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10/07/2007 8:37 PM

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Rick got ready. There was a small caravan coming their way and he couldn't tell weither this was good or not. "sound the alarms." yelled Rick to his friend glenn downstairs. He brought the sniper rifle up and looked through the scope. the caravan was lightly armed and he thought he saw some children in one of the trucks. " get ready to open the gates. I think we might have some traders." Rick eased off the scope and watched the caravan come to the gate. There were two other men already at the gate and they seemed to be conversing with the leader of the caravan. One of the guards turned around and gave the thumbs up. As the gate was being opened Rick made his way down the tower to meet the nomads that traveled towards their settlement. He waited outside with the other guards as the nomads parked their vehicles. a few other settlers came to see the nomads but stayed behind the guards. As the caravan's people came out the leader of new marsh John timbers came out and greeted them.
" hello and welcome to new marsh. please stay for the night" we will keep all of you safe within this wonderous fortress. no bandits nor the undead have gotten in the last four months. please rest yourselves and make use of our supplies.

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10/08/2007 10:35 AM

Will woke up to the sound of something scratching on the window bars. He flipped on the lantern next to him and saw a tattered face through the spaces between the metal.

"Shit not another one. I was trying to get some sleep you bastard," he said. He picked up his pistol and climbed over the back seat trying not to wake Amanda up as he got out of the bed. He stood up and pushed the roof cover open and climbed up the small ladder. He could see three zombies shuffling around near the bus. He pulled his silencer out of his pocket and attached it to the gun so he wouldn't attract more of the things that may be around and so he wouldn't wake Amanda up.

Will took aim and picked off the zombies then climbed back down into the bus and looked at his clock. 5:30. Only two hours til sunrise so he might as well stay up. He got the propane stove out from under his seat and started cooking breakfast.

[i]Almost out of propane better head to a town soon[/i] he thought. He retrieved his GPS from the front seat and turned it on. A GPS unit was invaluable since the apocalypse. Will had programmed all of the settlements he had encountered so far into it. It was very easy to get lost in the wasteland that had been the world without a GPS or a map of some sort.

The device booted up and Will studied the screen. The closest town was New Marsh. They could be there in less than a day. He turned the item off to conserve battery power and focused on finishing breakfast.

10/08/2007 8:29 PM

" Rick over here quick. " Rick looked over to see John walking towards him. " what is it john." Rick asked
" you know how we switch who has to keep some of our guests in their houses. well you do know that its your turn again and i'm not letting you get by like last time dammit." John said. " Now i'm giving you a half hour to fix your place up cause i remember how shitty it was last time i was there."
" Alright sir Just be sure to get someone on my post. Try horace or chelsea but please not Tim. remember what happened last time?"
" you mean four months ago?"
" yeah. Now get someone to take my post. i'm gonna go clean my house for your guests. oh and who am i getting this time?"
" thats to be decided. as for now just clean it up and make sure you lock that room. remember when we got raided."
" yeah don't worry. it always has a lock on it when i leave."
" Good. now get going i'll find someone to cover for you. just hurry up. we're keeping them in the governing hall for now." said John as he walked away. Rick unloaded his sniper and put it back in its case. He prayed John wouldn't be left with Tim. Tim once took over Ricks spot. That night Tim missed a zombie and that shot just happened to hit the gate control switch. in seconds over one hundred and fifty of the things got in. If Rick hadn't moved his ass over there there could've been over five hundred inside. twenty people died that night. Tim was lucky he wasn't exicuted on the spot. Rick headed back to his house to clean that pig sty up.
_________________________________________________________________________ * morgan *

Morgan awoke partway through the ride. His friend Joseph was driving for the time being. Morgan got up to see where they were. They were still traveling in the desert but so far nothing looked unusual. " hey Joseph when we all stopping next?" Morgan called back to Joseph.
" I don't know let me ask." replied Joseph as he reached for the cb radio the put in the truck. " they say theres two settlements comming up. theres new marsh and commonhold. they're heading for new marsh now but they say we can split up if ya want."

" sure lets go to commonhold. I'm going to need the food and fuel they got there." Morgan laid back down in the bed as Joseph called their status over the radio. Suddenly the turned left and headed for commonhold. " so Joseph why they going back to new marsh already?"

" they say the bandits are going a little hardcore right now and they want the protection."
" ah that makes good sense. lets get the fuel and that and then head to new marsh." Morgan sat up and picked up his shotgun. He was sure he was going to need it soon.

10/09/2007 10:07 PM

A gust of wind blew hot air and dust all around Zander. Standing in the middle of his junkyard he looked about and smiled.

" There it is "

He walked foreward and hopped into the driver seat of an armed forces Hummer. Pulling a large ring of keys he flipped through them and tried a few before finally getting the vehicle to crank and start over. Putting it in first gear he drove it out to the front of his shop. When he got there he shut it off and pulled the key off of his ring, walking over to a couple he handed them the key and smiled.

" She runs great, started right up. I gave you a full water jug, and a spare battery free of charge. "

He handed them the keys and walked back into his office as Jeff his temporary assistant helped them prepare to leave.

After adding the sale to his charts Zander walked back outside and over to his AAAV He checked it over for any dry rot or any possible damages. He then checked all of the ammo and gear stored inside. Although he was a good man and always helped those he could, people still enjoyed steeling from him when they could. After seeing that everything was in place he locked it back up and lazily walked back to the front of his store. When he got there Jeff was sitting at the front desk reading an old manual for the very same hummer they just sold.

" Hey Jeff I want you to go to New Lancing and buy fill up the water jugs. You can take the Lugger if you want, but if i find you damage it in any way im gunna kick your ass. "

Zander grinned and tossed him the keys.

" When you get back you can have the rest of the day off. "

Zander turned and went behind the warehouse and got his salvaged Rubicon quad and drove it out to the front, leaving behind Jeff Zander made his daily rounds of his walls to check for any holes or damages. This was somthing he always did before nightfall.

10/10/2007 7:58 PM


Rick had finally cleaned the place up and got a extra bed ready for the guests. He hoped John hadn't gotten Tim on the wall since he didn't want to know what would end up getting in from his mistakes. When John told the others the settlement hadn't had any zombies nor bandits enter in four months he was lieing. The only MAJOR amount had been four months ago. every once in a while when good ole Tim Burns is on duty Some kind of theif or bandit tricks Tim to letting him in. It's a surprise Tim hadn't been shot yet. Not by the bandits but by the townsfolk. Nobody trusts him to do anything. Rick went to look for John to see who was staying at his place. He Found John in the governing hall still. " Rick about time. We have a big problem." John said once he saw Rick.

" shit Tim was the only Guy availible?" Rick asked.
" Sort of. Tonight is your guarding night. Right now i got Horace in the tower but no one else can take you spot for tonight. We gotta use Tim. He's the only one who can aim a gun to kill."
" He couldn't kill a damn bear even to save his own damn life. He only killed ten things since he's been here. i'm surprised they kept him when he was on the force. Hell he was just a damn Desk Jocky even then."
" I know Iknow but he's all thats left. The group staying with you is off in the marketplace. I'm sending their stuff to your house." John said. he motioned for another resident to take the bags away. " just go back to the tower for now and once your guests are done trading I'll bring them to you. Now just go so i know that i don't have to worry about the gates this evening." John walked away with a nervous look on his face. Rick normally would've just gone on duty anyway but these people were newcomers and no one wanted these people to steal stuff while they were here. they needed a eye on them at all times. Rick headed back to the tower to take over for the rest of the watch.

10/10/2007 8:49 PM

The ride to New Marsh was uneventful. They saw a couple of zombies but there were no people around so Will just kept driving. They arrived at the gates at about dusk since they took it slow to conserve gas. Will pulled up to the gates and waited for someone to let them in.

10/10/2007 9:03 PM

Rick had made it just in time. a few minutes after he retook his guard post he saw a lone vehicle come to the gates. " lone bus check them over oliver." Rick said over his radio. Oliver at the gate looked over the vehicle for a minute and gave the thumbs up. Rick got down to the main road to wave them to the check in route. He never saw the bus before but he knew not to many bandits tried getting in without backup. the ones that did try where dead ones. Rick got down and waved the bus to take the road on his right. a few of the guards had their guns at the ready just in case.

10/12/2007 12:12 AM

Will pulled the bus through the gate and followed the guards directions down a side road. They passed through some tense-looking guards and parked next to some other vehicles that appeared to belong to another group of nomads.

"Where do we go?" Will asked a person passing by. The person gave him directions to the marketplace then hurried off to points unknown. Will and Amanda retrieved their weapons from the vehicle and set off in the direction the citizen had indicated.

10/17/2007 7:31 PM


These humans were pathetic in a way. They tried to escape their final fates. Yet Death wondered how they survived this much? The seven plasgues unleshed, the seven years of famin, and the seven wars all came and went. not to mention death himself. Death looked over the mountain to see the remains of commonhold. They thought they could escape. But death awoke his forces of the dead and made the pathetic humans pay. now they were all dead. every one of them. Normally he has problems getting into settlements. especially that damned " NEW MARSH " but now Death was fufilling his duty. Death got ready to leave when he saw a pickup truck arrive at the remains of commonhold. " that fool." Death said. " he shall surely die like the rest." after that Death called his servants.



" Hey morgan? you sure this is the right place?" Joseph said to Morgan. Morgan got up and looked over the roof of the truck. Commonhold had become an empty wasteland. The building were still there but the people had dissappeared.

" yeah Joe. " Morgan said." We're here but everyone else is gone." Morgan picked up his shotgun. "Lets be careful. we don't know what caused this. try to get some gas in this thing. i'll look for water." Morgan jumped out of the truck and headed for the nearest house. Joseph drove off looking for a gas pump. Morgan entered the first house and saw what could've been chaos. tables were broken and other objects were strewn on the ground. Morgan got his shotgun ready and went into the next room. There was blood everywhere. on the walls and soaked into the sand floor. but worse of all. There were still occupants. Two zombies were eating the remains of three different bodies.

" SHIT." Morgan yelled in horror as he shot at the zombies. One blast was a perfect hit and blew the head clean off. the second shot grazed the second zombie but the third shot finished him off. Morgan waited a minute to catch his breath. The place had been destoryed by the dead. He got back to his feet and started for the door. Then the three bodies woke up. " Stay dead damnit." Morgan said as he shot at them all. The first two shots went two for two and killed the zombies on the right and left. but the third shot hit the middle zombie in the chest but the fourth and fifth finished it off. Morgan started reloading. There was no time. They had to get out before commonhold came for them.

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