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08/30/2007 1:51 AM

Please, [i]please[/i], if you are going away, have too much work in RL, have writer's block, or are otherwise unable to post for a while [i]please[/i] let your players know.

Everyone gets busy/uninspired at times but people are much more likely to be understanding of absences if you warn them.

I've seen it in a few threads I'm not involved in, and I've found myself left floundering in a couple of threads lately and it's [i]really[/i] irritating if you don't get an explanation- something as quick as a line in the OOC.

It's just courtesy- and if you have a history of disappearing (and then returning without apology/explanation, which may be even more irritating than disappearing in the first place) people notice, and that may prevent them joining a thread of yours in the future.

Personally speaking, I'm not all that inclined to waste my time creating a character and trying to write decent RP posts if I think the TM is just going to piss off without letting the players know- but if the TM [i]warns[/i] me that they're going to be away, or posting is going to be slow, I'm more than willing to go ahead with it.

The same of course goes for players so that people aren't waiting around for posts that aren't going to come.

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