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09/27/2007 10:01 PM

Three strong men stood before Chase, all skilled fighters and veterens from previous operations. Chase examined each one thoroughly and grinned...

In a flash the training ring exploded in combat as the three men all jumped at Chase two atempt a kick, while the center one threw a powerfull punch. Chase caught both feet and kicking his foot high, sent a massive burst of flames towards teh center man. Chase flipped the two men in his hands over onto their backs and lunged at the center man delivering three swift punches to his stomach, chest, and throat. Nocking him down unconcious. The man on his right sent another kick flying towards his face. Jumping back to avaoid it Chase was caught by the other man. While the other man held him the second ran in delivering two powerfull upercuts to his gut, and a spinning kick to his face. Chase grinned as he stomped his feet down sending flames riding up the legs of the man holding him. As soon as the man let go of him to step back, Chase lept foreward planting a jump kick into the face of the man infront of him, then jumping ff of his face back to send a round house to the side of the last mans head. sending them both to teh ground unconcious.

Standing in the middle of the three men Chase wiped a small stream of blood from his face and walked off to his chamber. In the controll room above his father watched with disgrace.

" How could Chase be so easily overcome... He is a disgrace to this family. I told his mother we shouldnt have let him live past the age of two, He is bringing shame to this house. "

His father growled and stormed off to check their charts and prepare for their invasion the next day.

Standing infront of an alter to the fire nation king Chase meditated on his battle. After hours of meditation Chase went off to bed, Tomorow was going to be a big day, the day they invade the North Pole. Intel had reached them that the Avatar and her assorted team of escorts had stopped there for a few weeks to discuss their plans.

The next day Chase rose to begin his morning routine. He began by working out and then practicing his form. After which he layed out his uniform and began to polish every inch of it. After finishing, Chase suited up and walked to the Briefing room where he awaited his men.

Slowly they filed in one by one until all 50 were accounted for. Chase stood from his chair and walked over to a map of the region they were to land at shortly.

" This is where we will make landfall, and depart from the ship via Lizard back. After that we have a 15 minute ride to the small village. Our sources have infromed us that the Avatar will be traveling here via boat, to meet up with her guard and escorts. When we get there ten of you will enter the village at the main enterance with me, while the other 40 of you will quietly surround the village, and take out any gaurd or military presence. After which you will capture the head of the village and bring him to me, we will use him as the barganing peice that brings the Avatar with us. After we have captured the head of the village we will then suit up in the disguise of Water nation guards and peasents. When the Avatar gets here we will capture the Avatar, and do the same for their teachers as they arrive aswell. When we return we will put them in a cell and await further orders from my father. This is a simple assignment that will seal our victory in this great conquest. Now we don't know what the Avatar looks like, but we know that he or she is young. So we will be capturing anyone and everyone who comes to the village.

Chase stood and looked about the room to see that each soldier understood the plan perfectly. After which he dismissed them to suit up for their ride. Chase entered the stables and got on his armored black lizard, slowly he walked it to the front of the departure chamber and awaited his men. When they had finally all arrived on their green unarmored lizards Chase mounted his and awaited the large shake which would signal their landfall and their time to depart.

Suddenly there was a large shudder and followed by the sounding of a loud horn, at which point the front of the ship opened up and they quickly departed. Tearing through the frozen hills of the North Pole they neared their obective. Chase took calm slow breaths, and gripped his reigns tightly. This would be the one thing he could do to gain his fathers love and approval. If this didnt work then nothing would.

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09/30/2007 10:41 AM

Shou had arrived by boat in the village a day before. His ship had caught a fortuitous wind, and so he had been early. He head been glad to get off the water; not that this village was much better. He hated the absence of earth that he felt when on the water, when all he could feel was the obsidian embedded in the back of his blades. Still, he could feel the earth, underneath layers of ice, in this village, so he was a bit more comfortable here.

He was curious as to why this little village had been chosen as the meeting location. The capital of the water nation was far less vulnerable to attack. He understood that their objective was secrecy, but if the fire nation were to somehow find out about their meeting, this village hardly had the resources to repel any sizable attack. A few aging guards, some teenage hunters, an old waterbender and his apprentice were the sum total of its defenses. He understood that the waterbenders were in their element here and could do enormous amounts of damage to any invading force, but it still made the soldier in him very uncomfortable.

He had expressed these concerns on arrival, only to be assured by the headman that there was no possible way that the Fire Nation could have found out.

Shou did not like underestimating the Fire Nation, but there was little he could do. This was not a theater he was familiar with, so he would defer to those who had fought here.

09/30/2007 11:40 AM

Autumn lay facing up at the sky, she was laying on Ucahca a young Flying Bison who was now big enough to lay on comfortably. She fixed the air around her so that the chilling north wind didn't freeze them both into a big hail stone. They were above the few wispy clouds and above a clear blue ocean. Autumn rolled over pushing off Ucahca's back slightly with a brief laps inc concentration a small winds ruffled her hair. She knelt up looking into the distance, a huge while landmass loomed up in the rapidly approaching distance. They still had a way to go but at least they were going in the right direction, Autumn laid back down and put her arms around Ucahca's neck. "You can land if you want, you've been flying for hours," She whispered in the creatures ear.

She had been following Master Yong Sei but he had gone on ahead two days ago, since then she had been following him, not even really sure why he had asked her to come. Ucahca landed on the permafrost it's six legs bending slightly under it's weight. Autumn jumped off the ground cold and hard, she pulled a large blanket off of Ucahca and wrapped it around herself. She started to walk in the clear cold air heading further north, Ucahca walking along side her.

10/02/2007 9:06 AM


That word crept to Ru Gang Kun's mind upon his first glimpses of the charming little Earth Kingdom village as he came up the road on his hired horse, looking upon the sloped roofs and little rice paddies with the air of an artist looking upon a painting. Serene was one too. Picturesque and quaint soon followed. Having never really left Ba Sing Se, in fact having not even leaving his particular part of the sprawling city, such a sight was a fresh taste to his mind's eye and he found it quite nice to look at. The only problem so far was that everything was a bit open; at one point he was riding through a meadow and felt uncomfortably exposed. It was also rather chilly and Gang Kun had spent some of the money he brought with him to buy a new, thick outer robe coloured a nice earthy brown.

Walking down the street, observing the surroundings with a keen eye and avid interest, before finally coming across a small shrine that had been set up near a small eatery. Buying a bowl of rice, Gang Kun gave the offering to the shrine as an offering, before sitting himself down on the wooden veranda, legs crossed, and began to meditate to pass the time. He tried to think vaguely of what he could do until tomorrow, in fact he didn't even know what to do then. Start Earth Bending he guessed, try to get a reputation. Who knows, maybe one of the former Avatars might inform the current incarnation of him. Then the ball would really get rolling. Gang Kun sighed softly; a small village had a certain style to it, but until the Avatar came for him it would probably get rather dull.

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