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07/19/2007 1:22 PM

This is it! We finish the war today! Report to OOC for Squad Assignment and weapons assignment. Get ready to take the fight to the heart of the locust Gears!

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07/22/2007 4:02 PM

(I said I'd have it started on Friday Night...and it's Sunday. Shut up, all of you, quiet!)

"Today is a great day!" Colonel Hoffman yelled, the fifteen men of X-Platoon standing next to the King Ravens that would ferry them into "glorious battle" as Hoffman called it. "Today we exact our revenge upon the horrific and barbaric Locust Horde who have torn our world, our lives, and our families in two. You all shall take part in the greatest fight of history on our world. It is all you brave soldiers who will fight for the return of humanity. Me, and the people of the COG are grateful for your actions!" Hoffman tucked away the letter into his pocket. Hoffman turned to a now Lieutenant Marcus Fenix.
"Get your men in the King Ravens..." He ordered. Marcus nodded and looked at the men, and women, standing at attention.
"Alright! Everyone into the Ravens! Alpha and Delta squads take the T-II's, Delta and Charlie are taking in the front!" He yelled, looking back at Domonic.
"You ready to make history Dom?"
"Hell yeah Marcus." Domonic pulled back the slide on his Lancer. Marcus looked at his squad. Cole, Baird all seemed ready for this. But Marcus wasn't. As the large engines of the King Raven's spun into action. Hoffman lifted himself into the lead helicopter.
"This is K-Raven 114. Hoffman and squad Theta are standing by and ready for liftoff tower." Hoffman looked out the front cockpit window. Looking at the most beautiful sun rise on Sera he'd ever seen. A wink of sun broke the fog of the morning, dousing the runway in a hue of magnificent gold. Oil sleeks and grease left from last night last-minute maintenance glittered in the golden sun rays.

"Hoffman, we're all ready." Marcus keyed into the TAC-COM. Looking at Domonic while he sat grabbed a Ready-Handle inside the bay.
"This is Tower, come in K-Rav-114. You are clear for liftoff. Gods speed."

The first King Raven broke through the low lying fog stack and pushed on, being followed by six others. Hoffman looked back out at the others.
"They'll be fine. The Air Force has the Striders kept on the ground" A Corporal responded, momentarily taking Hoffman's mind off the current situation.
"Right...right, we'll all be fine. All be fine." He repeated to himself, turning and sitting down at a seat next to the entrance of the cockpit.

07/23/2007 7:41 PM

Lance had been waiting for this day every since he arrived at the base, but as he flew through the air in the third Raven back, he felt nothing new. If anything it felt like deja vu, but not in a foreboding sense, but probably more because he had logged so many combat hours in his years of service it could have equated to a small war itself...

He took a quick look around at the so-called 'elite' members of this crack team, but he was barely impressed. Maybe Delta Squad had proven their worth, but until he saw some field action out of the others, he wasn't trusting anybody. He decided to turn his attention to more pressing matters, and with expert skill he quickly disassembled and reassembled his rifle that had lain in his lap, sliding a round into the chamber before they left COG-controlled air space. If there was one thing he had learned, it was always be prepared, and even with the stationary gun at his side, he wasn't about to let his guard down...

However, he was so battle-hardened that even to the most trained eye he looked as calm as ever. That's what it had done to him - taken the blood from his veins and replaced it with ice water. His icy blue eyes were definitely the right color for him, and those unlucky enough to lock eyes with him dropped a few degrees inside. He had an air of arrogance about him, but anyone that knew anything about war would know otherwise...

He had simply given up on the small talk and jokes used by younger recruits to take their minds off the war. He had accepted the fact that the war was here, and he focused all of his attention on ending it. As he sat there, his trained eyes scanned every building, every alley, every open area with the highest of scrutiny. Sure, they had said the seeders had been taken care of, but they always seemed to find another way to the surface. It never fails...

((EDIT: Sorry, got two characters names confused, but its sorted out now. And for the record, Azrican's post isn't wrong, I did name myself Armand at first...))

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07/23/2007 8:05 PM

Domonic looked over at Ice Man, sitting at the stationary turret.
"Hey Armand, you alright buddy?"Domonic questioned. He looked at the soldier. His Longshot laying in his lap. "You see any Reavers you start shootin', okay man?"He responded. Looking back at Baird on the NAV-COM.
"Right...yes sir Colonel. Alright Sir."He repeated. The typical bellying up to the Colonel had worn Damon. He hated it.
"We're leaven COG controlled airspace as of now. We're flyin' solo guys."He said, releasing his hand from his ear piece.
"Ice Man, you get your ass ready with that gun 'kay man?"He ordered, pointing at him.
"S'okay babeh'! The Cole-Train keep him in shape! Yeee-ha, ain't that right Ice?"Cole smiled.
"Me and Ice got tight last night playin' cards! Ain't that right man?"He smiled. Cole's sheer attitude could mend any situation.
"Yeee-ha boy we gonna' find those Locust, and we gon' ruin they' day! Ain't we man?"He grinned. Marcus pulled himself away from the view outside the bay of the King Raven.
"Ice Man, when we hit the LZ I want you ready on the MG, got it? Alright here's the plan."Marcus grinned his distraught grin. Ready to get to the fight. He hadn't done that in...months. For the past few weeks it'd been gritty, bloody fighting pushing the Locust back.
But now came the finisher.
"We'll drop in with Hoffman and the other two Ravens and move to a Weapons Manufacturing factory and establish base. There's supposed to be little resistance. Either way we'll take the factory." Marcus looked at Ice Man, then to Domonic, and finally to Baird and Cole.
"There'll only be a few of us...so make every shot count. After we secure it we'll drop in with the rest of the platoon at the factory, and we'll strike the Central Hollow from there."He said, leaning back against the hull of the King Raven when he finished.

07/23/2007 9:10 PM

'DK' sat, quietly, in the Raven's hold...Funny, he thought to himself that he should be enfolded safely inside a carrion eater. But in a sense, He guessed that was what they were now. The Locust were wounded, bleeding out their numbers by the hundreds from every wound...It would be stupid to think that a Raven could not follow that blood and encircle it's prey, waiting for it to die...

Unlike the others, Dk chose not to speak before battle, chose not to mar the oncoming rush of adrenaline or the resulting emotional high with jests and the fallicies of reassurance. The truth was, they would all die in the end...everyone dies...maybe not to a bullet or the feeling of metal teeth tearing one in two...but death was inevitable.

Impatiently, he ran the blade of his lancer along its track with his thumb, listening to the light whirring of the gears being forced to turn without power. He just wanted to kill something, needed to feel the stop and go resistance of bones to flesh under his bayonet, or to watch the resulting explosion or gore and viscera that was the specialty of the torque bow he carried.

Looking out into the world through the amber lenses of his visor, he quietly cried. Not tears of sadness or anger, but of joy...for he was a warrior like so many before him...and today he would see blood, beautiful showers...of blood...

07/24/2007 9:25 AM

Tears, talk, ice-cold stare. All of it would have drove her off the wall back on the streets. Take your medication, they said, or w'll take your gun away. She grumbled and popped a few of her pills.

No we couldn't just ground this damn thing and fight our way through to the drop point, we had to sit still, in a flying death trap, to get there.

[i]Bring on some god damn seeders. At least it would give me something to do. [/i]

Flying was not Scoots personal preference, she hated the air, hated being out of her element. She sat there, head against the wall, breathing steadily and petting her Lancer. She had it engraved at one point, and now the words "Forget Seek, Just Destroy" were etched into it.

She sat still, well mostly still, except for the slow swaying that she took on when she was bored or anxious, and waited for the skyline to become less apparent, and the dirt to come closer. Then she would be happy.

07/24/2007 12:52 PM

He listened to the others as they spoke to him, not shifting his view as he listened to their comments. If it had been anyone else, he may have shot a glare, but the boys of Delta Squad had more than proved their worth, so he sat patiently as they spoke, waiting for his time to speak...

[b]Roger that...[/b]

His words were bare, showing no tone or emotion. He would have rather been on the ground the moment they touched dirt, but it was his own fault. It he hadn't been so untrusting of the others capabilities, then maybe he wouldn't be stuck on the gun, but hell, he knew he could handle it...

He wasn't worried about not replying to the comments that were sent his way, he knew the others would understand. In his line of work, silence was golden, and patience the highest of virtues, so it was only natural that after years of performing in the field that it had carried into his everyday life, practically became his life. It wasn't a matter of arrogance or anything else derogatory, it was merely that he preferred his missions quiet, and he most certainly preferred solo missions, but that wasn't the matter now...

He knew damn good and well that when the bullets started flying these guys could hold their own, maybe not the others, but these guys for sure. At any rate, he would do his part and protect his teammates. Something didn't feel right though. All of his instincts were telling him that the shit was fixing to hit the fan, and most times with the Locust his instincts were right. They had, after all, been out of COG-controlled air space for at least ten minutes now, so where the hell were the Locust?..

[b]It's quiet... Too quiet. Keep your eyes open...[/b]

He said back to the others as he made a check with his eyes on the chain gun in front of him, and, satisfied that it was up to par he kept his vigil, sweeping both the ground and the air with his ice cold stare...

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07/24/2007 3:33 PM

Radio responses from the other Raven's soon came flooding in.
"Not a soul in the sky, where is everything?"Sergeant Hammerstead, leader of Alpha Squad responded.
"Yeah. Looks like the Air force was thorough."Sergeant Wesley of Charlie Squad noted.
"Damn...nothing is here."One of the King Raven pilots exclaimed.

Hoffman cut the radio chatter as the first Raven dipped down toward the LZ.
"Can it! Landing Zone coming up!"
The King Raven slowly encroached on a desolated city intersection, over turned cars scattered over the area. Then it started getting rough. Looking closely one could see the charred remains of a Corpser, surrounded by small Locust. They let out yelps and fired at the oncoming COG. Rounds passing by the helicopters as they quickly gained ground on the LZ. Marcus sat staring at the Corpser.
"We're landing next to THAT?" Baird questioned, looking at Domonic.
"Ice Man, get on that gun!" Marcus yelled, "Delta squad, open fire!" he exclaimed as he raised his Lancer, pulling the trigger and releasing a torrent of rounds down toward the Locust. As the King Raven's turrets began firing, so did anyone inside the bay of them. A torrential down pour of rounds being forced onto Locust. Many were simply cut down, ripped apart by numerous rounds of COG ammunition. Others were wounded and dropped to the ground, blood trickling from their wounds. As the first King Raven touched down, Hoffman was the first out, crushing an unlucky Locust's skull beneath his feet as he pulled off round after round from his confiscated Boltok Magnum. Letting out a battle-holler he began advancing as two more Raven's touched down, Hoffman crouched behind an over-turned car at the sight of a Troika nest.
"Jump!"Marcus yelled as he lept from the Raven, a hail of gun fire streaking along the fuselage of the helicopter, hopefully no one would be hurt. Marcus rolled to his feet in the classic manner, aiming his Lancer and firing.
"Outta' the Ravens!" He demanded, pressing fire to keep the Troika crew at bay while the three helicopters unloaded their cargo. Cole was the next one out, taking cover behind a street corner.
"Yeaah babeh!"Cole smiled as he gave a Locust a large burst of Lancer fire, the unsuspecting drone crumbling from all the action. Baird hopped down out of the Raven, joining Marcus in putting all the pressure on the Troika.
"Got your back Fenix!" He responded, slowly advancing up behind his CO. Domonic looked at Larson.
"You go, get to cover and give those Locust some heat man." He said before he jumped out of the Raven, ducking down behind an over turned car. As the other two Ravens lifted off, more soldiers began to join the fight.
The Radio cracked open with Hoffman's voice.
"This is Colonel Hoffman, bring in the rest of the troops!"He demanded.

(I'd all prefer it if the PC's were on the first three helicopters.)

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07/24/2007 3:54 PM

Before the Raven was even fully on the ground, DK lept, headlong, into the fray. His body twisted and flipped as he unleashed a hail of rounds from his lancer before touching down atop the overturned car that Hoffman was using for cover. Almost as quickly as he'd landed, DK bent sideways, still firing, and cartwheeled off of the car, landing in a crouch. He revved his bayonet and sprinted towards a less guarded crater to the left of the troika, reloading as he ran. Bullets flew by, some bouncing harmlessly away against his armor, but as he reached the crater, he realized why there had been so little resistance...huddled in the crater, loading their weapons, was a pair of Boomers. It was no use, they had seen him and raised their weapons to fire at him. Deftly, DK took a small hop for momentum and jumped into a corkscrew flip as one...now both of the rockets flew by. He wouldn't be so lucky though. One of the stray rockets scored a direct hit on the wreckage of an old bus behind him, sending shrapnel flying his way...and a large door that caught him behind the knees, turning him end-over-end backwards to land in a heap on the ground in front of the crater. One of his legs was probably broken, but at least he was alive. As the huge locust raised their weapons to crush his skull, DK pulled out his only grenade, jammed it into the nearest ones head, and rolled away, hoping he didn't get shot to hell in the process. *BOOOM* the grenade blew, destroying both Boomers and showering DK in stones and gore. Slowly he dragged himself into the crater and began to load a boomshot. "MEDIC! I'M HIT!"...He could only hope for enough time to get off a shot at the troika...

07/24/2007 4:18 PM

"Fight THROUGH the pain!" Marcus yelled as he grabbed the young soldier by the collar. Domonic joined him in dragging the brave kid behind an over turned SUV.
"That was some pretty crazy shit there kid. What's your name?"Domonic smiled. Marcus dropped the boy by his collar and reloaded his Lancer.

Cole laughed happily as he pressed the Lancer Bayonet into a drone's torso.
"YYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHH!"He yelled in glee as it ripped the drone in two.
"Who loves ya' babeh!"He smiled as he returned to firing on the Locust. Baird jumped behind the over turned SUV where Domonic, Marcus, and the other kid was hiding.
"Ha! This is fun!"He chuckled. "Hey kid, outta' the fight already?" Baird gave that typical jackass look.

07/24/2007 4:32 PM

"My name is Rei...but call me DK! Where the FUCK is the Boomshot?! I HAD IT I FUCKING HAD IT!" DK stood on his busted knee, looking over towards the still unoccupied crater...and the Boomshot within it. "GODDAMMIT! I HAD THE SHOT! Well, that 'crazy shit' is pretty pointless now!"
DK disengaged his visor and reached into his pocket for a cigarette...only to find they were gone. "OH, FUCK ME! Not my smokes too! Fuck it!" He punched the side of the SUV and gritted his teeth. Slowly, he bagan to run towards the crater, screaming all the way, firing off rounds from his lancer and dropping it when it was empty to draw his Torque bow. *fwip...BOOM*......*fwip...BOOM* bodies flew around the wreckage as he emptied his Torque on the enemies. At last, he reached the crater and the Boomshot, fell on his ass and leaned against the edge of it for support. Slowly he took aim..."I GOT THE FUCKING SHOT!" He screamed awaiting the order to fire. The rocket he held now was all he had left...he'd better make it count...

07/24/2007 4:42 PM

"The kids fucking crazy Ma--"
"FIRE KID, TAKE THE SHOT!"Marcus yelled, punching his hand forward.

Hoffman and Sergeant Hammerstead opened fire on the Troika, covering the young kid with the boomshot.
"Hammerstead, when this is over, I want that kid brought -straight- to me...We need to have a drink!"
"Yes sir!"He replied, giving a drone a face full of Lancer as it stupidly charged their position.

"There is WAY to much going on here Cole!" Baird exclaimed, dropping a locust drone advancing on the kid.
"Boy I don't know who he is but he's good! He he."Cole smiled as he opened fire on any near Locust.
"Look at him go!"Domonic yelled, smiling at patting Marcus on the shoulder.

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07/24/2007 5:18 PM


"FUCK YOU!" DK screamed as he opened fire on the troika. The rocket hissed towards the large gun emplacement. There were growls and gutteral yells as the locusts saw the rocket...too late to stop it. *KABOOM* the rocket connected with the machine gunners and their toy, sending pieces of metal and flesh scattering across the scenery. Content that he'd done his part, Rei settled into the crater and awaited assistance...

07/24/2007 6:57 PM

As the others piled out of the Ravens, Lance stayed back and provided cover fire from the mounted gun that was in front of him. He sustained the constant flow of rounds as the others got to cover, waiting until the runner had taken care of the troika before trusting the situation as all clear as he jumped from Raven. As he hit the ground he shoulder his rifle, cautiously making his way to a car adjacent to the others to provide cover fire, the Raven blowing dust at his back as he took off...

He noticed the kid had remained in the crater after he had taken out the troika, and attributed it to the hurt leg that Lance had made note of as he ran back for the second time. He zoomed in his scope and fired two shots back to back, and across the battle field two drone heads became a newly formed mixture of mist and brain matter. He was crouched next to the car, using the trunk as a rest for the rifle since it was there. Without moving and without taking his eye from the sight, he yelled back to the others...

[b]Go get him! I'll hold them...[/b]

He fired another shot mid-sentence, tearing through the eye of a drone that popped his head out from behind a wall to evaluate the situation. Stupid bastard. Without a pause, the sentence continued...


07/24/2007 7:11 PM

Cole was the first rushing to the soldiers aid, jumping down into the crater and patting the kid on the back.
"Hell yeah baby! That's how we do it boy!"He smiled, offering his hand for help. Domonic let out a sigh.
"We've got some pretty crazy shit here...huh Marcus?"He smiled. Marcus grinning.
"Yeah Dom, we do...we do."He repeated.

As the gun fight and weapon exchanges died down, the rest of the Raven's dropped their cargo and headed back toward the Air Base. Nearly fifteen men sat scattered about a desolate intersection.
"Col'nel Hoffman, every things ready sir."Sergeant Hammerstead saluted as Hoffman walked up to Delta Squad and the young soldier, exchanging conversation.
"Damn fine work out there kid. You've got it to win it." He offered his hand for a shake. Hoffman grinned.
"Sir, the kid took out a Troika with a Boom shot. Saved us alotta' time and effort." Baird responded. Marcus scanned the area, something didn't seem right. Normally the Locust, even now, wouldn't have been beat of this easily.
"Somethings not right."He said, his eyes scanning the area.
"Get your guns ready...there's a lot more coming."Marcus pulled back the bolt on his Lancer.

07/24/2007 7:36 PM

"I'm gonna need a cigarette, a shot, and a gun. My legs pretty fucked too, gonna need someone with a strong arm and a penchant for causing pain to set it. I can dress it in five, now where's that FUCKING GUN...and my cigarettes?!"

07/24/2007 7:52 PM

A medic from Charlie Squad had already began working at the kid. "Dk" He called himself.
"His legs fine, he just took shrapnel!"He said as he removed a large hunk of metal from the soldiers thigh. "Gotta' look out for those boomers kid. They'll hit you with molten steel."The medic smiled. Marcus handed DK a Lancer.
"This is all we could find. It'll do though, right?"Marcus grunted. Suddenly a frantic soldier slid across the hood of a car as he came rushing down the street.
"BERSERKER!"He yelled, suddenly it burst through a street corner, sending hunks of brick and steel mesh scattering in all directions.
"Awww FUCK!" Baird yelled, grabbing his rifle and pointing it down the street at the on coming female Locust.
"BERSERKER!" The soldier yelled, rolling onto his ass and scrambling backwards, dropping his Lancer. Hoffman was the next to respond.
"Mary FUCKING GOD!"He screamed, aiming his Boltok and firing one round at the horrid monstrosity.
It was too late for that poor soldier though. The Berserker struck forward with it's fist and crushed the soldiers leg before he could react. And with another deafening blow, sent it's fist crashing into the soldiers jaw, breaking bones and snapping the spine. Bullets traced around the Berserker's body as it proceeded to brutally beat the soldier into the ground, his last guttural screams of agony dieing as the Berserker's fist pounded the poor soldier into nothing but bloody chunky bones and guts.
"Shit" Domonic frowned as it let out a horrid roar. Looking at the rest of the men and preparing for it's attack.

07/24/2007 8:31 PM

Lance had heard the foot steps of the female monstrosity before he saw it, but by the time he turned it was already too late. He still had time to warn the others, but the poor fellow that had just became that thing's latest meal had already done that. He cursed himself for not having done something, anything, not that there was much he could do. That didn't mean he was going to stand by though...

[i]Quit shooting, you're just pissing it off and wasting ammo. We need a plan... How 'bout that gas station... Rabbit, anyone?[/i]

He whispered to the others in an icy tone as he motioned to a gas station off not too far away. He moved quietly over to a van that had, remarkably, managed to stay upright in all the chaos that was between the others and the station. He ducked down behind it as he neared, crawling through the back window as he set his rifle on the back passenger side window. He gave the ready signal from the van as he slid another round into his rifle, waiting and hoping that the others would go for his plan...

If not, either way he was in a good position. He could piss it off and draw it's attention from the others and still be somewhat guarded inside the van. All he had to do now was wait, and waiting was something he was excellent at...

07/24/2007 9:25 PM

Scoot, could feel the adrenaline rushing through her body, gushed with excitment at the sounds of screaming Locust and COG alike.

"Die you fucking wastes of flesh die." She didn't like any of them, not the proven Delta squad, not the newly tested more than phychotic DK, none of them and then there was the Iceman. Stoic as always, even in battle, always cool and level headed, the mind of a true predator. She liked that about him.

She lost herself in the rhythm of the gun, feeling each shot recoil against her shoulder, spraying metal, bone, and blood in every direction.

"Feel that baby?! Do you?! Thas mother fucking pain right there! That's transendence!" She squeezed the trigger, keeping the pressure on until her Lancer clicked empty. "That is a fucking design flaw... It should never be empty." She reved up the chain saw and delved into the chaos, nearly getting herself chopped in two but she didn't care, bring on the pain baby bring on the agony.

Her chainsaw died down, bloody remenants still sticking to the teeth of her blade, a pile of white, gray and red goo at her feet. "I bet it would feel squishy between the toes."

The silence seemed golden, like a wonderful high. The tension amoung the men only increased her adrenaline, they knew something else was coming, and frankly she didn't care what as long as it kept this mouth watering fear in the air.

"Berserker!" She heard the wail long after she heard the monstourus foot steps. Now this was a creature she could understand. A raging beast, unafraid of the common pain, bred to seek and destroy. A true female in every way.

She saw Icemans movment, knew what he wanted and played along with it.

"Come here you mother! Come show me what you got under all that thick skin! Come on! One on one we'll have a little cat fight!" She fired round after round at the beast enraging it further. "Come drink a little propane bitch!" She tugged it to the gas station hoping Ice would take care of the rest.

07/24/2007 10:44 PM

Lance had hoped that that one of them would of them would go for his plan, but he hadn't expected the volunteer to be so, well, willing. The sheer strength and brute force of a Berserker was enough to take out an entire squad with ease, so the fact that Scoot had taken it on head to head definitely said something...

He waited as it charged her, Scoot leading the beast to its inevitable demise as she ran towards the gas station. The heavy thud of the foot steps, if they could be called mere steps, increased their rhythm as she charged, drowning out the sound of Scoot's fire as she did. She was headed right for the station, and the behemoth shadow behind her was none the wiser...

Hook, line and sinker. Lance knew it, and he knew that Scoot knew it. All he needed now was a clear shot once Scoot got to a safe enough distance. He sat motionless, focused on the duo and waiting patiently for the perfect shot. He knew the other's would have his back, but he still listened for any other footsteps near by, just in case. Right now, it was time to neutralize the priority threat, and that would be done soon enough...

07/25/2007 7:20 AM

"Haha! You stupid fucking beast!" Scoot kept ahead full ahead, knowing if he wanted to get this shot off she needed to get out of the way.

"Heh, follow this bitch." Scoot tucked and rolled narrowly avoiding slamming her head into the wall ahead of her. She was quick and agile though, the Berserker was not. An earthbreaking rumble followed by a massive puff of debris.

"Take the shot! Take the shot!" Scoot screamed, running frantically away from the fast recovering She-beast. She launched herself onto her back, releasing a firm kick to a oil barrel, sending it rolling towards the Berserker.

She knew he didn't need to be told to take the shot, but it just felt so damn good to let out mindless screaming.

07/25/2007 3:40 PM

Lance followed the two with his scope, noting that the Berserker had started to gain a bit, that is until the beast ran headlong into a wall. Not a split second later the station was ablaze, and Lance was sliding the bolt back in case another shot was necessary. It wasn't, at least not now. The resulting explosion that followed immediately after drowned out Scoot's words, but Lance had been able to read her lips through the scope, not that it mattered...

Lance made his way out of the vehicle fast enough, his motions fluid and with purpose. He kept his eyes on the station, however, half expecting the beast scramble from the rubble, on fire, and ready to kill, but she didn't. He zoomed his scope in to take a closer look once he had exited the van, and, satisfied, knelt down beside the van, covering the road ahead of Scoot in case more trouble came, and with an explosion like that he was expected it...

[b]We need to move. That explosion just woke up the entire Horde...[/b]

He said back to the others as he waited for Scoot to make it back, making sure that she wasn't flanked by any still-lingering Locust with a bone to pick. It'd be a bad day for them if they tried it, but that never seemed to occur to them as they ran headlong into Lance's bullets, or rather Lance's bullets ran headlong into them. He was motionless as he waited, focused on Scoot's back and getting out of the signal flare he had just created...

07/25/2007 5:34 PM

DK was testing his legs and his lancer, revving it again and again. He was completely oblivious to the Berserker or the explosion, he simply stood there. Suddenly, he snapped back, running and screaming towards the others.
"YOU GUY'S!? What the fuck is going on?! why is this so easy?"

07/25/2007 6:36 PM

"Because we are the elite baby. You don't get any better than us!" She slung her gun over her shoulder, liking the way the blood seeped off to reveal the etchings on her barrel.

"We are the fucking elite!" She stood next to the Iceman, nodding her head to acknowledge the well placed shot. "So do we set up camp and crack a few beers with a few skulls or do we sally forth into the unknown?"

07/26/2007 11:00 AM

Lance looked condescendingly over at the young COG, an ice glare in his eyes. Tough as a nail that one, and about as smart as one too. He still had a lot to learn. Still, it amazed Lance that he hadn't fully grasped the situation...

[b]The beast isn't dead, all that did was slow it down. Now like I said, we [i]need[/i] to move...[/b]

He said as he nodded to Scoot, his way of giving his approval. Brash perhaps, a bit hard headed, and maybe not the most tactically-minded soldier he'd seen, but she had still seen her fair share of combat. Sure, she was a bit off, but who the hell wasn't in their own little way? A secondary explosion, coupled with the smashing together and popping of rocks, from the station snapped Lance back to the situation at hand...

[b]And we need to do it [i]now[/i]...[/b]

He said, turning and nodding to the rest of the group, hoping they would take his advice and re-locate before the hastily-buried behemoth decided to resurrect itself, more pissed off than ever...

07/26/2007 2:10 PM

"WRETCHES!"Baird yelled, jumping back as one of the things made a grab for him, giving it a face full of Lancer fire.
"Sooooo HOT!"Cole smiled, unleashing his shotgun into the face of an attacking Wretch. Suddenly they had began pouring from an alley way, trickling into the battle first at pairs then growing to hundreds.

Hoffman pulled back a Wretch by it's neck, the things claws scratching and gashing at the Colonel's armor.
"Fuck up and die!"He said, pressing the barrel of the Boltok at the things head and pulling the trigger. "We need to move, NOW!"He yelled, dropping the massacred corpse of the Wretch. Domonic patted Ice Man on the shoulder.
"Yes that was a nice shot, but we need to get out!" He pulled away from the three and regrouped with Marcus Baird and Cole.

Sergeant Hammerstead pressed an unknowing COG soldier away as he crushed a Wretch's skull with a quick bash with the face of his Lancer.
"There're too many!" He yelled, gunning down Wretch after Wretch with a nearly over heated Lancer. Hammerstead had been nearly cut off from the rest of the platoon. Dodging flying Wretch's could only get him so far.
"Get out!" He yelled, dropping a Wretch beside him.
"He's right, there's too many! We need to E-vac NOW!"Marcus demanded, pointing down the street.
By now the rest of the platoon had fallen back two blocks and were awaiting the arrival of Hoffman and Delta Squad.
"Everyone, on me!" Hoffman yelled, booting down a door and pointing inside.
"Frost, get up into that window and take down as many as possible!" He commanded, ducking down into the old apartment complex, hoping the others would follow.

07/26/2007 5:20 PM

"MOTHERFUCK! It's about goddamned time! Everyone, give me a fucking grenade and get moving, I think I can hold 'em. Frosty, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE! Don't argue with me or I'll fucking shoot you too, move ASSHOLES!" DK awaited his payload of grenades with an outstretched hand as he mowed down wretches by the tens with streams of lancer fire and his bayonet...waited for everyone to trust him...

07/26/2007 5:38 PM

Marcus was behind DK, dropping a Bolo grenade into the soldiers hands.
"Drop 'em DK!" He commanded, providing cover fire for the brave, or just plain stupid, COG soldier. Domonic was right behind the duo, gnasher out and firing into the wretches.
"Do it man! Do it!" He yelled. Awaiting the soldiers actions.

07/26/2007 9:07 PM

Lance had shifted his attention to the leak turned flood of wretches that had just sprang from a nearby alleyway, expertly picking off four before hearing the orders from Hoffman. He had already holstered his rifle and drew his pistol by that time though, knowing all to well that his rifle was of no use in the close-quarter situation this was becoming...

[b]Yes sir...[/b]

He said, his voice trailing off as he took another down with a head shot from his pistol. He ran towards the door that Hoffman had just made, picking off another before entering the apartment building. He cleared the main room before making his way to the stairs...

[b]Clear down![/b]

He yelled back before making his way up stairs, a bit more cautiously but still with as much haste as possible. He placed himself against a wall before entering the main hallway, peeping around before kicking down an apartment door, though it had only hung on one hinge anyway. He got to the window just in time to hear the young COG DK's words. He had been given a lot of nicknames, and most he was fine with, but 'Frosty' wouldn't do. That, however, would be dealt with later...

Two more shots and two more wretches fell, making his presence known to the others that he was now providing cover fire. He knew, though, that no matter how much cover fire he gave it wasn't going to help DK, not as long as he kept this up. He was slowly being surrounded, and all Lance could do was keep him alive as long as possible. Another shot and another wretch fell, the bullet flying just inches from DK's face. They were getting closer, too close...

His motions, however, were fluid, and his breathing steady. He had seen worse, but he had definitely seen better. Through his scope all he saw was an ocean of wretches, and for every one he killed three more took it's place. Another shot and another wretch fell down, but it was now apparent that he was just wasting rounds. This wouldn't do, not like this...

07/27/2007 8:33 PM

"We've got ya' covered Ice!" Baird yelled as he let out a burst of Lancer fire from another window.
"Drop 'em DK! Hurry up an' fuckin' DROP 'EM!" A COG soldier demanded, trying to keep the three covered with a Lancer.
"Finish it kid!" Hoffman commanded, aiming his Boltok and firing into the wretches.

07/27/2007 8:36 PM

"I think I saw this in a movie once. Iss like shooting fish in a barrel."

Scoot had folowed the troop into the apartment complex, and now stood inside the frame of the door, covering the ground with bullets. At this point aiming wasn't necessary, just pulling the trigger. She watched the brash and young man start hurling grenades into the mob, watched in ammusment as pieces of wretches went flying up and then rained back down. Kind of a comedy to it, a sick morbid comedy to it.

She could hear thesteady accurate fire of the Iceman upstairs. He seemed to be the only person not screaming orders in every direction.

"This just will not do." She looked at the gushes of Wretches as they seemed to pile on top of eachother, claw over eachother to get to the small troop. "Mayhaps, metal is not the useful trick... perhaps a good old fashioned rock."

Her eyes scanned the surrounding, the were near wrecked buildings all precariously close to falling over or caving in. All the needed was a little motivation...

Scoot slung her Lancer around her back and took off her Torque Bow. "One good shot." She checked the position of a particularly heavy, and unusually tilted ledge. "Eat dust you termites."

She let the projectile fly, listening with a satisfying thud as it hit her target. The Wretches seemed to laugh at her, as if she knew not where she was shooting but a brief explosion later and a few precarious seconds and there it was, a beautiful avalanche.

She watched in satisfaction as the stone of the collumn crumbled under it's own weight and the massive marble patio it was holding up started to shift and break. She pulled down her goggles and took out her Lancer once more, thinning the front ranks as she listened to the glorious sound of tons of rock come smashing down onto the ground below followed b the massive dust cloud that could potentially harm aiming, but who cared, now they had a bi of a wall and a fw hundred crushed wretches and all with one little shot. Now that was efficient use of ammo.

07/27/2007 9:30 PM


In the situation at hand, a normal person would have cracked: The orders in your ears, the bullets flying by your head, the concussive explosions that were so close they warmed your face. Oh, and let's not forget the hundreds of pairs of claws and thousands of jagged teeth that were all vying for your intestines. But a normal person here, there was not...

Everyone had their own way of dealing with it, the tension, that is. Some chose to rush head long into combat, while others were content to waste every single round and theirs and their comrades ammo pools, and then there was Lance. Much unlike DK, who put about as much thought into his plans as a goldfish did his choice of breakfast, or Scoot, who could have went up against a full grown gorilla, and came out with it's pelt made into a coat. His way of overcoming the stress of the battle field was to remain perfectly strong, to put his utmost concentration into every shot, making each one count with a satisfying head shot...

Sure, he wasn't the strongest or the fastest soldier here, but what he lacked in those fields he more than made up for in his experience and wits, and his icy demeanor and skill with his rifle spoke for itself. So it only made sense that in that apartment found in the background of this battle, through the broken glass of a once clear window, sat an solid statue, and motionless machine known only by the crack of his rifle and the flash of the muzzle. Suddenly, the world snapped back into Lance's eyes...


Lance remained in the same position he had been in, placing shots perfectly through the cranium of a member of the oncoming wretch wave. He had just killed two, and was reloading to kill another when the flash of a torque arrow caught his eye. He followed the trail to where it landed in a dilapidated stone wall, noting that it came from [i]within[/i] the apartment building...


He thought to himself as the means behind her shot suddenly poured into his mind. He quickly turned his scope back to DK to avoid the flash from the explosion and the momentary loss of his vision. The dust cloud that followed the resulting rockfall almost completely overtook the scene in front him, making his rifle useless to cover DK. A worthy trade though, in his eyes, for when that dust cloud settled there was sure to be at least a hundred less wretches than before, and that made the odds of their survival a bit easier to swallow...

He quickly swept his field of vision over to the far side, where a few straggling wretches had veered away from their brothers, four to be exact. Horrid little creatures, but if they were half as smart as their horrendous stench then the COG wouldn't stand a chance. They were so primitive in their attack, so primal, that the two in lead were racing to the apartment building. One shot took care of that pair, the round slipping through one skull and exploding out the other side of the other, leaving cranial fragments and brain matter plastered on the wall to their immediate right. Two more shots followed, and the other two wretches, momentarily confused, went down without so much as a cough...

He shifted his sight back to the battle, though the dust had not yet cleared enough, nor had the entirety of the rocks settled, to make out anything for a solid shot. Lance took this chance to reach for a cigarette, using his left hand to reach into the side pocket of his left pant leg to grab them as he used his right hand to keep the butt of the rifle pressed against his shoulder and likewise the scope to his eye. His left hand returned in an instant, and in it's grasp were a pack of Marlboro Smooths...

The fluidity with which he lit his cigarette was beaten only by the fluidity of his movements with his rifle, and with a flick of his lighter and a deep inhale, the cooling, mentholated smoke filled his lungs, and was subsequently forced out as he exhaled, putting the pack back in it's place as his left hand returned home on his rifle. Normally he'd be worried about the smoke giving away his position, but the drones were no doubt using the wretches as a distraction. They would attack later, and besides, not a damn thing could see through that dust cloud anyway. He zoomed his scope in to focus on where DK had been, watching for the flash of a Lancer muzzle as he inhaled another nicotine-enriched breath...

07/28/2007 10:48 AM

"Now that...is what I call some stupid shit."Domonic smiled, wiping dust off his face as he looked around for any more enemies, none.
"Yeah...I'd say we've got it good." Marcus commented, looking up at the window and then down to DK.
"Kids got some balls. But let's face it. You guys are bat-shit crazy."Hoffman coughed, pressing his Boltok into it's holster.

Baird let out a holler and grabbed Frost by the collar.
"Hell yes man! That was some BAD shit!" He smiled. Damon had never actually been that happy to see nearly two hundred and thirty six wretches be crushed underneath an old building, then again he'd never seen two hundred and thirty six wretches at any given time in his career. The COG soldier laughed as he patted Scoot on the back.
"Jesus Christ! What have I done volunteering for this!" He chuckled, stepping out of the door way.

Marcus and Dom had brought up the rear as they regrouped with the rest of the platoon, a steady Sergeant Nyle, CO of Echo Squad caught in amazement.
"Sounded like a party over there."He offered his hand to Hoffman.
"It was."The Colonel responded, shaking his friends hand. Corporal Casoray wandered about the returning group, stopping by Ice man and looking him in the eyes.
"Where's Hammerstead? Anyone seen Hammerstead?" He questioned.

07/30/2007 9:37 PM

Lance was waiting for the fog of war to dissolve, scanning the endless dust particles until they finally subsided. He took another draw as he found to his surprise that the entire lot of the wretches had been felled by the rock slide, exhaling as the smoke drifted upwards to the ceiling, dissolving just as the dust previously had. The next thing he heard was the holler that Baird let out, followed by the rather aggressive tug at his collar...

It did little but throw off his aim, though for the time being there was nothing to aim at. Hell, how could he be mad? Baird was just celebrating in his own way, and as long as he only celebrated after the battle was over Lance had no objections. When Baird finally stopped, Lance took a moment to scan the horizon of the road ahead, and on his sweep back to the battle field checked each of the alley ways. Satisfied, he stood...

He held his rifle in his right hand as he returned it to its resting place at his back, at the same time taking another draw from of the flavorful nicotine as he plucked the cigarette from his mouth with his left. He nodded to Baird in approval before making his way down stairs, hoping to find Scoot though all he found was a rather frantic Corporal Casoray. He asked about Hammerstead, but what about it? Then it hit him, his eyes widening in confusion as it did...

The last time he had seen Hammerstead was before he entered the building, and upon his arrival to the window he hadn't seen him again. He assumed that the others had given him cover, or that he had fallen back into the building like most of the others. He had never suspected that the others had lost track of him...

[b]I haven't seen him since I went upstairs...[/b]

Was all he could manage at the thought of a teammate being ravaged by those cruel beasts. It had been his fault, at least to him it had been. How could he have let it happen? He was the sniper, the support man. Hell, he was supposed to provide cover fire for the rest of the squad. How could he have made a mistake like that...

No, it wasn't over yet, not until they found a body. He took another draw of his cigarette and headed out of the building, to the last place he had seen Hammerstead. He waited until he had passed through the doorway to exhale the smoke, but by then he had already flicked away the remaining bit of tobacco left in his fingers. Emotions were not his forte, but a fallen comrade deserved the respect and dignity of having his body found, his COG tags returned to his family. He only hoped that the body he found would still be breathing...

07/31/2007 1:15 PM

"Hammerstead... Hammerstead.... nope, I don't think I saw that one." Scoot settled down into the gravel, tired of just standing. She watched carefully as Lance's face went from cool and collected to a hint of concern. If it was anyone else looking for the body she would have made a snide remark but for once she actually genuinely cared about somebodys feelings.

Of course caring about him wasn't going to make her care anymore about Hammerstead. "He'll turn up. They always eventually turn up." She leaned back against the large rock and waited for orders. She had, had a nice slaughter for the day and was now perfectly content to relax.

07/31/2007 3:31 PM

Baird let out a laugh as he ran into the rest of the platoon.
"My GOD that was some fun!"He chuckled, high-fiving Cole as the rest grouped up with the platoon. Marcus pressed his hand on Hoffman's shoulder and whispered something into the Colonel's ear.
Domonic reloaded his Lancer, looking at the unknown COG soldier from back down the street.
"Hey man, thanks. We needed everyman we could get out there." He offered his hand for a shake, the young soldier shook his hand.
"No problem! Anything to help kill those damned Locust." He responded.
"Kid, what's your name?" Dom asked.
"Names Jeremy."He responded.

"Alright! Get your gear ready! We're moving to the Factory!" Hoffman commanded. The rest of the soldiers preparing to move out.

08/02/2007 2:19 AM

Lance trudged through the recently created bloodbath of wretches, crushing skulls with what some would think of as a satisfying crunch as he went. He heard Scoot, but hadn't payed it a bit of attention. He couldn't have cared less, not right then. No, for an instant, for a split second in the life of a soldier, there was silence. The only thing going through his head at that moment was finding his comrade, his overly experienced eyes arcing over the carnage as he scanned for any sign of life. Aside from the few twitching Locust corpses, he found none. there was no trace of human existence there, but even the slim hope of his comrade surviving did little to impact the solemn look on his face...

The orders from Hoffman rang through his ears, breaking the silence, though not as much as the celebration that was going on behind him as well. The laughter sickened him to his core, the thought that others could find time to celebrate while a fellow COG was missing was ridiculous, at least to Lance. He had never left a man behind, but he had went into this mission expecting that streak to be broken. This squad wasn't like his previous, ones he had held closer than family. No, these soldiers were a group of hastily assembled volunteers, and thinking about it Lance understood how they could show the little care that they did...

[i]To you my friend... Lost, but never forgotten...[/i]

He said in a whisper as he knelt down on the blood-soaked pavement - the last spot he had seen Hammerstead. As he finished, he reached his left hand down into an all too familiar pocket, unsheathing a cigarette from his pack as he lit it, taking a hit in remembrance of the man he barely knew, exhaling as he sat the burning stick of mentholated tobacco onto the ground. The smoke rose in tendrils as it dispersed into the air, the last reminder to another fallen soldier...

As he rose, his icy eyes took one last look over the viscera and, with a deep breath and a sigh, turned and headed back towards the others. His face was still solemn, but his eyes showed more determination than they had before, a resolute stare into the face of a menacing existence. The walk back seemed much longer to him, a walk full of thoughts of this horrid war, and how he wished it was over. He feared, however, that no one here today would live to see that day...

08/02/2007 7:40 PM

This was seriously doing something to James, he looked at Domonic, then to Marcus, then to Ice and Scoot. What the FUCK kept them so steady? James's heart was literally in his throat back there. This was INSANE! He liked it though.

"Alright! Let's get this done guys!" He hollered, joyfully he fell in line with Marcus and Dom, the platoon had turned at another intersection to take the indirect route to the Imulsion Factory, while Hoffman had hand selected a group to take with him down Eighth Street right to the gate of the factory. Hoffman stood at the back with Baird by his side.
"Sir, we don't exactly know how many Locust there should be between here and the factory--"
"Son, we've got enough skill with us."Hoffman said, looking at Ice, then to the ten other men accompanying them. Baird rolled his eyes.
"We've got enough to take out enough..."He looked about, watching the steady backs of Marcus and the other sway as they walked and talked.

"Awesome man! He's REALLY the Cole train?! YES, I've wanted to meet him my entire LIFE!"James yelled, shaking hands with the once-famous Thrash ball player, now turned soldier.
"Dats' right, everybody wants to meet da' train!"Cole smiled, shaking the lads hand.

08/07/2007 10:32 AM

Scoot, walked idely. Kicking rocks that got into her view, searching the sky and the rubble for any sign of movement.

Death didn't bother her the way it bothered Lance. To her, death was something that happened, just like life, just like catching a ball, or smoking a cigarette. Speaking of, she hadn't had any of that unfiltered goodness in a while. No matter. She continued to search, her trigger finger playing with the give of the trigger.

"So... how long exactly till we make camp because I really don't want to be out here when the Krill start flying around." Scoot didn't fear death, didn't fear swarms of Locust.... well that was a lie. She didn't fear swarms of ground dwelling Locust but there was one thing that did scare the piss out of her and that was small flying Locust. The sound of a thousand beating wings, and the gnashing of tiny little teeth.

She checked her belt. One magnum flashlight, one back up, and a couple pounds worth of batteries both for the flashlights and the latern in her backpack.

08/08/2007 9:03 PM

"What the fuck...where the hell have I been?" DK shook away the cobwebs in his head, trying to figuer out what the hell had happened...it was like he had just dissapeared. Slowly he stood up, brushing the dust from his clothes and searching for Marcus and the others. "Guys? What...the...FUCK?!"

08/08/2007 9:43 PM

"Cole, Ice. Get up into that building. I feel tremors."Hoffman commanded, pointing at a low-lying over hang where an underground tunnel began. "DK, Santiago. Go up with Sergeant Rynes and set up at the courtyard."He commanded, pressing his hand toward where he expected everyone to go. Marcus pushed back the slide on his Lancer as the ground began shaking.
"GET READY!" Marcus commanded, pulling up beside Hoffman as he readied for the fight.
"Scoot Baird and the rest of you! Get your guns ready and take cover!"Hoffman yelled as the ground erupted, dirt and small chunks of rubble spewing into the air as gravel and asphalt* flew away into a gaping hole in the earth.

08/11/2007 3:46 AM

The Kryll... The mere word was enough to send shivers down the spines of most Gears, and the sight had driven many an outcast insane. Some had said that there was no longer night on Sera, that what we thought of as night was merely the Krylls' playtime, and the darkness was caused only by their jet black wings. The sound, possibly, was the worst of it all. The screeching of a million hungry teeth... The flapping of their endless wings... They didn't just own the skies, but owned the ground as well...

For Lance, however, it was none of those things that gave him a spine numbing shiver. It was the flashbacks he had of his teammates being ripped apart, bit by bit. The blood that rained down from the sky as they finished their meal, the few drops that managed to fall from their airborne horde. Only a fool would be caught after dark, and every now and then the 'daring' hero would decide to venture out with his trusty light. Ha! The light merely drew the Kryll more, waiting, ever vigilant for the fateful moment when the batteries die, when he clicks it on or off, or when he forgets to watch his back...

Fools, however, encompassed a broad range of people, and it would include them too if they didn't find a safe place to make camp for the night. Guns were useless, and all flashlights did was provide a false sense of hope that in the end led to a gruesome demise. No, they would need a fire, and Lance only hoped that the locals would be willing to share some of theirs...

Lance had decided to light another cigarette as they trudged down the road, vulnerable for but a second before slinging his rifle back to his front side. Not much escaped his watchful eyes, and his experienced ear could hear, as if his bones couldn't feel, an emergence hole a mile away. They came from the ground, as if the Sera had swallowed herself, and in a gagging caught regurgitated the most vile of life, the Locust, along with the remains of what was once a safe place to stand. The rumble they felt now, the one Lance felt in his bones, was unmistakably an emergence hole, but it felt like something bigger at the same time...

At Hoffman's order Lance made his way up the building, momentarily amazed that Hoffman would send the loudest of his Gears up to cover the sniper, but he pushed those thoughts aside. He took a final drag of the cooling menthol before thumping it away, exhaling the smoke as he took up his statuesque post beside a broken out window as he sighted in on the newly created Locust hard point. With a solemn stare and an echoing crack, the first unlucky Locust that rose from the ground fell back missing half its head, letting everyone know there was company. The second one out caught a taste of lead as well, but the third used the split second between shots to take cover...

He followed him with his scope he slid another round into the chamber, a motion that was second nature to him now as he watched the beast take cover. He snapped his scope back to their nest as watch as more poured out, however, knowing that the others would take care of the straggler. He pressed his expert finger at the trigger, not twitching but waiting for the next one to show its ugly face. This engagement was far from over...

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