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07/13/2007 9:33 AM

The year is 2359 (June 24th 2008 ), and the Azrican Republic is only months away from the brutal assassination of the beloved leader Prime Minister Draco De Gal. Riots and protests have began springing up all around the nation. Today, a particular laborer's strike has started outside a closed down Weapons manufacturing facility in the city of Sakov, on the Eastern Coast of Azrica. The local Hospital is sitting across the street from the shut down factory. Though the situation has escalated little since the strike began, it is certain that something will happen. Sitting next to the lot that the weapons factory is in, is a small coffee shop. Standing outside the gates in full Riot Garb, are a platoon (Nearly 25) Elite ARMP, armed with baton's, riot shields, and MP-56 SMG's.

Jyaremi Sokrova (Catonian) wheeled a patient into the ER at about 12:45 (Scatter is on a 30 hour time scale, 15 hours of sunlight, 15 hours of dark.) At 12:57 he helped in the treatment of a burn victim who had been charred in a fire down on 45th and Maksbury street. At 1:00 He took his break and wondered over to the coffee shop, being sure to weave around the strike. Standing behind the line of ARMP Officers stood Police Lieutenant James Bradakov, he clicked on the Mega-phone attached to his Police Cruiser.
"Attention Laborers, this is the ARMP, this facility has been foreclosed because it was discovered that this was a base for Rebel Drug Cartels, please return to your homes." He yelled, but nothing seemed to stop the enraged crowd. He looked down at one of the MP's.
"Might wanna' get the chief for this one...SWAT might be needed too."

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07/13/2007 10:07 PM

Sitting inside his shop, Jericho was polishing an old 6 guage shotgun while watching the riots on the news.

" stupid basterds... They dont know what their in for. 25 men aren't goi to stop them... And then what happened when thy get into the warehouse... I hope there arent anymore weapons... Then it might spread here..."

He slowly stood and walked over to the door. He let out a sigh as he flipped off his "open" sign.

" hmm... I guess i should start a pot of coffee... It seems like this will be long night. "

He walked over and started a fresh brew, then walked back to his seat and grabbed his tacticle 12 gauge from underneath his seat.

Resting his hed back in the seat, he began wtching the news agian. He continued to think qbout what would happen and how much longer the prime minister had before shit really hit the fan. He wondered if the goverment would hold, or if a dictatorship would take over. Not that he was worried he had enough weapons and canned goods to wage a war of his own.

07/14/2007 11:06 AM

As the level of MP's arriving at the scene of the strike slowly began to rise, more and more labouers began arriving. Soon the entire gate of the factory was flooded with screaming men, bulky labouers angered from a loss of a job. As the crowd grew so did Bradakov's worry.
"This has a really bad chance of goin' bad chief" He had a direct line to the ARMP's 15 Platoon Police Chief, Riley Bradakov.
"Lieutenant, what I want you to do is break up the strike now, we have just got a call from the HQ, there's supposed to be a terrorist attack. Somewhere in the city. That strike's where it'll most likely be."James nearly dropped the transciever. He looked out into the crowd, then yelled at an MP.
"Break up this fucking strike! Use any means neccesary!"

From the side of the street it would seem that the MP had suddenly gotten violent, unleashing batons and tear gas cannisters on the crowd, as the gates opened and the reinforcement of MP's came flooding in with batons swinging, cracking any laboruer close enough.

07/14/2007 11:54 AM

watching the MPs sudden outburst of violence Jericho sighed and slowly rose from his chair and sighed...

"They will probly come here for their weapons after this... I guess I should seal this place up tight."

He began going around and bolting the one inch thick bar screens behind all of his windows and doors. On his way up stairs he set his tacticle 12 on the counter and a box of shells next to it. When he reached his second floor he stopped infront of a glass case holding several different rifles, standing there like someone deciding which breakfast cereal to buy, he unlocks the case and takes out a W1400, a semi automatic 20 round clip, high velocity, armor piercing, sniper rifle. He walked over unlocked his cabinate and grabbed a few boxes of ammo, then proceeded the stairs to the roof of his building, where he loaded up his gun sat down on a lawn chair and polished his scope, waiting for the imminent rush on his store.

"If they think they can come in here an take my by a to wage their own war without paying they have got another thing coming... They will lose every limb they have before they get in here"

He grinned to himself as he thought about the target practicehe would soon have. With a sigh he reached down into his cooler grabbed a beer and popped it open.

"This is going to be a party"

07/14/2007 1:20 PM

Suddenly a blast ripped past the crowd, the coffee shop sitting next to the factory was ripped apart in a violent explosion. As anyone outside the shop and near the factory were thrown to the ground, a jeep with the abrreviations of the Allied Freedom Front (AFF) stenciled on the side. The car skidded to a halt at the beginnging of the street.
Suddenly the area had been turned into a warzone. The men in the car had quickly gotten out and began firing on any officers that were still standing. Bullet began to ping off metal hulls of "Enforcer" Class Police cars and cutting into civilians caught in the crossfire. A line of rounds ran up the side of a gunshop building, nearly hitting the man standing on the roof.

Bradakov was shocked. He quickly tried to get up, then he realized it, by looking down at his feet, or foot. His entire left leg up to his knee cap was crushed underneath an overturned Enforcer. As MP's rushed around him, some grabbing their downed allies, and some firing against the rebels that had seemingly sprang out of no-where, Bradakov unclipped his MAG-9 pistol and pulled back the slide, readying the weapon and pointing down the street at the first rebel, he pulled off two rounds, obviosly missing.
"Get all the civilians out of here! Get the Air-Cav online and bring them in--"Bradakov was stopped when he noticed the steel barrel of a KRAG-6 Assautlt Rifle sticking in his face. Open looking at who was holding the gun stood a AFF Rebel.
"The freedom of the people is now" The rebel yelled before firing.

Chief Bradakov sat in the back of a Enfrocer-TII full of highly trained MP SWAT personell. The Enforcer cut past a semi as it speed down toward the scene of the riot. Bradakov slowly recognized a loud pinging on the sides of the Enforcer...gun fire?
"Sir, we're taking fire from the streets!" The driver yelled. A bullet ripped through the window and hit a SWAT in the passenger side, luckily his body armor protected him.
"Jesus christ!" He yelled, holding his chest.
Bradakov yelled at one of the SWAT to give him his NAV-COM.
"This is Police Chief 15th Brigade, I am authorizing use of Air-Cav in City Sector Fourteen!"

07/14/2007 6:52 PM

Sitting in his seat just after finishing his second beer and filling his fifth clip. He sighed in boredom as he prepared to uncap his third beer... Then a flash and a boom knocked Jericho flat on his ass.

Instinctivley he turned it into a role and graned his rifle and a clip. Loading a round into the chamber he looked about to ases the scene. Watching rebels come put of the seam work, he lifted his gun slowly took in a deep breath and exhaled. Qusing for a second he lowered his head and as if it were a daily routine, begane shooting down rebels as uickly as he could.

Suddenly he heard several bullet impacts against his building and dropped to see several rounds wizz past him. Rising and aiming at the he placed two rounds inhis head before he could hit the ground.

Changing his clip he watched as a swat car went flying down the road taking heavy fire. Trailing it he fired off Several rounds at near y rebels hopeing that it would make it out safely. Stopping rto ases the current situation he ran down to his ground floor and grabbed his tacticle 12 and the nbpx of shells sitting right next to it. After loading a round into the chamber he kind his door open and begins tonclearnthe street of any rebels he can find.

With two shots left and one bullet is his right calf, the acre had fianally does down. Putting his gun back onto his store he locked up and went out to help any medicle persons me could find.

07/22/2007 4:58 PM

(Damn I nearly forgot about this. Sorry for all the wait.)

Staff Sergeant William Dubravonik reloaded his tattered Law Issue MA12C. Pulling back he slide and hitting the gas release. He looked across the street to his Patrol Partner, Sean Barnes.
"Barnes! Shits really hitting the fan!" He yelled as he fired at a man running down the street, garbed in a bullet proof vest and holding a rifle. Dropping him to the ground with two semi-automatic shots. A round chipped off a piece of rock from the corner of the street, forcing Dubravonik back behind his source of cover.
Barnes smiled, reloading his own MP56E.
"Don't worry! The cavalry's on the way! There's supposed to be some ARA guys dropping in."He one handing the MP56 and pressing it out into the open, pulling the trigger and blind firing down the street, a common tactic used in firefights.
"Just keep the rebels busy!"He yelled, pulling his weapon back in.

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