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08/11/2007 1:08 PM

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08/11/2007 1:16 PM

It has been a year since Maxis took heed of the Registration Act. The year was a year from hell, everything was much different. For one, he was no longer his human self; he was a demon, a night dweller. He quit his job and took room at Xavier's. His most dangerous deed was rescuing the school from Kelly's prison facility with Wolverine and Nightcrawlar.

He went against the act and was forever known as a fugitive. The year brought many new changes. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, officially took control of SHIELD and any pro registration movement. His actions seem more forceful and his allies seem more aggressive.

Fighting between the two groups hasn't stopped; more hero casualties sprout up then weeds in a garden. This won't change anytime soon. His life wasn't so horrible; he was able to find Sticks and bring Matt Murdock back to life.

But, Murdock went missing and Maxis gave up his search awhile back. Now it's just him, a fugitive rebel hoping to make a start for himself. We find our Hero in his room at Xavier's. His story is about to go deeper.

08/13/2007 8:05 AM

Maxis woke up from a horrible sleep. He tossed and turned all night, thinking of chaos and destruction. Maybe it was normal for a demon to do this, but he wished it wasn't. He got up and walked over to the dresser. He put on khaki shorts and a t-shirt and walked out of the room.

It was early in the morning, so most students were asleep. Upon entering the kitchen, he saw Gambit reading the newspaper at the table. He gave him a friendly nod and walked to the refrigerator. The weird thing was, he still was able to eat. It looked like he didn't have a mouth, but in reality he did. He took a bite of his food and the half vanished, you only saw his jaw move; it creped people out.

He took a carton of orange juice and poured it into a glass. Gambit was watching the demon make breakfast. Quickly, Maxis poured himself a bowl of "Captain Crunch" and walked over to the table. He set directly across from Gambit and began eating. Gambit looked up from his paper and eyed the man or "thing".

He chuckled and continued reading. "Mind stop doing that partner, creeping Gambit out." Maxis laughed, "I know, but a man's gotta eat." He continued eating and just looked around. It was quite still, but activity would begin soon.

Maxis happened to eye the back page of the newspaper. The headline read, "Stark Moving forward with SHIELD." Maxis shook his head; he about had enough of Stark. His face was everywhere, no one seemed to hate him. He just wished it would be over with, but knew it would continue for some time.

He looked away and continued his breakfast.

08/14/2007 10:30 PM

-'I'm fine mama, really. Besides they are giving me sometime off in a month or so and will definitely come back then if the weather is permitting of course. I love you too mama' smiled Tyler, as he flipped his cellphone off.

Tyler Haines was twenty years of age, yet regularly posed several years younger or older to acheive contact with potential superhumans. He worked for a government initative known as Super Human Aid and Recovery Program or S.H.A.R.P. for short. This was a very passive approach by the government in hopes to sign up more Super Humans with minimal force as possible. Thus far it had been very successful with one hundred and seventy three successful registrations. And Tyler was responsible for 60% of that figure.
But for Tyler nothing was more fulfilling that reaching out to young people like himself with similiar upbringings and responsibility in helping them through the understanding of the registration. Of course, there were the cases where they have not been successful. 1 out of 3 were rejecting the idea of registration, some even have tried to take out Tyler himself, which normally never ended well for either side.
Tyler had joined the initiative in hopes someone would give him more answers about his new abilities and what happened to his father. To this day, Tyler and his mother have no idea what happened to him. One of these days Tyler hopes the truth will soon reveal itself to him. Sonner rather than later.

With the Sunday afternoon coming to a close, Tyler sat down at his computer station and swiped his keycard, then inputted his sitecode.



"Better safe than sorry" murmurred Tyler as he reached for his I-Pod from the lower desk drawer and placed his earphones in.

"Maybe a bit of Live to start the day?" as Tyler skimmed through the music list.

Just as the All Over You first beat played in, Tyler read through the State forecasts for the next several weeks to make sure no storms were even close to be brewing here in Victoria, Texas.

"Looking good Texas, nothing but blueskies, and sunshine, looking good all round"

08/15/2007 8:09 AM

Antje woke to the uncomfortable feeling of pooled blood congealing in her ear.

Save for a low groan she lay still for a moment, trying to assess the damage.

[i]Oh this'd be so much easier if the room would stop spinning...[/i]

Swallowing, she tried to concentrate, checking mentally from the feet up for any pains, flexing or moving carefully as she went.

[i]Sprained left ankle, not too bad though... knee's a bit bruised but nothing major... one- no, two- great- cracked ribs on the left, lung doesn't feel punctured... dislocated right shoulder, strained elbow, no surprise... bumped heat but no concussion. Bastard throws me down a twenty four-floor stairwell and the worst I get is a dislocation. Not bad, considering. Bastard.[/i]

In flashes it was coming back. There'd been a call about a suspected unregistered superhuman. They got a hundred of them a day, but it seemed this guy was throwing his weight around a little; trying to squeeze protection money out of a few of the smaller local businesses, boasting that he had connections with the Resistance.

She knew as soon as she read the file it was bullshit. Guy clearly had fewer braincells than fingers. Using his abilities to run a small time protection racket when Stark's PR machine had hiked up all S.H.I.E.L.D. activities to nearly unworkable levels?

The paranoia in her said it was a fluff job, that they were pawning this crap off on her to get her out of the way. The more pragmatic side tried to maintain it was because she was just back from 'vacation', everyone else was working on other assignments, and the only reason it was given to her was the mention of the anti-reg movement.

In hindsight, perhaps she'd been too lax. No matter how stupid a superhuman was still a superhuman. The building was still under construction and had looked deserted, she'd been too relaxed, hadn't even come suited up. The stairs rose in an ascending rectangular spiral on one side of the building, and she'd worked her way through the floors methodically, not wanting to ask the crew any questions yet.

She'd been quiet- she always was- even over the noise of the construction but somehow he'd known she was there. He'd come barelling the wrong way through a fire exit, grabbing her before she could react- that's when her ribs had cracked. With absolutely no preamble, no hesitation at all, he had then tipped her head first over the and down the stairwell.

She'd grabbed at the sides as she fell, but only managed to get a good grip about two thirds of the way down. The sudden jolt had pulled her shoulder, sending hot, screaming agony shooting through her arm and back. She'd managed to hang on only briefly, but it was long enough to stop the momentum she'd gained on the way.

She could just about remember trying to go into a limp roll as her feet touched the ground but after that it went dark.

[i]Talk about lucky[/i].

Wearily she rooted with her left hand in her jacket pocket and pulled out her phone, hitting the speed dial to put her through to the duty sergeant.

08/15/2007 11:00 AM

Maxis finished his breakfast and cleaned up. Gambit was still reading the newspaper, not minding his actions. Quickly, the demon walked from the kitchen to the parlor. Ororo Munroe, or "Storm" was sitting on the couch, reading some thick material. Louis walked in and tapped on the wall, getting Ororo's attention.

"Whatcha reading?" She smiled and took off her reading glasses, "1776, felt like catching up on the revolutionary war." Maxis sat down next to her, "Hmm, interesting." That was all he could say; he was never too hot with the ladies. There was silence, but then Storm spoke up. "It's funny. These men fought for freedom and equality in America and now, years later, we are trying to fight the same fight."

Maxis was puzzled, but realized she was talking about the Registration conflict. She was right though, things were the same. The only question was, who was the bad guy? Who played the role of the British? In Louis's eyes, it was Tony Stark and SHIELD, but he questioned himself.

She got up and put the book back, then she turned to Maxis. "I know you have been bummed about your appearance, but chin up tiger. You look good." He smiled inside, knowing she couldn't tell. She got up and left and he just sat there, starring at all the books.

08/16/2007 9:36 AM

He got up from the couch and headed to the garage. He took the motorcycle keys from the rack and hopped on the cycle. He turned the ignition and started pulling out of the exit. Not telling anyone he was leaving, he took off, heading down the winding road. He wanted to take a drive out to Boston, see the sights.

The wind was hitting his face, his dreadlocks flowing through the air. He finally stopped at a stop light, only to be looked upon by other drivers. Sometimes he wished he had never saw that Spartan, that [i]demon[/i].

The light turned green and he headed down the road once more.

08/16/2007 7:12 PM

Dez saw Maxis's motorcycle pull out of the driveway of the school as he was walking back in. Blessed with a human appearance, he couldn't imagine having to hide his face constantly in public. It was pretty rare that Maxis left the school at all... especially in the middle of the day. Curiosity probed deeper and deeper into Dez's psyche, and he quickly turned around and bolted after the motorcycle.

His feet escape into a trance as the blood in his legs turns cold as ice, the motorcycle is almost 5 blocks away, and in less than 10 seconds, he has closed the gap... "Not even trying" he snickers to himself, as he zips up alongside the speeding bike.

"Headed somewhere Maxis?" He jokes.

08/16/2007 7:36 PM

Tyler updated the File Listings of Registered Super-humans as he input his latest report of twins Aidan and Ailee Walker. Both Aidan and Ailee possess the ability of teleportation and were very keen on joining the underground Anti-registration group here in Texas. But with a little persuasion William was able to convince the twins as they were sent to Dallas for further development into a Superhuman Registered Team.

As he sent his report off, a audio link was connected:

'Afternoon Tyler'

"Linus, afternoon"

'Straight to the point, we have another assignment for you to take on. This is top priority, so much so you have to come out Central and head to the East Coast'

Tyler raised his eyebrows, they have never sent him anywhere other than Central States. Now after a year they are sending him to the East Coast.

"Why me? Where's Trojan Fire thats his area?"

'Thats where you come into it, Trojan Fire has gone AWOL. We've sent other operatives in but with no success. You and I know that you and Trojan joined the program at the same time and are good friends. We hope that you can find him and persuade him to come in and discuss his reasoning to go awol.'

He couldn't belive it, Trojan gone awol? Trojan was so by the book, by the letter kind of person and his belief for the registration was a very sincere belief. One that could only be matched by his own. Other than himself, no one else believed in this work they were doing more than Trojan or K.J.as he was known.

'Trojan's last known location was Brooklyn New York, when he was investigating a previous case of a ex New Warrior member. I'll send you through the case. Tyler, I know how this may not make sense to you. It does not make sense for us here either, we just want answers Tyler. Answers before any un-neccessary action is taken'

"What do you mean by that?"

'Find him Tyler, you have two days. Linus Out'

End of transmission, and beginning of a new mission for Tyler. Tyler sat at the station for a few more minutes and realised that this was the last thing that he was expected to happen today.

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08/16/2007 10:13 PM

"Headed somewhere Maxis?" He jokes.

Maxis was startled and quickly lost control of the bike. Before hitting the pavement, he teleported safely on the side road. The motorcycle started crashing down the street. The demon turned and saw one of the students from Xavier's; his name was unknown though.
He walked over to the kid and grabbed him by the collar.

"What the hell was that for?!" He gripped tight then let the kid down. He shook his head, "Sorry, you just sneaked up on me. You know your not supposed to use your powers misguidedly." The kid seemed startled, "I'm sorry, just heading away for awhile, I need to face the public, get back into the crowd."

The kid just looked at him, "I'm sorry what's your name?"

08/17/2007 7:11 AM

Chris hit the punching bag repeatedly smashing it into the wall. He wasn't venting or even working out, working out on something as small as a punching bag would be pointless for him. He just felt like hitting the bag over and over again, which he usually did out of boredom of not being able to hit something bigger and harder, when he tired of hitting the bag he handed a younger student one of the baseball bats from the dugout and told him to hit him with it. The student obviously was nervous he didn't understand or even know about Chris's powers but he swung the bat down on Chris's arm with all his might.

Upon impact the bat shattered and there were only slight bruises on Chris's arm, as time went on and he learned how to control his abilities he steadily got stronger and his bones steadily harder. Having had his fun he decided to sit on the front lawn and watch the stars, when he opened the front door a motorcycle was speeding out of the driveway and another kid sped after almost to fast for Chris to see. Chris wasn't exactly a turtle but that guy was amazing. Suddenly he heard a crashing noise and ran out into the street to see the bike on its side skidding to a stop and the two were talking to eachother, he ran as fast as he could and managed to catch the last of what they were saying.

"I'm sorry what's your name?"

Before the second kid could answer Chris said,

"Is everything okay here?"

08/17/2007 4:23 PM

Maxis hadn't noticed the person walk up next to them. He turned and sort of scared the man. "Yea, everything is alright. [i]Someone[/i] was following me." He glared at the speedster. The kid backed up due to his nerves acting up. The demon put out his hand and swung his tail. "The names Louis Maxim, or Maxis."

He waited for the man's reply.

08/17/2007 7:30 PM

Solomon rose to his feet. The stench of death and rot surrounded him. He reached out and touched her face, the face of a woman, he didn't know who she was... All she did was smile and wave. A stone. She tripped over a simple stone and fatality ensued, her lithe and enticing form melted into his putrid murderous flesh, her blood poored and spoiled as it his the ground, her bones tumbled in a writhing mass of deteriorating entrails. Her face was all that was left now, he grasped it, it faded into the gore at his feet. The people about him ran and screamed, children cried and chaos ensued. It was far to often that his touch brought end to beauty, brought end to that which he could have loved or at least have known.


Solomon trudged into view of a roadside hotel. His sullen, tragic eyes peered into its brightly lit windows. He threw open the door and looked at the man that stood behind the counter.
"Janet... Is there....Is there a Janet here?" he coughed as spurts of black phlegm dribbled down his chin.

"Sir...Are you alright?" said the man with a puzzled look on his young face.

"IS THERE A JANET HERE!!!" Solomon growled.

"Uh....Um.. Uh y-y-yeah she's... she's up the stairs, with some guy..." the man responded as his confusion was replaced with uncertain horror.

Solomon ran up the stairs and realized that he hadn't asked what room they were in... He ran to the first door he saw and kicked it down. He was lucky, he saw her there on the bed, of course luck might have had nothing to do with it and the 'guy' who was mentioned earlier had her pinned to the bed, her tears continued to lend to the idea that consent was far from present in this encounter. He strode up to the bed and looked into the confused and furious eyes of the filth that lay before him. The man promptly stood and thrust his fist into Solomon's face, Solomon then grabbed his wrist and kept the fist where it landed, allowing his accursed skin to tear the life from his arm. He then placed his hand upon his forehead and watched as his once twisted mind now lay in a gruesome cesspool on the soiled bed sheets. Solomon gave Janet one passing glance and left her crying alone in the room. His work was done here. Another piece of scum brought lower to the ground where it belonged.

08/18/2007 5:30 AM

It was two in the afternoon, as Tyler pulled into an alleyway. The weather had been overcast the last couple of days in the big apple. And right now, Tyler was in no mood for a quick fix other than to find his friend.
Since the Stamford incident all of the inactive members of the New Warriors have been branded as "baby killers". Trojan had been searching for an ex New Warrior member Trey Jason Rollins aka Aegis more so to see how he has been coping since that day.
Tyler stepped out of the SUV, as he walked down the alleyway where there were several youths playing basketball. Scanning through the youths he spotted a match to the case photo of Trey, as Trey came down from the hoops with a rebound and carried on playing.

"Trey Rollins"

Not only did Trey stop and turn towards Tyler, so did the rest of the other youths.

"Who wants to know?" replied Trey.

"My name is Tyler Haines, I'm looking for a friend of mine you might know him as KJ?"

"Oh yea, KJ sure he's just on the cell over by the bleachers"

Confusion struck Tyler's face behind his sunglasses, did he just say behind the bleachers. Tyler looked over towards the bleachers as he saw his friend. KJ, was shorter than Tyler by six inches but when he becomes Trojan hes over seven feet tall and built like a Peter Built truck and gathers his strength from the sun having his fists become fire when he is in battle. An extreme hand to hand combatant.


Tyler walked over briskly to KJ, KJ saw him coming over as he too walked over towards Tyler. There is something not right about this Tyler thought, this has been so out of the ordinary something is not right.

"Hey Ty, aren't a bit far from your comfort zone?" queried KJ.

"What are you talking about? I was sent out here because I was told by Linus that you went awol"

KJ smirked as he shook Tyler's hand as the sounds of basketball bouncing and males yelling continued to be heard.


Tyler was at a loss for words, why had Linus sent him out here if it was not for KJ.

"But I just got off the phone with Linus and he said nothing to me about you or any mention of awol. Are you sure you heard right?" as KJ pocketed his cellphone.

"Would I lie to you about something like that?" replied Tyler.

"Well I don't know what to say Ty, but ...TREY!"

Tyler could no longer hear the bouncing basketball or Trey and his friends fighting for possession of the ball. Tyler turned around to see Trey going down hard, as too did his team mates. Something was whistling through the air, like bullets or darts. Both KJ and Tyler barely had time to react themselves as both men went down hard and fast to the asphalt as darts struck both men as they were now completely unconscious.

08/18/2007 8:48 AM

"Chris, Chris Johnson...sorry about your bike, I took metal shop in school, maybe I could help fix it"

This Maxis guy was awesome looking, he had a tail and everything. It was probably rude for him to say this though, he might not be very comfortable with his appearance.

(Sorry for shortness, I just woke up)

08/18/2007 9:38 AM

Maxis turned towards the kid, he interrupted the starting conversation with the bystander. Maxis laughed at the kids remark, "It's ok, you just have to deal with Wolverine, its his bike." The kid turned pale after those words; Logan was well feared at Xavier's. Maxis turned back towards the man. He seemed pissed, something was bothering him. He turned and waited for the big man to talk.

08/19/2007 7:12 AM

Tyler struggled to open his eyes, especially his left eye due to the reason that he was laying on his left side. He's first reaction was how cold the concrete floor was, as he tried so hard to sit up. Whilst sitting up, an overwhelming rush of blood flowed through his head as a headache was pounding stronger and stronger.
Judging by the lack of light and positivity of the cubicle Tyler was being held captive, especially the barred window was also a subtle clue.
But getting to his feet was most disorientating for him; Tyler had so much trouble for unknown reasons getting to his feet as he fell to his knees.
He was feeling so weak and tired.

'What did they hit me with' whispered Tyler. As he tried to shake it off and tried again but this time using the concrete wall as leverage to slowly stand.

"Good evening Mr. Haines. Please excuse the low hospitality standards which you have endured the past three hours. I am hoping that with your co-operation we can remedy that."

A portion of one of the walls glowed open to reveal several men armed standing at the doorway, as a man came to the foreground dressed professionally with a wry smile on his face as slim framed glasses.

'Look I'm not sure what you want with me, but I must warn you that I work for a government organisation known as S.H.A.R.P. and I assure you they will not take this lightly'

"Oh I believe that Mr. Haines, I truly do. I am known as Walters Mr. Haines, but I too must warn you that I too work for a government organisation who works above the very initiative you have just mentioned. Surely you are familiar with the CSA?"

The Commission on Superhuman Activities maintain the country's superhuman resources, from defence programs such as S.T.A.R. and O*N*E* to co-ordinating with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Thunderbolts whom were guiding the nation through the registration. CSA were the founding parent of SHARP, so for Tyler not to know would be unbelievable.

"Today is the day Mr. Haines, you have been very successful. Sadly as you know the end is near." As Walters grinned.

'Um, yea you've lost me. What has what you said got to do with me? And where are the others you captured?' questioned Tyler as he felt strength coming back into his limbs.

"Let me assure you Mr. Haines that they are being cared for as we speak. They will recover and we will re-locate them accordingly."

Tyler must be still weak because nothing was making sense the moment he left Texas to come here to New York in search of Trojan. Only to be captured, and given a lecture.

'Okay, that's it. What the hell is going on here?! None of this, nothing in the past twenty or so hours has made sense. And right now I need to know who the hell you are, why I'm captured and why are you re-locating the others? Will someone give me a straight answer for crying out loud!' yelled Tyler.

Walters stood there and smiled as he looked at Tyler.

"Enough of the beating around the bush then Mr. Haines. SHARP Operative Codename Surge designation reference number Zebra 7095-23 you are hereby being stood down as Field Agent and all governmental powers..."

Tyler didn't need to hear the rest of the speech that Walters was talking. Tyler switched off he had finally realised what was going on. It had been a year today since he joined SHARP, and under regulations one year was the limit of being a field officer here in SHARP. And once your term was through, you were stood down indefinitely without warning and placed back into the community. But that wasn't the end of the rant from Walters as he caught the last two words...

"...Xavier Institution."

'Sorry, did you just say the Xavier Institution? As in, the Professor Charles Xavier Institution for the Gifted. What about it?' asked Tyler.

Walters adjusted his glasses as he explained again to Tyler."Yes...your last assignment, you would be stood down after your next assignment which will be at the Xavier Institution"

Just when things momentarily made sense, another spanner and wrench as well as a screwdriver was thrown into the works for Tyler considering he wasn't a mutant.

08/19/2007 12:52 PM

The sound of small arms fire quickly filled an empty allyway. Plague quickly lept from wall to wall only to be blanketed in explosives quickly knocking him into a garbage dumpster. Half of his symbotic face had deteriorated. He clawed at the ground trying to get his senses back. "You pro reg bastards deserve nothing less.." Plague's vision cleared, and he saw the outline of a muscular man. The voice was one he recognized but from where?

Then he noticed the white skull. Plague's face covered in the white, and green symbiote skin. He spoke in his distorted symbiote voice. "Are you gonna lecture me on justice Punisher?" Frank Castle waited till Plague had gotten to his feet before responding. "You are just another monster.." Plague moved to extend his arm at the punisher, but he flew back from a forceful shot to the stomach. The Punisher looked down at the writhing symbiote. "Ive come prepared.."

Plague wrenched itself from the host body Bryan, and screeched forming a puddle of tendrils, and alien slime. The Punisher now hovered over Bryan. "Send Stark my reguards." Frank lifted what looked like a grenade launcher of some kind, and pointed it at Bryan. Bryan began laughing almost psychotically. "Sonic ammunition!?" He stood to his feet again, and extended his arm. The symbiote lept from the puddle and encased the host body once more. "Bring it.." The sound of another explosion rocked the Alley.

08/19/2007 10:48 PM

Apparently the big man didn't want to talk, so Maxis turned back to the kid. "Look, we're going back to the mansion. The others are probably looking for you."

The kid wide eyed Maxis, but nodded. He gave a friendly good bye gesture to the man and grabbed the kid. Immediately he began teleporting down the road. He took off in long strides, then teleported off his back foot.

They were making progress and before long, made it back to Xavier's. Maxis set the kid down and grunted.

"Hurry, go off." The kid nodded and ran from his sight. So much for seeing the city; Louis was just not in the mood anymore. Before he could enter the building, Logan stopped him in his tracks.

"What do you think you were doing with my bike bub? Huh?" Maxis turned, "It was the only thing that I had spare keys to, lay off my back will yea." Logan snarled, "Well I woulda, if it weren't for the fact that it's not with you right now."

Maxis slapped his face, "Oh right, I totaled it on accident, it should be somewhere down Hampton." Louis really pulled the wrong string there, especially being too overlay confident with his words.

Wolverine howled and grabbed maxis by the throat. "Do you know...how much...that bike...COST!!" With those words Wolverine hurled Maxis across the courtyard; talk about envy. Luckily, Maxis teleported to his feet.

The high pitched sound of Wolverine's claws was heard. "You have five seconds bub. One, two, three...four" Just in the knick of time, lighting flashed and the skies turned grey. The wind howled and trees swayed. Storm came floating between the two.

"Wolverine!! Louis!! Stop this nonsense at once!!" Wolverine sank his claws back into his fists and snarled. Storm quickly calmed the skies and landing safely in between the two. "Just think at what Professor would say."

Wolverine made a quick pfft sound, "I don't give a shit. This guys harder to live with than the one eyed freak. I for one think he should keep his shit in line and stop fucking with the wrong bub."

Storm slapped Wolverine across the face, "That's no way to talk in front of a woman. As for you Louis, you should have asked Logan for the bike in the first place." Louis teleported past them and began walking into the school.

"Screw dis shit, I don't care anymore. This place is not my home, I belong in the sewers of NYC. Ever since...grrr I don't want to say it." With those words, Louis walked into his room and slammed the door.

08/20/2007 12:23 AM

I walked gingerly alongside Walters through the large complex of corridors and glass windows. Escorted through elevators, upstairs and finally to a large conference room where I sat down and looked around the room. To give me any more clues where I might be, or where I wasn't.

"Mr. Haines, we are well aware of your abilities and that they are not of a mutant gene evolution...hence why you maybe thinking why assign this mission to you? Now one could send a variety of mutant students to the school, none however are at our disposal. And due to the excellence of your personality we see that bonding with your cases in the past has been a trait which has become far more superior as oppose to your other abilities. And that is what we need, we need diplomacy Mr. Haines"

Walters eyed me from across the large marble table as he peered over the top of his glasses, with his fingers locked firmly together reaching for a briefcase from under the table.

'Diplomacy, yea I'm not sure exactly what you want me to do. If things haven't changed with the Xavier School, I last heard that the X-Men were still very much present there and that they are still regarded as Switzerland through out all of this whole Superhuman Registration Act'

I tried clicking my neck to the left and then to the right as I felt the tension slightly ease back through my neck and shoulders.

"Switzerland?" spoke Walters.

'Yea Switzerland...during both World Wars they were neutral or more correctly impartial. Like the X-Men they are never for or against the act. Understandable with what they have been fighting for the past two or so decades'

"We would like to change that stance Mr. Haines. As you have noticed this Registration Act is taking longer than expected with certain officials you might say. Now you and your other fellow operatives of the SHARP initiative must be commended for what you have done. And your government is very grateful. However, if we can convince more mutants to sign up with this Act, it'll only be a matter of time before we will have Charles Xavier's X-Men with us and then as they say. The rest shall follow."

'Or worse they're go against the Act' as I stared Walters straight back into his eyes across the table.

"There is also that possibility but a risk we a willing to endure"

Does this guy know anything about the X-Men, to have the entire X-Men on your case day in, day out? Wolverine by himself is a handful alone, but to have that on your conscience. There is definitely something else here that he is not telling me. Or doesn't want me to know. One thing was for sure, they didn't need the support of the mutant population not for a second.

'Excuse me if I sound just a lil hesitant to fully be happy with this uh new assignment that I am supposedly accept with no questions attitude you were hoping to be expecting. I'm not the sharpest tool in the garden shed Walters, but I know there is a lot more to this than just to persuade the X-Men to choose a side.' I then reshuffled myself in the chair I was in as I watched Walters reach inside the briefcase.

"And you are right in thinking that Mr. Haines, there is a lot to this than we are willing to divulge and it is more than just getting the X-Men to choose a side. It's getting them to choose the right side Mr. Haines." Walters remained sitting there as he pushed a manila folder across the table towards me.

Several thoughts were running through my head, different scenarios and the multiple angles to this assignment. And I knew the more questions I would ask, the more I'd get blocked or sidetracked. The next thought was I was nowhere closer to finding out more about my father than I was since the day I joined SHARP. But I knew that my father died because of me, but I'm sure it was much more than my abilities. With SHARP I honestly felt like I was making a difference especially when my own powers weren't directly involved.
And mama, she has been my rock through all of this, my change, my life, my struggles. I feel like a little child whose life re-began each day I was with her.
To accept this assignment would be the only way to truly find out why they really chose me and not someone else. There was more to this, they knew I knew. Now was the time to be their puppet, at least for now.

'When do I leave?'

I reached for the folder as it had my name along the top. And then I opened the folder, there was nothing in it. I looked back up to Walters as he sat there and smiled.

"Right after a quick injection Mr. Haines, as from this moment you no longer exist just like your file"

Steel clasps sprung from the arm rests of the chair and clamped my arms tightly to the chair as I tried invain to escape the hold. And once again I felt a sharp pain, this time in my neck. And once again my vision blurred to unconsciousness.

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08/20/2007 9:28 AM

Maxis just starred at the ceiling, he was day dreaming. He remembered days before the Act, before he lost Matt and before he met the Monarch. A lot of things changed and Louis did not like them. He knew deep down he was an official X-Men, but he didn't want to be. Something more was out there and Maxis wanted to find it.

"Hey buddy." Louis jumped from his position and sat up right. He turned to the window and saw Dare Devil crouching along the windowsill. "Ma..Matt, is that you?" The blind man nodded, "Who do you think it is?"

Maxis was in awe, "I'm sorry, its just, you vanished, where did you go?" Matt shook his head, "It's not about where I went, its about what I did. Theres more to it Louis, a lot more."

Maxis was confused, he didn't understand this ghost. "Matt, I..." he was cut off. "Look, a red storms a brewing and its path of destruction is right through Xavier's. Heed my warning or not, this things going to tear the fabric of mutant, hero rights."

Louis tried putting the pieces together, but he couldn't. He looked down at his hands, "What are you talking about Matt..." Like that, Murdock was gone. Maxis turned and just spotted an open window.

Dispite not understanding one word the crazy bat said, he believed him.

08/22/2007 7:42 PM

Since the President appointed an oversight committee to make changes, the first being that the Xavier Institute becomes a community for mutants, with residency being voluntary and open to all who wish to reside there, and that the O*N*E were no longer authorized to restrict their comings and goings, incidentally that is where former X-Men member Bishop is now working for still. And the second change was that the Sentinels would remain on the grounds, but only in a protection capacity only and that mutants would be free to come and go as they pleased.
Things at the Xavier Institution were somewhat better since the 198 Incident a year ago, as if they didn't have enough to worry about as mutants, this whole Superhuman Registration Act pops up to make a whole new scenario for them all.
A lot can change within a year, and I guess that's why they did what they did, not the X-Men, not the Avengers, not anyone but the ones who captured me to be their puppet.

Whatever they injected into me, it was more then a sedative to knock me out. I was told once I came about again that they injected me with a serum which laced my own DNA into acting like it contained the mutant gene. Although very much dormant, the mutant gene would still appear to be active and only further governmental analysis would pick it up. Or if Beast aka Dr. Hank McCoy checked it out, I was hoping he wouldn't get a hold of my DNA.
The Sentinels were programmed to be updated with any new information of any new arrivals of mutant. They were only issued to allow mutants in to the Institution and specific non-mutants, which I gathered I wasn't on that list.
They whoever they were took care of that, which was fine. That wasn't my major concern at the time and as I walked on in as simple as pie I had no hesitations what so ever. Avoiding Beast wasn't even a concern for me anymore,

I don't know what you would call it, but I sensed her before I even cross the state line, and something tells me she could sense me to. It was like having butterflies in your stomach for hours on end, my heart was pounding faster and faster the closer I got to the house. This was going to get volatile before it got better, but that what was when they told me what else they injected me with. Knowing I was going to be around the X-Men member Storm, they somehow [i]'calmed'[/i] my urges so to speak to an extent and that I wouldn't [i]'play-up'[/i] as they said when I was in close proximity of her.

To see her at the door, she knew something about me was different, and as they said my urges were played down. Boy, I felt like I was meeting my high school crush for a first date all over again. The way she smelt was incredible; yet I think I was more attracted to the idea of what she was as oppose to who she was. She was definitely physically very attractive though.
I knew I had to convince them that I was a mutant and that my reasons of being here were genuine.

Somehow they thought of everything, with my DNA, the Sentinels they even gave me something to convince Emma Frost with her abilities too.
They thought of everything and everyone. Nearly.
As I shook Storm's hand the rush was incredible as it seeped through me. It was euphoria on nearly every level for me which ended abruptly by a murmur. I saw a very familiar figure, head down, arms folded with a cigar between his fingers and leaning at the doorway.

How does one deter ones instinct? How does a government programme deter pure unadulterated instinct, your gut feeling? It wasn't my gut instinct I was going to try to deter though.

"And this is Wolverine" spoke Storm.

It was going to be his.

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08/23/2007 4:31 PM

Wolverine just got done calming his nerves. He took a cigar and lit it up in the common room. It would take him awhile to get used to the new things around the institution; after all, Xavier promised it'd keep them safe from the Registration Act. To make matters worse, he had to get along with a man that tested him years back. He shook away his thoughts and walked out of the common area.

Making his way to the stairs, he spotted Storm opening the door for a new student. Logan leaned near the doorway with his head down. He didn't want to make eye contact right away, he liked the sense of being the tough guy.

The new guy entered the mansion and shook Strom's hand. Wolverine's pulse began to rise. Under his breath he questioned, [i]"What the hells going on..."[/i]. Something was tempting his primal instincts, but he couldn't put a finger on it.

He looked up and eyed the man; this guy wasn't normal, or so he thought. He shook his head and walked away, totally ignoring his introduction.

Maxis got up from bed and started heading downstairs. He spotted Storm with a young male, someone around his age. The man made eye contact with Louis; he tried hard to hide the demon that took over him.

He made his way over to storm and took a deep breath, "So, Storm, who is this?"

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08/26/2007 2:58 AM

I managed to catch the last few steps of Wolverine with his cigar as he disappeared into a hallway as he caught my field of vision.

He made his way over to Storm and took a deep breath, "So, Storm, who is this?"

His name was, Louis Maxim; 24 year old Italian who lost his parents at the age of nineteen when they were brutally murdered. From America he then moved to Greece. Where he learnt the Spartan art of fighting which enabled him to become an formidable hand to hand combatant of the Spartan style as well as already being a well accomplished boxer. Louis was very similar in the looking and style of Nightcrawler. Teleportation, a higher level of acrobatic mastery, And his M-Name was Maxis.
Unlike Nightcrawler though, Louis or Maxis is able to transform in and out of his mutant form to human form at will. He was one of many files I had to remember while making my way here.

"Louis, I like you to meet Tyler Haines. Tyler this Louis Maxim. Tyler is going to be staying with us for awhile" smiled Storm.

"Great, just what we need new fresh meat" Louis uttered.

In a space of a minute I already had three doubts about my presence being here first with Storm and my powers, Wolverine and now the vibe I was getting from Maxim.

"Yea well, thought it be better than the cafeteria food here" I replied, however I don't think it was that well received as he just gave the fakest smile I had seen in a long time.

This was going to be tougher than I thought. I had hoped they who had sent me here realized that as well. Louis stood there, as we shook hands I could sense the way he was looking at me that like Wolverine he had a niggling feeling that he couldn't quite put his finger on what exactly. An unsure feeling, but I had to stay focus and not give away anything.

"Louis, can you please take Tyler up to the new entrants wing please. He's got a big day ahead of him tomorrow" Storm said, as she smiled back at me.

I stood there like a facade in more ways than one, I had to try to show them that I had nothing to hide. Even though I did have something to hide as well as try to gain their trust every single one of them just to betray them in the end. Even though they said this wasn't betrayal I knew otherwise, and when you are veterans like Wolverine you have every reason to feel they way they did.
I had to remain focus and positive, as I followed Louis up the stairs.

"Nice place you have here, I bet you've had some crazy parties" as I joked.

No reply from Louis, oh this was going to be a long, long journey alright.

08/26/2007 12:04 PM

Maxis didn't like this guy one bit; he seemed to be too open with his thoughts. This guy was going to be another name on Wolverine's shit list. Maxis was told to bring Tyler up to his room; not by choice of course.

The demon sighed and waved Tyler to follow him. The first few minutes were silent, but Tyler shot out a wise crack. Louis just shook his head and continued walking. They finally made it to his new room.

Upon entering Maxis sat down on the bed and looked around. "Yup, this is your room. Small but nice enough." Tyler just put his things down and headed over to the desk. Maxis eyed the man very carefully; he didn't like him one bit.

Finally Louis stood up and looked around. "Well that's it. We'll go over rules tomorrow. As for my personal rule, try to adapt to my appearance. I mean, you probably haven't seen a "demon" before."

Maxis slapped himself on the face. Why was he so self conscious about the way he looked? He shook his head and felt stupid about what he just said.

08/26/2007 5:17 PM

It was like taking a step back in time as we walked through the Mansion admiring the sculpted ceilings, panelled walls and heavy oak beams. As Louis led us into my room.

Upon entering Maxis sat down on the bed and looked around. "Yup, this is your room. small but nice enough."
As I just placed both of my bags down and headed over to the mahogany finished desk. I looked out towards the window out onto the grounds briefly, as I scanned the rest of the room.

Finally Louis stood up and looked around, he was not comfortable with me here. Understandable.

"Well that's it. We'll go over rules tomorrow. As for my personal rule, try to adapt to my appearance. I mean, you probably haven't seen a "demon" before."

Maxis slapped himself on the face. He shook his head and felt stupid about what he just said and I gathered what he just did.

"Haven't seen too many demons face to face thats for sure, but consider myself adapted"

As he then headed for the door to leave, I tried to thank him before he left but he gave me one more stare, one more gaze with his demon red eyes. I don't know what was more intimidating, the red eyes or the actual intent of the stare.

"Thanks Louis for the..." he was gone as the door closed shut.

08/27/2007 4:28 PM

Maxis stood near Tyler. The man gave him a quick remark and stepped back. For some reason, Maxis just didn't feel right around the guy. He gave him a dark stare and his unholy, red smoke, flamed within his eyes. Before anymore discussion could arise, Maxis exited and slammed the door behind him.

He quickly made his way down to the lounge and plopped down, looking at the grand ceiling.

08/27/2007 11:33 PM

"So now you want to turn away students, is that it Logan?" yelled Storm as the students in library hurried out. Storm regretted raising her voice, but Wolverine was not making this easy.

"Now, now Ororo, I'm sure Logan is not suggesting anything of the sort. Whatever issues Logan has I'm sure it can wait until Scott returns from Boston" mannered Beast as he tried to keep the nerves calm between Storm and Wolverine.

"Hmph" Wolverine remained staunch on his stance about the latest addition to the Institution.

"So what is it Logan?" asked Storm

Wolverine just remained in the shadows of the library history section as Storm rubbed her forehead to calm herself.

"I've been trusting my gut before Hanks parents even thought of the idea to make a bouncing baby blue boy; no offence Hank."

"None taken"grinned Beast.

"It has never steered me wrong, and I'm not going to start dismissing it now and you know exactly what I'm talking about don't you Storm. You and that kid made a connection didn't ya? Watch yourself, I don't trust him." replied Wolverine.

"No one is saying to dismiss your gut feeling Logan, the reason you are who you are is because of those very instincts that make this team what it is. And that kid has a name if you had stayed and greeted him you would of known it was Tyler. However, if you are not willing to give people chances to prove themselves you are going to be very lonely" said Storm.

"What's your point?" snarled Wolverine. He walked out of the shadows as he walk straight on past Storm and Beast.

"Just don't come crying to me when [i]'Tylers'[/i] crap hits the fan" finished Wolverine.

Both Beast and Storm remained in the library as Wolverine left, Storm took a seat as Beast placed his hand upon her shoulder to comfort her.

"Am I wrong Hank?" queried Storm.

Hank looked her into her eyes, "Storm my dear there is no such thing as wrong, but the right of others that outshine the rights of those who were not worthy to be right to begin with"

Storm smiled, "A simple yes or no would of done the trick Hank, but thank you anyway"

"But I must be honest Storm, I am intrigued to meet this Tyler that has Logan up in an uproar. Not too many people can do that within a second of seeing Logan. But then again, Logan tends to have that affect on most people too." continued Beast.

08/28/2007 3:27 PM

Maxis over heard the conversation between the three. Storm was arguing with Logan about the new kid Tyler. Logan wasn't the only one feeling weird around the guy, Maxis had the same gut instinct. The kid randomly showed up one day, without even going through a brief orientation.

Maxis finished listening to the the last of the fight and heard Wolverine's footsteps draw near. He teleported out of the room and behind Logan. Quietly, he followed until they were out of plain view of the others.

"Your not the only one that hates the idea of that kid." Wolverine stopped and lowered his head. "How long have you been following me..." Maxis put his hand on Wolverine's shoulder. "Look, I believe everything you do. This kid, just doesn't fit the bill."

Logan turned around and looked Maxis in the eyes. "This is the only time I can say I like your thinking bub." Maxis began speaking, "Look, let's go find Kurt. We can discuss all of this out of town; [i]Boston[/i] perhaps.

Logan nodded and gave the thumbs up. "Well then, let's get a move on Fonzie."

09/01/2007 1:07 PM

It has been a good year since the war that separated the world's greatest heroes. Most of New York City has been healed since the battle that nearly ripped it apart, and S.H.I.E.L.D has helped in the process. The buildings that were severely damaged by the powers that were on display were now back to their original stature as the people hoped to forget what happened with their heroes fighting amongst each other.

However, this day marked another infamous one-year anniversary as this was the day that one Jake Mitchell inherited the powers of the deadly shadows that come from the depths of Hell. He could still feel them inside of them as they have been stirring within him for this past year, not allowed to become unleashed until the right time when he mastered all of his abilities that were given to him. So much dark power now filled his veins as he feels that he was now ready to become the man that the shadows want him to be.

It was time to become the Fulfiller.

After many months of seeing the war and deciding his overall fate with the shadows that are now bound to him, Jake didn't want to be with the registeration act that would bind certain heroes to the U.S. government and S.H.I.E.L.D. He would be with the renegades that fought against the system and establish himself as one that will never be controlled by anyone. It would be him that will do the controlling.

Dressed now in an all-black attire, which included a black-colored hoodie with the hood over his head to cover his face, the Fulfiller walks down the streets of New York City, wondering how much mayhem to start out with. The shadows now ached with anticipation as they could feel the moment coming when their powers are finally unleashed from their chosen vessel. His dark brown eyes scanned the area of the city as he hoped to see who or what to destroy first.

The time of the Fulfiller is close at hand.

09/01/2007 9:03 PM

-New York City, Stark Towers-

Tony Stark stood inside his office, looking down at the city streets below. Ever since he started up the initiative, things have been crazy. He still had to deal with Steve Rogers sentence and the whole propaganda of war. Making matters worse, he had to deal with SHIELD breathing down his neck.

Once he took up head office, it was non-stop diplomacy. He couldn't get a chance of peace or tranquility. But, problems do come with greatness.

Stark took a class of scotch and downed it with one gulp. He turned to the TV screen and flipped on the tube. Right away the news popped on the screen. Apparently the message was urgent.

[i]"We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news. Earlier today, Senator Kelly issued a break in the Robert Baldwin case. Today, along with the help of Jennifer Walters, Senator Kelly and jury has reached a final decision on the Stamford case. Robert Baldwin, aka "Speedball" was found guilty of the murder of fellow Stamford citizens. The decision was made final around 12:45 pm at the Boston judicial court. Any say on the situation has yet to be informed, but thousands of fellow super-humans and Mutants are rioting outside the courthouse in Boston, Mass. Police are protecting the court officials inside, along with Senator Kelly. As for riot control, the government has issued SHIELD to make all necessary preparations."[/i]

Tony shut off the TV; he had enough. He set the glass down and looked back out the window. Suddenly, his office door creaked open and a man entered the room. "All preparations are completed Stark. [i]I[/i] made the call; the [i]Thunderbolts[/i] are going in..."

09/04/2007 7:58 AM

The breaking news report was seen by Jake through one of a number of TVs in an electronic store, nodding to himself. This "Speedball" was the one responsible for the war, and he was about to be punished for his crimes, but to Jake's eyes, he wasn't the real villian in this situation. The real 'villian' is Senator Kelly for his aid in the creation of the Registration Act, and the Fulfiller would be just the man to issue his own brand of justice to him and those who support him.

The shadows within him tingled with delight as they read his thoughts, the idea of unleashing those powers to a powerful figure like Kelly would be ideal to show that they were those who still opposed this stupid act. At least, a voice would be heard from a man who power comes from Hell itself.

Jake slowly turned and walked away from the electronic store, but not before touching the glass window with his fingertips, feeling an icy shiver from the shiny, reflective surface. He walked towards a light post and stood under its shadow, his body disappearing from anyone's view as he commanded the shadows to transport him to Boston. The second that he disappeared, the prints that his fingertips left on the glass began to glow a deep red, causing some to turn and see this. Without warning, the entire store exploded in a ball of fiery fury, engulfing the store and whoever was inside in an inferno that rocked the block. People was covered with either glass, fire, or blood as they scrambled towards safety.

Amongst them all, only a couple of questions came from those who are a part of the chaotic scene: Who did this? and Why?

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