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08/16/2007 8:20 AM

The ship drifted there was no sound from the ships as they powered through space, the sector between gates was mostly empty there were a green sun and two planets both gaseous could only be used for mining. There was no traffic other than a lone mining fighter that was leading them in. The fleet was set to assemble at the mining station, "There are aren't many stars here," Katarina, floated at the end of the bridge looking out the viewing window, "We must be very far from home." Alexa put up with the girl, she normally had no problem but her cousin was getting in the way, "We will be landing soon, you should make sure that you are representable," Alexa watched the girl with contempt. "You could just say you don't want me here, it's not like I want to," The spoiled girl was angry, she pushed off from the wall past the rest of the bridge and the captains chair. Alexa let out a sigh, "Check were still tracking the docking buoys," She voiced at the man to the front of the bridge, "And scan the area again," She looked out the Trillex window. "She's right there are few stars here," She spoke to herself in a voice no one could hear, too focused on their set tasks.

The station loomed closer, already a few ships had docked and there was little space at the center was a huge ship, the imperial carrier Lansrut so wide it barely fitted in its berth. The Nargono was a big ship but was nothing compared to it being seven or eight times smaller, the Felow would dock first then the Paladin and then the Nargono each docked to the last ship so not to take up needed docking space. This began to happen with the coms officer talking to the other ships and station, "Theres a message from the Lansrut to all ships," The officer relayed the message.
"Put it on speakers," Alexa commanded, there was a slight buzzing before the message as relayed. "This is admiral Gojo to the House Meltor ships, upon landing the officers are to report to the stations meeting room,"
"End of message," The officer spoke, "Continue with the docking," Alexa sank back into her chair her hands in a pensive position.

08/16/2007 11:58 AM

Raikoh watched the stars. He didn't have to much else to do. He was just on a routine recon mission. Although it was just his ship for now he was sure he would be joined by other ships when the need arose. The infinity seal put him in charge of a prototype ship. It was a fine ship. It was meant to destroy ships head on and to disable the sheilds for a quicker kill. The only problem was it didn't have much side protection. But thats what the extra strong hull was for. He never worried about the sheilds. But then again he never fought in this huge ship before. He looked on waiting for a new report or some kind of ship to come into view. But for now, it was just him and the empty space.

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08/16/2007 1:08 PM

The Gatekeeper loomed over the two gaseous planets, it was a massive ship rivaling any other in the empire's fleet. Fortunately Captain O'Halloran did not really think of himself as part of the empire, "Lieutenant prepare the Gatekeeper for docking with the station and signal the rest of the fleet to hold position here in case anything goes wrong and we need to get out of here quick." The words seemed cold and lifeless as they came from his mouth, he was a grim man. Even sitting in the command chair on the bridge everyone could tell that he was a powerfull man, anyone who crossed him had to face...The Eye...or so the rumors said. Various crewmen bustled about the bridge going back and forth between various command points and relaying messages to one another, one of the newer recruits was carrying some important documents but the clumsy fool tripped over his own feet and sent the file and all the papers scattering across the floor. The crew fell silent and stared, the Captain didn't like mistakes onboard his flagship, on any other ship in the fleet something as trivial as this would have been overlooked but not on the Gatekeeper.

"Bring that man here" the Captain commanded, and the two crew members faithfully obeyed. "What is your name?", the man was to scared to respond and all that came out was stuttering. The Captain sighed, apparently intimidation was the only way to get things done around here. He slowly lifted up the patch covering his left eye and before a word could be said the clumsy crewman fell limp to the floor, he was not dead, merely in a state of shock. The captain replaced his patch, "What are you all looking at? back to work." The same two crewmen brought their stunned companion to the med bay and O'Halloran watched as his ship loomed ever closer to the station.

08/16/2007 3:38 PM

The Bombard raced down the gate root following the pirate ship Searcher, prepping the weapons ready to fire at Searcher while it was prepping the engines to make an escape then it stopped the guns fired simultaneously at the engine all were stopped by the shields but one just got with just the right firepower to stop the engines dead for a few minutes all eight fighters came out of Searcher expecting a dog fight but they were wrong, five went down after a barrage of fire from Bombard the others fled. Searcher fired a few shot at the fleeing fighters hit one then turned on Bombard who's bombers were taking shots at the shield generator, it exploded the bombers returned and the Bombard was easily taking down the guns the boarding ramp went out it was now a battle of the boarding crews.

"Group one take out the guys hiding round the door, group two watch for the runners and group three cover the rest of us everybody only kill them if need be," Said Grensen readying his gun to automatic aiming it straight at the lock seal on the door which rose fasting than lightning, it seemed to go in slow motion both sides pulling their triggers Grensen mind was calculating which one was Reice Nemsdae the bounty he was following he saw him right at the side Grensen shot first with a stunner hitting him in the chest sending him down, as soon as he hit things sped up Grensen's gun was almost vibrating in his hand at the speed of his shots. Soon the pirates were dead, stunned or had surrendered, the stunned and surrendered were searched and put into the hold with group three to guard them, the dead were searched and piled on the Searcher.

Bombard retracted its boarding ramp and pulled away, just before they reached the Gate root to the Bounty hunter base called Hunters Home, to do what all Bounty hunters do see if they can get a better deal than the person that posted the bounty, Searcher just fell apart and started to disintegrate better the blowing it up it doesn't show up on radars and no parts to scan, Bombard sped though the gate root
"Another good bounty should get quite a lot for Reice whats the damage report ?" asked Grensen to his second in command,
"No ship damages and only one casualty a recruit stunned in the arm he will be back in forty minutes Sir,"

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08/17/2007 12:13 PM

Raikoh Was waiting for some kind of message from the high council soon. He didn't see anything in his vector and the last thing he shot was a big meteor just so he could test the guns. He constantly watched the radar screens and made the officers report often. so far nothing. Suddenly....

" Sir. distress beacon activated at vector four. we should be able to get there in about five minutes. should we respond?" said his communications officer.

" Yes send a message saying we're coming in to help. get the engines ready i want to get there now. whats their status to. i want to know what we're helping and who we're up against."

" yes sir."

Finally Raikoh was about to see some action in this new vessel. he got ready for a jump. not knowing what he'd meet on the other side.

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