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09/15/2007 3:42 AM

A dark shadow was running or maybe was it gliding across the dark city night, where out here after dark your more likely to get stabbed before you get shot. The shadow kept moving and didn't stop, it took a left, then a right, then jumped high into the air and landed on the roof of a silver sky scraper being careful not to topple of the edge to their messy death. "At last i have the power, the power to rule the multiverse mwahahahahah,"

The year 2028. years into the future where a shadowed being now rules the world. People are running, running from the hounds of hell, the gate keepers they get called. They guard the gate to hell, and will never let anyone past them but the shadow master.

The year 3049. the fall of the shadow master ten years ago was a relief for everyone but espeically for ferret, he was tormented everyday by the shadow minions, the creatures tortured him for sport, put him in fights with the hounds of hell, never letting him go anywhere but his cabin in the middle of the citadel of doom. But now ferret is able to walk around the citadel without fear, even the army won't be able to stop him now. The citadel now under his control, he can send the world into chaos far worse than the shadow master ever had caused.

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