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07/10/2007 3:21 PM

Mydria's dreams were clouded that day, congested with the screams of people, the whines of dying dogs, the bone chilling feel of his icy fingers wrapped around her shoulder. Her eyes squinted and opened but she did not start, unwilling to make aware her presence to anyone who may have been lurking around. Her eyes made quick work of the dark, finding Kylee's cool blood swirling next to her and the warm embers of the fire still smouldering.

There was something missing though, someone...

Her memory was a blur of events as the nights tumultuous occurences overwhelmed her brain. Who was chasing her?

Niko! The poor boy, she had yet to see his playful smile and ill groomed hair. And what of Sadhbh? The wolf deserved an explanation, an apology, one Mydria feared she would never get to deliver as she had not seen head nor hair of the two beasts. It was the verge of moonrise, the birds were already begining to quite and the early owls were searching for any sparrow unlucky enough to be out of its nest.

Still though there was someone missing. She stood and held an aching head, rubbing it clear as she walked towards the mouth of the cave.

There she stood, glaring down the last tendrils of light, absorbing the bleeding skyline. Her vampire old skin only but tingled as the last rays of sunlight touched it. The small waft of burnt skin tickled her sensitive nose and she looked down at her arms to see the damage but found nothing. Not even the slightest blister.

"Oh Valen..." She whispered into the early night air. "Guess you found the answer to your question."

She leaned her head on the stone wall and watched the pile of ash swirl around her feet.

The girl jumped with a start as Niko poked his head down from the rafters.

"Oh goodness it is you." She removed her hand from her pounding chest and cocked her head. "Are you coming down from there or are you just going to hang like a bat?"

She watched in awe as the boy swung down from the rafters, (knowing she could never perform such a feat) but giggled as his graceful landing turned into a clumsy flop.

"You are an absolute mess, do you know that? How on Earth did you get so... ruffed up?"

The horses lay still and lifeless as the next moon rose, flies already covering their corpses and predators making their presence known but none dare go near as long as that woman sat by. The wolves eyed her wearily, unsure what to make of her as she smelt like kin but looked like foe. She was unconcious it seemed, but even in her weakened state the pack could sense her power. They circled curiously, throwing their heads back in a howl to alert others of their find. Whatever this person was, she was most perplexing.

(OOC: I think I may have accidentally started tow seperate timelines so just assume that it is early night for everyone. Make it easier and I don't think anyone will remmeber what Iam talking about anyway. :-)

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07/13/2007 5:07 AM

In dreams of red and running Sadhbh's foot twitched, causing one of the wolves who had sloped closer to skip back to the safety of the pack.

The howls broke through to the dream, echoing mournfully down blood-washed streets; but even in the throws of sleep she recognised them as being different, unknown, and slowly her eyelids fluttered open.

The cold and the dark smell of already-rotting flesh were noticed only peripherally, the wolves' cries still reverberating in the clearing. Unmoving, she watched them for a moment, they instantly becoming warier as they sensed her new alertness. As she sat up slowly, every muscle and sinew screaming and ragged, every bone feeling brittle and fractured, the pack moved back further into the shadows, curiosity and hunger holding them where sense told them to flee.

07/13/2007 5:07 AM

Panting slightly, her eyes dark with pain, she clenched her teeth and willed the change, fresh agony tearing through her briefly, to be replaced by a renewed vitality and influx of information from her senses.

The bright, pure green scent of the pack filled the glade, spiked with fear and confusion at what they saw before them, before calming, recognising kin despite the differences. Their large matriarch, eyes old with experience, padded forward: tail wagging, ears lowered, licking up at the larger werewolf. Sadhbh impassively let her, then with a sharp bark assented that the pack could have what they desired- the carcasses.

She watched them feeding eagerly for a moment before turning and following the blue scent that had been tugging at her since she woke. The rage of the previous night was still fresh in her mind, the glee she had felt at hunting the vampires, the anger that had fuelled the chase; and with it, the ever-present shame.

Uncertain of the welcome she would receive she followed the trail to the cave, the blue heavy and warm around the entrance, shrouding a figure that stood there.

07/13/2007 8:02 AM

Mydria's senses were clouded, the night, even this far out from the city, still stank of the dark decay emmenating from it's burning boundaries. She was still tired, her beaten body still slow to regenerate itself and the unusualy slow rate did not go unnoticed.

She sighed and scuffed her boot in the pile of ash unsure of how she felt about the loss of Valen. Every thought in her mind seemed conflicted; the thought to hide or to fight, to seek out allies or to stay in seclusion, to weep over the loss of an innocent or stay forever stoic.

Her body became rigid, some thing, nay someone familiar was coming near. She stiffened and fell back into the shadows trying to pull herself away to better observe whoever was near.

Four legs, pink tongue, and the scent of old blood... Sadhbh. She stepped forth from the shadows, knowing even had she wanted, she would not be able to hide from this hunter.

"Quite the night," She spoke out to the wolf in low tones. She knew the wolf might still be angered and even more, was still powerful from an only just wanning moon.

Mydria eyed the wolf cautiously, looking for an indicator that suggested she might spring.

"Mydria?" A soft voice came from the back of the cave, and soon after a delicate body. Mydria... Sadhbh! Oh you did make it." Her tone was joyous, happy to see a new found friend still in one piece. Kylee brushed off the tension between the two predators content to see everyone alive.

"But where is Valen and Niko?" She looked to Mydria and Sadhbh respectively waiting for either to answer.

07/13/2007 9:00 AM

Moonlight glinted like burnished copper off the wolf's fur as she shook it slightly in answer to the younger vampire's question.
She didn't want to change back just yet, preferring the relative simplicity of this form's mind, not wanting to examine the feelings or actions of the previous night too closely.

The hackles that had raised along her spine as Mydria had emerged from the shadows to speak started to lower, the confusing swell of emotion inside her soothed by Kylee's bright, earnest blue- a stark contrast to the scent of dried blood that clung to her from the previous night.

She sat back on her haunches, tongue lolling, as she regarded the vampires. She felt as if she was being torn along in a swift-flowing river, the currents that surrounded these two too strong to resist.
She had wanted to kill Mydria last night, she remembered: the thought of tearing at her throat and belly strong in the front of her mind as she had chased them, but conflicting confusingly with the feelings of gratitude and obligation she had felt only hours previously.

07/13/2007 9:01 AM

The vampire had shown her that there were other ways to live, out of the dirt and wallows of self pity, having purpose and [i]self[/i] once more. How much of what she had felt and wanted last night had been her, and how much simply the release of her [i]other[/i], the swell of frustration finding an outlet and easy target in the vampire after so much suppression?

She had felt betrayed, used as a soldier on a black-and-white squared [i]fidchell[/i] board, a pawn- but had it been justified? Mydria had not sought out the trouble that had found them in Edinburgh, and had done what she must to protect her own.

An uneasy whine escaped her throat at the realisation- and the fresh guilt that came with it.

Reasserting her will over the wolf she changed back, the evening dew on the grass cool and comforting on her bare skin. Remaining seated on her knees, backside resting on her knees, eyes downcast, her voice was hoarse when she spoke.

"I do not know where Valen is but can find Niko", eyes closed she raised her head to the night, breathing deeply of the air. "-he is not too far, I think".

07/13/2007 9:38 AM

Brice Jaeger lay down on hard earthy ground just outside Edingburgh. He had stopped at the quaint town to restock on provisions for his travels. The cold didn't bother him, nor did the hard ground, his cloak that he wore was his ownly source of heat or comfort.

Then, with a start, Brice awoke. There was nothing that could have awoken him, no loud noise, no person to awake him, yet he awoke as if he had been stabbed through the chest.

Rising to his feet, the color drained from his face as he looked up at the sky. Dark flames and smoke coverred the otherwise starry night.

Brice stared on in horror for a long time before his senses came back to him. He ran in the dirrection of the smoke. The site that lay before him baffled him.

The town of Edingburgh was in flames, screams of citizens came from there. It was interesting how a town that had been happy and alive a few hours ago was now destroyed.

[i] How could this have happened? [/i]

Brice turned around, might as well get some more sleep. As he walked back to his camp site he yawned slightly. Then he heard voices somewhere to his right.

"But where is Valen and Niko?"

Brice, being overtaken by curiosity, crept over to the right to where the voices were comming from. He found himself a small bush to hide behind, and just to be safe he checked to see if he had any of his weapons. He cursed himself because he didn't have anything but a few knives.

And there he saw them, well the one that intrigued him the most was the wolf that changed into a human, obviously a werewolf. He leaned in closer to get a better look, and then it happened, maybe Brice was still asleep, maybe he was just careless, but whatever it was, it happened and now it was to late to change it.

When Brice tried to get a better look, he had stepped on a twig and snapped it, making a loud cracking sound ring out in the silent surrounding.

[i] OF ALL THE.......[/i]

He lowered his eyes, realizing that the werewolf would have surely heard him. He leaped to his feet and sprinted off into the woods going toward his camp site to get his weapons.

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07/13/2007 10:12 AM

Mydria lifted her head, her hightened senses clawing through the thick darkness around her. There it was the warm swirling blood of human flesh. She tightened her jaw and looked to Sadhbh.

No she couldn't ask any more from the wolf. Mydria stepped out of the cave watching the blood circulate faster through his flesh as he bolted off.

"I believe we have a spy." Mydria smirked before taking chase after the human.

It had been a long time before she had allowed her self the thrill of a chase, too long. He was adept at being in the wilderness, whoever he was, his quick agile feet overstepping roots and shrubs. She tried to herd him, to press his direction but alone it was nearly impossible and in her weakened state she could not quite catch him, but she could not run out of breath...

She could smell the sweet stink of human sweat, his heart beat nearly pounding in her ear, it was intoxicating. She snarled at the demon rising in her stomach, it had been a long time since she had arisen and the new rush was its own kind of high. The predator in her tensed before...

"Who are you working for boy?" In one powerful leap she tackled the man to the ground, pinning him down with two powerful hands.

"Are you another pawn sent to torment me and mine? Or perhaps just a pair of eyes?"

07/13/2007 11:03 AM

Brice ran as fast as he could, narroly avoiding the rough terrain. He heard the footsteps behind him comming up on him fast.

"Who are you working for boy?"

Then all of the sudden, a women jumped into him and tackled him against the ground. Next thing she pinned him down easily.

"Are you another pawn sent to torment me and mine? Or perhaps just a pair of eyes?"

"If pair of eyes is innocent byestander then i pick that one."

[i] She is too strong, she must be a vampire or werewolf [/i]

"I saw the smoke and fire and came looking for help" He hoped his lie would work, most likely it wouldn't but he didn't have much of a choice now. It wasn't really a lie either, it was partially correct.

07/13/2007 4:57 PM

She could smell the stink of his lie before it even came from his mouth but it was clear that he had nothing to do with the attack. She stood and brushed off her sooty dress, taking back her stoic form, controlling the predator within her.

[i] Play along with his lie. [/i]

Of course, just as his lie wasn't entirely a lie, Mydria's thought wasn't exactly just playing along either.

"I'm sorry for the sudden attack, it has been a difficult night for us as well. I did not mean to startle you. We are survivors, we fled Edinburgh as it set aflame and we saught refuge."

She offered the man a hand.

"Excuse my being rude, I am Mydria. If it is assistance you are seeking than we may be of use to you. Would you care to join us?"

07/14/2007 12:58 PM

Brice lay on the ground thinking.

"Excuse my being rude, I am Mydria. If it is assistance you are seeking than we may be of use to you. Would you care to join us?"

Brice took her hand and then stood up. "Im Brice, I would like to travel with someone actually, these days it just isn't safe around"

If the woman was a vampire or werewolf then she would most likely know he was lying.

[i] She probobly plans to kill me later, Ill have to keep my guard up from now on[/i]

"I just want to go back to my campsite and get my equipment"

[i] Please don't come with me, If you come with me to the camp then you'll know im a hunter [/i]

Brice's reputation of a hunter was great. If she told her his last name she would surely know. Odds were that she knew already, but why wouldn't she kill him yet?

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07/15/2007 9:33 AM

He was nervous, and the thought was slightly exciting.

"Well met Brice," She did not however grin. The man was on edge as it was, she doubted he needed another reason to bolt. "Whatever supplies you may need go and retrieve them, you already know where to meet us."

She turned and returned back to the cave.

She looked over her rag tag band; Kylee had discovered the remains of Valen and sat mournfully next to them, Sadhbh was sitting looking inquisitiveley at her, and Niko was still nowhere to be seen.

Mydria grimaced and rubbed her head. She felt helpless, alone, and terribly out of place. But the feeling grew into something different; rage. A deep desire to seek revenge on the ones who had run her out of a home she had spent life times building. Tonight she would retaliate, tonight she would set her life straight once and for all.

"Sadhbh, I need you to seek out Niko, we're going to need the two of you." She didn't care if the wolf didn't trust her, didn't care if the wolf didn't like her, there was more important things to worry about. "Kylee, there is a man coming, strong too, meet him here, tell him I will be back. I have some things I need to attend."

Mydria rubbed her jaw and began walking, there was house not too far out from here, and an old [i]friend[/i] she needed to visit, and some negotiations to be made.

07/15/2007 3:38 PM

Nodding she changed once more, letting the wolf's will suffuse and subdue her own, grateful for the chance to be away when this stranger returned. His scent clung to Mydria, and she did not trust it.

Niko's verdant green was pale and faint around the clearing, but more than sufficient for her to follow. Back past the remnants of the horses she went, the carcasses much diminished, the vibrant scent of the wolves still heavy on the air, but the werewolf's scent stabbing through like a beacon.

Through the woods she tracked, the heady musk of detritus and moss, crumbling bark, scurrying squirrels, nesting birds and frightened deer filling her with contentment. It felt so clean after the cobbled streets and mucky walkways of the cities, where humans discarded their waste so carelessly.

The smell of fresh water carried through the trees, and with it more of Niko's scent. She emerged from the woods by a lakeside, the moon low and bulbous, reflecting off its dark surface. A farmhouse stood by the water, a little way off, the scent leading almost purposely toward it.

She approached warily, keeping to the shadows, skirting the building, looking for signs of people. Wolf scent was heavy around the barn, as was that of human, buried amongst that of hay and livestock: a female. She crept forward tensely, certain that the darkness shielded ffrom weak two-leg eyes, hoping that her scent would carry to Niko and alert him to her presence before she would have to make herself known.

07/15/2007 4:35 PM

"Whatever supplies you may need go and retrieve them, you already know where to meet us."

"Alright" She walked away, Brice did likewise toward his compsite. The crackling embers of the once lit fire were now out, beside it was his backpack and equipment. He strapped his belt to himself and put his backpack on. He now felt more secure having all of his weapons with him.

For a moment he stood there considering his next move. It would be wise to just leave this little troup of vampires and werewolves alone and not dabble in their affairs.

However he felt a strong fateful sensation within him. He knew he should leave now but something stronger forced him to go to them. Before he knew what he was doing, he had already walked the whole distance and arrived at the cave.

[i] Too late now[/i]

There was another women sitting by the corpse of another.

"Umm, hello, A women Mydria told me I could come travel with you?"

His crossbow was slung over his shoulder and his swords and knives decorated his body like a christmas tree. It became apparent to most that he was a hunter and he had his body tense in case the women decided to attack.

07/15/2007 6:29 PM

(OOC: I am going to take Nikos reins for a bit. I hope ya'll don't mind.)

Kylee looked up from Valen's ash. He was a strange sort, all kinds of weaponry strung about his body but that which was the most obvious was the silver. She tensed only momentarily, getting up and relaxing as she dusted her dress. She prayed the dark would conceal her pale flesh and cold skin.

"You must be the one Mydria spoke of." She curtsied slightly. "Kylee is my name. You must excuse our disshevled demeanor, it has been a hectic night." Kylee walked nearer to him putting on her cheerful smile. The man made her uneasy, everythign seemed to make her uneasy, an unusual feeling for her.

"Kitty, darling, how is my favorite slayer?" Mydria's voice was slick and maniacle, like one asing for confrontation.

"You've got nerve sniffing around here."

"Oh don't be so bitter darling, you know I still love you."

"What do you want Mydria."

"Passage. I want passage from you and your pack. Oh and a dress would be nice, I have a friend in dire need of cothing."

"And what makes you think I will give you it."

"I think you'll find reason when I tell you an old friend of ours is back." The werewolf slimmed her eyes.

Kylee wrung her hands as she waited for Mydria's return. She did not know what to do with this man, was unsure if she should let him too near. "I warn you ahead of time, you could see some strange things with us. Some pretty disconcerting things."

Niko could smell the large female wolf before he could feel her presence. He looked at the girl apologetically before bounding out of the barn and into the woods. A few agonizing moments later, and he was all fur, sniffing idely at the air. He looked towards Sadhbh and waited for direction.

07/16/2007 4:07 PM

Tail held just above horizontal, and legs stiff, her lip curled at the scent of human that lay all over him.
With an impatient growl Sadhbh bounded back along the lake's edge toward the forest, moving swiftly, always aware of Niko's presence slightly behind her.

The scents of the forest were distracting, tantalising, but she wanted to get back to Mydria and Kylee, not content with leaving them with the stranger. The scent that had carried to her had been unusual, and even had the circumstances of the last few days been different she would not have been inclined to trust him: so she ignored the deer musk and sharp tang of frightened rabbit, speeding easily onwards.

But, hunting or not, the trees were a pleasure to run through: two swift shadows racing silently across moss and bracken, no crack of even a single twig to betray their passing.

All too quickly they reached the glade, Mydria's absence apparent as they drew close. She slowed while still in the cover of trees, growling softly for Niko to do the same. Changing as swiftly as contorting bones would allow she whispered softly to him.

"Mydria has gone to find some associate who lives nearby- this man claims to have stumbled across us by accident. He may have seen me change, I am not sure. I do not know... would deception or honesty be the best course? To show that we do not fear or hide from him- would that make us more or less strange in his eyes?".
Niko was, of course, silent, watching her as she chewed her lip thoughtfully.
"And there is of course the matter that I do not wish to walk out there unclothed... Let us wait a short while, see what his demeanour is".

07/16/2007 6:35 PM

Brice looked at the women, she looked more kind than Mydria.

"Hello Kylee, I am Brice"

Brice returned the smile and walked over to a rock outside the cave. His multitude of weapons jingling on his body like bells. He sat down softly on his little rock.

He took out one of his knives and began checking it over, making sure it was sharp and such.

"Kylee, where is Mydria, also, I do not see any horse with you, how do you plan on traveling?"

Brice hoped that she wouldn't be perterbed by the vast amount of weapons on him. There was a vest going down his chest with knives and shruikans(sp?). His belt with his swords and more knives. Slung accross his back was his crossbow and in a small quiver also on his belt held more bolts.

[i] She probobly knows who I am, gotta be ready for a fight [/i]

07/17/2007 6:34 AM

Kylee laughed, her innocent chuckle enough to calm the most highstrung of equines.

"We had horses, but it is alot to ask of them to carry you at full speed for miles, speeding away from a crumbling city. Mydria didn't want to leave them, but there was no possible way for them to go on, they just collapsed the poor things.

As for Mydria she has a tendency to come and go, lookin for passage through these woods. Bandits are a particular problem around here." The word bandit was betrayed even by a sweet voice such as hers. If he knew anything about these parts he would surely know there was something strangely furry about these bandits.

"As for travel, we travel b night, it is safer to do so with so many enemies lurking around. Take cover during daylight hours and travel by foot at night."

The heavy hooves could be heard before they were seen causing Kylee to jump in confusion. She recognized the scent before she recognized the face and the two together were more than disconcerting.

"Kitty?" She whispered. The carriage was lavish, it's oak frame carved with the heads of howling wolves, hunting packs and the occasional fleeting deer. Even the seat was well padded, a dark velvet making for a comfortable ride. Brass spokes glinted in the moonlight giving the coach a slightly darker effect instead of its silvered steel counterpart. The Horse was steady, obviously trained amoung the creatures of the night for it did not start at the presence of Kylee, nor the scent of two more wolves near by.

"Don't be alarmed my dear, tonight we are partners, not enemies." Mydria's voice drifted from the door of the carriage as she hopped from the inside to the ground. She quieted her thoughts and extended her senses, slightly unnerved that she hadn't seen Sadhbh and Niko immediatley.

there they were, their warm blood patterns barely visible in the brush, but she could feel them sure enough.

[i]Do I reveal them and give Sadhbh her clothing or do I wait for him to become distracted with something. [/i]

"Do I know you boy?" Kitty's voice growled down from the drivers seat as she looked over Brice. "Or perhaps I do not know you but maybe, my reports know you?" She hopped down from the seat and started in closer to the man.

[i] Is this the distraction I need?[/i]

07/18/2007 7:23 PM

Niko had been quite happy to Sadhbh, it had only been a little after they left the farm that he had realised he had missed out on a meal. Now though he was quite content to be getting the chance to see farmilliar people again, this though was also ruined as he was met by unfarmilliar scents.

Niko had listened to what Sadhbh had to say concerning the new activities, grinning a little at her comment about clothing. Nodding slowly he mused over her nudity while sorting out the new information. The man is to be considered food he thought and the new werewolf another possible meal if things went well for him.

Niko waited in the dark half grinning as he waited for Sadhbh to decide what to do. Hopefully he wouldn't have to fight on an empty stomach.

07/19/2007 7:56 AM

"We had horses, but it is alot to ask of them to carry you at full speed for miles, speeding away from a crumbling city. Mydria didn't want to leave them, but there was no possible way for them to go on, they just collapsed the poor things. As for Mydria she has a tendency to come and go, lookin for passage through these woods. Bandits are a particular problem around here."

[i] Bandits? She said bandits, that would mean.....[/i]

"As for travel, we travel b night, it is safer to do so with so many enemies lurking around. Take cover during daylight hours and travel by foot at night."

"Hmm, Alright"

Suddenly a carriage approached, it looked as if it was built for a king. The cariage stopped and Mydria and another women jumped from the door.

"Do I know you boy?" "Or perhaps I do not know you but maybe, my reports know you?"

"Excuse me?" Brice got up from his little rock and stood straight up, his hand resting slightly on his sword.

"And you are?"

07/19/2007 8:49 AM

She smiled brightly at hisquestion, as if introducing a celbrity. "Kitty, at your service lad. And if a few drawings and word of mouth descriptions serve me right you might be Brice. I think my boys have a nick name for you slayer."

Mydria smiled at her comment and looked to Brice. "Ah, so that is how I remember you. Huh, memory really is starting to go after so many years. Then I assume you are traveling alone." Mydria made no malicious movements, only continued to lean against the carriage, smiling as if relating an old story to a good friend.

"Well my dears, we have safe passage to the next small town over. Don't even think it has a name yet but we'll rest and regroup there, plan a counterstrike perhaps." A new confidence had been instilled in Mydria, a new faith that perhaps things would be ok. "Niko, Sadhbh! You guys are safe." She called out to the werewolves. There was no need to be stealthy now, he was outnumbered and although she knew Kitty was aware of their presence, Mydria wanted her to know just whose side they were on.

Mydria pulled out two pairs of clothing for the wolves from the carriage and grinned stupidly at the party. "We ready to get this show on the road?"

07/19/2007 9:44 AM

"If you could see your way to bringing the clothes to me, Mydria, I'd be mighty grateful- and more than willing to get on the road".

Sadhbh remained behind a tree and called out to the vampire, interest aroused by the scent of this new werewolf. From the appointment of the carriage she was obviously of the same ilk as Mydria- living well and fearlessly, and among humans. After all, why else would a wolf need a carriage?

The vampire brought the clothes over- they were somewhat finer than she had become used to- and she got dressed quickly, smiling at finding herself standing in the middle of a wood clothed in a crisp linen chemise overlaid with a gown of fine burgundy velvet, a jewelled belt hanging loosely around her waist- and the tightly laced corset making a meal of her bosom. The werewolf had even thought to provide a pair of delicate slippers.

It seemed a waste, really: the way the last few days had been going something would happen in the next couple of hours that would require her to discard the finery for a somewhat furrier mode of dress. But she resolved to enjoy it while time allowed, and stepped forward confidently from the trees, nodding her thanks to the ironically-named Kitty.

She looked Brice over quickly, watching his reaction to the group. That Mydria had done nothing after revealing the man to be a slayer was surprising, but she was clearly confident enough in their collective abilities to be unconcerned.

Continuing the charade of normality they all seemed to be engaged in she addressed the vampire.

"So, have we a destination in mind or is distance from the city our goal?"

07/19/2007 6:24 PM

"Kitty, at your service lad. And if a few drawings and word of mouth descriptions serve me right you might be Brice. I think my boys have a nick name for you slayer."

Brice wasn't shocked, he looked at her and then the whole clearing, scanning the situation. There wasn't any hope for him if he decided to run, If he fought he would die, there was only one thing to do.

[i] Time to go with the flow [/i]

Ah, so that is how I remember you. Huh, memory really is starting to go after so many years. Then I assume you are traveling alone."

"Yes......" Brice said warrily trailing off slightly. The next women revealed herself, only making Brice's situation more and more difficult.

"I would like to inquire as to what is going on here, whats this about a counterstrike, you make it sound like there is a war going on?"

07/20/2007 8:26 AM

Mydria smiled at the mans insecurity, the urge to let go to the hunt coming back.

[i] No stop it Mydria, stop it.[/i]

There was something ill in the air and it was clouding her thoughts, making her... primal.

"Our destination is not far from here, only perhaps a day and a half. The carriage is for daylight cover for Kylee and I, of course all of you are welcome to join." I warn you however once inside the carriage by day, you stay in the carriage by day, unless you want us reduced to a smoking pile of ash."

There it was againt that tingling in her stomach, that need to hunt, her eyes narrowed seeking out the closest swirling pattern, the closest meal.

Vampire, cold blood, but so sweet...

The growl was low in her throat but deep enough to snap her out of her delirium. "We are heading to a town that is not far from here. I have a property that I rent out there, we can take refuge there." Her words were hesitant almost forced, something was here, its talons gripping around her body, strangling her thoughts. Was she the only one that sensed it?

She looked up to Kylee, she seemed unaffected. Sadhbh, Niko, Kitty? She rubbed her head and shook it off.

"Brice, if you so choose to come with us, I will explain on the way. For now I think it is best we flee from this place. I no loner wish to see that burning pit."

Mydria hopped into the carriage, taking Kylee's delicate hand and helping her in as well. The night was becoming dense, thick with a tangible magic and she needed escape.

07/20/2007 10:17 AM

Niko unlike Sadhbh had a little but of trouble figuring out the clothing that had been givin to him. After a while though e sauntered down looking as disheveled as always despite the fresh clothing.

After reaching the small group his hunger became apparant to him, as he looked them over not as friends or companions but as possible meals. He knew he had to restrain himself, but at the moment such a simple task seemed impossible.

Groaning softly he tured his back on the group trying to ignore their increasingly sweeter scents. Hopefully they would start moving soon. Hoefully, he would find someone whose throat he could rip out, and devour before he turned on his friends.

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07/20/2007 11:39 AM

"Brice, if you so choose to come with us, I will explain on the way. For now I think it is best we flee from this place. I no loner wish to see that burning pit."

Every bit of Brice urged him to not follow them, but curiosity intervened.

[i] I have to know what is going on [/i]

"Alright, ill follow you, I can travel outside and cover you while in the day, I want to know whats going on so i hope this partnership isn't to tense" Brice said and secured his weapons.

07/23/2007 9:41 AM

" I warn you however once inside the carriage by day, you stay in the carriage by day, unless you want us reduced to a smoking pile of ash."

[i]... tempting...[/i]

Sadhbh's wry half-smile turned unconsciously into a pout, hands planted on her hips, as she realised what the choice meant.

[i]Now why in Old Nick's name didn't she mentioned that before I laced myself into this thing?![/i]

Sighing in annoyance she pulled at the bodice of the gown. She knew she would not be able to stand being locked inside the carriage until nightfall: even if she wasn't hungry the thought of the narrow confines of the cab was already making her chest feel tight.

Besides, this way she could keep an eye on this Brice, and get a feel for his motives. She'd feel too vulnerable trapped inside and potentially at his weapon-bristling mercy.

Determined to enjoy civilised dress, if only briefly, she climbed lightly up onto the wide driver's platform at the front of the coach, settling her skirts neatly about her and trying to ignore the hot and earthy scent of the horse.

Once they got underway and she had a clearer sense of where they were going she would hunt.

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07/24/2007 9:39 AM

(OOC: I'll try to make the journey brief so we can set up settle in and really start to post. I should have thought of that before but... my head is.... gone.)

Kitty grinned as the young werewolf sat next to her in the seat. "It is definetly a change if she is carrying wolves around with her. So what has she got you for girl, guard dog or just the underground market?" Kitty knew the situation they were in, shared in the same enemy Mydria did but she still couldn't help but stir up a little tension.

The carriage pulled away from the camp leaving behind Valen's ash and Edinburgh. Mydria sat comfortably ontop of the carriage for now, not wanting to confine herself to it just yet and enjoying the light breeze across her skin. Kylee sat next to her. Niether could hear the low comment Kitty made to Sadhbh. They looked down at a slightly distracted Niko who seemed to be having some inner turmoil his eyes darting to the horses as he licked his lips then darting away. Mydria took note, thinking of the best way to aid the poor boy.

And then Brice, she supposed he would either ride on top of one of the horses or stand on the other side of the carriage like Niko was doing. It was up to him either way.

"We are headed to a small estblishment I have rented out, a warehouse if you will. I think we could be safe there for a least a little while. I have some money stored and I don't think us creatures of the night couldn't round up a few hundred coin easily enough." Mydria felt the steady rocking of the carriage beneath her. "We will make it hopefully by mid afternoon tomorrow. And hopefully I will wake in one piece." She eyed the slayer carefully making a low hiss with her voice.

07/24/2007 10:50 AM

"So what has she got you for girl, guard dog or just the underground market?"

Sadhbh's lip curled back slightly from her teeth.
"The Heavens know. All, in fact-" she glanced briefly at the woman beside her, "-seem to know more than I".

Her stomach had wrenched at the mention of the market. The same words the noxious oaf had used back at Mydria's tavern. She'd told the vampire that whatever it was she would put the difference aside while they still had common enemies, but curiosity clawed mercilessly at her.

Was it better to know, she wondered. She had hoped to leave it till this business was finished, to concentrate on the present danger: but surely the truth could be nowhere near as terrible as what her imagination conjured. If she left the question unasked would she be able to ignore the impatient gnawing at the back of her mind? Would she brood on the unknown- and would that interfere with their flight, prevent her from noticing what need to be noticed?

If she knew the details surely the threats that they all faced would remain foremost, would force them to ignore whatever was so horrible that Mydria herself had been reluctant to tell her.

Even in her mind in sounded like a justification.

Whatever anger she had felt at the vampire that last night in the city she could not deny that only hours previously she had been grateful. Small a thing though an unbiased welcome might seem it had been a long time before reaching the tavern since she had felt accepted anywhere, since she had been able to enjoy the company of others as if there was nothing wrong with her. So long that she felt she owed Mydria and her Kylee a debt.

If she knew what this market was, if the truth of it was reveled to her, at a time when she [i]must[/i] remain with them if she was to have any hope of surviving, perhaps, [i]perhaps[/i], when this was over enough time may have passed for her to forgive Mydria. Assuming, of course, that she needed to be forgiven- although, from her guilty reaction at the tavern it seemed more than likely that whatever this underground market was Sadhbh was not expected to approve.

Taking a deep breath she spoke in an undertone to the woman beside her.
"What is this underground market?"

07/24/2007 12:18 PM

As they had begun to move Niko relaxed a little, movement ment that he might find something, or rather some one else to feed upon. While the horses were an option they were nowhere near as alluring as the people around him. Trying to ignore his sudden blood lust he followed after the carrage wondering what awaited them at Mydria's "safehouse."

The conversation between the new wolf Kitty who Niko did not quite accept, and Sadhbh was something that he knew he should ignore but yet felt drawn to listen into. Through the short entirety of it he began to question the motives of the people around him. What was this market that had been mentioned? Why was he really here? What did he mean to any of them? He did not know these answers, shrugging off his uneasiness he put his mind to searching for food. He hoped that ahead he could find a lone traveller or maybe an unlucky farmer before the others so that he might get to them before some one messed up his meal.

07/25/2007 7:42 AM

Kitty remained quiet for sometime, watching the landscape begin to thicken with farms and cattle as civilization drew closer. Kitty spoke low, in tones only the trained ears of a dog could pick up.

"So she hasn't told you about the market? Heh it figures, she is a shady one. The opitimy of scum she is. Werewolves are a delicous market for vampires. They can be used as guard dogs if chained up right, can be used for hunting, and what better profit to be made then in underground fight rings? And we aren't just talking about selling to other vampires, we are talking humans too. It's how she made a pretty fortune to start up her little establishment."

Kitty cleared her throat and smiled. "That's where our little history begins, though we knew eachother long before that.

The carriage carried on, rickety and bumpy.

"Brice, right? You know it's a shame we had to meet under such circumstances. I think we could have struck up quite the business arangments had you come but a few days earlier. Not that it would matter in the end anyway." Mydria smiled down at the young slayer.

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07/27/2007 9:14 AM

Sadhbh's eyes had grown dark, and her lips tightened, as Kitty had talked.

"So they sell us to their cattle. Lower even than their food..."
She kept her voice low, as the other wolf had done, but it was strained with emotion.

The set of her shoulders became tense as the wolf within her howled to be given free rein to leap across the roof of the steadily rumbling carriage and tear out Mydria's perfidious throat.

How many others like her, frightened and alone, had been taken in by her in their naivitee, only to end up chained or fighting in a pit? And what of her: was it luck alone that had saved her from the same end? If the whirlwind of fate and politics had not seized them all when it did how long before she would have been used to swell the vampire's coffers?

Two things held her back: Kylee, her innocence palpable even in the clear sky blue of her scent, and the suspicion that Mydria's heart was too cold to reward her with the satisfaction of seeing blood gush from her torn neck.

Brooding, her eyes flickered as they tracked the passing countryside.

"How can you bear to be near her?" the question was little more than a strangled growl directed at the woman beside her. "Tell me of your history, please, before my will fails and I leap at her".

07/30/2007 7:35 AM

Yawning and stretching Niko looked skyward trying to supress his hunger for the moment. Brushing his hair out of his eyes he leveled his sight on the path ahead while sorting out the new information. As much as he felt the urge to kill some one, and now with his newfound knowledge he felt slightly justified for his thoughts about killing Mydria he couldn't come up with a good reason to actually do it. After thinking on it thoroughly he realised that he was at least as evil or if not more, as he had slaughtered dozens of innocents town after town during his long and lonely travells. Sometimes the killings would happen even after he himself had caused the trouble or in some cases just because he had felt like it.

Giving up on the idea of eating any time soon he quickened his pace to keep up with the carridge. Once again his thoughts drifted to food and blood, dismayed slightly he sighed and refocused on the conversation between Kitty and Sadhbh hoping to learn more.

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