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09/08/2007 2:00 AM

"zainana, zainana where are you," a voice shouted from the dark pits of starship joker.
"i'm here giza, over here, wheres the light switch when you need one." theres a bang and a crash then red evacuation lights start flashing. "giza whats going on? why do we have to go? how do we leave here anyways?" "i don't know zainana i just don't know but we must leave now, it could be dangerous for us here." giza grabs zainanas hand and pulls her towards what he thinks is the door.

09/08/2007 9:09 AM

The Toker sits on the toilet within the head of Starship Joker. Always one to sieze an oppertunity, he pulls out his Blavian-noogged skull bong a takes a big-ass rip. As the Toker holds in the sacred smoke, he notices a NO SMOKING IN THE HEAD sign. He then looks downward to the sticker under the sign, warning that alarms will sound off if the rule is violated. He holds the smoke in, hoping it will be absorbed by his lungs, but it's some good expanding shit, and his over-zealous rip makes him cough it all out pre-maturely.

The contracting of muscles causes his sphincter to weaken, releasing a fart coupled with explosive splatters of fecal matter all over the stainless steel bowl, at the same bodily expundant velocity as the cough.

All of the sudden red lights start flashing and sirens wail... he hears the pattern of hasty footsteps and without warning, the door flies open. The Toker looks up and sees some dude holding some chick by the hand...

"Close the fucking door dude... I'm taking a shit!"


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09/14/2007 11:20 AM

zainana and giza where running, through the evacuation tunnels, and started to climb a ladder to the evac shuttle deck. when they reached there, the evac patrol dude started to talk to them, but giza and zainana couldn't hear him. the alarms stopped. "hey, giza zainana why you guys up here we're not in imminent danger you know." the patrol guard shouted. zainana and giza exchanged a suprised look, "but why did the evac alarm go off then steve." zainana replied. then the siblings wandered off back towards their sleeping quarters.

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