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08/31/2007 9:38 PM

Ok i have an idea for a horror rpg set in prison.

story: Hangers Hill has had a shady past. It started as just a hill people were hung from but eventually evolved into a high security prison. Now days many of the people who were sent to death here have been buried here to. Hangers hill has had many famous criminals. From Four Fingered Horace to Buck " shot " Heston. Even now people wait on death row here. waiting for the chair. Although not the electric Chair as most think it is in a gas chamber and is used to restrain those sent to death. However today is a different day. The Chair won't restrain the prisoner. It'll just unleash his fury. As he is being executed, John Barnskin says a small chant. it seems like nothing for the longest time. Till he dies. The prison becomes the epicenter to a earthquake and suddenly John gets back up. Creatures begin comming from the cracked ground and some of the formerly dead begin to rise.

we'll play as prisoners on death row or visiters to the prison who try to escape the horror that has become Hangers Hill. The Character sheet is as follows.

nickname: if any
crime: if prisoner
weapons: shivs, bronze knuckles, guards revolver, etc
items: hand cuff keys, weed, medical kits, etc

is anyone intrested?

09/01/2007 9:41 PM

Looks damn awesome. Sounds like something my fucked up mind would spit up... I'd love to in. I'll wait for a few others to see before I come up with a Character.

09/02/2007 7:49 PM

sweet. thats one. is anyone else intrested in joining?

09/06/2007 11:25 PM

Kick-ass! I'll play for sure!

09/09/2007 11:01 AM

ok that makes two. start making characters when you want to. i'll post mine.

name: James thine
Age: 34
Gender: male
nickname: snap.
crime: James had enough. Those damn school kids never had any respect for him. they always tore up his shop. so one day he catches them before they continued. It led to one of the most brutal school killings ever. fourteen dead, all shot in the head.
weapons: shiv ( sharp ends on a piece of metal with duct tape wrapped around between the ends.)
items: painkillers, lock picks.
Description: James is white with brown hair and eyes. he's about 6'2 and is now 230 pounds. He's well built and has a scar across his stomach from a prison fight. James keeps to himself and rarely fights unless he deems it necessary. or when he snaps.
Bio: James used to own a convinience store in the city. It was hassled often by the local school kids till James snapped. James got his nickname from taking in all the punishment and harrasment he can till he snaps. James started working out in prison and gained about 50 pounds of muscle in the seven years he's been in prison. He didn't have any kids or a wife. James eventually learned how to pick certain locks from a friend he met in prison and was taught how to pick door locks and key locks. But his friend died in a prison fight before he could learn anything more.

09/16/2007 1:24 AM

name: Horus Black
Age: 29
Gender: Male
nickname: "Black"
crime: 19 counts of murder in the first degree. Three years ago in late October, Horus Black began killing drunk men, that he observed leaving strip clubs. The string of serial murders known as "The Black Winter" lasted almost 5 months across 6 states. He always killed the men with his bare hands, some bodies so horribly mangled, that some victims families aren't positive they buried the right corpse.
Weapons:Steel Pipe (From his bedframe)
Items: Lighter, Ciggarettes
Description: Horus is a massive man, he stands almost 7 feet tall, with a hulking frame. His pale white skin is covered in tattoos he aquired in prison, now 3 years into a life sentence. He doesn't associate with any particular group amongst the inmates, but everyone leaves him alone, for fear of becoming number 20.

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