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08/30/2007 10:24 PM

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Chris looked over the edge of the rooftop. He could see the medical clinic beneath him. It used to be a free clinic till the russians came. Now it's a infirmary for the russian army. He took out his spray paint and got ready. Chris tied the rope to a pole on the roof. He threw the rest of the rope over the edge into the alley. He went halfway down and started he art. He used this technique alot. it was best for marking strike points. he changed it every week so no one knew what it was. He sprayed his first letter (I) with several layers then started on the second (W). After he sprayed the initials he climbed back up and undid the rope. There wasn't much that was easy to find nowdays. Chris had been doing this for a few months now. He left his sniper rifle back at his " pad " in the sewers. But he kept his revolver in case something went wrong. He always kept it round to since this was a special mission. Chris normally was one of the first to be told of a major attack. He was after not only a sniper in battle but the fighters' main scout. it took him awhile to gain reconision due to his age. but since he was so unsuspecting he turned out to be very valueable. Chris started to go down a few floors inside of the building till he heard what most had dread.

" He's on the roof. get him he's a fighter. Captain wants him alive."

The russians spotted him. *But how did they know?* Chris thought. he took out his revolver and waited till they came into view. BAMBAMBAM. Chris shot two more shots as his first three hit the man in front and the other guy behind him. the last two shots went into a third guy's head as he jumped out a second later. Chris ran down the stairs as he reloaded. He finally got to the lobby and saw four soldiers standing at the main hallway.

" whats taking them so long? and what was that racket?"
" it was probaly just Boskov tripping again. That guy is such a damn clutz."

Chris sighed. He couldn't screw around with them. He lookedaround for another exit.

" halleluya." Chris wispered as he saw his exit. a hallway that lead straight to his sewer grate. Once he was outside there was a ruffed up guy with old dirty clothes. The man looked up at him and said. " Well so much for a ghost ehh? better hurry up you tagged the spot right?"

" yeah i tagged it," Chris said " I thought you were the lookout though?"
" yeah true. but come on we gotta go or those guys you killed will raise alarm."
" no shit james." Chris said as he started down the ladder.
" HELLO no names remeber? geez stupid teens." james said as he waited for Chris to go down. once Chris got down James followed and closed the grate above them. Both Chris and James headed to the base to report one job done. All three places were tagged. the clinic, the post office, and the warehouses. the strikes would go as planned.

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08/30/2007 11:24 PM

Aaron punched a couple more keys on his laptop. Finally there was a small trill signaling that he was in. He scanned the page for what he was looking for and found it about halfway down. It was a map of the Russian supply routes for that week. He plugged in his flash drive and downloaded the map onto it along with the lists of supplies that would be transported and where they were going. The freedom fighters could really use this intel. He shut down his computer and stuck it into his bag then slung the bag over his shoulder.

Aaron walked over to the window and looked out. He was on the fourteenth floor of an abandoned office bulding near the middle of the city. He saw people walking along the streets below, as tiny as toy soldiers from this height, going about their lives as normal and trying their best to ignore everything happening around them. Aaron didn't know how theyy did it. How did they all wander along doing nothing to fight these invaders who had attacked their country and killed their loved ones. These Russians who had turned these people into prisoners of war even though they had never donned a uniform. Aaron couldn't understand it. He had to fight. He just couldn't live like that. The Russians had imprisoned his father and done who knows what to his mother and sixteen year old sister.

But Aaron would save them. He would kill as many Russians as it took too. He checked to make sure his shotgun and his revolver were loaded then walked out of the room and made his way down to street level. His shotgun was hidden in his backpack and his pistol was under his coat in order to avoid suspicion. He turned left and headed towards headquarters to report in and hand over his most recent intel.

08/31/2007 9:11 PM

Chris made his way through the sewers with James. He did this many times before but the additional fighter always changed. Sometimes it was James. Others Officer Frank. sometimes Aaron even. There were more but those are the few he went out with. He tried to stay away from Frank though. That guys was a pain in the ass. He only went with Frank for special assignments that need Frank's authorization. Chris found his way to the fork in the pipes and went to the left one. most said that way was longer but Chris found a hatch that went all the way to the main post in alot shorter time then going to the right path. He found his hatch and went inside. After they got through and James closed the hatch, Chris went down the path till he came to another hatch next to the path. This was Chris' own little pad. He only showed this to Aaron and James. at least the real pad and not the " armory " as he called it. The armory was the first room. it had a bed and some personal items in it but it was also where he stocked a few guns. His fathers rifle was the only thing missing from the collection only because he was sure his mother needed it. In the armory there is a another two hatches. one leads to the post and the other to the "real" pad. This was where he had all his stuff. Tvs, computer, magazines, old newspapers, hell even his own arcade machine he bought one day before the russians came. He also had more guns in there but that was in case of an invasion. The russians never found them yet but there was always time for firsts. Chris opened the hatch and stepped into his armory. He picked up a mossberg 12 gauge shotgun that just about everyone had. Chris also picked up the small token on a necklace he used to get in. everyone had it to get in but Chris put his on a chain so he didn't worry about losing it in his pockets. He tied the shotgun to his backpack and headed back to the main post.

09/01/2007 12:52 AM

When Aaron got to HQ he saw Chris entering through his little door that led to his pad. Aaron headed for the main desk to report in. He waved at Chris as he passed then reached the desk.

"What can I do for you sir?" asked the seceratary, just like every seceratary in every office building all through New York before the invasion.

"I need to report in to Colonel Garret," Aaron said.

"I'm sorry sir but the colonel is in a meeting right now. If you could take a seat in a chair I will call you when he is through," replied the seceratary.

"Okay, thank you," Aaron said. He walked over to one of the chairs sitting along the wall and sat down. He pulled out his iPod and a copy of 'Dies The Fire' by S. M. Stirling and sat back to wait. He wasn't upset about waiting either. This was the first break he'd had in days. He turned the iPod to 'Life During Wartime' by the Talking Heads and opened his book.

09/02/2007 8:18 PM

Chris just got out to see Aaron waving to him but before Chris got to wave back he was gone. Chris headed down the hall with James and made his way back to the main battle post. He entered just as some of the officers were planning the attack. He spotted their " leader " on the other side looking at some old blueprints. " Mrs. Brown our recon is done and i've set the attack markers." Chris started. "Our original suspicions for the post office and the clinic were correct. the post office had quite a few communication towers and it has some computer servers. The clinic has many wounded soldiers and a few docters. However as i made some markers i was caught in the process. but no one saw us leave. We could not get close enough to the warehouses to see their contents."

Mrs Brown smiled " good we'll make the announcement about the strike in a half hour. spread the news."

" Yes miss." Chris left the room and headed for the main living quarters.

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