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09/29/2007 2:43 PM

Zara was walking along the the side on the ship, it was early still but engineering staff were making final checks and activities such as filling the cooling ducts. She turn round when she reached the end of the ship and walked back, it was a bigger ship than the Swindon. She had picked as many crew as she could from her previous vessel most of whom had been on leave for the last six months. She had also had to go through applications and crew records of the past four weeks trying to pick the rest of the crew, command would be bliss for the next few weeks at least.

She walked back to the shuttle craft she had commandeered from the terminal, the flat thermal concrete surface of the shipyards very solid under her shoes. She was wearing the regulation uniform; black trousers,s grey under shirt, black jacket with red shoulders and four gold pips. Zara's hair was braided intricately round itself holding her hair off her shoulders. She reached the shuttle, her itinerary had her making a speech to the basic crew in the cargo bay at 1030, a speech that she hadn't yet finished. She boarded the shuttlecraft the hatch closing behind her, the panels lit up and with a few button presses the shuttle rose up and sped off to its allotted docking space.


Xander walked across the terminal building, the room was a huge hall with seats and tables spread around the room with a huge Araxien palm tree in the middle. Most of the people in the hall were in Starfleet uniforms, most congregating in groups around the edges of the room. He felt a tap on his right shoulder, instinctively her turn to his left, "Trex, how've you been," He embraced a Asian man with semi long black hair.
"I've been fine you soppy murse," The man grinned pushing out of the hug, "Nearly all the gangs here," Indicating to a group of seven people standing a few meters away, "Hope this wont be another sector zero thing."

Xander and Trex walked over to the aforementioned group and Xander was met by greetings and hugs from some of the crew members. The delved into chatter about what they had been doing during their leave and about the new ship that they were yet to board.

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09/30/2007 3:26 PM

Joe sat in one of the chairs in the large hall reviewing his pad. He kept looking over the specifications and the crew manifests. He was alarmed by a few of the postings, but nothing was to out of reach. The Human side of him kept wanting to get up and go chit chat, but the Vulcan side of him kept tugging at him to do his duties. He walked around and chatted with a few crew members. Eventually he tore himself away from the conversations and headed for one of the shuttle ports.

As he walked by he kept reading his data pad, wondering what it was going to be like serving under a new captain. He eventually reached the shuttle port just to see the Captain's shuttle door closing. He decided to wait a few moments and then went to talk to one of the shipyards crew to see about a shuttle. Moments later he was off for the ship.


Eric was running around the hall talking to everyone that already wasn't in deep conversation. He began taking mental notes of what people liked and didn't like. After he thought he talked to a good portion of the crew he walked back to his temporary room. He began putting large cases on a number of hover carts. When he finished loading his "Private stash" he hurried them to the shipyards transporter.

"I need this transported to cargo bay 2." Eric said to one of the works.
"I need to see conformation for the cargo..." The worker said.
Eric handed him a pad. It of course was a complete forgery but the worker bought it, they all did. Years back a Ferengi taught him how to forge good conformation codes, and it hasn't failed him since. Besides it was just different forms of liquor, no one would really care especially because it was for the crew!

10/04/2007 5:05 AM

Hair pulled neatly back from her face in an elegant chignon Amelie stood in a corner of one of the smaller cargo bays, muttering quietly to herself as she ran through an inventory listing.

A number of harassed-looking crew were flitting around the bay, re-checking crates for a third time. They'd discovered quite early in the morning that what the woman lacked in stature in no way affected the force of her personality.

Each time one brought a datapad with a completed inventory section on it she ran through it herself, 'double' checking what had, by now, been re-checked at least five times this morning alone. When questioned, after the second complete runthrough, on the need for a further check a withering glance had been sufficent to get the crewman moving once more.

"Okay, that's it", she raised her voice as she finished scanning the last pad. "Everything's here- you can start transport to the ship. Thanks for your patience".

Not a hint of sarcasm entered her voice at the last words, though she was sorely tempted to an eyeroll. There had been two errors this morning compared to the original manifest- and muttering behind her back didn't change the fact that if there was an outbreak of Baktrian Flu and she was short vaccine doses they wouldn't be the ones who'd have to deal with the messy consequences.

Clasping her hands behind her hips she pushed her shoulders back, stretching out the tightness between her shoulder blades. She knew the tension was caused partly by being bent over data pads all morning, and partly by the thought of finally getting to settle in on the Colombus; getting to know her crew and their vagaries, and especially those of the captain.

Straightening, and with a last look around the bay- knowing that nothing had been missed but not wanting to take chances- she left to get cleaned up and changed into a new uniform for the briefing.


Avanthi walked the halls, nodding occasionally at those she recognised as part of the crew of the Colombus. She'd requested and received the crew manifest, going through it frequently and painstakingly since she'd received her commission, wanting to be as familiar with as many of those faces as she could before launch.

[i]The better you know your crew, the better you can anticipate and respond to problems[/i]

The voice of one of her instructors from the Academy ran through her mind, causing a smile to cross her lips. During her first year at the academy it had seemed like he'd done nothing but shout- and mostly at her- but by the end of it she was regarding every word he said as worthy of memorising, so full was he of experience and knowledge, a fact she had managed not to notice in those early years.

She pulled down the bottom of her jacket, her smile growing as she brushed an imaginary piece of dirt from its yellow shoulders, the pride at her appointment threatening to bubble over in a laugh.

10/04/2007 11:29 AM

"All crew report to your section chiefs before boarding," There was a pause in the announcement program, "Will civilian crew member Eric Rilla report to Office twelve on floor seven."

The chatter in the hall dropped, the crewmen now split into their colored sections then into small groups around junior lieutenants and other lower ranking officers. After a role call they left the hall to make their way to the ship, Xander looked around at the rest of the medical crew as they made their way to the transport ship. There was seventeen of them in total he guess that they might be some more waiting for them at Joshua.

He turned to a crewman to his left, she was Bajoran, young with dark hair and missing the characteristic earing. She was like most of the medical and science personal was new, "Ensign Xander Fleater," He held his hand out turning whilst walking sideways. She looked at him for a second before giving her reply, "Ensign Sito Verci," Meeting his hand for a brief shake.
Xander returned to walking normally, "What field do you work in,"
"Microbiology and virus growth, what about you,"
"Trauma surgery and cell regeneration," They climbed the boarding ramp of the craft taking seats along the edge, "Is this your first ship?"
"Yes," She looked slightly anxious now they were heading to the Columbus, "This'll be my first assignment on a ship, what about you?"
"My second, though the first was just for three months," He shot her a smile as the gravity on the transport lightened slightly for a few seconds as it took off. "How long has it been since you left Bajor,"
Verci looked despondent for a few seconds before replying, "Its been a long time, nearly seven years, my family escaped during the occupation,"
"I was at DS9 last year," Verci seem to perk up slightly, "Things were good before the war started, I'm guessing things were getting back to the way they used to be."
"I haven't met anyone that had been there since we left, was there a woman called Nerys who help us escape, did you meet her?"
"I did for a short time," He was quite happy she was so interested in what he had to say.
They talked for a while longer until the disembarked and headed to the ships open cargo bay.

Xander left the turbolift with Verci but they split up when they reached section 3, Xander walked town to Section 4 were his quarters were. The door pushed open, revealing a bunk, a table with chairs and a stack of small crates. "Computer, who are the occupants of this room," He took a crate from the top of the pile with his name on it.
"This room is assigned to Ensign Xander Fleater and Ensign Trex Mayweather," The automated voice was the same as any modern ship.
"This looks to be a good posting," He took a blue book out of the crate, "Computer, play some Andorian blues, Bayger," He took out anther book as the music started to play.


Zara waited in her office, she had it for four weeks and all that was left other than chair and desk was a data pad. Other than a few technical glitches there hadn't been any problems but this was. It wasn't a major fault but she wanted to have a level of discipline on her ship, she sighed looking at the door, she had much better things to do than this.

10/04/2007 8:30 PM

Eric's eyes widened and a heat wave passed over him... He started to increase his pace and darted through the hallways bumping into a few ensigns, almost knocking one over. He made it to one of the turbo lifts and said " Floor Seven, Section C." The computer acknowledged his command and started off. A moment later he stepped off the lift and walked up to office twelve. The door beeped on the inside and Eric stood patiently outside waiting the cue to enter.

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10/05/2007 3:33 AM

(So it's clear this is in the terminal building not the ship, hence floor 7)

"Enter," Zara readied herself for her first chewing she had given, she stood up watching the man walk into her office. "Mr Rilla what possible reason would you have to smuggle Romulan ale among other things onto my ship," She walked a few steps to the left, still behind her desk.


She looked at him, "The ale has been removed, the rest has been recorded and stowed. As your not Starfleet I can't reprimand you, until you are on board. If you wish to stay on my ship you will report to the brig and remain there until we reach Joshua, needless to say if your do anything like this again, you'll spend a lot longer there." Zara took the data pad off the desk, "Is there something else Mr Rilla?"


After checking his personal effects Xander left the room and headed to the sick bay, he tried to memorize the root, turbo lift, deck seven, section D, it wasn't too hard to remember. There were two of the crew he had seen boarding, a man in a engineering uniform was scanning a section of wall. He looked at the office, empty, he'd have to met the CMO later. Xander walked over to one of the terminals and started going over some of the crew medical records.

10/05/2007 5:52 AM

"Well... um... maim... its... uh... well for the crew! Really, it was to keep moral up and of course for use in special occasions!" Eric said shifting his weight back and forth. "Your not going to take any kind of... action are you?"


"But that ale cost me lots of latinum! The Brig! But I was simply trying to do my job as moral officer! I already have what all the crew likes dislikes and needs already memorized... Im more help to you on deck then in the brig!" Eric protested.

10/05/2007 9:23 AM

"What ever the cost it is still illegal, the option is yours, if you want to lodge a complaint it is likely that you will be imprisoned, Mr Rilla I am doing you a favor," Wanting to go to her ship, "I'm sure he crew could live without a barkeeper for a few hours. If you don't mind I have a ship to launch," She came from behind the desk and stood a few feet away from him, "If there was such a job as moral officer it would not go to you."

"Report to the brig or go home," Zara walked to the door, then into the corridor. She walked down to the turbo lift, she couldn't be bothered by insubordinate civilians any longer, she went up to the shuttle bay on the top level. From there it was a very short flight to the ship, she had requested one of the ships shuttle craft to come over. There was a female Andorian in a yellow uniform standing ridged next a shuttle craft, "Whats your name Ensign?"

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10/05/2007 12:47 PM

Eric stood there for a moment and then sighed... He walked out of the office and found his way to one of the shuttle ports where he waited for the next ship to the new ship. "Great the brig on the first day... never had that before." Eric said to himself as he waited.


Joseph finished checking all of systems. He checked and double checked weapons, shields and ran numerous tests. When he was satisfied that all of the ships systems were operational he left his post on the bridge and walked over to the turbolift. "Shuttle Bay." he said bluntly. He finally arrived and stepped out of the lift and entered the shuttle bay. "Has the Captain arrived yet?" he asked the ensign on duty. "No sir, not yet, although she should be here shortly." the ensign replied. Joseph took a seat on top of one of the containers and awaited the arrival of the Capitan.

10/06/2007 2:49 AM

[OOC: I'm assuming the Andorian female is me, lol. Correct me if I'm wrong]

If it was possible to come more rigidly to attention Avanthi would have. She recognised the captain immediately, not needing to look at her pips to confirm. As it was, she contented herself with maintaining her posture, almost barking an answer.

"sh'Rellas, sir. Security".

Pleased that she hadn't been betrayed by a nervous stutter she looked at the captain, taking a quick breath before plunging ahead.
"Forgive my boldness, sir, but can I just say that it's an honour to serve with you on the Colombus".


Amelie had gone but briefly to her quarters, checking only to see that her personal effects had arrived before leaving and heading to sick bay. It would take only a short time to sort out her belongings, and seeing that sick bay was set up and ready to function was a much greater priority.

She didn't have far to go, her quarters being in the nearest habitat section to the med bay for expediency in case of emergency. She navigated deck seven, the corridors a controlled hive of activity, quickly arriving at section D and the sick bay.

It was fully operational already, prepared and tested well before the arrival of the crew, just not, perhaps, as tidy and organised as she would have liked. Access had been limited prior to this week, and she had not been able to supervise as much as she would have wished, busy finishing up her teaching duties at the academy. She had to admit, though, that a good job had been done in the preparations: the bulkier supplies and larger pieces of equipment had been placed previously, and a good start had been made on stocking. With the arrival of that morning's shipment it would be short work to complete what had already been done.

She stood in the doorway for a moment, appreciating the efficiency of the layout, a definite improvement on the Cu Chulainn.

Few crew were present, making the large space seem even larger, almost empty.

"Ensign... Fleater, isn't it?".
She approached Xander at the console, extending her hand, and impressed by his industriousness.
"Doctor Amelie du Champ. Your record contains several glowing reports from your previous MOs, so I'm sure it'll be a pleasure."

[i]On paper the Captain's pulled together a very good medical team. Let's hope it works out like that in practice.[/i]

"You've worked with Captain Naylor before: tell me, is she the type that has to be hunted down to get to come in for a routine physical?"

10/06/2007 8:55 AM

"You are forgiven Ensign sh'Rellas," Zara smiled to herself, she wouldn't have considered herself a honor to serve with, her Klingon side liked it. "At ease ensign and captain will suffice," She walked through the open hatch and sat in the pilots seat, "I hope you aren't offended but I would like a chance to fly into the shuttlebay." Zara waited for sh'Rellas to take a seat before closing the hatch and launching the shuttle.

"Is this your first ship ensign, I don't remember meeting you before," She continued to press buttons for a shot while before turning to ensign sh'Rellas.


Xander took the extended hand and shook it, "Thank you, ma'am, I look forward to working with you."

"She was fine for the most part, but I was only on board a few months. The captain came out of the Borg incident with with fractured wrist and two crushed lungs, other than that I don't remember her ever having any heath problems," He glanced back down the console.

The screen flickered slightly followed by a communicator beep, [i]"Engineering to sick bay, we need a medical team down here right now,"[/i] Xander looked Amelie waiting for her orders.

10/06/2007 12:32 PM

"So ensign, what is your name?" Joseph asked the ensign waiting by the controls in the shuttle bay.

"Marcus Brilor, Sir." He said rather bluntly.

"Sir there is a shuttle leaving, it will arrive here in a few moments, and it has the Captains signature on it." Marcus said quickly changing the topic before Joseph could ask him any more questions.

Joseph jumped off the crate and straightened his uniform. "I appreciate the heads up ensign." He said.


Eric finally made it onto the ship... He found the deck for civilian living quarters and located his room.

After finding and organizing his room, he threw on his most comfortable clothing and walked to the turbolift. "Deck 5." he mumbled. He walked off the lift and into the brig. "Eric Rilla reporting for my jail time..." he said as sarcastically as possible.

10/07/2007 3:34 PM

Yes si- ah, captain", Avanthi shifted a little in her seat in the shuttle, looking out of the panoramic window eagerly before focusing her attention back on the woman.

"First ship, fresh out of the academy". She laughed a little, self deprecatingly, running one hand through her tousled hair.

"But I know my stuff captain, pardon me for saying so, and I'm willing to learn what I don't".

Internally, she winced a little.

[i]She might have said 'at ease' but she's still the captain, fool. Get that tongue under control[/i]


The screen flickered slightly followed by a communicator beep, [i]"Engineering to sick bay, we need a medical team down here right now,"[/i]

This time she did allow herself an eye roll.

[i]Bloody engineers. Two minutes on the ship before we're needed...[/i]

"Well, Ensign: I'm tempted to say 'baptism of fire' but I don't want to tempt fate. Let's jump in the deep end and put those field skills of yours to practice, shall we?"

[i]Let's see how this team works[/i]

She turned to one of the other crew men in sick bay as she collected a portable first response kit, clipping an extra tricorder onto her waistband.
"Call the rest of the shift on duty, have them ready to go if needed. I'll assess the situation down there and let you know if the two of us aren't enough".

Gesturing to Xander she swept out of the room, heading straight for the turbolifts.

[OOC: obviously I don't know what's awaiting them in engineering, lol, so I left it for you to have us arrive in your post]

10/08/2007 11:51 AM

"I hope you are Ensign, otherwise you wouldn't be on my crew," She let herself give away a smile, " Don't worry about trying to impress me if your good at your job you get in my good books." Zara pressed a a few combinations on the panel to which the shuttle glided into the shuttle bay and locked into place.

Zara walked out onto the hanger deck and turend herself to look at on of the files she had memorized. "Lieutenant Commander Hadrian," She motioned the shake his hand, "It's a shame about commander Noble, I hear that her transport was reported missing two days ago."

"So shall we go to the bridge," She couldn't help but be a little exited now the ship was launching rather than just being built.


"Aye Ma'am," Xander too took a tricorder and medical kit, they ran to the turbolift down the hall then moved strait to deck five section J. Xander ran ahead of Amelie dodging a pair of crewmen and through the open door to engineering. One man was laying on the floor, a second was sat up against the wall both had people around them. Xander pushed past them tricorder in hand, the Cheif Engineer spoke, "They've both got shocked while working on the conduit," Indicating to the open hatch.

"This man has severe electical and plasma burns, he also has erratic higher brain function, this one just has mild electrical burns," Xander looked up at Amelie, waiting for her orders.

10/08/2007 6:18 PM

"Maim." Joseph said as he returned the hand gesture. "And yes it is a shame, I assume that there hasn't been any more news then. Also maim, there seems to be a problem in engineering, I haven't been able to contact anyone down there, I do know that a med team was scrambled there to treat some form of injury, I sent an ensign down there to sort it out." Previous to the problem in engineering, I checked all the systems, and everything was operational." Joseph said as he walked along side the captain.

10/10/2007 3:26 PM

Amelie followed briskly after Xander, lips tightened in brief annoyance that such an accident had occurred so quickly.

All irritation was forgotten as she saw the injured crewmen and shifted her mindset immediately to focus on them.

Going straight to the more seriously injured of the men she began scanning and assessing the full extent of his wounds, not lifting her eyes from her work as she spoke to the ensign.

"Standard burn treatment, Ensign- treat the less serious burns with a dermal regenerator, and dose him with antibiotics. If he's responsive and coherent you can give him some analgesics".

She fitted a vial of metorapan to a hyposyringe and injected it into her own patient's neck, observing his vital response.

"Some of the erratic neural readings could be caused by pain response... let's see..." her voice was low and musing, as if she was talking to herself, as she watched to see if the painkiller would have any affect. Distractedly she touched her fingertips lightly to her combadge.
"Sickbay- send down gurney for transport of patient, and prepare bioregenerative field for burn treatment, high O2 environment".

She pursed her lips again as she continued watching the vitals.
Taking a small package from the med kit she glanced over towards Xander.
"How's your crewman, ensign? If he's not able to walk ask for another gurney"

From the package she withdrew two small, pliable neural stimulator disks, placing one on each temple of the inert crewman. After adjusting the settings she activated the pads with a small hand-held unit, a tiny tremor across the crewman's face the only indicator that anything was happening.

Tutting at the continued unsatisfactory readings she adjusted the settings once more, increasing the stimulus that the brain would receive. A slightly stronger tremor this time, followed by a more pleased nod of her head.

"He's stabilised enough to move. Once we get him to sick ba- ah, good timing". Through the doors came a nurse she recognised as Ensign Larne. Brooke, she thought her first name was.

"He should be fine, Chief", she couldn't keep a slight note of disapproval from her voice as they gently moved the crewman onto the gurney. Accidents happened, but for one to happen on the first day of full crew compliment seemed more than poor timing.
"I'll send you updates from sickbay".


Once Captain Naylor and Lieutenant Commander Hadrian had left the hangar deck Avanthi took a deep breath, releasing it slowly.

[i]Shuttle ride piloted by the Captain on my first day![/i]

She laughed a little, feeling ridiculously happy, almost giddy. The aim the whole way through training had, of course, been to get posted to an exploration vessel; but to actually find herself finally physically walking the decks of one that was to be her home for the foreseeable future was a little staggering.

Leaving the hangar she accessed the nearest terminal to find where her quarters were and started making her way through the labyrinthine corridors.

10/14/2007 10:40 AM

(OCC transporter would be used rather than gurney in future OCC)

"Naylor to engineering, report status," Zara and Mr Hadrian stood in the turbolift,
"Leia Kownos here captain, a small problem but all systems are a hundred percent and we are ready for launch,"
"I want a full report once we have launched,"
"Aye Captain,"


Kownos pressed her combadge again to end the message, letting out a sigh, she was a human with blond hair and blue eyes, her hair cut short reaching down to her cheeks. She was performing a seventh and final diagnostic on the warp core when the accident happened, a energy discharge had injured to of her crewmen that weren't familiar with their equipment. Everything was taken into hand now tho and she had to make sure everything was ready for launch, she also had to get the transporters online.


"It's only superficial," Xander took the dermal regenerator out of his pack and started to run it across the crewman's skin, "Can you stand?"
"Yes sir," The crewman got to his feet, slightly gingerly with Xander holding his hands out ready to catch him.
"You need to come to sickbay to a full exam," Xander turned his attention to the other crewman that was being loaded on to the gurney.


"Looks like we don't have anything to worry about," Zara gave away a smile, "Tell me have you ever launched a starship from a planet?" The lift doors opened and she stepped out onto the bridge.
"Captain on the bridge," Rachel Morgan stood up to attention as did the other bridge staff for a few seconds before returning to their duty, "Ma'am we are fully operation, all systems are online and all sections report ready other than sickbay, they are responding to a medical emergency but before hand reported ready,"
"Thank you Lieutenant Morgan," Zara walked round the rail at the back of the bridge and downwards taking the left of the two chairs. The bridge was mostly in metallic sliver directly in front of her was the Helms station, to her right was Scanning station, Tactical then the main panel behind her, to the left was Coms and the Science station.

Zara readied herself in her chair, she wasn't looking forward to her speech.

10/17/2007 2:46 PM

"Guess not..." Joseph said in reply. "And yes, I have launched a starship from a planet before... once before... the rest have been holodeck simulations." Joseph said being completely honest.

Joseph Stepped out of the trubolift with Cpt. Naylor. He walked slightly behind her and took the chair to the right of the Captain. After typing a few codes into the console to his right, he said "As soon as you are ready to depart Captain, we will begin leaving dock." Joseph said.

He took a good look at the Captain, and realized her uneasy look. However, he didn't know what the Captains reaction would be once she was "forced" to give the speech. He knew it would show what kind of Captain he would be serving with for a long time.


Eric sat in the cell tapping his feet and twiddling their thumbs. He began running through drink orders and food orders in his head. "Oooooh this is fun!" he said allowed.

10/18/2007 2:06 PM

Zara stood up and took a few steps across the bridge, "Lieutenant open a channel to the whole ship," She pulled on her jacket, before releasing into her rapidly prepared speech.

"This ship's namesake is that of Christopher Columbus, a leader of an effort to exploration and colonization of the Western Hemisphere on Earth in 1498. We too will be the leader of exploration into regions of space not visited by the federation. We don't know what we will find there, which is the reason that are going and is also the reason why I personally choose every member of this crew. I know everyone on this ship, will do their duty's to the best of their abilities and be a shinning example of the best the Alpha Quadrant has to offer."

Zara turned to her first officer and gave a relived smile,"Space is the final frontier, we are about to start to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before."

She let out a sigh, "Mr Brummer, blue alert," Zara sat back down in her chair, blue lights flashed along the lighting bars
"Aye Captain," The man to her left manning tactical,
"Mr Dwel, transmit the final launch code to the control tower,"
"Yes Ma'am, we are clear for launch,"
"Helm, take us up atmospheric thrusters only," Zara paused for a second, it was her first time launching a new ship, "Engage."


"Lieutenant, how long will it take us to reach Joshua station," Zara looked at the image of the moon that was displaced on view screen.
"It will take a fourteen seconds at full warp," Rachel answered right away,
"Plot a course at warp 4, build it up slowly checking with engineering,"
"Ma'am the ship has already had its shake down cruise, it is all working fine,"
"Lieutenant that was an order, everything works fine until it breaks down," Zara calmed herself, "Theres no need to reach Joshua faster than in the hour,"
"Miss Morgan you have the bridge," Zara stood up, "Mr Hadrian will you join me in sickbay?"

10/19/2007 9:28 AM


(OCC transporter would be used rather than gurney in future OCC)

It's still listed as valid medical equipment in the memory-alpha page, and there's even a picture of Harry Kim on one, but the transporter would be more expedient, lol]

The crewmen were checked over as calmly and efficiently as Amelie would have expected when they got to sickbay.

The more seriously injured of the two, Johnson, was already in the bioregenerative field: vitals stabilised and resting easily. His face looked relaxed and pain-free. They'd monitor him, of course, but by the time the metorapan started to wear off the field would've done it's work and most of the deep tissue damage would be repaired.

She was leaning back against a table, preparing the report on a datapad, when Captain Naylor's voice rang out shipwide on the comm system; her welcoming speech brief but no doubt inspiring to anyone who'd dreamed of a life in Starfleet.

She was eager to be off, but glad their initial journey would be brief- considering there had already been an accident there was more than enough scope for catastrophe before they reached Joshua Station

10/20/2007 5:17 AM

[OCC: I just find it funny that Columbus was a genocidal maniac]

Joseph sat at attention while he listened to the speech, it was short and rather trite. If she had told him, he could have written a well crafted logical speech... however he cursed himself in his head. He knew he shouldn't question his captain. His attention snapped back to reality, when he heard the Captain say "Mr. Hadrian will you join me in sickbay?"

"Yes Maim." he replied and followed the Captain to the turbolift. "Captain, after Joshua, where are we planning on heading?" he asked as the lift doors closed.

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10/20/2007 1:06 PM

"We are to proceed to Deep Space 5," Zara let out a sigh, "Then we are to investigate disturbances in the Typhon Expanse," She turned to her first officer, "Then we are to head to a new M class planet, the creatively named MJ-47821. After that we are we are to boldly go," Zara shot him a slightly cheerful look as shr stepped out of the turbolift and headed down to sick bay. She entered and walked to Dr du Champ's office, "Dr, I haven't the pleasure of meeting you yet, how are my crewmen?"

10/20/2007 3:34 PM

"Stable, and resting, Captain- and hopefully not superstitious".
Amelie couldn't prevent one tidily manicured eyebrow from raising slightly at the sight of their commanding officer.

By all accounts Naylor had a hands-on approach to captaincy, but given that they'd only just launched she would have expected her to remain on the bridge, at least for a while. It was indicative of a lot of trust in her crew, and a degree of comfort Amelie had rarely seen so early in a mission.

Her admiration for the woman rose several notches.

She was accompanied by- she trawled through the hundreds of names of the crew manifest in her mind- Lieutenant Commander Hadrian, Security Chief if she remembered rightly, although she'd heard rumours that Commander Noble hadn't arrived before they departed, which would have put him in line for First Officer.

She nodded at the man, wondering if the captain was already touring the ship or simply checking up on the injured crewmen. If they were in for a visit every time they treated someone there would be no need to motivate her staff to keep the sick bay at peak efficiency.

10/23/2007 7:53 AM

Joseph nodded and gave a slight smile at the news of heading out into uncharted areas. The M class planet had given him hope that again, humanity would continue to push past the confines of Earth. The disturbances in the Typhon Expanse had sounded interesting, but of course not half as interesting as exploring space... but again he was lost in his head.

As he stepped off the turbolift with the Captain, he followed her into sick bay. He looked at the crewmen as they lay on the bed recovering from their little mishap in engineering.

Joseph looked the doctor over quickly and immediately recognized her as Dr. Amelie Du Champ. As he peered around sick bay it appeared to be in perfect condition, except for the ensigns taking care of the injured crew.

"Doctor, I expect a full report as soon as the Captain gets one." Joseph said in a cool tone.

"Ensign Rivera to Commander Hadrian." Came over the intercom.
"Hadrian here Rivera, what is it?" Joseph replied.
"We have a Eric Rilla here in lockup, violation of cargo laws section 32a subsections b and c, who says he learned his lesson and wants to be let go..." Rivera said.

Hadrian turned to the Captain. "I wasn't aware of any current prisoners on board. However I do remember a Crewman Rilla, I believe posted as cook and bartender in the mess hall/bar." Joseph said to the Captain.

10/24/2007 3:21 PM

"Thank you, don't worry we didn't hit any albatross on the way up," The ship wasn't going to be doing anything taxing and she had faith in her crew and starfleet engineering, she had another matter with the Chief medical officer. "I see you run a good sickbay," Eying the room," I hope you can do the same on the bridge," Zara was a fan of giving good news, "Due to the change in officers and your rank means you will be required to take a place on the command duty roster."

"Mr Rilla was ordered to the brig by me for breaking regulations and smuggling contraband onto the ship," Her voice took a tone that was less pleasant, "He will remain there for the hour until we reach Joshua, I'm sure he can manage as no one has any free time until after we reach Joshua anyway."

"I'll be returning to the bridge is there isn't anything else Dr du Champ," Zara turned and walked out of sickbay, then back to the bridge. It was quite clear they were moving at low speeds from the view screen, "Inform all section chiefs other that Dr du Champ that I want reports of all systems operations, I'll take them in my ready room, Mr Hadrian you have the bridge.

Zara walked into her ready room, on one side there was a window showing space the length of the room, on the other wall was a tank with a Blatantc'k squid rapidly changing colour. Well so far nothings happened, she stat at he desk in the middle of the room and turned the screen towards her.


Xander took a final scan of the crewman he had been looking after the tri-corder not showing any damage, "Theres nothing wrong with you," He smiled at the crewman, "You can go back to engineering now but be more careful this time." The crewman slid off the table to the floor, "Thank you," He shook Xander's hand before leaving.

He looked at the other man who was already mid treatment, he wouldn't be any help there so he started checking the computers report of his patient.

10/27/2007 11:42 AM

(Theme music)

[i]Captain's log
Stardate 237411.9

Having left Jousha Station five days ago we are one eighth of our way to Deep Space 5, a so far uneventful journey. I've decided to spend some of the first few hours of free time since the launch to see if it was worth keeping Mr Rilla on board. [/i]

Zara walk quite quickly from the turbolift to the mess hall door, taking in the shape of the corridors. She took a seat at the bar, the room was half full of crewmen mostly due to the fact that it was the main shift change. She sat at the bar waiting to be served, she turned her head slightly looking out at the stars and the deep scarlet nebula to the right of the ship. Zara turned back to see Mr Rilla coming towards her, "A glass of iced Raktajino, please," She tensed the please as she wasn't sure whether use it or not.


Xander was sat a one of the table in the right corner of the mess hall, next to him was Ensign Sito holding a glass of spingwine. Opposite him was Ensign Trex who was staring at the Go board as Xander made his move, Trex was for once in a position to beat him so both were quite focused. Trex never normally manged to get anywhere near to beating him as he nearly always moved before thinking about Xanders last turn, this time there was something on Xanders mind.

The game ended in Xander crushing Trex removing nearly all his stones from play in one move and the conversation started again. "So you really think that Lieutenant Barrow has it in for you," Xander took the last of the stones off the board folded it shut.

"Why else would he have me crawling through the cooling ducts looking for that dam cat,"

"It is your job and bio sensors don't work in there," Verci took a sip of her wine, "And before you said you weren't there alone."

"Well I wasn't, but she wasn't that interesting I think her name was P'Reth orsomething, she was Vulcan but I didn't really talk to her, I think she's a freshmen."

"Well she's smart enough not to get talking to you," Xander innocently smiled across the table, "At least its a cat and not a Klingon Cak Hound roaming the ship."

"It's time," Trex looked up at the clock,

"We still need someone else," Verci reminded them as they all stood up,

"We could ask Trex's friend," Xander tucked his chair under. They all walked towards the door Xander carrying the Go box under his arm.

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10/28/2007 3:51 PM

"Right away Captain..." Eric said as he rushed off trying his best to please the Captain...

"Here you go!" He said as he put the drink down. "Anything else I can get you Captain?" Eric said.

"Sir, we are picking up some strange readings ahead of the ship..." the acting security officer said.

"What kind of readings?" Joseph asked as he turned around looking at the officer.

"Scans show it to be similar to that of Cardassian plasma weapons. However I'm showing no ships in the close vicinity." The officer said.

"On screen. Yellow Alert, Raise Shields. Hadrian to Captain Naylor, we have plasma residue from what appears like Cardassian weapons. However no confirmed ships as of yet, and no wreckage that sensors can detect." Joseph said over the comlink.

10/29/2007 6:05 AM

"Looks like your gona have to hold onto that," Zara got up from her seat and walked as briskly as she could back the way she came.


"Looks like poker nights off," Xander looked round the room as a murmur ran about the mess hall as everybody started to leave, "Come on then Verci, Trex I'll see you later sometime." They all walked out of the mess hall, Xander and Verci got out on deck six heading to sickbay while Trex kept going do to deck eight and the armory.


"Any more information," Zara walked on the bridge checking that her hair was still in place.

"Captain, there are three Cardassian vessels, they appear to be Hideki class patrol ships and they are exchanging fire between each other," The officer manning tactical replied.

"We're a long way from Cardassian territory," Zara mused walking around the railing and taking a seat in her chair, "Have they detected us yet,"

"No ma'am, they have taken no notice of us yet," The view screen changed to show all three ships, "One of the ships has taken heavy damage, weapons, shields and propulsion are offline and life support is failing."

"Helm take us out of warp, power up pulse phasers," She paused looking at the circling ships, "All hands red alert."

"As soon as we are in range open fire, target their weapons and propulsion systems," Zara touched a few buttons on the central pad between the chairs and looked at her first officer as the ship shook slightly.

There were three minutes before they were in range a hush fell across the bridge as the two functioning ships changed course to intercept them.

[i] The two much smaller ships flew past the saucer section firing with their yellow disruptors absorbed by the shields. Columbus returned fire with pulses hitting both ships, a section braking off one of them. [/i]

"Shields down to ninety six percent, one of the Cardassian ships is badly damaged. Both are retreating towards the damaged vessel,"

"Keep firing at the other ship, we're faster than they are put us between them and the damaged ship," Zara turned to her first officer, "It looks like we out class them."

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