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07/23/2007 6:03 PM

Mid Year of 2362 (August 23rd 2007)
"In other news today, a small island off the coast of the State of Gual and the surrounding area has been quarantined today--"
"The island-city of New Gual was quarantined earlier by ARHG forces today--"
"As ARHG forces, including four ARN Naval Aircraft carriers are sitting, literally, next to the island--"
"It seems that the island has been completely cut off from any outside communication, I've never seen the government do this before--"
"From reports coming in directly from the government, the necessity of the quaratine is to stop the spread of a bacteria that taints food. Though many are skeptical--"
"Day two of the "New Gual Incident" as people are calling it--"

Day nine of the "New Gual Incident".
A belligerent Prime Minister De Gal steps infront of a press confrence held outside the Prime Ministers House of Command.
"As of today, the island-city of New Gual, and all outlying areas will be evacuated due to the confirmed spread of the bacteria known as the NYBEC strain. All areas near and around the city will be evacuated, any and all who are infected or expierencing the symptoms are to report to your local ARMP station immediately. I'm asking all of the people -not- to panic. The ARHG has the situation under control."

They didn't. Two days later a distress call finally broke through the near impenetrable Radio Jammers.
"This is, the fifth platoon of the ARA's 6th Battalion. We've been over run by...by something. They, they attack. Anything. I'm authorizing any and all air support to destroy the following positions--Rileys get that door tight! I'm calling to any ARAF forces over the island. You need to kill these things. To all ARHG forces, you need to kill anything you see. Anything. Please god, do not be the one to let this spread to the mainland--"

As the large boats of refugee's left, some Sixty four thousand were left back on the island. Out of a city of nearly two point nine million. Once bustling streets now deserted. Scraps of paper flustering in all directions. But something was wrong. Out of the forty eight refugee boats left to some unknown location into the ocean, one never left. It would later be discovered twelve hours later beached on shore, blood drenched decks.

It is now day twelve. You, a citizen of the proud Island City of New Gual, must last fourteen days (two weeks) on the slowly infected island. Of course, you should already have a low-class weapon (Knackler and Finley Ragir T-2, semi-automatic rifle).
Though the city is virtually empty in the first few days, slowly the already cut in half population will soon become infected. As the days go by, obviously the situation will become more dangerous. You will be able to tell this by the activity of the ARHG.
What happens after those two weeks is still unknown, though if you survive. You can live to tell the story.

If anyone would be interested in participating in this, please leave your comments and questions if enough people join I'd be happy to start up a character sheet.

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