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09/28/2007 12:35 PM

ok...I know im probably going to get into trouble for this but I got this idea from an interest thread that was up a while ago, the thread never made it to an actual game so I thought I would give it a shot. This will be a mixture of Naruto and historical ninja, your characters can have their own unique jutsu and clan. The story is that a once numerous ninja clan that ruled a region of central japan for centuries has started to decline from sickness, ambushes, assassinations and open warfare. A few select survivors have banded together to avoid extermination, a rival ninja clan ,called the Usui clan, attacked and killed nearly all the survivors. Only one ninja is thought to have escaped, but who knows? There may have been more. Im going to be the surviving ninja from the clan, which I have named the Udo clan. I think im going to have a maximum of two other survivors but there has to be a convincing story for how they escaped. also please fill out the appropriate character sheet. And any custom jutsu must be approved by me.

Clan:(Must Be the same as your characters last name)
Kekkei Genkai(Bloodline Traits):(If any, must be approved by me)

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