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09/06/2007 12:26 AM

He sat with his back to the wall, booted feet resting soundly atop a a solid oaken table.
He sat with two other companions. A gully dwarf and a Kender. It was quite strange, a passerby would think.. A human hanging around with the likes of these two, but never the less he was.

He was known to most as "That man" Or "This guy that did that one thing that one time." But to a very few he was a friend.

"Bini. What time is it?" The man asked, slightly cross. He had been sitting watching the Kender twiddle with a few contraptions that he had come across on his travels.

"Time for you to buy a new watch I think Ronin." Smiled the kender. He rolled his eyes. The Kender had been grating on his last nerve as of late, and was slightly less enthused with his previous comment then he would have liked.

"Had someone not borrowed it, I wouldn't have to." He muttered.

"I heard that."

"I hope so." Ronin Grinned.

"Do you think they'll come?" Bini asked.

"I would hope so." He whispered. "I built this inn for them." He turned to the door and waited. Any time now, they would be walking through. A reunion of sorts. He looked forward to it.

09/09/2007 9:30 PM

She stopped outside the inn. From the outside, it didn't seem to hold much promise. But then again, the man who built it didn't seem to hold much promise at first glance either. A man who traveled with gully dwarves, kenders, and her. The quarter elf shook her head, her shoulder length chestnut hair falling about her shoulders.

"What are you doing here?" Sherina asked herself. "And why the hell did I dress up?"

Looking down at herself, she was still shocked to find herself wearing a midlength skirt, sandals, and a blouse. Usually she wore breeches, a tunic, boots, and a sword strapped to her waist. But, tonight, she felt that dressing up was in order. After all, it wasn't every day an old friend built an inn.

"Well, waiting out here isn't going to make it any easier," she muttered, and with a deep breath, she opened the door and walked in to see what awaited her.

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