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09/10/2007 9:18 PM

ok heres my idea
Story: This is a time in another world where orcs and the undead live side by side with elves and humans who used to fight them. However now an evil allience has been made that threatens this peace. Now all races fight on one side or the other for either continuation of the peace. Or the return of the traditional fights of old.

you will play a general of either the holdstrom allience or of the vile hoards of the north. you can choose between the four races on any side and have endless combinations of what your army has.

char. sheet.

Allience: ( holdstrom or hordes )
Race: elves, humans, orcs, undead.
general rank: anywhere from 1-5 1 being the lowest on the chain therefore they only control their own army. 5 being the most elite allowing them to order a few lower generals around.
Army: this gives your troops. you have five slots. basic troops are: swordsmen, spearmen, archers, light calvary, calvary. special troops are: dark sorcorer for the undead, trolls for the orcs, ents for the elves, and mages for the humans. (note: mages arfe strong against ents but weak against dark sorcorers, sorcorers are strong agains't mages but weak against trolls. and trolls are strong against sorcorers but weak against ents. a special unit is only one person while basic units are hundreds of people.
description of general:
bio: if any

now for some fighting mechanics. spearmen are good against swordsmen and cavalry but weak against light calvary and archers. archers are strong against spearmen and lightcalvary but weak against calvary and swordsmen. swordsmen are strong against archers and light calvary but weak against spearmen and clavary. light calvary are stong against spearmen and normal calvary but weak against archers and swords men. calvary is strong against swordsmen and archers but weak against spearmen and light calvary.

anyone intrested?

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