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08/28/2007 10:32 AM

Let it be known, that on the 27th day of the month of August, Initiare Ne_Drac hath challenged me, Max, Novice of the Ordo Aqua. And on this day, the 28th day of the month of August, I have accepted said challenge, which shall be enacted immediately.

Let it also be known that this shall be a fair fight, excluding god-modding, bunnying, meta-gaming, and any outside interference, but including dirty fighting, tactics of any kind, ingenious role-play, and superb fighting. (;))

The challenger shall henceforth issue a proclamation declaring the rules and outline the specifications of this battle, and await my own acceptance.

Initiare Ne_Drac! I hearby call ye a scurvy dog and label thee a spineless cur, and call you forth to defend your honour!

08/29/2007 2:46 PM

A scurvy dog you say? A scurvy dog?!?! A dog I may be but one with scurvy I am most assuredly not. That good sir is a insult and I shall not stand for it! THIS MEANS WAR!

As for the terms of combat it shall be as follows.

Single combat between Max and myself.

Character options: Humans since I and I am assuming Max also are such. Height and weight to be stated. Armor and apparel are open however with the obvious restrctions i.e. no full suits of armor and expecting to run, jump and skip like a break dancer.


Hand to hand combat. Swords, axes, spears etc etc etc. No long range weapons such as slings, bows/crossbows. All weapons carried on ones person must be declared before the battle begins.


Where else should such a battle take place but in a grand arena! We shall fight on the dirt of the earth so that blood will be more visible to spectators =).

Open ground with nothing to hamper or hinder one another save perhaps for the random stone or rock that somehow evaded detection.

Along the wall shall be a vast array of the accepted weaponry for which the fighters may choose from. Fighters will make their selections once entering the arena to ensure no unlawful enhancement of said weapons.

The Rules:

No interference.

No magic.

This is a contest of martial prowess between mortal men as they lock together in gladitorial combat. Strength of arm, speed of foot and a sharp mind are they only tools one will have available to them.

Both fighters will enter from opposite ends of the arena and meet one another in the center.

If at any point during the match a fighter wishes to change their weapons they may, however they must retrieve it from the wall and risk being stabbed in the back like the cowardly son of a whore they are!

Most importantly this is fight is TO THE DEATH! It will not stop until only one or both fighters have been killed.

Accept these terms and let us begin!

09/03/2007 7:39 AM

The terms are accepted.

I shall wear a sleeveless toughened leather tunic reinforced with metal studs, with padded cloth on the inside, and pants of the same make. This should provide some protection against crushing blows and a modicum amount of protection against a blade. I shall also wear steel-toed boots. (Unless items of this nature are disallowed. ;))

Weaponry which I shall carry onto the field with me are a spear, three daggers hidden on my person (one in each boot and one on the lower back), and a small axe on my hip (slightly larger than a hatchet).

Let the battle begin!

09/03/2007 12:32 PM

Your choice of weaponry and armor is of course accepted.

I shall be wearing similar style armor (great minds think alike eh?)

As for weapons I shall be armed with a sword and shield. A pair of curved knives strapped to the lower back. That is all for me although there should be plenty of other weapons nearby to make it interesting. Let us begin indeed!

09/07/2007 10:38 PM

[b]In tales told in taverns, one hears of great acts of heroism and valour. One hears of death defying stunts, and breath-stopping moments. Glory and riches fill the ears of those who listen to the wild stories spun by those who have never even touched a blade. These charlatans dream of glory and valour, but we know better.

War is not glorious. Battle is not honourable. Death is not valiant. It is pain, it is sadness, and it is terrifying. These are the truths that all warriors must soon grow accustomed to, or die themselves.

And here, in the heart of [i]civilization[/i], battle shall be done for the sake of entertainment. The roar of the crowd, the stamp of their feet overhead, the raucous calls of vendors making profit off of the mob above swarm all around; I hear it all, but heed none of it.

I transcribe these, my last thoughts, as I have so many times before. Once again I bid thee, my treasured manuscripts, farewell, as I know that death is likely. Perhaps one day some poor soul will come across these leafs of parchment. If that be the case, I should hope that they be read at least once before thrown to fuel a bed-side fire. Although, if that is not the case, then the finder of these manuscripts would not be any the wiser to my wishes, would he?

The roar has quieted - the announcements are being made. I must prepare myself.

Adrastos Karakis[/b]

With swift but careful movements, the dark figure stows the precious vial of ink, the parchment, and the quill back in their hiding place.

He then strides to the weapons rack.

"Any word on who, or what, ye'll be facin', Adrastos?"


"Hear the Emperor is comin' ter see yer match. Reckon they'll want a good fight."

"I reckon so."

"I'd be nervous, myself. Firs' no word on yer opponent, then the Emperor shows up? Bad omens, if you ask me."

"Well it's a good thing I didn't ask, isn't it?" With a jerk, Adrastos strapped the last dagger on the small of his back.

"Really, Panos, if I didn't know any better I'd mistake you for one of the Empress's eunuchs," he continued, with a look of humor hidden as he inspected the spears.

"Don't make me kill ye before the match even starts!"

In the arena, a gong sounded, signaling the event was about to start. Adrastos selects a spear - one approximately a foot and a half taller than he was, but that wasn't saying much - and turns around. All mirth has gone from both Adrastos and the grizzled warrior standing before him.

Panos extends his hand. "In the face of death,"

"We fight undaunted," Adrastos finishes, clasping forearms. With a nod, Panos steps out of the way, and Adrastos makes his way half-way up the entrance ramp and waits, head down and eyes closed.

He hears the gears being worked, but doesn't look up until he feels the sunlight hit him full in the face. He starts walking, entering the arena and halting fifteen feet in front of the gate he had just walked out of. He was well away from the center, but he paused to glance around the arena.

The throngs of people were yelling, some applauding him and others cursing him. He did not care - none of that mattered. His eyes searched until he found the Emperor's box, finding it indeed occupied.

Without wasting any more time on the matter, he looked forward, to see his foe emerging from the bowels of the underground.

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09/13/2007 10:41 AM

The air was positively ripe with excitement. Even down beneath the grand arena Kael could easily guess the number of those attending today. Their foot stomps, cheers and even idle comments made the underbelly of the colesium sound like a battle field with grand thunderclaps and steady beating wardrums as their feet moved in unison.

Slowly the young man arose from the bench he had been sitting on. His fingers worked quickly and with practiced ease as he secured the bracers on his forearms. With a strip of leather he reached back and tied his long dark hair behind his head and secured in place. With a final tuck that put most of it beneath his leather armor without impeding his head movements he slowly walked forward towards the weapons rack.

As he carefully tested a pair of curved daggers he heard footsteps approach him. Strange was this since most knew to simply leave him alone. Fear of the man and fear of his father meant that his life as gladiator and slave was one of solitude. Feeling the weight of the smaller blades he tucked them into a set of sheathes at the small of his back. Without looking he could tell someone stood nearby watching him.

Almost wisihing he hadn't let curiousity get the best of him Kael looked over his shoulder and saw a fat, almost lazy looking man dressed in garments far too expensive for this atmosphere.

"Servus" the young man finally said, "what brings you here?"

"Cannot a man come to say hello to a friend young master?" the man's voice was thick with contempt almost as if he found the situation humerous.

"You are not my friend and I am not your master." Slowly Kael turned and looked at the fat man. A deep tan covered his skin as it strained over muscles developed from struggle and strife. His green eyes seemed to almost pierce the intruder as he right hand drifted back to the daggers he had just secured. A second, maybe less, and the blade could be cleared from its sheath and into Servus's heart.

"I merely come to inform you that your father has chosen to attend the games today so that he may witness your match."

That certainly was a shock.

"The Emperor is here?"

Servus couldn't contain his smile as he leaned back on his heels with a look of sheer glee.

"Of course. You are his son after all and he wishes only to support you in this endeavor you have chosen." Rage filled Kael from the pit of his stomach but he let it slowly wash over him and let it go. Anger was not the way to fight, not here and not now. He turned back to weapon's rack and chose a round shield, spartan design from the looks of it, a sword of medium length. As he held both to confirm the feel and weight of them in his hands he looked back at Servus.

"I am not his son and nothing more then the bastard son of a whore he played with in his younger years. My whole life he denied my exist and proclaim me to be no heir of his. Now that his oaf of a heir got himself cleaved in two against the barbarians he sees it fit to proclaim me his son? He can burn in Hades for all I care and the same goes for that nest of vipers he calls friends."

Servus simply smiled even more. The cheers above stopped which meant announcements where being made. Another roar from the crowd signaled that his opponent had just entered into the arena. As Kael waited he heard his own name called. It was time.

Servus extended his hand towards Kael, "In the face of death," the fat man started the customery phrase used by gladiators before a match. With a swift and clean arc Kael's brought his sword around and felt it bite into the arm at the wrist. It was a well made blade and the swing was perfect, the angle caused the hand to simply flop away onto the ground with a sickening thud.

"I fight alone." he answered as he walked up the ramp. As he felt the dirt of the arena beneath his feet he heard the crowd roar in approval at his appearence. From across the way he saw his opponent. Even at distance the spear he carried was obvious. With a flash of steel Kael twirled his sword into a reverse grip and planted it into the ground. Slowly he kneeled and grabbed a handful of dirt. Rubbing it between his hands would help his grip to stay solid when the sweat began to flow.

He turned and faced his opponent. His eyes where unwavering as he awaited the battle to begin.

09/18/2007 2:33 PM


Adrastos watched Kael emerge from the shadows, and he instantly recognized the young man.

[i]Fighting the emperor's son while he watches...fuck![/i]

Adrastos had the sinking feeling that even if he were to win the fight, it would only be to feel the executioner's axe come morning. He wouldn't allow these thoughts to distract him, though. Not yet, anyways.

He placed the butt of the spear onn the ground, leaning the shaft against his shoulder, and he too knelt to the earth. Rubbing the sand against and into his skin, he kept his gaze locked on his opponent.

He was wearing the garments typical to experienced fighters - not too heavy or hot, while providing some protection. He was carrying a sword and a shield, and as he bent down, Adrastos saw the unmistakable bulge of a pair of daggers on his back - the prince's specialty.

Standing up, he walked to the center of the arena, stopping at the appointed spot. Setting the butt of the spear against the ground, he stood and waited for the prince to reach his spot. The announcer continued to be speak, occasionally drowned out by an uproar of the crowd. Through all of this, his eyes never wavered from his opponent's.

Finally, relative quiet settled over the arena. Still, he didn't move. The tension grew, the audience waiting for the beginning of the fight, and each warrior seeing who would be the first to move.

At the sound of the gong, Adrastos exploded into action. Rushing forward, he grabbed his spear as it fell from the resting spot on his shoulder, extending it until he had a grip of the butt end and a third of the way up the shaft. A couple of slashes to keep the prince on guard, a small thrust easily deflected, and he came in low, spear slashing at the prince's quads.

09/19/2007 8:36 AM

A smile came across Kael's lips as he finally recognized his opponent. Adrastos had gained something of a reputation since competing as a gladiator. The man was smart, skilled and deadly with a spear. As Kael watched him stride forward he noted that their choice in armor was very similiar. That meant neither one would have the advantage in movement.

Kael checked hefted his shield onto his left arm, and gave his sword a light twirl with his right hand (had to clarify) as he watched the other man rub sand onto his palms. The simple way he balanced the spear on his shoulder said alot. The man was smart, experienced and knew a great deal about how to balance the weapon.

The pair continued their staring contest right up until everything went silent. This was it. The moment in which a gladiator never felt more alive then this moment right here right now. Heart beats before combat when everything was perfect and time almost seemed to stop. Typically people always expected the emperor's son to make the first move. But he never did. He who struck first usually bled first.

And then the gong sounded.

Adrastos took the immdeate advantage as he exploded into action, he expertly caught his spear and immdeatly took advantage of his reach. Kael simply half-stepped back from the first slashes but felt the wind from the passing anyways. A thrust was next and Kael stepped in, his shield rotated down to accept the blow, with the defensive weapon blocking Adrastos's line of sight he flipped his sword into a reverse guard. The final movement was a low slash obviously meant to cripple him in the first moments of the battle. Had Kael been anything but a gifted fighter it would have caught him off balance. But he had seen the move before with a different fighter and knew what to do.

As the spear head came in low Kael did not block it but instead pivoted on his lead left foot which took his body and switched profiles as his right leg and side came forward and took the lead. The move gave him just enough distance and time to bring his sword around still in the reverse grip and to slam its fine edge just behind the head of spear. Continuing the movement again he now pivoted on his right foot as he held the sword in place as he again swivled outward, his back turned towards Adrastos but that was an acceptable loss since his shield arm swung with it, Kael held it parallel to his opponent as he intended to smash him with the metal object. If Adrastos kept his weapon he would be hard pressed to avoid the strike, however if he let go he would be in close range of an opponent fully well armed and skilled enough to take the advantage.

09/19/2007 9:54 AM

Fighters are creatures of habit. You drill the same things over and over until they become instinctual - that is what makes a good fighter. A good fighter doesn't have to think, he just [i]does[/i]. Adrastos knows this, and he knew that Kael knew this as well. Fortunately for Adrastos, the statement held true regardless of whether one realized it. Well, this time anyways.

Adrastos knew that with his long weapon, there was no way he would be able to attack Kael's exposed backside, and if Adrastos knew one more thing it was to assume that whatever he knew, Kael knew. Adrastos assumed the prince was ready to slash with his sword the moment the shield did its work, probably in a reversed grip, but he didn't know for sure, because the prince did a very good job masking that side.

Regardless, Adrastos didn't care - he wasn't going to give the prince the chance.

As the prince pivoted, Adrastos let go of the spear, allowing it to fall to the ground. As he rotated, Adrastos rotated the other way, coming around to face the incoming shield. He knew that to block the shield would have been disastrous. Instead, he grabbed the shield by the top and bottom, and slid his leg underneath. The force of the blow as it connected with his torso, while softened by his unusual maneuver, hurt.

Shrugging off the pain, he brought the shield over his shoulder, pulling hard, using his hip as a fulcrum to throw Kael to the ground.

09/20/2007 12:16 AM

The man was good, Kael had to at least give him that. He had set him up perfectly and Kael had taken the bait. The bash with his shield hadn't done nearly the damage he had expected and the clutter of the spear on the ground made it obvious that his hands where now free. However due to the large size of teh shield its mometum would have been too difficult too stop so instead he continued with the swing.

Adrastos caught the shield with both hands and managed to impressively lessen the blow enough to prevent any real damage. As he twisted and tried to pull Kael over the bastard prince had to think of a solution quickly. In this position he could easily break his arm with the torque placed on the shield or be thrown to the ground and almost surely on ones face in the dirt was not something he looked forward to. Fortunately Kael had some experience with grapples like this.

Being able to start his gladiator days in the capitol itself he had been forced to travel the length of the empire and in several parts the cultures there prided themselves on their use of leverage and strength for cunning throws and takedowns. What Adrastos was going for was a modified hip toss. Normally the reversal called for him to place one leg between the opponents and the other hooked to the outside forcing him to try and flip not just Kael's body weight but his own. However with his back to him that wouldn't be possible.

Instead of trying to fight the throw Kael went with it. As he felt himself start to be pulled to the balls of his feet his flexed his leg muscles and jumped with it. His hip was roughly on top of Andrastos which gave him a makeshift pivot point. The final aspect that made the move possible was the fact that Adrastos had a strong grip on the shield itself and was a powerful man of roughly the same weight and size. Kael gripped the straps to his shield even tighter and "pulled" himself along. This combined with the jump and the contact of the hips let him go up and over with the throw and allow him a chance at a decent landing. He couldn't land on his feet which was fine. Instead he landed on a knee but managed to keep the other foot under himself and landed in the knealed postion on the ground. It was ugly, jarred his legs with the impact and most people would be unable to recognize how difficult it had been to get even that result but it was better then letting Adrastos have his way but either making Kael let go of his shield or ending up face first in the dirt. Of course it was also done in less then a heart beat and more instinct and reaction that actual planning.

As Kael hit the ground he used the momentum of the throw to his advantage and pulled his weight backward. As he did this he twisted at the waste and wrenched on the shield. Adrastos may have a good grip but the round edge of the shield was smoothed to make it difficult for weapons to hook it or for an opponent to simply grab it. With his weight, inertia and the advantage of a firm grip thanks to the straps it should pull free. If not the slash from his sword almost at ankle level with his sword would certainly give his opponent something to think about.

10/01/2007 9:00 PM

Thus far, Adrastos had kept one step ahead of his opponent. That wouldn't last forever, though.

He felt Kael throw himself into the throw, and the thud as he hit the ground; the unintentional grunt told him that Kael didn't land painlessly. The crunch of sand signaled Kael's switch in stance, and Adrastos quickly loosened his grip on the shield - almost too late. As it was, it gave him a friction burn as the shield was yanked away, but no blood was shed.

Now was his chance. Kael's balance was off, he was reeling backwards from his own momentum. Adrastos knew the slash would be coming underneath the shield, but if things went ideally, that maneuver would trap the sword arm underneath the shield...it was a long shot, but there was a chance.

Still feeling the stinging in his palms, he leaped up and forward, over the slashing sword. The sand, however, wasn't as stable as he had hoped, and he slipped as he jumped. Only one knee managed to make it safely tucked into his chest; his left knee slammed into the shield, sending waves of pain down his leg. Still, his air-borne momentum carried him forward, bearing his jump-driven weight onto the already overbalanced fighter.

Adrastos could see his opponent's face, his sword low and his shield the only thing between them. Kael, stumbling backwards and already in danger of falling, would surely fall, and if Adrastos had his way, Kael would be pinned by his own shield with Adrastos on top of it.

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