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07/10/2007 11:17 AM

Welcome to your generic Earth. But what is it, you may ask, that makes this earth so different than any other? Easy my friend, it is the way our story is told and the beings crawling, flying, walking, and phasing through it. This is a hardboiled tail my friends and one to stretch the limits of your spiritual imaginations. A world where demons and angels alike live and thrive on our plane of existence, where dragons take human form to seek out their true loves and prophets live without ever knowing what they are.

Yes my friends life as we know it goes on but scratch beneath the skin of any mortal being and there is a story to tell. I know the setting sounds vague and the boundaries almost limitless but you will catch on as to where I lay down the line but to spare you the boring details I beg of you to delve right in to my world of fancy. For any of you who would like a better understanding of how this world is shaped and formed please read on and for those of you who need a character sheet scroll down to the bottom where I shalt lay out an example.

Now for those of you wishing for a few boundaries, for restrictions breed creativity, here are my rules. Angels and demons are generic terms and they have no sway on alignment, these are not your religous types of terms they are merely describing terms. Angels and demons and most supernatural try to keep their presence unknown to the human populace but they do have grounds in which they like to hang out such you will find when you enter Cerberus.

Anything can take on human form in order to hide what they are. However only some can take on forms of various creatures if you have questions post them in the OCC because others might have the same question. Battles will be rare so I won't post anything now, most things will be a battle of wits. Angels and demons have answer to hire powers. Angels answer to the elders, and demons to Damien (again a generic term this is far from religous.) Dragons, are rare and are dying out as many seek there powers, angel and demon kind alike.

I could go on and on about the restrictions but for now play it by ear, play carefully, and have fun! Let your imagination go and lets see what a story we can create.

Character Sheet:

Name: Katherine Scaletym

Species: Dragon

Human Form: Light brown hair with odd copper highlights, pale gray eyes, fair skinned, average weight and height, nothing particularly striking about her.

Occupation: FBI Agent

General Description: (Place as little or as much as you want. I know some people like to reveal things as they play.) Katherine isn't looking for trouble, she is just seeking out the soul she swore to protect, and failed. Death took her beloved into her realm of existence and since then she has been tringto find ways to pull her out. But barganing with the Eternals is not easy.

Misc: anything I didn't cover here. Weapons, powers, ect. ect.

Any questions I will be more than happy to answer!

07/11/2007 12:58 PM

Okay, wow, this sounds awesome. I'm all for it, if you like.

Name: Dario Gorretta

Species: True Cambion (Half-Demon; Incubus/Human Mother)

Human Form: Black Hair, lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, 6'4" 245 llbs

True Form: Dario has a few things that mark him as a cambion, and not a true demon. First, and most obviously, Dario has no wings in his demonic form. Also, a bright red christian cross glows on his forehead, seemingly burnt through his blackened skin, a mark of his mother, a Catholic woman who was raped to bring about his birth. Darius is still 8'0" tall, extremely strong, and forced to carry the burden of his fathers enormous runeblade, which he has to wield two handedly. (because of his diminutive size, relative to full demons) While in demonic form, the blade is chained to him, via shackles around his bicepts, that he can never remove.

General Description: Dario's half-demon heritage makes him a complete outsider, and consequently extremely lonely. Pure blooded Demons treat him like a second class citizen, but a second class citizen of the abyss, is little more than lunch. Like any cambion, he only has roughly half of his demonic traits when in his true form, which, if he transforms, immediately mark him as a cambion. Some of this bleeds through to his human life, as he tends to have a difficult time making friends.

Occupation: Taxi Cab driver; graveyard shift

Misc: Dario has a few of the standard demon powers weakened because of his half-blooded nature

Fire Resistance (not immunity)
Teleport (Is loud and obvious, not a quick blip like a full demon)
Nightvision (As opposed to Darkvision)
Size and Stregnth (Dario is roughly 8"0" tall and capable of lifting 2 ton (IE a full size van or SUV) objects in demon form, as apposed to the seemingly limitless stregnth of a full demon, and their towering size)
ESP (Has trouble controlling it, often hearing thoughts he does not want to, or when he gets angry, images of a distorted dario exploding into the minds of the person he is argueing with)

Also, because of his half-blooded nature, Dario cannot Gate other demons to his location.

07/11/2007 1:48 PM

I like it, I like it. Any time you want to post I have already started it in the General Roleplaying.

07/12/2007 7:23 AM

I enjoyed our sadly-deceased other thread so much that I'm almost definitely in :)

Exhausted from holiday though so it may take me a few days to get caught up on my 'prior commitments' and get a character together.

Any more info on specific powers? What makes angels different from demons etc?

07/12/2007 8:48 AM

Mmk to answer Nanuk's question. There are a couple differences between Angels and Demons.

Demons are a broad category, engulfing the small sprite like trouble makers to the dragon sized beast's that we see in Anime all so often. Demons aren't necessarily lizard like and grotesque. Take one of my NPC's for example, she is a demon but she has the feathery wings that we almost always consider to be angel like. This means the difference between friend and foe can not be made by physical attributes but by aura. What makes Demons wholly unique from angels is the various forms they can take. Angels seem slightly more restricted when it comes to species, demons have many different forms, guardians, and variations even within the same breed. This gives alot of lead room for demons to let their imagination kind of run. But also, demons tend to be a chaotic breed, not necessarily evil, just chaotic. (I am always willing to make exceptions to suit your characters needs.) Also Demons are controlled by Damien, who is essentially evil. He is looking to overthrow the Elders and take both ethereal planes for himself but has no particular interest in the material plane.

However keep in mind that not all demons side with him as they are a chaotic species with their own motives and thoughts.

Angels are polar opposites only in the fact that they tend to be more Lawful (again willing to make exceptions based on character needs) Their species can vary from small fairies, to some Djinnis, your standard angels, your standard humanoid looking, tend to be assocciated with good creatures. They also don't necessarily have wings and also don't necessarily look good. Some Angels have been known to look like snakes, others like a pure demon themselves. They also are not necessarilly good, they just ten to go about their affairs in a more structured manner however they tend to be more loyal to the elders.

Dragons are not related to the conflicts of these two species, do not answer to their powers, and try to avoid them if possible, but this is not always so. Dragons can shift in and out any plane, but they do not interfere with their doing, Recently a few dragons have moved onto this planet to defend a few souls from the ever growing war between the elite factions of Damien and the Elders (get to that soon). However just because they don't want conflict doesn't mean they can avoid it.

Now there are two elite factions who are tied directly to Damien and The Elders. Their factions do not have names but they are themost stereotypical of their species. All you need to know about them (unless you choose to play them I will give more info) is that they do have a bias and they will fight the opposite species if they see the chance. Then it become s a fight of "good vs. evil" so to speak. (the demon agenda however is not necessarily evil, for aren't the elite angels doing the same thing?)

I hope I haven't made your head explode with allthis information. There is mor to prbably give you but I will leave it at this for now. There is about three different types I haven't explained but when it comes to it, we'll worry about it.

Prohets, Magic Users, The People of Generica (lame name for the planet)

07/12/2007 9:43 AM

Thanks sweetie.

Another question, lol- in the RP what is our 'goal', for want of a better word? What are we up to? What's brining us together?
Getting a handle on this will help me get a better idea of a character.

Crix- Scrapper is infinitely tolerant as a DM, and if she hasn't said anything then I'm sure it's fine, but just from the character you posted remember that this is a different world, lol, not necessarily with demons/demon powers that would strictly relate to D&D, not necessarily with Catholicism etc. Scrapper already said angels/demons aren't exactly what we'd think of as angels/demons so many other things could also be different.

07/12/2007 10:43 AM

Aye, I know I should probably put some restriction because too much lead way can leave people confused but this place in my head, I could write pages and not state all the rules. It is really ok if you want to go the religous angle though. Actually it could be interesting to bring in the Church. *smiles* hmmmm evil cults.... Lol think we had enough of those in ATFB ey? Ok so some background story.

Enter Katherine. Katherine has joined the FBI for personal reasons. Believe it or not the humans in this realm are quite adept at magic and have used their arcane abilities in law as well as crime. Katherine has tapped into their resources to try and find Lexi. Lexi has been born and reborn into many bodies as she is a prophet. In each life time Katherine waits for the prophet in her to awaken and for the memories of her past life to come flooding back. Each time Katherine is there to help her remember and to protect her from the otherwordly forces who try to use prophets to their own agendas.

Lexi is believed to be trapped in deaths realm however after a tragic encounter that left the dragon scarred emotionally and physically. The soft spoken woman has put out adds in secret places, places only otherworldy beings and humans with connections to the magiks around them could see them.

You may have seen such a want add for advice, help, or just for a strong arm as Katherine knows she is not safe in this plane of existence. You might have stumbled into her office needing her help, believing her to be truly just a human working for the FBI. Or perhaps you are a dragon slayer (I will touch on those later) or maybe a sorcerer looking to contain her magic, or perhaps to even learn magic from her.

There are countless ways you could cross her path. And don't be afraid to bring in your own plot lines, your own enemis, your own allies, your own NPCs. The more detailed you make this the better. Perhaps you were just looking to make a friend when all the sudden we both get swept up in a conflict niether of us wanted, completly unrelated to us either way, or perhaps you would like to play the villain and make life hard for the adventurers. Limitless possibilities.

Again I hope I didn't make your head explode and I hope it answered your question. Hehe I am getting really excited about this.

Oh Crix, yeah what Nanuk said. I am really leniate when it comes toDMing, I care more about telling the story than making the rules. I just want the people playing with me to be happy because I don't want it to be my story I want it to be our story.

Wow that sounded really flipping cheesy. Right 'O to the MB!

07/12/2007 11:52 AM

I care more about telling the story than making the rules. I just want the people playing with me to be happy because I don't want it to be my story I want it to be our story.

She's super :D

Thanks Scrapper- that should give me enough to go on.

I imagine the want-ad route will prolly make the most sense. I'll get to thinking.

07/13/2007 12:23 PM

Yeah, i really got that vibe from you off the start Scrapper, so I kinda did the D&D Cambion theme... because... well... I -really- like the D&D Cambion.

This should be fun, I just through a post up, too! :)

07/13/2007 2:43 PM

Name: True name- Ashtad. 'Human' name- Aaliah Zahedi

Species: Angel

Human form: slender and lithe Aaliah is tall at just over 5'10. She appears to be what we would think of as Iranian/Persian- her features are heavy and sensual, her hair long, straight and dark, with clear olive skin, and dark mahogany-brown eyes.

Occupation: bookstore owner (if you're going to steal angel-occupations then steal from the best- how I love you, Good Omens). The store is deceptively small from the outside, tends more towards the obscure than the bestselling, and gives her the luxury of setting her own schedule.

General Description: Ashtad is well experienced at accomplished as passing for human, quite enjoying the small details of their lives. She is fond of them, as one is fond of a particularly cherished and intelligent pet, seeing them as wonderful if foolish things, who frequently need to be protected from their own instincts. She is one of a small cell in the city, gathering information for the Elders, communicating with and monitoring other angels, intervening in mortal/demon affairs when requested. Her role is concerned frequently with ensuring justice, extending to administering punishment.

Powers- don't want to go into too much detail, may alter some stuff.
Ashtad can become insubstantial at a molecular level to travel at speeds. Although it does take some thought she can use this ability to avoid harm if necessary.
She can influence the minds of humans- sort of an aura of charm that reassures them, giving them a sense of trust and security and making them susceptible to suggestion.
Besides the standard greater-than-human strength she can at times channel energy- her own, that of others, or that from her surrounds- into healing other people
If aroused to a fury she can summon a flaming sword from the aether.

07/13/2007 2:45 PM

That was lame but I don't care right now- that was a normal length post, and I didn't have to split it!
Oh please don't let it be a freaky one-off occurrence...

Let me know if there's anything you want changed Scrapper.

07/13/2007 3:39 PM

Pffft like I would make you change anything, and goodness you are hard on yourself. I loved it, as always, and I can't wait to see you up on the MB's :-)

07/13/2007 4:16 PM

Got room for one more?

07/13/2007 4:27 PM

Absolutley, positively! I always have room for one more.

07/13/2007 5:33 PM

Sweet! Save a spot for me and I'll get my character sheet up ASAP!

07/13/2007 5:41 PM

Ooo! Enthusiasm I love it!

07/14/2007 4:14 PM

Name: Aiden Martello

Species: Demon

Human Form: Aiden is small in every sense. She's 5 foot even and weighs about 115 pounds. She is extremely fair skinned, and has blue-grey eyes and blonde hair cut in layers that stops just below her shoulders. She has a scar under her lower lip from an unforunate run-in with another demon that wasn't fond of her.

Occupation: Aiden is an exotic dancer. She hates the job, and finds it degrading but it pays the bills, and keeps a roof over her head. If and when she shows up for work, the money is good because both men and women alike will spend money to watch a seemingly attractive stranger.

General Description: Her job causes everyone to cast their eyes down and whisper about her "lack of morals and low self-esteem." Because of this, Aiden is not too fond of anyone. Though she attempts to live by the old adage of "never judge a book by its cover", she wishes more humans and others alike would do the same. She despises authority and chooses to set her priorities before anyone else's. She can come across a bit selfish, but in true nature, she tends to be fairly likable.

Misc.: She is not a strong demon at all, in fact, she tends to enjoy her human form more than her demonic one and rarely becomes her demonic self anymore. Her powers are few, and consist of ESP, teleporting, and if forced to fight, she has small fireballs that she can only use in demonic form. She is not a despised member of the demon world, but she is not an influential or powerful one, so she as seen as essentially insignificant. Aiden had one true friend, another demon named Asher, but he committed himself to serving his Lord, Damien. In doing so, he abandoned Aiden to a life of solitude and forced her to fend for herself. Aiden wants Asher back, and has made up her mind to do just about anything to 'save' him, and return him to the lifestyle that they had both become accustomed to.

Name: Asher Darnell

Species: Demon

Human Form: The exact opposite of Aiden. He is tall, about 6'5" and heavily bodied. He has dark brown eyes and hair that he wears short and spiked. He is a brooding and seemingly menacing character that's influenced easily by the chance of fame and power.

Occupation: Asher is a thief, ranging anywhere from pick-pocketing to armed robbery. He was sentenced to 10 years in a state prison, but appealled the ruling and disappeared. He met Aiden in a strip club after he beat a human for touching her inappropriately while she was walking off stage. He remained with her as her friend and ally until recently, when he was tempted to join up with a demonic faction that was loyal to the Dark One only. Leaving Aiden was a hard thing for him to deal with, and he still has not healed emotionally.

General Description: Asher has a short temper and cannot control his temper well, which makes him easy to spot in frustrating situations, but undeniably useful in chaotic and violent ones. His only weakness is his best friend, Aiden, who he has not seen in approximately 6 weeks. He has a dry sense of humor and is very serious in nature. He also tends to be intense overbearing, which is excessively useful when intimidation is needed.

Misc.: Like Aiden, he is not a particularly powerful demon, but what he lacks in ability he makes up for in brute force. He too can teleport and use ESP, but is more inclined to hurt an individual than to get what he wants instead of relying on his weak demonic powers.

Ok...hope this works for you, if there's any changes I should make, let me know. Asher is basically an NPC for now. Hope you don't mind, but Asher makes up a lot of what Aiden is personality-wise. Just tell me if there's anything you want me to change!

07/14/2007 9:26 PM

I'm interested, I like the way this sounds.

If you'll allow me, I'd like to put up a concept.

Right now, I'm thinking of a normal human [gasp! They still exist, right? ;)] who actually hates all otherworldly creatures. Angels, Demons, Dragons, the Elders, Damien...just wants them all to go away and play on their own dimension. If that fits. I'm not sure if it does. Perhaps you could enlighten me on the nature of it all, and that would tell me if it fits or not.

Just let me know if you would allow me to post a concept. :)

07/15/2007 2:31 AM

Mizzax in the hizzouse!

Saying yes would be a good idea Scrapper ;)

07/15/2007 7:39 AM

Honestly Nanuk when have I ever said no?

Actually I was waiting for someone to play a human, I was begining to think we were going to get all demons. Um but first things first.

Deliria, yes you can certainly have an NPC, I have the same thing in ATFB. And everything sounds great, especially demons playing by human rules, it's all very appealing.

Max, this works out very well and you could most definitley pull this off. By just a normal human I assume you mean no magic or anything. So.... Dare I say perhaps you could be a member of a cult? Underground because most humans are unaware of the fight going on between angels and demons, think people who are involved in magic are crazy, ect. ect. but there are those many who have been attacked by demons and lived, people who have seen angels and believed (or just became extremly religous) Some of these people seek revenge, some keep their mouths shut, some end up in insane assylums and some join cults. (obviously not all the possibilities but ideas) So yeah if you can make it fit in, I will try an accomodate you as best as I possibly can.

I think I am a little too obssesive with cults.

07/15/2007 5:26 PM

Actually I was going for someone who was more of a loner, not a minion within a cult, but that's probably my own personality seeping through. I generally despise cults, although perhaps I should make the character a cult member so as to test my writing prowess...hrm...

Could I bother you with one more request? How does magic work on Generica (that's the name of this world, right? I think I read that somewhere, but I can't find it again...)? Is it something exclusive to non-humans, do humans have to undergo some rite in order to be able to use it, can it crop up randomly, what kind of magic is there...etc., ad nauseum. If you want, give me a push in the general direction and I'll feel my way out, but I need some sort of direction to work with. :)

07/15/2007 5:57 PM

Loners are absolutley welcome. Actually a loner is more interesting I think. I just always throw that out there because... because. Anyway as for magik, humans can use it yes, there is no right of passage, no freaky ritual to go through. Magik in this world works more like wizards in D&D for humans anyway. You usually need some sort of text to read from, some components for your spells, you know Buffy style. However, always a however with me, there are some humans that are born with uncanny magical powers. Think sorcerers in D&D or Willow from Buffy. It is weak at first but can become more powerful with training and focus.

Magik is the reason dragons are so scarce and frightened of Generica (the lame ass name i gave this planet, you are welcome to change it.) All sorts of beings want their blood, their bones, their scales, their organs, to imbue magical powers in themselves and into their weapons or objects or something. Dragons although not extremly adept at magik themselves are magical creatures. Well the younger ones aren't adept at magik but either way they are powerful, respected creatures capable to channel any type of spell your heart desires. Some enslave them, finding more power in having a dragon, others slay them wanting the power for themselves, others befriend them sharing the magical energy and using it to enhance both lives.

This isn't answering your question. Types of magik. You can use just about anything your heart desires I just don't like the insanely powerful spells like word of death haha your dead. I don't mind powerful magik because believe me in this world their are some powerful people but you know moderate accordingly. Come up with creative spells, creative ways to channel spells. Perhaps you don't have a door to use a teleport spell so you use a telephone booth. I dunno have fun with it.Magik is awsome cause it opens up so many possibilities. As for resistance to magik, of course, demons, angels, dragons, are going to be somewhat resistant to some kinds of magik but again we'll work that out as we go along. Noone is invincible here. Except maybe Damien and the Elders but that's different.

07/15/2007 9:51 PM

Hold on a second...

I'm not invincible?

Thats it, I quit. Forever.

*destroys planet earth*


07/19/2007 11:15 AM

Ok, I almost have what I want to do done. I just need to know one more thing.

Do Damien/the Elders ever directly effect the world? Like, would there be a reason for a normal human to inadvertently see one of them while they were doing something? aka they were fighting and there were innocents lost, and witnesses to the confrontation?

Or do they stick to their own realm and influence from afar?

07/19/2007 7:43 PM

They influence from afar using their elites as their puppets.

07/19/2007 9:44 PM

Hi there, was wondering if I could join in this thread please. Enjoyed the concept and definitely got my brain tingling thats for sure. The RP was an awesome read and would love an opportunity to prove myself...

07/20/2007 1:47 AM

Well you've certainly gone a long way to endearing yourself, lol.

07/20/2007 3:46 AM

Enduring yes, convincing well that is a completely different matter I would imagine. But as one knows patience is number of people either waiting or being treated by doctors...oh yeah its also a virtue!

07/20/2007 7:53 AM

Yep hop right in. The character sheet you gave me, if you could post it up for the others that would be great. I was going to for you but I hit empty before I thought about what I was doing.

07/20/2007 8:07 AM

Name: Jamie Ko

Species: Human

Appearance: He keeps his hair cropped short, or sometimes completely bald. His dark complexion is a rich dark chocolate, his hair black, as are his eyes.

Occupation: Metalworker/traditional blacksmith and weapon smith/artist. He sells custom made weapons on order, and makes metal sculptures and other artsy stuff. ;-)

General Description: He hates all non-humans. As I said before, he wants them all to go off and play in their own dimension. There is an intricate and involved back-story, but I think it will be more fun to reveal that through game-play, partly because all of my characters have had their life story in the character sheet, and I'd like to try it the other way around. That is, of course, if I have the GM's approval. If you'd like, I can PM you the history and everything, VerbalScrapper, so as to make sure it is acceptable.

He was 'gifted' (or cursed, as he sees it) with the ability to use magic. He hates it, but uses it as a necessary evil to combat the invading trans-dimensional beings.

Due to his work at the forge, he is quite strong, although not bulky in appearance. He grew up in a 'bad neighborhood' (originally thought of a combination of Jamaica and Miami, having his mother be from Jamaica before they moved to Miami, but realized that this isn't Earth, so it wouldn't exactly work like that. If you could give me the equivalent places, I can put them in), so he knows how to street fight, but hasn't ever had any real training in combat.

I think that's all of the relevant information...let me know if you need more or if I need to change anything.

07/20/2007 8:17 AM

Nope you don't have to PM me. I'm gonna trust the fact that I think we can make anything fit. Unless you like blantantly break a rule I have already stated I think we are quite alright. But love it love it. The equivalent well.... Make something up, get creative maybe something like, Yamkin (Jamaica) and The Mips (Miami) and they'd have the same feel and look and climate as the two said places and just have different names.

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