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08/04/2007 5:59 PM

Welcome to the world spun of tales and yarns. A place much like a fairytale. It is a place of poetry, of magic. It is Wyldewynele.

Here there is a man who may take you through the motions and stitch you into the yarns of the land. His name is Wylho Wwa. He will be your guide.

This land is home to many strange locales and even stranger locals: To the North is Hvadisyppe, a place of nothing but rock and wind, there the ghastly Hris live; to the South is the frozen wave called Yallhallayhal, a great tidal wave frozen in fear long ago by the Ice-Wynn; to the West are the Eleventy One Towns of Elsfyve where the races thrice reside, home to the 9 and a Half Medley-Makers; Then to the east is the World-Tongue, a great bridge that leads out across the endless ocean Manmyltamyl, home of the three Under-Lookers whom watch over Wyldewynele from 'neath the waves, they are: Wersyre the Obliterant, Bersyre the Keepant, and Mersyre the Makent.

Of the three races that reside in The Eleventy One Towns of Elsfyve, the Lhoupe are the most human in comparison to the people of Other-Wylde (our universe). The Lhoupe look as humans do with the exception of their pointed ears, their clawed hands and their rather long canine teeth. The average Lhoupe stands about five to six feet in height. They walk many paths of profession and destiny.

The other two races that reside in The Eleventy One Towns of Elsfyve are the Baaste and the Shnylle.

The Baaste are a tall and elegant people. Their flesh is a dull grey, and their hair oft hangs both long and white. A Baaste's eyes are white and pupil-less. They are beautiful and yet unbearably depressing in nature. They speak only in rhyme and do so without choice or control. Most Baaste stand twice the height of the average Lhoupe. Their forms are lithe and sometimes even skeletal. They love to speak of misfortunes and often find themselves exchanging stories of bad luck in their spare time. They are also talented archers and swordsmen. The great Warrior Poet Flholkensaaste is among their numbers.

The Shnylle are a short statured race standing at about three to four feet in height. They have no snouts and have only slit-like nostrils to sniff and snuff on their strange visages. They are hairless and possess no eyes. Their tongues are as long as they are tall and their mouths are in possession of drawn lips and sharp teeth. They are truly fearsome to look upon, but usually the most dangerous thing about them is their grouchy mood. They are stout and pale, actually white in pigment. Their ears are small and pointed, and their bodies are oft covered in tattoos and other body art. They make good craftsmen and even better fighters, known especially for their excellent use of the sickle in combat. Their race counts Bhadbsas Mhosdas among their numbers, the great Moody Mhosdas, a warrior with more attitude than body mass.

Now this story will be about the group of humans from Other-Wylde that somehow wound up in Wyldewynele where they will embark on a journey to restore the magic that keeps this fragile world afloat in the ocean of existence.

So...Is anyone interested?

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08/05/2007 2:32 AM

I believe I may be.

I'm strangely to attracted to the idea of inflicting the torture on myself of having an NPC Baaste- I [i]detest[/i] rhyme, so it wouldn't be pleasant, lol.

Like I said in Propaganda's thread, I'll have to have a look-see and see, once I'm finished my filmly duties, if I have enough time to be able to commit properly without neglecting what I'm already involved in.

08/05/2007 5:16 AM

Yup! Sounds good. If you find that you can devote yourself then just post a character sheet for your Baaste... But I would like it if you also posted a character sheet for one of the humans that has found themselves in Wyldewynele. However if for whatever reason that is difficult then just your Baaste character will do.

08/05/2007 9:04 AM

NPC Baaste, lol- don't think I'd be able to keep up the rhyming for long without wanting to kill myself.

Quick question- do the group of humans arrive together, and do they have previous knowledge of each other?

08/05/2007 10:52 AM

This sounds like an awesome thread. Mind if I join?

08/07/2007 10:40 AM

This sounds like an awesome thread. Mind if I join?

Most certainly...

Quick question- do the group of humans arrive together, and do they have previous knowledge of each other?

I was hoping that myself and the other players would work together to develope a sort of background for each character that would correspond with the others in that they all indeed do know each other previously. In other words I was hoping we could make them all childhood friends. However if that became difficult we could always make their trip to Wyldewynele their first meeting. Right now however I'm just worried we're not going to get enough players... Oh well... We'll just wait a little longer. I only need like five people.

Well here's a character sheet to get you two started:


Race: {only if this is an additional character to your first which must be human}



Background: {as I've said earlier we may edit this before we start to make everyone a part of everyone else's background}


Greatest Fear: {This is extremely important}

Greatest Passion: {This is also extremely important}

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08/07/2007 7:01 PM

This sounds pretty intiricate and well thought out. I think I really need something like this right now as I have dropped out of two of four threads. Just a heads up that Deliria and Nanuk already know about. Is it a problem if I can't play on Saturdays and Sundays as I have obligations?

If that is not alright then that is fine but I am very interested in this.

08/07/2007 8:45 PM

Just a heads up that Deliria and Nanuk already know about. Is it a problem if I can't play on Saturdays and Sundays as I have obligations?

No, that's fine. Jump in:)!

Alright... I've something I should have mentioned earlier... Your human characters shouldn't be any older than the 25 to 30 range or younger than 10... I know that's sort of restricting but it is rather important. If this becomes a problem then I'm welcome to a compromise, I have no intention of turning people away from this.

Anyway... If you post a character sheet then please consult with Deliria and Nanuk about how you all know each other from before you were taken to Wyldewynele, perhaps you are siblings, good friends, bitter enemies or simply aquaintances, it's all good to me... Once again if this presents problems then we'll try and solve it some other way. Bon Chance!

08/08/2007 7:38 PM

I like the idea of child hood friends. Here I'll post a character up and see if this helps build a little history between the group.

Name:Minx Lefall

Race: Human

Age: 18


Background: (Leaving blank for now. Will edit later.)


Greatest Fear: Suffocation

Greatest Passion: {This is also extremely important}

Um I am going to come back to this but this is the skeleton.

08/09/2007 7:33 PM

Alright thanks! Try and flesh that out as soon as possible.

08/13/2007 2:08 PM

Would you mind if I join my posts are not as long as most but I'm very very active?

08/13/2007 6:09 PM

Sure! Just make a character sheet.

08/14/2007 9:36 AM

Name: Fazon

Race: Human

Age: 16

Appearance: Fazon stands 6 ft tall. He loves to run through the woods just for the feel of adrenaline and the speed. He has blond hair which is tied under a black and white, striped bandanna with his curls twisting around it, and he has blue eyes and is fairly skinny even though he is very strong for his age. Fazon has skinny wrists, and a six pack which he has had ever since he was born. Fazon has a scar on his left eye that cuts out half his eris. But he still can see faintly out of that eye. He usually wheres a 5 o'clock shadow and a soul patch for his facial hair.

Background: I'll do it later

Personality: Fazon was a sad child ever since his mom died and his dad blamed it on him and did what ever he could to hurt him. Sometimes he would get so drunk he would even pull a knife on Fazon, that is why he has a scar on his eye. Fazon was very shy and kept quite around the other kids. He just liked to run when ever he could he loved running through the forest most of all.

Greatest fear: Sleeping

Greatest passion: Be the fastest person in the world

I'm still not done yet

Is this world magic and sword type stuff? and can my guy were a sweat shirt or is it more mid evil type items?

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08/14/2007 3:42 PM

Is this world magic and sword type stuff?

Sort of... You'll see.

Alright when you flesh that out a bit more and maybe put some more detail in Fazon's appearance then you'll be accepted.

08/16/2007 6:53 AM

do you have enough people, or is there room for one more?

08/16/2007 9:00 AM

There's room for more! THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM!!!!

08/17/2007 1:38 PM

Name: Tegan McCulsin

Race: Human

Age: 17

Appearance: Short, about 5 foot with long blonde hair often tied up in a messy bun with strands constantly falling out. Has an athletic build but is slightly pudgy in the middle. She has blue-green eyes. Dresses usually in black and white, she uses the colors to differentiate her moods...white when she's in a good mood, black when she's in a bad one. More often then not, she wears drastic combination of both.

Background: (want to converse with nanuk and scrapper before i fill this out!)

Personality: Tegan is a humanitarian and likes to emote. She hates insensitivity and crying in front of others. She tends to get very close to people who show her kindness. (I know this is vague but I plan to fill this out better .)

Greatest Fear: Dying Alone

Greatest Passion: Freedom

08/17/2007 7:50 PM

Name: Abernathy Masterson, commonly known as Ath

Race: Human

Age: 17

Appearance: Ath is 5'10" and has chin-length curly black hair framing his youthful, blue-eyed face. His muscles are not particularly chiselled, but from a life of running around playing all the time he has naturally developed into a fit young man. His clothing choice tends towards subdued colors and ease of movement.

Background:...no one else has filled this out, so I won't either?

Personality: Cheerful and outgoing, but not loud or brash. He emanates a sense of calm and peacefulness, and is slow to anger. He gets uncomfortable when he's around girls.

Greatest Fear: Extreme cold

Greatest Passion: Music

08/18/2007 1:47 AM

Background: (want to converse with nanuk and scrapper before i fill this out!)

sorry- I've been uninspired and busy the last while, getting ready for back-to-school. Sall try to get something up soon.

08/21/2007 12:15 PM

Deliria, Sparrowhawk and Infamously Delirious... Those characters are perfect! Now when when scrapper's character is finished and when Nanuk posts one we can start trying to figure out how all these characters relate to each other so that we can finally fill in those background spaces on everyone's character sheets. When this is completed I will post my character sheets for The Wylho Wwa, my other NPCs and my human character.

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