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07/19/2007 10:00 PM

All pilots report to your respective companies hangers for this weeks competition assignments!

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07/20/2007 2:45 PM

The roar of the arena's crowd is audible even inside the hangers, as the shield generators that keep the crowd safe from stray fire begin to hum to life. All the pilots are starting to show up, and are milling around the contestant waiting area. Some making challenges, others just smack talking about the upcoming round of contests. In the back corner, April Smith, a reporter for WWTV is interviewing Kip about an upcoming match.

"Kip, how do you feel "Bot Bot" will fare in your upcoming match against Jace's "Rocket Rocker" Walker?"

"Well, thats one way to look at it. Did you make any special modifications to your mech for this match?"

"Interesting. Can you tell us what your strategy will be?"

"I... see. Well. Good luck on your upcoming match Kip!"

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07/20/2007 3:10 PM

"How do I feel? Well I'm not going to be the one taking all the damage it is really Bot Bot you should ask. But I guess if you really need to hear it from me, I'm feeling pretty darn good. I think we might knock this guy out of the park."

"What's that? Oh yese, yes, Ms. Bot here has told me to inform you that we have in fact made one special modification. We added a spike to the top of the bus, so now it not only crushes but penetrates too." A big smile is covering Kips face. "What don't look at me like that, she wanted it not me, I said you just keep the crshing-"

"Strategy... strategy... hmmm.... I guess that depends on how I a mfeeling once I get behind the wheel. Oh there she is! Hi!" Kip completly ignores the reporter as she bounds off to go meet up with Laurie.

Ah Laurie, a concieted young snob who cares more about the glory that comes with being with a Mech pilot than actually being with a mech pilot. Kip is just too flea brained to figure that out.

"Laurie, hey you've got to come see this! Check out the new paint job! Isn't it fabulous, alright alright just shhh Bot Bot, don't embaress me in front of her. Don't mind her she is just jealous. Whoops that is my bell, see you sweetie."

Kip jumps up into her mech and hits the ignition, swinging it's leg around wildly and pivoting to meet the arena.

07/20/2007 3:15 PM

walking into the waiting room and stnding in the back corner as he usually did he bows his head and begins to think through an intracate check list before his up combing match.

After finishing his check list on his mind he begins to wipe the grease from his hands, arm and face. Then after finishing he sighs and looks about the room. Stopping on each person and giving himself a mentle rundown of each persons mecha, thinking of each strength, weakness, exploit and how to do it, and each pilots skills and personality.

07/20/2007 3:49 PM

The announcer's voice booms over the crowds roar of applause as Bot Bot enters the arena.

"LLLLLADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WELCOME TO WALKER WARS!!!" the over-excited voice exclaims.

"Entering from the left. Armed with her trademark schoolbus hammer and that ENORMOUS missile launcher, KIP and her walker BOT BOT"

The crowd erupts at the sound of one of the most popular pilots, chanting "BOT BOT! BOT BOT!". The announcers voice pipes up again as Jace's walker enters the arena, the armless mech has rocket clusters stacked high on its back, and its reverse-jointed legs almost seem to strain under the weight of its payload.

"And ladies and gentleman, now entering from the eastern coridor, an up and coming pilot, currently working under Betterdays Tire&Co. JACE! and his walker the ROCKET ROCKER!" The crowd begins to boo and yell, clearly favoring their wacky favorite.

The bare sand begins to tremble as a mock city rises out of the ground in the enormous arena. The crowd almost immediately forgets their contempt for Jace, as the countdown to battle begins, they chant and scream with excitement, as loud music and flashing lights begin.

"FOUR! THREE! TWO! ONE! WALKER WAR!!!" the annoucer screams

Later that day, most of the pilots are standing in a semi-circle around the big screen TV, watching the WWTV News reports on all the battles in all the different arenas.

"And now, for the events of the main arena, deep in the barren deserts of Nevada, we go to Shelly!"

"Thank you Jim. We saw a barrage of amazing matches today in what is slowing becoming a tight race for the WWTV Championship, coming up in just two months. In what appeared to be pure luck, one of Bot Bot's over-sized missiles launched early in the battle, came crashing down on Kip and Jace when their mech's were locked in hand to hand. Most of Jace's rockets were set off, and when the dust cleared, a VERY beat up Bot Bot was the only walker standing! And, in the main event, setting a new world record for shortest match, Trent Backlash, the uncompromising assassin, fired two rounds from that rifle, and disabled his opponent in what was supposed to be the match of the week! But turned out to be the match of the strong destroying the weak! Thats all from Nevada, back to you Jim!"

"Thanks Shelly, and now we ..."

The TV is shut off by Jace, who tosses the remote and storms off. Jace's team mate, Tex, approaches Sal.

"I've got you next week. What'da ya say we make this more interesting, eh?"

07/20/2007 4:29 PM

Having just fnished locking up his hammer, activating his alarm system, and letting his dog out of its cage. Trent began walking down the hallway towards the mess hall. Right as he turned the corner me found himself face to face with his soponcer.

" And what the hell was that!? The match didnt even last long enough for me to light a cigar!! How the hell am I supposed to impress our stock holders of the match is over in two rounds!! "

Glaring at him angerly Trent spoke...

" Last match lasted 10 minuets, and that was too long. How long should it be? 9:59? "

His face turning red from the sarcasm...

" You had best watch your tone boy! Your lucky I dont fire your ass! You wouldn't be anything had it not been for me dammit! "

Trent starting to get angery

" when you find a fighter that can live up to your expectations, then you let me know. Because I will resign and sell you all my shares for half price! But until the why dont you shove that cigar on you mouth and shut your slimy trap! "

Trent continued to walk and shoved shoulders with him knocking him into the wall.

07/20/2007 5:55 PM

The TV is shut off by Jace, who tosses the remote and storms off. Jace's team mate, Tex, approaches Sal.

"I've got you next week. What'da ya say we make this more interesting, eh?"

Both Logan and Sal stood there, with Logan taking in his daily intake of fours cans of beer before 4pm. Sal was wondering what Tex could mean.

''Now hold your titanium horse wrench there boy-o. Any talk of contortionisting will have to be taken up with Mickey Reinz. Or else I'll bust a can of whip arse on ya!'' as Logan stepped in.

"First of all, I think the word you were looking for was extortionist not contortionist, and I'm sure your buddy here can speak for himself...ahem...but thanks for the input.'' Tex tried to ignore how drunk Logan was.

Logan took a last swig of his beer, Sal just looked at Tex. Sal was softly spoken for his size anyway, but even in that soft tone the rough bellowing voice was still very evident.

"Now Logan, how bout getting me one of those yea?"

"Well shave me down, and glaze me over a hot pigeon on a spit, Sal is having a alcoholic drink, wooooooheee now I know this is going to be awesome year for us!" with Logan making his way towards the back of the crowd. It left Sal and Tex.

"Sorry about that, his heart is in the right place, but his 'drinking' heart always takes charge. The names Sal Mannix. I've been out of the business for awhile. But I've heard a lot about you and Jace very promising. What did you have in mind?"

07/20/2007 5:56 PM

A less than oriented Kip fell out of her Mech and stumbled back to the reporter covering the after battle news.

"Yep feel great, hey would you look at those, aw their so cute all twitering."

"Um right, so Kip what do you have to say to your adoring fans."

"I love you guys, man, I love you guys so much, and oh my god Bot Bot! Your paint got scratched.... Aww man, I just finished that. Shh baby it's ok, here the fans will kiss it make it better. Kiss the Bot Bot fans you know you love her! and by Wham-O energy drinks so I can get my babe here a new paint job!"

Kip stumbled off into the Pilots quarters, tripping right past her girlfriend and into a less than amused Trent.

"Buddy, hey d'ya catch the fight. Complete chaos, I mean, Pafoowey!" She laughed whole heartedly and crashed into her room.

07/21/2007 1:40 PM

Having finished eating after his pleasant post victory congradulations from his sponcer marketer. Trent walked down to the local pub to have a drink, and check out the relplay of his last battle on his handheld do everything but wipe your ass computer. This was his usual tradition when he won or lost. He was always examining his mech, and calculating possible adjustments or modifacations that might help him in some way.

He sits there with a beer in one hand and his PPC ( Pocket PC ) staring imtently at the screen, not blinking he looks up and downs half of his beer bwfore thinking intently on a way to get a bigger boost from his rockets boosters.

" of i could find a shorter way to reroute the power... I could reduce the wattage loss and get mayne another.... 13 feet, hmmmm... "

Taking a swig from his beer he began searching the web for new parts for his mech, but after finding nothing compared to his after an hour of searching he decided it was time to pack up and head out to school.

- In his spare time Trent went to night classes in the research and development of mech technology. He was working in secret on a new prototype weapon and energy cell, he was so secret that he didnt even let his sponcer know about it. He kept all his finances sepeeate from thier joint accounts. He invested his money in secret and worked in secret.

Finishing his beer he got up and slowly and quietly walked out to school.

07/24/2007 8:53 AM

A few hours sleep, a couple more Advil than probably necessary, and a cold pack to the head and Kip was more than ready to take on the day.

Of course it was the same day, she just wasn't quite oriented enough to figure that out yet. Kip walked her way out of the bedroom, ignoring her slight concusion, despite the medical bots orders to stay in bed, and out into the crowd.

"Sorry about that, his heart is in the right place, but his 'drinking' heart always takes charge. The names Sal Mannix. I've been out of the business for awhile. But I've heard a lot about you and Jace very promising. What did you have in mind?"

"Ooo do we have mech talk going on here?" Kip started toward the two, liking to hear business arrangments being struck up. Despite her slight delrium she was quite the attentive business person, that is if you could stay on the same page as her.

"Out of the business awhile yeah? He's been out a bit? The he probably doesn't know where to get the cheapest damn parts around." She offered her ice packed hand to the new gentlemen. She loved new people. "Kip, at your service, I owuld introduce you to Bot Bot but she is hiding somewhere. My sponcer says she's sleeping, so I won't bother her. Anyway, you're an oldie coming back?"

07/24/2007 6:48 PM

walking into his clasroom he awaited his teacher and the rest of his class to arrive. He sat down his books and his notebook, took out his PPC and began writing down math formulas.

After hearing the door click open Trent quickly put his PPC away, not wanting a soul to ever find out about his ideas for a prototype. He looked behind him to see his three other classmates. One of them congradulated him on his win. While rhe pthers walked on and acted like he didnt even exist. Shortly after thw professor walked in and greated everyone.

" Ok class how is everyone? Lets see... Trent we will ask you today, what will our question of the day be? "

The class was a hands on class that taught you to use the knowledge of mech technology and then take it outside the box in order to create somthing new. So rhey wpuld ask each other a question or propose a new idea that they would then solve.

" Ok... I have been working on this for quite some time... Is there a weapon that isnt affected by armor. Is there some round or weapon that isnt affected by armor? Laser burn through armor and melt circuts, slugs and other round simply pwnetrate and destroy internal components. So how can you develope a weapon that will penetrate or bypass any armor the equally? "

The professor thought for a second.

" Well in that case what is somthing that all mecha have in common that limits them?"

Trent was eager to answer

" well I thought about overheating their systems and shutting them down, but that would require armor penetration... "

The professor smiled proudly at Trent's thought into the matter.

" Hmm that is correct, well class I think we have our homework assignment for tonight, let's try to find a solution for Trent's question. I'm sure if we think outside the box we will come to a solution that could revolutionalize mech combat as we know it. "

As the professor finished Trent packed up his things and walked out the door. Trent went straight home and thought on his prototype before going to the common room to see what all was going on.

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07/24/2007 7:09 PM

Sal moved his large frame back as he towered over the petite and very attentive pilot, Kip.
Without thinking, Sal reached out his hand instinctly to shake, but not use to shaking a female hand he was unsure whether to shake her hand or her fingers as his hands were huge compared to hers. And the fact she had an ice pack certainly made in more of a test.
"Um...yes I have been. Um...how...ah...how do you...do?" gingerly Sal grasped her fingers and softly shook her hand.

"Wow you have really big hands, not as big as Bot-Bot's though. I'm doing as good as ever, so the sponcer say anyway. So you and Tex about to struck up a deal....ooooo I can't wait" Kip stood there attentively with Tex raising his eyebrow as if to say, what is she on?

Logan cut in between, Tex and Kip ever so subtle like...well as subtle as Logan could be anyway. Pulling Sal to aside.

"What are you doing Sal, not only you talking to the competition, you're letting lil Miss Hi-wired over there in as well. She spooks me to high graces she does!" Logan was really scared of her.

"What's wrong with making a little small talk with the other pilots?" answered Sal as he folded his arms in response.

"They say, that Kip lives with her walker and bathes, reads, goes out shopping together and talks to her like its alive like it has actual emotions, she is creepier than my Uncle Ollie with the one eye and one nostril, you remember and how he always slept with frozen vegetables next to him" gulped Logan.

"Listen, your whole family is creepy full stop. As for Kip and her walker, she just happens to respect her walker alot more than the other pilots here. Now as for Tex, we've got a match up next week and if I'm not careful I'm going to get my large butt handed to me on a plater. I'm merely trying to get a handle of the guy is all. So go back to the trailer, flick on the tube and drink yourself to a nap , yea?"

Logan reached for his cap, as he lifted it and scratched his head. This was his way of proccessing. Sal grinned, as he watched Logan grab another six pack and head towards the trailers.

Kip crept ever so quietly up to Sal as she stuck her head from around him to see Logan walking away.

"Beddy byes Logan!" Sal was spooked as he jumped and nearly took out Kip in the proccess.

"Sheesh, kid don't sneak up like that. Don't forget I'm an old vet to this and I can't afford of having a heartache before my first match up" as he gathered his composure and caught his breath.

07/25/2007 7:52 AM

"An oldie eh? Back when we fought robots with little romote controls right." She nudged him with her elbow kiddingly. "So he is an old timer coming back, or are you? Either way, I got some pretty sweet deals and what I can't give you the Botster can. I get some sweet scrap metal deals from my sponcer and oh the things you can make! Bot Bot and I were talking about making a giant boomerang to match her paint job. It would be glorious don't you think?"

He looked like a generally nice guy and she couldn't help but smile brightly, of course that might hae been the increasing pain in her head. "Anyway, Bot Bot talks too much, and she is always trying to show off-"

"Peaches!" A small women's voice came out of the crowd followed by a skinny, if busty body. "Oh there you are, I've been looking all over for you. Miss Metroland-"


"The reporter sweety. Anyway she want's to talk to us, er, you."

"Oh right, right, I have to get Bot Bot dressed then, and wake her up oh goodness she is lazy..." Kip walked off slightly less balanced now and a medical robot scolding her back towards the quarters.

"You must be Sal." Laurie stuck out her hand. "I'm Laurie." She batted her eyes at him, looking over the well known pilot. "I can't stay right now, but if you ever want to hang out sometime just give this number a call alright?" She winked at him and handed him Kips business card. "See you around." A wink and a flip of her hair and she dissapeared into the crowd.

07/25/2007 7:29 PM

"Thanks...I think" sighed Sal.

The voices of the people, the flashes, the cameras, the media everything was new to Sal, the walkers and pure mechanics of them were now a lot more sophisticated. A lot more faster and stronger too. More and more money were getting fed into this business, the talent of both walker and pilot was off the scales.
Bu despite all the changes he had seen, there was an element that was still the same. Even if the sponsors some how effected them occasionally he knew that the human element would generally stay the same.

"Times have changed old timer, times have changed. When your not busy track me down and we'll discuss business like men over a drink" added Tex as he joined the commotion of the crowds too.

"They sure have changed indeed" mutterd Sal as he turned he decided to follow Kip's move and also check on his walker.

He passed the large posters of years gone by of the Walker Wars, passed winners the last couple years he knew who won but never actually knew the individual pilots. There was a time when other pilots were left to their walkers with no interference, no distractions of committees or sponsos. Hanging with the other pilots and the told stories of what they did in the weekend and how much their families were driving them mad. The outside life of being a pilot was what we lived for and that got us through the years. We ran the business, it was never the other way round...and now the times are runned to schedules and the high rolling profits of coverage and sponsorship.
Sure the moment we got out there it was fierce competition, we didn't expect anything less from each other. The same respect was shown in the bar and boy did we have some great brawls.

Sal grinned ever more as he soon came up to his walker which was still getting work done to it.
A short pudgey white haired man limped towards him, his name was Coops he had been a walker mechanitech since the inaugural Walker Wars. And knew every nook and cranny, and every detail of the workings of a Walker. Well the old days more so than now anyway.

"Well Sal, what would it be? You want the good news or the bad news?" Coops asked as he wiped his hands on his overalls.

"Bad news" Sal knew there was no good news there never was when Coops ask you this type of question.

"Your 2IC joints are out of alignment, the primary scanner is shot, the shock dampeners are running on borrowed time, your generator keeps cutting out everytime we ignite, the Trilitium Alternator timing is completely out of sequence, the x-duo rods are beginning to slow down, you have more corrosion on the wrist shields, the right hip placement of the plasma cannon, you have nothing but static feed on your short range radar and to make it complete the cockpit cradle wont lock let alone close" Coops nearly ran out of breath as he said all of this in one breath.

"And my walker Coops?" Sal, waited for Coops to turn around as Coops couldn't keep a straight face any longer.

"You've known me for too long Sal, hehehe ahem but anyway Vault is as ready as she is ever going to be. The question is are you?" smiled Coops.

That was a good question, a really good question.

07/25/2007 7:34 PM

As Trent walked into the common area he watched Kip stumble out. Looking about he saw Sal who he imediatley recognized as a veteran pilot. Trent walked over to his usual deserted corner of the room with his usual chair. Sitting there he looked about and did his usual mental rundown if each and every pilot in there. He knew more about other peoples mechs than they did.

He watched as the skinny lady left sal standing there all alone. Trent watched him to see if ge couldnt get some kind of an idea of what kind of fighter he was. He could tell just by watching him he was a nice guy, but figured he was a fierce fighter.

He thought:

" Hmmm.. He would ne a fun oponent to fight, somthing new. And he he still has the same mech he used to, then it will definatley take two shots to deativate... I would love to test my prototype against him. I hope i dont fight him until its ready. It is going to be such a surprise I will make headlines. Maybe my sponcer will finally shut the fuck up... "

Trent sat there and looked about the area, he always found this to be amusing.

07/26/2007 9:44 AM

"What happened to Bot Bot!" A small mechanic had whispered into her ear causing, the information causing her to nearly knock out the reporter. She pivoted on her heel and walked towards the garage.

"Oh my poor baby. How'd it happen? What do you mean youo'll be ok? Look at you, your paint job is all messed up, your arms barely rotate. No, stop talking, you're just going to hurt yourself more."

"You know ma'am this is standard wear and tear."

"Shh! You don't understand, you're not in her position."

"Well this wasn't exactly the issue we needed to talk to you about. The issue we needed to talk to you about was the-"

"You let her near her walker!" Kip's sponcer burst through the door. "I told you how she gets, she is not suppose to see her Walker in the repair room!"

"But ir, it's important for her to know-" A flustered mechanic tried to explain.

"Well then you should have told me! Now what seems to be the issue?"

The mechanic gulped as Kip rubbed her nose with her sleeve. "Well it seems someone has tapped into her walkers computer. I don't know what they were after or what they were trying to do but whatever it was it didn't look friendly."

07/30/2007 4:32 PM

"You let her near her walker!" Kip's sponcer burst through the door. "I told you how she gets, she is not suppose to see her Walker in the repair room!"

"But ir, it's important for her to know-" A flustered mechanic tried to explain.

"Well then you should have told me! Now what seems to be the issue?"

The mechanic gulped as Kip rubbed her nose with her sleeve. "Well it seems someone has tapped into her walkers computer. I don't know what they were after or what they were trying to do but whatever it was it didn't look friendly."

The commotion was a few hundred yards down destracted Sal from his own little world, when he saw Kip and the mechanics yelling.

"Yea poor thing" muttered Coops.

"What happened?"

"Someone or something had tapped into her Walkers CPU and not the subtle way either I might add" Coops replied.

Sal could see the stress and concern on Kips face, she was nearly in tears. Kip cared alot about her walker. As Sal learned, and even though it was only a machine, Sal respected the connection her walker and herself had with each other.

"She isn't the only one either, the past two weeks a number of other walkers have been tapped into too. Even with beefed up security too. Thats why Logan generally sleeps in his or walks around with his CPU Memory Stick on him" spoke Coops.

"I think I better check up on Kip to see-" Sal was interrupted by a electronic voice above him. It was the garage Intercom voicing through the entire building.

[i]"Medical Staff to Trailer Reinz 1447, Medical Staff to Trailer Reinz 1447!"[/i]

"Isn't that..."as Coops looked up to Sal.

"Logans" Sal replied. As he froze momentarily, then spun around and headed in the opposite direction.

There were Security and Medical Bots in the vicinity of the trailer, Sal even with his height couldn't quite see enough as he towered over the other pilots and mechanics that were also here. Sal couldn't see anything, but he heard a relief.
It was quite a soul-hearted belch, but a belch worthy of Logan as he saw his stumpy wide frame come through the crowd of people on a stretcher.

"Logan what happened, are you okay?" Sal waited for a answer as he walked alongside the stretcher.

"Sal...boy I feel like someone ran over me with a boulder, a zoo of elephants, and twenty walkers parade...but...they took my stick Sal...(belch)"

A grin appeared on Sal's face when he heard another belch from Logan, he was okay with a really bad headache, but okay. His CPU Memory stick, this is getting out of hand Sal thought.

A tap on the shoulder of Sal made him turn away from his friend as he saw three security bots and a gentlemen with a text-corder.

"Sal Mannix...we like to ask you some questions"

08/01/2007 1:25 PM

Watchinmg all of the comotion Trent slowly walked over to Logans trailer to see what was going on. He carefully listened in on the conversations of everyone around him, until he picked up somthing interesting.

" This has happened to more than one Walker? " he thought to himself

His eyes lit up and he quickly turned tail and ran down to his trailer. Bursting in and deactivating his Security system he pat his dog and fed him, then walked over to his toolbox. Searching within it for several minuets he found a pistol he kept hidden away for emergancies.

" Lets just see them try and get my CPU. They arent going to leave here without a few holes. " thought Trent

He climbed into his cockpit and and checked that his CPU was still there. Seeing it still safly intact within his Walker, he grinned happily. Locked up his cockpit and began to clean every tool within his Garage to pass the time.

08/02/2007 3:01 AM

"Sal what the hell is going on here, where's Logan is he okay?"

Micheal Reinz, team leader, daddy's prodigal son, was making his way towards Sal and the Security Unit. His haired tied back smoothly, and wearing his trademark dark khaki's, sponsor t-shirt with vest and his bobcat boots.

"Hey Micheal, just finished giving my statement to the Security Guard here and then going to the Med Bay to check on Logan. But he is okay as far as I can tell" replied Sal.

Not the week Sal was hoping for, but one thing was for sure it was definitely better than the 18hour days back at the Oil Refinery.

"I just heard the news, damn meeting with my father went longer than usual"

Michael's father was the CEO and owner on REINZ Inc., the official team sponsor of Logan's and Sal's walkers. And their relationship was always business and never about outside of the business or about family, which suited both men just fine.

"I'm taking a guess here, but I think Logan won't be the first and he won't be the last to be attacked either"

Sal agreed with Michael, this was really starting to become a serious matter by the time both men arrived at the Med Bay where Logan was being looked over. There he was just laying there with his head heavily bandaged. If his head wasn't already big enough. Sal thought, as he followed Michael in.

"Hey Mickey, how the meeting go with paps?" smirked Logan.

Logan's since of humour was still evident, he was okay. But angry.

"Never mind the meeting Logan, can you tell us anything about the attack, anything at all?" queried Michael.

Michael really wanted to get to the bottom of this whole mess.

"Sorry El Capitan, not a clue, not a whiff either. I was out cold before I could even count the birdies swirling around my head. But when I do find out who it was, I'm going to enjoy ripping the cactus whore a new one that is certain!"

As both Michael and Logan were talking, Sal was planning ahead. Tonight, Sal had nothing really planned other than pizza and beers and watching reruns of old television shows with Logan. Maybe tonight would be a good night to play 'bodyguard' in his walker instead, and judging by what happened with the other walkers and Logan he wouldn't be the only pilot either he guessed.

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