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07/12/2007 2:27 PM

I have currently begin archiving a number of short stories I have written over the past few months and technically placing them in stone, a simple hobby of mine I've suddenly taken under my wing. To say the least, I've come up with an expansive fictional universe. Based in the turbulent 24th Century (The certian planet had human existance begin 300 years before Earth) on the large planet of Scatter, just one of the fourteen planetary bodies of the Dual Star System Scatter. I was just considering including my new Universe in Rp. And was wondering if it would float or sink. So, please leave your comments.

"Undead, Dicators, World Wars, gaint things that come outta' the ground and kill...This century'll definately be the best one, 'eh Dom?"--Corporal Augustus Sinclair, The SKAAR Wars, 2389.

07/12/2007 3:46 PM

well the solar system name sounds good but thats all you have given us... Perhaps you should give more info like a story, charcter info, reseictions, you know... Everything? Lol.

Are there more planets that are inhabitited? Are there different races? Is there magic? How advanced is the technology on this planet? For those of us who have never done a futuristic before ( me ), could you give us a little info on the technology? How do the weapons work? What kind of ammo is used? What kind of vehicles are there? What is the fuel source or sources? What kind ofnpolitcle sytem is there? What is the conflict? What kind of goverment is being used? Ifntherenis a king or dictator, what kind are they?

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07/12/2007 4:10 PM

I was simply waiting for a contact. I'd be happy to give more information.
From what the people of Scatter can tell -no-, there are no other inhabited planets in the system. They have barely began exploring their own Solar System. And yes, there are several races.

Human:Typical humans, much like the ones on Earth.

Hydan: Humanoid, in reality, they tend to become much stronger then the average human, that and they are some of the most smartest minds on the planet.

Orcivan: The true 'barbarian' of Scatter, they are a long ancestor to the Hydans, yet simply the two hate each other. It was this certain Faction that started the 7th World War in 2347.

Catonian: Ya' ever seen the Vortagaunts from Half-Life? I've based the Catonians off the said Vortagaunts, small, sleek, agile, and deadly in combat. Armed or Unarmed this race takes pride in it's ability to keep peace.

As for magic or technology: There is no magic. Much of the planet is like Earth, Rifles, Guns.The weapons the Armed Forces of Scatter use is projectile based, though lately some factions have began dabbing in the Super-Heated Plasmite age. As for the time line of technology, this is at least a ten or fifteen decades ahead of the weapons on Earth.

Vehicles are much the same on Earth, Tires and Treads.

The fuel source, now being spread dangerously thin, on Scatter is a thick black glowing substance code named "SOURCE" by Government sources. Thought there is well enough for most countries, the supply (much like on Earth) is slowly becoming thin, though prices have not skyrocketed yet.

The Governments on Scatter are numerous, since there are many Countries. Most of the Super Powers (Hyda, Caton, Orciva, Azrica, and a few others), Hyda is a Democratic Republic, while Caton is a Democracy, and Orciva a Dictatorship.

As for Conflicts, the recent, very large and devastating conflict, the 7th World War in 2347 ended as of (What would be March) 17th 2007. though in the coming years, drug cartels shall fund Rebel Factions and a world wide Civil war will be started.

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07/12/2007 4:57 PM

That paints a much clearer picture, it sounds interesting but what side of the new civil war are we on? What are each side fighting for? The right to sell drugs? Or are the cartels simply fighting to take over the goverment? Which country is the civil war taking place at. Or has it been swept into more than one? Because this sounds very interesting. Couldnu post a character sheet?

07/12/2007 5:52 PM

For the basics.

The Civil War began when Prime Minister Draco De Gal (Prime Minister of the Azrican Republic) was assassinated on what would be January 5th, 2009. After the Prime Minister's assassination, most of the AR's Puppet Countries feel into civil war. And within the next few months, Azrica itself was swept into a deadly civil war, the united country splitting into four factions.

The Inner Empire Allied Coalition (IEAC) : Consisting of the inner states of the Azrican Republic, it is the smallest, and has lost the most ground since the beginning of the war.

The Western United Coalition (WAC): The largest and most powerful of the factions, taking up most of the Western Coast of Azrica.

The Northern Azrican Democratic Republic (NADR): a former shell of the Azrican Republic, this faction has spread into the winter land of North Azrica, and has constructed a very powerful and well equipped army, though few in numbers.

The Eastern Coalition (EC): Incorporating the Eastern Coast of Azrica, the EC has a massive number of manpower on it's side, but is ill equipped to fight a war such as this.

The war: The Civil War is not only contained to the Azrican Republic, this war has spread to every country in the world, seeing as how Azrica and her allies controlled most of the SOURCE flow. Hyda, Caton, and Orciva have seen a large jump in Terrorist Attacks following the collapse of the Azrican Republic. And all of Ukatow, a large continent much like Africa, has been enveloped in a civil war.

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07/12/2007 6:24 PM

well it sounds fun and well put together. Count me in, just post a character sheet and requirements or limitations you may have that aren't already common sense.

07/12/2007 6:24 PM

well it sounds fun and well put together. Count me in, just post a character sheet and requirements or limitations you may have that aren't already common sense.

07/12/2007 6:53 PM

Righto' character sheet AWAY!

Name: (First, Middle Abbreviation, Last)

Gender: (If you're a Catonian and female, contact me for further...help, other then that, the genders are the same for all the other races.)

Race: (Catonian, Human, Hydan, or Orcivan)

Occupation: (Think typical Earth-borne occupations, or maybe an outside aid to a Government Official, or, if you prefer it, you can be aligned with one of the Rebel Factions.)
[Allied Freedom Front] [United Anti-Government Alliance] or [Federated Rebel Factions]

Personality: (Straight Forward)

Appearance: (Once again, Straight forward.)

Bio: (if you want to, you can be an ex-soldier, either from the Orcivan, Catonian, Hydan, or Azrican Armies. No in-duty soldiers yet people.)

07/12/2007 7:44 PM

ok here I go with mine. Let me know if this is wrong or not good enough.

Name: Jericho A. Holden

Gender: male

Race: Hyden

Occupation: Jericho owns a large two story weapons sale and repair shop.

Personality: Jericho is a cold hearted man who has seen much ans shows it in the way he operates and acts.

Appearance: Jericho stands at 6 feet tall and wieghs in at roughly 220lbs. He has a muscular build, but isnt muscle bound. He is 28 years old, but his face makes him look 40.

Bio: Jericho comes from a military family he andhis father served in the world wars together, only he returned. His mother is dead after grieving over her husbands passing. After serving his duty as a special-ops weapons socialist he now seeks out a simplelife working with the only thing he knows, weapons of every caliber, shape, and size. If it is meant to kill someone then he can work it and fix it.

07/13/2007 8:33 AM

Very good, great definition of a Hydan, I'll probably come up with an idea for an Rp soon...in the mean time, wait for some other characters.

07/13/2007 9:08 AM

I'm starting a thread for the first time, anyones open to join. Look for it in the RPGC General Role playing...General Role playing!

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07/13/2007 1:59 PM

Just putting in my two cents that I'm interested, but I'm going to wait and see how it pans out first. Sorry if this seems rude, but as you are new here I'd like to see how you run things and see your writing style before I commit myself to your RP. I like the idea and the effort you've put into it so far, though. :)

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