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08/03/2007 6:21 PM

This is another story set around Christmas time and is the sequel to When the Bell Tolls. In the first story, an unknown terrorist organization took hold of the plaza hotel and held it hostage. The police were unable to enter the hotel or else the guests would be killed off. This was not even the big part of their plan.

A group of guests figured out that the terrorist were planning to bomb the central square clock tower at mid-night on Christmas eve. It was a race against time, but the guests were able to stop the organization on that night. The hostages were released and Christmas was saved.

Now a year after the incident, Christmas is busier then ever and even more dangerous. The same guests that stayed at the Plaza are back in New York and are about to get stuck in the biggest thrill ride of their lives. The mysterious organization is back, this time taking over Radio City Music Hall. The Rockefeller owner is found missing a week before Christmas. Mysteriously, fellow executives of Radio City are disappearing left and right. To top it off, you find out that the organization is back but planning something even more deadly. When the lights at Radio City go on during the Christmas Spectacular, boom........thousands die.

Create your guest and you will take part of the mystery and help save Christmas yet again.





Reason for Staying in New York-



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