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08/18/2007 10:33 PM

check ooc

08/19/2007 8:20 PM

Chris finally got home. Although home was really just a apartment. He didn't have any classes for the rest of the summer and it was time for him to Jack into infinitum already. He needed to look for some allies in the upcoming guild wars. This time the guild war was based on territory. The more one guild and its allies had, The more power they could get. But of course Chris hadn't want to increase his base territory size since he would end up stealing it from ronin. But he wanted allies so he could get more people to help him defeat ronin. Yes he could handle himself but when he steals to much from them he can't get to much more since not even he could defeat over 15 players in one territorial block. Chris Jacked in and entered the world.

Raikoh was back in. He checked his inventory quick and then checked the game mail.

" guild wars in four days. this round is based on territory settings. remember to register your allies and targeted enemies in three days for you clan to be entered. This is also a free for all round so even if you have targeted enemies you may also attack non targeted guilds. just a reminder from the infinitum crew. ICA"

That was of course expected. but not so much as the next one.

" This is Jackman from guild ronin. We wish to be allies with you in the upcoming guild wars. By the time you get this i should be online for any further questions or answers. Jackman- leader of ronin."

"GODAMN JACKASS," yelled Raikoh " LIKE HELL THIS IS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN. what is he thinking? one minute we're foes then we'll just make up the next? I'm goin on a spree now."

raikoh sends a response letter to Jackman " Jackman like hell I'll ever be your ally in the guild wars. i'll be gunning for you every second. Raikoh"

after that raikoh sent another to his pal hellraizer.

" Hellraizer. it's me Raikoh. get the rest of the crew up and ready. we're going on a kill spree. find me ASAP."

Raikoh finally stepped out of the lodge that he bought for his crew. He walked over to his well fought for speed bike and headed for the middle of the city. As Raikoh drove into the metropolis he saw just the thing he wanted to see. A hovercar filled with the ronin guild. " perfect now i'll just start it here. if this doesn't get into the news letter i don't know what will." Raikoh set the accelerator to the left and took out his revolver with his right hand. he aimed it at the driver's head and fired six shots in rapid succession. The back window of the car shattered. Two of the bullets landed in a back passengers head. killing his character instantly - musta been a low lvl guy raikoh thought- another two hit the driver seat, one hit the driver's shoulder and the last missed and went through the front windsheild. The car swerved back and forth then accelerated as the driver got it under control. " LIKE HELL YOUR LEAVING ALIVE" Yelled Raikoh. He wasn't to sure if Jackman really knew how pissed Raikoh was for the rebellion. since the guns never ran out of ammo Raikoh kept using his gunslinger ability to shoot a pistol as if it was a automatic. The bullets hit the car in many areas, only a few ever hit the passengers. finally they figured out what was going on and one of them shot back at Raikoh. the bullets flew by his head and one hit him in the stomach. It didn't do much damage and it was regenerating fast. Raikoh however didn't focus on the road for a second and when he looked back hw saw he was head on with another car. just a faster way to travel in the city but the cars were useless everywhere else. Thats why Raikoh bought the speederbike. He dodged the car and weaved through the traffic until he could get a good shot in again.

08/24/2007 5:58 PM

Lance logged into Cryingduck.

Cryingduck looked around and found he was left in the bar over his guild's hideout. The mage stood up and walked over to the phone booth and dialed 444-8989, the booth clouded with smoke and when the smog cleared he was in the hide out. To his left were the newbies fighting each other for rank advancement, and to his right were two higher ranking member practicing there summoning skills.

As Cryingduck reached the end of the hall he opened the door into the meeting hall. "Today is the day." thought Lance. All the captains turned around and looked at their 2nd in command leader who was Cryingduck. He sat down and waited for the middle of the speech which was the time his informant said the guild would turn on him. He stood up and pulled his deck of cards out of his pocket, pulled the top card of pulled it back by his right check and hurled it at the guild master.

The card zoomed over the crowd and tore into the leaders face killing him instantly. All the others stood up but before they could stop him he summoned the King of Demons. He gave the command and in an instant most of the members were killed.

Cryingduck saw a warrior coming from behind, he caught the sword in mid swing with his magic gloves and punched the newb in the face knocking him out. Then he saw a red dot on his chest and looked up to see a sniper had pulled the trigger he moved but was shot in the shoulder. The mage raised his hand and the gunners head imploded. After the Demon King had killed the rest Cryingduck ran out the door and summoned a dread stead. Hooped on and rode down the street as he rounded the corner he saw a gun fight with a highly talented gunner fighting a group of his former guild's allies, guild ronin who he also hated greatly. He stopped and watched the fight ,and caught his breath from his fight.

08/26/2007 7:22 PM

Raikoh finally caught back with the car and got behind it. He aimed at the drivers head again and then saw a bright red light. Raikoh's speederbike launched in the air tossing Raikoh into the air. He landed on the ground hard and skidded aways. He looked at his health stat quick and saw a portion of it dissappear. He got on his hands and knees and looked back at the driver who had stopped and sent him flying. " well son of a ...." Was all Raikoh got out before he was launched in the air again and the car hit him. He rolled over the top and had a bit of air time till he crashed to the ground. Raikoh checked his health again. it was alittle under half and was starting to recover. He got back up and looked for his speeder. He found it stuck on the wall to his right and quickly got off to the side before anyone else ran him over. He picked the bike off and started it. " hell i guess fun times over" said raikoh as he headed back towards the center of the metroplis section. " better find allies before Jackman gets them all."

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