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07/12/2007 2:27 PM

I have currently begin archiving a number of short stories I have written over the past few months and technically placing them in stone, a simple hobby of mine I've suddenly taken under my wing. To say the least, I've come up with an expansive fictional universe. Based in the turbulent 24th Century (The certian planet had human existance begin 300 years before Earth) on the large planet of Scatter, just one of the fourteen planetary bodies of the Dual Star System Scatter. I was just considering including my new Universe in Rp. And was wondering if it would float or sink. So, please leave your comments.

"Undead, Dicators, World Wars, gaint things that come outta' the ground and kill...This century'll definately be the best one, 'eh Dom?"--Corporal Augustus Sinclair, The SKAAR Wars, 2389.

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