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07/20/2007 5:15 PM


Slannon woke up with a start, then rolled over and hit the off switch on his alarm clock. Bleary-eyed, he sat on the edge of his bed in the small room above his teacher's workshop, and got out his book, quietly mumbling the words that would allow him to go to where his teacher was downstairs. He opened the book and looked down the short list of...two beings and saw his teacher's name at the bottom. He then recited the Oath of Travel louder, awakening the small imp that followed him everywhere.

"Hey Shurlan!" He said cheerfully as he prepared to use the Oath for real. "Are you ready?" The imp nodded its head and made a crooning noise. "Alright...Sar lokunda, mesarri Shurlan fiirna, flarso, Farlen, tortam." This Oath had already been prepared when he had first made the Oath with Shurlan, allowing him to teleport anywhere with the goofy imp, as long as the energy came partially from him. He felt the energy build up around him, then released it all in a splash of light that enveloped him.

The energy faded away to reveal Farlen, his teacher, fighting a humanoid creature with shadowy blades. The creature looked much more powerful then the forty-something man, but then Farlen sent it flying back with a fist technique known as "Oathpunch", which disrupted the creature, revealing its true form: an Unoathable. The Unoathable lunged, but then Slannon had finished his Oathspell: swap places with Farlen. The swap happened, and the Unoathable was caught in the light, sending it back to the portal that had appeared somewhere in the city. This always happened to them: If they were touched by enough Oaths, they vanish back into the Unoathable world.

Slannon sat down, then looked up to see Farlen looking at him. "I believe...that you are ready to be inducted as an official Oathmaster."

07/21/2007 5:09 PM

Sarth O'Syron slowly opened his eyes, the morning light stung at his eyes. The abandoned warehouse in which he slept was quiet and dark. The only light came from the outside and it spilled in to the warehouse by small cracks in the boards.

Groaning up to a sitting position, Sarth looked up at the rafters above him. The dusty brown boards slowly came into clearer view as Sarth's vision adjusted. The straw matress below him providing minimal comfort.

Yawning slightly to himself Sarth stood up and looked around.

[i] Unoathable season, I can't this time, I just can't, not after what happened. [/i]

Sarth slowly stood up, he looked out the window at the site there. The town was bustling with activity, children playing, parents going to work, every thing peaceful. Shaking himself, he walked over to his water trough and began washing.

(OOC: Short, but i couldn't think of anything)

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