaring slightly at the scent of fire.


Serra's toungue tasted the air gently as she moved along the rivers coast. The Lady was silent which left Serra to ponder her thoughts only with herself. Establishing their borders was not really important to her at the moment and she would not intrude on the other females nest And So she left the valley river flapping her wings to search for a nesting ground of her own. As she soared she spotted a large plateau in the middle of the valleys she now considered to be theirs, landing on the mostly flat lifeless surface, She would sleep here in the middle of their lands she decided. Walking to the middle of the area she turned over the choice of having Tyraxiz befriend anyone in her mind, their would be time for war when they knew the threats around them were, after all if she had not said it Tyraxiz may well have attacked another Dragon clan without considering things like Elder Dragons,s something they currently lacked. The older male also had to learn his place, the order had also been about dominance to a small degree as well as making sure he learned to follow orders properly. From up here she could see the land for miles, this so whare she would have her throne, whare she would rule this new land. Once she knew what the native species were in this realm then their destruction could begin.

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The quiet swamp was now sporting a new sort of growth. The slow-moving waters now eddied slightly around the poles that supported the huts that stretched out on piers over the water. There was nothing orderly about the Naibiri village; it appeared to have simply sprouted up like an exotic fungus. Chaotic and untidy, yet somehow it seemed to fit perfectly in with the swamp.

Huts stood on poles over the water, on the hummocks of land, built on fallen logs, floating on crude rafts, anywhere that took the builder's fancy. The frog-like people, being at home either in water or on land, had built their homes accordingly, and the odd village sprawled along the shoreline, wavering both on the water and on land.

Dim firelight flickered in the foggy twilight, orange light flaring in the windows of huts while moving spots of bioluminescence marked Naibiri already up and awake. While the majority of them were nocturnal, a few oddballs enjoyed being up during the sunlit hours and were winding down their day.
Rai'dan, the Chosen of the goddess, (not that many of them cared) looked over the village from his home, built on stilts high over the water. Few of the Naibiri enjoyed heights, being ill-suited for climbing, but Rai was fond of the feeling of looking down over the land, as from the eye of a bird. Unsurprisingly, he had few visitors. He sat carving beads in the gathering gloom, no fire yet kindled in his hut; the glow from his own lightmarkings and the dim sunset more then enough to see by.

From this far away, though, the village looked almost peaceful and serene, in the half-light somewhere between day and night, between waking and dreams. It would not last; he knew that much, with the strange intuition that he seemed to be gifted with. Already they were spreading far abroad, venturing further up and down the river every day. Soon they would scatter along the waterways, as the goddess had intended, spreading their brand of cheerful chaos throughout the world, but for now... for now they were together, as one.

Rai looked upon the Naibiri as something like his family, savoring their time together now, but aware that they must grow and spread, drifting away. One could not fight change; nor, indeed, would any Naibiri wish to. They were change.
Rai shook his head, scarlet quills rattling, and set aside the knife, blowing any stray wood dust off of the bead he had finished. The strings of ornate beads hung by doors were the closest equivalent to a written language the Naibiri had, and he was known for being one of the best at carving them. He added the bead to the collection in a reed basket sitting by him and rose, stretching. More firelights had appeared in the village as it awoke from it's slumber during the day. A gentle breeze had risen and whispered through crowded trees, stirring the still waters, and spiraling the fog into whorls.

The Chosen cocked his head to one side, looking upriver from where the breeze had come. He smelled rain on the wind, yes, but more then that. Change. It was coming, and soon. Nothing to be done about it; the only choices one had was whether to stand against the tide or rise with it.

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[Westerlund - Greylen]

Greylen's breaths were deep and tired sounding, little weezes would come from his drying throat as he breathed in through his mouth.

"What is this that stands before me?" He questioned his creation removing his bloodied hand from the earth. "What is my purpose?" He continued looking at the dry earth adhered to his now sticky blood on his palm.

It wasn't long into these thoughts when he felt with his animal like instincts the presence of another creature coming down on him. He knew it was large, he knew it could fly and he knew just how powerful it was. However Greylen sat there unphased by these facts, sat there now pondering about his arriving guest, when a gust of wind came and blew his white hair over his face in fryed mess. Only his left eye saw out the thickness of his hair.

He could hear the beast's deep breaths and knew why it came. It was hungry, it was hunting, he knew this feeling well. It was a greedy beast who relied on its instincts more then its wits, but not something any normal person or creature would want to fight with.

He had his own instinctive urge to stand and protect something. "What?" he muttered to himself just as he felt its glance dance across his neckhairs.

Looking over his shoulder in his wise, and tired look, hit white hair still covering up his face except his left eye and a few other patches where it parted enough to show some of his distinctive features.

Greylen's deep blue eye looked at a dragon, or wyvern like creature. "Did you know?" Greylen questioned towards the creature. "Did you know what my purpose is?" His one eye preceived all of the dragons body. Every slight movement had not gone unknoticed.

Greylen's fingernails grew out slightly as he gripped the earth beneath them. They were turning into claws. He anticipated a fight but did not want to provoke it.

He continued to stare at the dragon, with no intent but to be there.

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