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07/30/2007 4:45 PM

Year 2356, Azrica and the entire world is enveloped in a brutal world war, hundreds are dieing in mere days. Piracy and Organized crime skyrocket as third-world nations begin to buy large swaths of land and weapons from anyone they can find.

You will be one of the newest recruits for the Corleaisi family, a under-dog in the Central Island Chain atoll of Nagov, the Corleaisi Family is slowly beginning to climb the ladder in the 'Big Six' as they are called. Jump into the fray, rise through the ranks and hopefully become UnderBoss of the Corleaisi family.

Character Sheet:

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07/30/2007 5:19 PM

Could you describe what kind of RP it will be? :) action? :)

07/30/2007 5:35 PM

Right Wyxz...think,
"The God Father" but with -much- more guns.
This certain story takes place in the Central Island Chain, on the atoll of Nagov, the Corleaisi family's been on the short side of the stick for years, but since the government had relaxed to put more and more men into the war effort, there has been a rise in dirty cops and politicians. Something all of the families have gathered in on.

07/31/2007 12:13 AM

Uhu guns :) what kind of guns? :)
Is there any restriction for nationality? :)

08/01/2007 4:42 PM

This is based on Scatter, the planet's using practically what's on Earth today, guns rifles and whatnot. Though most of the mobsters are equipped with Civilian XMC 5.7x28mm hand guns.

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