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07/14/2007 8:48 PM

Autumn was beginning to make itself comfortable in the woods of Eastern Uyklid. The chlorophyll from the surrounding trees was beginning to dissipate - the deciduous nation slowly beginning to change color, from greens to red and yellows. The entirety of the forest was becoming aflame with the new, bright colors of late September, early October. The brown trunks of the mighty oaks that filled this forest were brought out sharply in contrast to the colors above them, and the copper, setting sunlight was made beautiful by filtering through their multi-colored plumage. Around the forest at this hour, leaves were beginning to detach themselves from their mother branches, flitting in a madly slow pace towards the ground, floundering and tossing the whole way down. One of these golden pigmented shapes detached itself in a lonesome struggle, becoming caught in the illumination of the disappearing sun before landing delicately onto a resting figure below, the sudden cool kiss upon her cheek awakening her from a light sleep. The female Necromancer's cold, violet eyes opened cautiously, her eyelids still feeling heavy, as they perpetually did. Her lips parted the tiniest bit, and she inhaled sharply the smell of the rotting ground and foliage around her.

Her somewhat pale complexion contrasted with her colorful surroundings, only making her more pale-looking in comparison. A slight pink pigment, however, had arrived upon awakening, and she seemed filled with a bit more life than she had been previously. Saediya dug her sharp, clean fingernails into the dirt and pushed herself up, looking around as if in a mild daze. She hadn't remembered, exactly, how she had gotten from the Catacombs in the North part of the country to the forests in the East. When she closed her eyes she could remember sounds of yelling and visions of fire and monsters, dastardly monsters, ravaging the land around her, but when she tried to grasp one and focus, it slithered out of sight as if made of water. She shook her back to remove the small leaves stuck there to her thin armor and stood, brushing herself off slowly as she looked around, trying to determine where exactly she was and how she could get back to her home place. Peeling a stubborn leaf from her chest, she took a tired step forward into the light a little more. Her clothes, at least, had remained intact. She wore a tight-fitting chest plate that ended in delicately-made curls and designs near her collarbone, fitting her slender feminine figure decently and beautifully. On her right shoulder blade was a small tattoo of a poisonous-looking blue moth, detailed down to the feathery texture of its antennae.

A black cloak lay around her shoulders, soft to the touch but strong when truly tested. In the middle of the tie near the center of her neck to this cloak, was a very small silver reproduction of a human skull, it's bottom jaw missing. Below all this was a crimson, just-before-the-knee-length skirt, a strange symbol - the symbol of her guild - in the center. And covering her legs were the remains of black fishnets, torn in many places to resemble different events throughout her life. The gauntlets on her hands covered most of her fingers and curled into a snake-like pattern around her wrists and forearms, her mud-stained boots greatly resembling this design as well. In these boots she took another step forward, stepping into a puddle. She looked down at her reflection, scanning the features of her face - her narrow face structure, her full, reddened lips, her calm eyelids dashed with a little black, all framed by shaggy curtains of cold, silvery, slightly wavy but youthful hair that traveled almost all the way down her back. After all, she wasn't old at all. Only eighteen. She did not appear wounded, nor did she feel it either, though she distinctly remembered a war.

She slowly stood and brushed herself off once more, taking a step forward in the Northern direction.

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07/16/2007 3:04 PM

"Took quite a spill, Saediya?" His voice comes from behind you. It sounds deep and familiar. Severious is tall and bround chested. His ornamented steel platemail seems blackened by fire and battle, the long cape hanging behind him also seems a little worse for wear, the crimson velvet that covers the inside is scorched in places, and the black fabric of the outer portion is His face is clean shaven, slender, and young, compared to the hulking shoulders of his armor, forged into screaming skulls. His skin is just as pale as yours, his eyes a pale grey-blue.. He keeps one hand on the hilt of the over-sized sword, the blade resting between the pauldrons and neck-guard of his armor.

"Come now, you can't be -that- confused." He jeers, a knowing smile across his face. His cape shifts, revealing the center of his armor, the same guild symbol you wear, but with a sheild and crossed swords behind it. This young man is a Death Knight, but by his appearance, has only recently earned his armor.

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