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09/14/2007 6:08 PM

Tyler stood atop a small building, the wind rustled his long overcoat and his hair blew in his pale face. The city had become a warzone, building were in ruins and there were many losses on both sides. Tyler peered to his right, on the rooftop of the next building over stood one of his fellow nightstalkers. With a slight nod Tyler dropped to the ground, which was roughly three stories below, as if stepping down the stairs. Right behind him followed his partner when all of a sudden their mission to return to base was interrupted. A bright spotlight shone on them as they hit the ground,

"Vampires, prepare to be shot"

"Shit, how did they find us?"

Tyler bared his fangs and then turned down a dark alley just before the bullets started whizzing past him. His partner wasnt so lucky, he fell to the ground with at least ten bullet holes in his torso. By the time his partner's body began to turn to ash, Tyler was already running down the alley. Trying to buy some time he drew one of his automatic pistols and fired a few shots behind him. Apparantly he had some good aim as at least two different men fell to the ground wounded.

"Fuck, where the hell did they learn about our location?"

He stopped running and squated down against the wall. There were two ways out of the alley but both led to the street which was undoubtedly being watched, a metallic clanking could be heard to Tyler's right. Turning to see what it was he realized that a human military troop transport was blocking his escape and was spraying machine gun fire at the dumpster he was hiding behind.


09/15/2007 10:22 AM

Victor stood in a dark alleyway about two blocks from Tyler's position, A brisk breeze blew through the alley once and awhile and Victor was starting to wonder where Tyler was. They were supposed to rendezvous and return to base. He brushed a leaf from his bike and looked towards Tyler's direction.

Suddenly Victor heard the sound of several fully automatic rifles being shot in Tyler's direction. He quickly turned and sprinted towards the sound. As he came closer to the street he cloaked himself within the shadows of the night and popped out of the alleyway. Looking to his left he saw several soldiers and a armored vehicle all concentrating their fire on a dumpster.

Without hesitation he crept behind the soldiers and decapitated the man firing the mounted 50. cal atop the transport. Hopping down into the man hole Victor began to open fire on the soldiers cutting down all but two, before they turned and nearly shot his head off. Quickly ducking into the vehicle Victor drew his silver ballers and crept out the side of the truck. Pinned down behind the rear tire, Victor peered out to shoot a few rounds at them hoping to keep their attention long enough for Tyler to make a move.

" Goddamn humans... how the fuck did they find us? "

A round whizzed past his head and he fired a few rounds in their direction.

09/16/2007 3:55 PM

Scott Anderson sat in the ruins of a building that was once a warehouse. The window he was leaning in was open, the glass had been shot away much earlier. The wooden floor behind him had a gaping hole in from an artillery strike no doubt.

His suit was tarnished by dust and grime, only worsening as he leaned forward on the gritty floor. The window looked out into the square where the humans sat laying down suppresive fire on Tyler's position.

Another vampire, Victor Nightsbane, had come to Tyler's rescue only to get pinned down. Scott reached into his pocket and pulled out a comlink and keyed in on the Nightstalker channel. Both Tyler and Victor should be able to hear it, lest their walkie-talkie was destroyed.

"Don't worry, I got you covered" Scott spoke into the comlink. He then raised the sniper that he kept on his right side and pointed it out the window. He might have been able to get 2 before they figured out where he was, 3 if he was lucky.

The cross hairs of the sniper scope settled over the man with a machine gun raised who was firing toward Victor's direction. Scott fired the round and he droped to the ground, his head mutilated.

The other looked suprised and began looking to where the sniper shot came from. He was silenced a second later, the bullet in his torso this time.

"You guys can come out now, they are-" He was cut off as a bullet embed itself into the wall next to him. He rolled hard to his right, getting behind the wall. He quickly jumped up and ran into the next room, taking a glance out the window.

A whole caravan of new humvees and troopers were comming down the street. He scanned the rooftops of other buildings, spying the sniper and searchlights.

"You guys better hurry and get out"

09/16/2007 5:10 PM

"Don't worry, I got you covered"

Victor Peered out and fired two rounds at the men, neither hitting, but both getting their attention's. Quickly ducking back behind the truck Victor awaited the silence that would mean Scott had taken out the two soldiers.

After the sound of rifles had died Victor paused for a couple of seconds to be sure nothing else was out there.

"You guys can come out now, they are-"

Suddenly Victor heard the sound of vehicles most likely coming their way. He peered from behind the truck to see several Humvees coming their way.

" Fuck! "

"You guys better hurry and get out"

" Tyler if you come with me I have a ride two blocks over in an alley way. Last I was there it was completely deserted. " Said Victor into his comm. Looking out to make sure the coast was clear Victor picked up on the aurora of a sniper and fired several shots at him to get his head down.

" He is to your 3 Scott " And Victor quickly dashed across the street and into the alleyway that lead to his motorcycle.

" Fucking scum always mess everything up! "

09/27/2007 12:31 PM

Tyler dashed from his hiding place and turned down the alley. He dodged the flying bullets whizzing past his head and then he leapt two stories straight into the air and onto the roof of the building. He sprinted to the other side of the building, dropping to the ground he ripped open a manhole and dove in. The sound of the fighting dissapated as he descended deeper and deeper into the sewers. He cracked his neck in a spiral and adjusted the collar of his overcoat, he was approaching the base of the vampire community. The guards demanded his identification, instead of an ID card he simply pulled up his left sleeve to reveal a glyph like tatoo on the underside of his wrist. He passed through the gigantic metal doors and followed the maze of hallways to the prince's room. The throne room wasnt very impressive, after the years of having been hidden under ground. He knelt down on one knee before the head of vampire society

"My lord, please call a meeting of the council"

09/27/2007 6:05 PM

Coming to his Motorcycle, Victor looked about and decided the coast was clear. Hopping onto his bike, he fliped the ignition switch and with a powerfull rev it came to life. Revving the engine twice he popped it into second gear and took off.

Crusing down the highway out of town at 60 MPH Victor saw 2 sets of headlights coming up quickly behind him. instinctivly Victor up shifted and spun the throttle as far as it would reach. He quickly made for the off ramp and went back into the city blocks. Losing them on the turn Victor slowed his speed just to down shift and gass it again when he saw another humvee coming at him from an intersection. Dodging it by inches Victor quickly fled to get out of town.

Making a left at the next intersection Victor passed an old parking garage to find two Humvees chasing him with great haste. .50 caliber rounds were flying everywhere as he sped down the street, taking turn after turn to lose them.

" Pieces of shit cant shoot for shit, they just fire as many rounds as they can and hope they hit. "

Hitting a long straight away Victor up shifted and revved his engine looking back and puling out his Desert Eagle and shooting one round striaght through the skull of one of the gunners. Looking ahead to see his turn coming up quickly Victor put his gun away and quickly braked to zip through the turn, carefully avoiding a puddle that one of the pursuing Humvees clumsily hit. The large truck slid into the other pushing them both into a building killing everyone in the wreck.

With a shake of his head Victor sped off to his hidden underground passage to the Vampire colony. slowly cruising through the underground tunnels Victor finally made it to the enterance to be ID'ed and granted passage. He parked his Bike in his garage with his collection of other vehicles and weapons. Calmly Victor walked off to his room where he entered and layed down to relax.

09/30/2007 6:10 AM

Scott whiped around to the window on his right. He raised the rifle to three O'clock and fired quickly, taking out the sniper before he could react. Scott turned back around and walked away from the window to the stairwell, where he could go down and enter the sewer system. He heard voices and a creaking sound, enemy soldiers were comming up after him.

"Can't get out that way" Scott muttered to himself as he turned and walked over to his duffel bag. He brought a load of other weapons with him for this mission. He quickly grabbed a frag grenade and walked back to the stair well. Tearing the pin out, he hurled the grenade down onto the stairs a level below him. Scott jumped back and covered his ears as the explosion happened.

The stairs had been mutilated, a gaping hole now was situated in the middle, preventing access. "That oughta slow them down" Scott said as he grabbed the bag and sprinted up the rest of the stairs.

When Scott reached the roof of the building, he droped to his knees and began inserting a long harpoon with rope attached to it into his sniper. Scott aimed the sniper over the side of the roof and fired at the opposite building. The harpoon jammed itself into the building, Scott heard more gunshots from afar.

Grabbing his rifle and bag, he grabbed onto the leather wire that ran beetween to buildings, and began his slide across. Nobody noticed him from the street below as he went across, the wind whiping across his face. Scott crashed through an open window, the glass shattering on his impact.

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