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08/03/2007 1:50 PM

In the Pacific Ocean the Kisuna a new super cruise liner was making its maiden voyage from Los Angeles to Thoothukudi stopping off at Singapore, Cebu, Kaohsiung and Yokohama. The ship was a week into its trip when the problems started, cases of vomiting, rashes and headaches, more and more passengers and crew reported these symptoms over the next few days. On July 28th the ship was forced to lay anchor with most of the bridge crew incapacitated, symptoms worsted with the unknown disease keeping most of those infected in their rooms. On the 29th of July the ship was battered by a Typhoon breaking the anchors and reserve anchors, and the ship unable to keep it own course was pushed by the water and wind. Early on the 30th there were seven small explosion in the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 14th engine rooms, at first it was thought that the damage was done but soon leaks in the fuel pipes widened flooding the bottom three decks with oil but it was kept from igniting.

A distress call was repeatedly sent but due to the unknown status of the disease which had infected now 35% of the people on board, no ship would lend aid and they were far off any major shipping roots. Midday on the 30th the situation seemed to be back under control with the storm past and the fuel had emptied from its ruptured tanks onto sealed decks. It was decided that there was no more danger at present and there was no need to evacuate the ship, under its own power Kisuna began to head back toward its root.

Middnight on the 30th an untrained man was operating the radar and GPS but both were off centre and not showing the ships proper position anyway, failed to see a fishing trawler that was anchored. The small vessel was easily snapped in two at the bow but the shock wave shook the ship and there was an eight explosion that ignited the fuel on the lower decks. Heated air started to blow open the seals on the decks, evacuation was called for but flaming oil had already spilled into the sea by the sides of the ship. Making many of the boats un-useable, the ship heated up as the fuel burned but many people were forced to wait as only boats at the rear of the ship could be used.

By the morning of the 31st the ship was fully abandoned but the same typhoon as before ruffled the seas coursing many of the lifeboats to capsize, cut off from the rest of the world they don't know what happened to the others, a few washed up on a island somewhere in the Pacific.

The story of the those washed up on this island is the one I want to RP, this will be a survivor RP but may have super natural elements like Lost but it's up to other people if that the direction people want it to go in. It may start ether on the ship or after washing up (which is easier) and through out flash back to their lives before (That bit is like Lost)

Just to think about

Physical appearance
Job before (what they say it is)
Skills that they have that would be of use on a desert island
Mentality (out look on life)
Who they were with (if any) on the ship and if they made it
How or why they were on board

I already have one person for this Rp so another two or three would be good, more would be great, just say if you want to join, what puts you off and if you want it more paranormal or not

Depending on what people want it will be posted in general RPG or paranormal

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