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07/10/2007 11:00 AM

It's late at night and I am still sitting at the office. The traffic is swimming by outside, the midnight flights are overhead and there are obnoxious noises coming from the office across from me. You would figure that at an hour like this people would have the decency to slow down, shut up, and go to sleep. No, society keeps on its zombie trudge even into the late hours of the night. It makes me want to strangle them, all of them. Makes me want to pick up the nearest blunt heavy object and bludgeon them all andcurse them until they fall silent.

Yes, it's late, I haven't had time to meditate in days and it is taking its toll. I close my eyes and take a deep breath hoping to find some calm in these waking hours but nothing comes of it. Just another siren and another speeding car.

A cigarette. That's what I want, a cigarette and an ice cold beer. I kick my feet up on my desk and relax onto my chair, I should go home, I shouldleave, I don't have anything left to do but then again, there is nothing home for me either. Just a bed in a single aartment. My mind strays.

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07/13/2007 12:16 PM

"Lost again. Third time this week. Was it a left onto mason after the industrial park?..." Dario's thoughts race with frustration. "I am never taking a fare outside the city limits again, this is completely outrageous"

The radio crackles and pops, he couldn't even call for directions if he wanted to... "Way out of range from dispatch..." he thinks to himself.

He doesn't dare say the words "How could this get any worse" as it begins to rain... when the archaic engine of the old checker cab begins to sputter and spit, as he rounds a corner between two seemingly abandoned warehouses, the car rumbles and grinds to a hault.

"Puta madre..." he mumbles to himself under his breath, as he rips a small bag from beneath the passenger seat, and begins his weekly ritual of "convincing" the tired motor to turn over.

Ten minutes later, the car lurches forward and begins to cough and gag its way back to life. Dario slams the hood shut, and dripping wet from the cold rain, gets back into the driver seat, and begins navigating back through the twisting suburbian hell.

As the sun begins to slowly rise, he revels in the prospect of heading back to the paintless walls of his apartment, and dreads waking again, for his next graveyard shift.

07/13/2007 4:44 PM

I kick my feet off the desk after waiting an hour too many in the dank office. The noise still hasn't quieted and it is working my nerves unto the last. I check the window and grin at the weather, it is raining and the that is more than welcoming. I place on my brown trench coat, smelling the worn leather and place on my fedora.

I look like a real old time cop, like Rick Blaine meets Sherlock Holmes. I prop up the collar of my jacket and walk open faced into the dark alley way. Nobody ever walks down these lonely streets, nobody. That's when I hear it; a sputtering engine, a cough, choke, and weeze before two headlights poke through the alley. I squint into them and step to the side watching the vehicle slowly mill on down.

The car is yello and checkered, one of the many taxi cabs that inhabit the streets of Dimure. I stick my hand out in front of me and flag him down, not minding the rain, but it is a long walk and I have things I need to get accomplished. He stops and pulls over and that's when I smell it.... demon blood. I hesitate at first, he would surely recognize me for what I am but I couldn't back out now, couldn't make him suspicious. Plus if push comes to shove I could always take true form.

"Do you know how to get to the Gates of Cerberus?" I ask, not many would take me there, most mortals steer clear but he is no mortal.

07/14/2007 7:55 AM

The Drivers hides his face, embarassed that he was so easily sniffed out for his dark lineage. A quick flash of ESP blasts into his mind, words spoken, but its not Daemonic... its lisps and serpentine sounds... "You found yourself a Daemon-Kin, Dragon."

His attempt to sound Demonic is masked by something else... something kinder... something the demon blood was too strong to let you sense right away. This demon is half human.

"What business could you possibly have at the Hellhounds Gate?" his voice becomes a low grumble "Besides, once inside, the right Imp could tear you to shreads on his own turf, without a Demon escorting you."

"Of course, you know that, wise Dragon?" he cackles to himself "Hence your choice of taxi?"

He unlocks the passanger door, and stares up at you from his seat.

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07/14/2007 8:15 AM

"My business is of my own, dear sir." I'm unsure of my footing as I step into the cab, twisting around carefully to put on my seatbelt, an unnecessary precaution but one I take none the less. His voice sounds maniacle but his statement rings true. If I am to enter a breeding ground for the power hungry then I am going to need muscle.

"I..." I hesitate, it has been a long while since I have meddled in the affairs of demons and the thought of having to entwine myself with the Ethereals is not comforting. "I have money, items of use, compensation of any sort you desire, I just need a strong arm, and well... a ride." My voice is soft, though I can sense only partial demon blood runnign through his veins, battle is far from my mind.

"I can offer you information if you like, or... or..." I'm nervous, I can feel the sweat starting on my unsteady palms, a downfall to staying in human form so long, you begin to act like them. I gnash my teeth a bit trying to regain the still face of the dragon kin ut it is to no avail.

"I have to... I have to find someone. I think I am meeting someone there who can help, I don't know if they are trying to set me up, so I need... Well, you're getting the picture. So can we strike a deal?"

07/14/2007 9:01 AM

Dario is unsettled by how much his presence disturbs you, he stares at you, his iris's nearly the same color as his pupils..

"You've appealed to whats left of my mother in me. I will help you. You may pay me afterwards if you like, I suppose."

He starts the Cab, and begins driving downtown.

As Dario rounds the last corner, he begins to slow down, and points out the window.

"There. The two bars form the 'Gates' you seek. I'll park this heap a few blocks away, and we'll approach on foot."

Dante parks the car two blocks off, and gets out, he rounds the car, and waits for his passanger to get out.

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07/15/2007 4:43 AM

"I'm going out for a bit".

The boy behind the counter nodded absently and went back to scanning through the inventory list he held. Her staff were used to her frequent and unpredictable absences, and her unusual timekeeping.

The inside of the store was deceptively spacious; floor to ceiling stacks lined with books of every size, dark wooden floors gleaming gently and strewn with beautiful persian rugs, comfortable chairs and the occasional sofa tucked into cozy corners with plenty of antique desklamps, small sidetables on which to rest the books or cups of tea or coffee made in the small kitchenette. It was welcoming and homely, a biobliophile's haven.

Aaliah walked slowly to the door, favouring a few of the regulars seated in the store with a smile. Dressed in beautifully tailored black twill cropped trousers, a pair of warm black soft leather boots hugging her calves up to the knee, and a crisp white fitted shirt, her dark hair woven into a complicated braid at the nape of her neck, she looked young and vibrant, the impression betrayed only occasionally by her eyes.

Outside, she stood in the doorway for a moment, [i]Alexandria[/i] written in scrolling black letters on the sign above her, before setting of down the street, her steps unhurried, and her face contemplative.

She cut through an alley, and then through a large park, where she was stopped on two separate occasions by would-be muggers, one young and cocky, the other older, twitchy, clearly desperate. She sent each of them away firmly with slightly vacant expressions in their eyes.

[i]This town is going to shit[/i]

As she walked the streets got increasingly spare, more industrial in appearance, with fewer cars on the roads and pedestrians rare. An elevated train rumbled overhead as she jogged across a street, slipping through another alley to emerge near a quiet junction. Taking the southern arm of the cross formed by the intersection a long and narrow street lay before her, the buildings on each side seeming to loom threateningly. Nearer the end of the street it widened slightly, the buildings shorter and more uneven in height, the air damp and heavy, creating the impression of a large maw.

And stabbing upwards, like the incisors of this maw: the Gates. They demarcated the line between the mundane and the Ethereal, the darkened, distorted street that stretched back from between their threatening height rarely braved by humans- and certainly not without an invitation.

Sighing, she headed to the bar embedded at the foot of the building to the left, that on the right its twin in every way, complete with matching bar. Her eyes adjusted quickly to the gloom inside, a number of shadowy figures turning to watch her as she entered, the eyes of several of them narrowing.

Undaunted she walked to the counter, where the bartender provided a glass of impossibly dark red wine unbidden. She made as if to sit on one of the bar stools and then paused, thinking better of it, and moved to a more private table nearer the back, where she could wait in peace.

07/15/2007 9:14 AM

"I'm glad I appealed to your better nature," I know the line is lame, thought about not saying it, but it was the only way to get rid of the gnawing anxiety in my gut. It has been a long time since I have been to the Gates, once before out of necessity. The visit had been unpleseant.

The car squeals to a hault and the driver gets out. He is intimidating, muscled and to me at least six feet tall. I hesitate not certain if I want to go through with tonights plans, but I am spurred on by a greater need.

We walk the streets in silence glowing eyes receding into the dark as they sense the power the two of us represent. I straighten up, even puff out my chest a little trying to over compensate for the insecurity I feel inside.

That's when I see them, the Gates rising up to guard the play ground of the unnatural. The eyes of Cerberus looking out onto the street monitoring all who passed them, taking care of those who did not belong in whichever manner they pleased.

You wouldn't know that the just and true mingled here with the corrupt and twisted. Looking at the Gates, looking beyond the gates into the depths of Hades, sent a chill up your spine either way. I stop.

I am desperate if I am meeting someone here but, whoever decided to meet me here must be powerful indeed and that is something I need. I fish around in my pocket for the folded piece of paper I had recieved just weeks before and find it stuck to the lining of my jacket with an old piece of gum. I curse, I do that frequently these days, a habit I am unsure if I should break. I pull the paper slowly from my jacket and rub out the edges, not wanting to make the writing on it illegible.


Here I am 1:02, standing outside in the pouring rain knowing my guide is getting annoyed but I can't will the first step. No need, a beastly looking creature not even concerned with blending in pushes past me and my foot moves to balance the shift of weight. I can't control them now.

Left, right, left, right....

I am through the doors, my heart is racing, what if it is a trap? I look to make sure the half demon is near, finding an odd comfort in his presence. I look at the picture she gave me and search the bar.

One deep breath, a few more steps, and...

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07/15/2007 9:32 AM

Tonight was the night. Precisely one year, 2 hours, and forty seven minutes ago, Asher had come crashing into her life like a bull in a china shop. She was angry and missing him, but the bills had to be paid, so there was no use in staying home alone in her two bedroom apartment and missing him. Her heels clicked on the concrete floors of the hallway as she exited the back door of the "Calamity Club". The silver stilettos she wore were hard on her feet, but she'd learned to block out the pain. She was dressed in a black trench coat that stopped below her knees, and underneath it a metallic pink and black two piece outfit that left essentially nothing to the imagination. She comtemplated going home to change, but decided against it, praying tonight would be the night she'd see Asher.

The streets were dark and eerie, a foreboding feeling crept up on her and she increased her pace to a brisk walk. She felt the safest when she was in the presence of a streetlight, thinking that the glow from the flourescent bulbs would chase off the impending dangers in the city. A car drifted past her, and a pervert wound down the window, stuck his head out and whistled at her. She stared straight ahead, and never acknowledged him. She pulled her coat tighter around her throat and kept moving, watching as the glowing red tail lights pulled farther away from her.

It was mundane for her. She walked this path every night in hopes of finding him at the gates. She passed the same warehouses and heard the same trains every night until she finally saw her destination. The Gates used to scare her, even before she had become accustomed to her human state, they had intimidated her. The atmosphere was more frightening to her than the individuals who frequented the spot, and by now, she'd associated herself with most of them, and knew many of them personally. She tousled her hair, which made a brittle stiff crunching sound from the hairspray she had plastered on before her performance.

Aiden's delicate hand touched the door and a glimmer of hope was ignited, but she doused it almost immediately. She walked through and a few of the usuals cast a glance in her direction and nodded a silent greeting that she acknowledged with a politely fleeting smile. She stepped up to the bar and made a little hop onto the bar stool. The bartender approached her and she saw the look on his face. "Any signs of him?" she asked.

"Sorry honey, not tonight. Not too many of us have heard anything from any of them." the bartender replied and handed her a glass of wine. Her carefully manicured hand grabbed the stem of the glass and she tossed the contents down her throat, gulping it down. She placed the emptied glass back on the bar and received another. She grasped the glass and spun around on the bar stool, scouting the room for more familiar faces.

Something felt different in the bar, and she saw the woman, sitting alone towards the back. Slipping off the stool, she drifted towards her and motioned to an empty chair next to her. "Mind if I sit down?" she asked, her voice thick with curiousity.

07/15/2007 9:44 AM

She's brought a friend. Can I blame her? Have I not also brought a hulking half demon with me? But her choice of protection is so... dimunitive. I tighten my jaw, unsure if I should approach her, unsure if I might be intruding upon something.

If it were a trap surely she would have hid the other person, left her outside to ambush me later. Maybe that's exactly what she was thinking and left everything out in the open to ease my mind. I grip the note and the walet in my other pocket. Her faint smell wafts up from it's old leather and I can only just see her last human form.

I step forward again. "You can sit with us if you like. I mean... Could you sit with us? I'm... I need the security blanket." But whose to say he wouldn't turn on me as well? Push your nuerotic thoughts out of your head! I am jumpy tonight, perhaps I should quaff down a beer or so, take the edge off before I meet with these two.

No that would make me vulnerable. I have to stop hesitating.

Left, right, left, right.... Slow sitting motion.


07/15/2007 1:50 PM

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The wine was good, heady, pungent, spicy on the tongue and warm on the throat, and made her wish she could get drunk more easily.

They weren't stares, exactly, but she could certainly feel interested looks directed at her back. Her kind were usually outnumbered here, true, but hardly rare- although since the escalation of Damien's efforts many of them had chosen to disdain such contact, seeing all of their darker counterparts as being of his legion.

She didn't.

She had known enough of them to realise that they were far more varied than her own, more independent, more willing to make different choices. She saw it as a strength- the freedom to follow the path they most wanted. Not that she felt constrained, compelled: she was what she was, the path she followed was true to her nature, but sometimes it seemed... well, their natures could be more [i]diverse[/i].

[i]Speaking of diverse[/i]...

She'd seen a demon come through the door, a slight petite little thing, blonde, very pretty but slightly too polished for Aaliah's tastes. Something in her posture had seemed to sag the instant after she came through the door, as if a disappointed expectation, but she'd made her way to the bar with confidence and obvious familiarity.

After downing a glass with admirable, if forlorn, speed she had made her way over, and Aaliah couldn't prevent one dark eyebrow from arching.
She motioned elegantly for the woman to sit, a small smile on her lips.
Before she had a chance to speak she was distracted by the unmistakable feel of dragon kin. She'd heard the door open once more as she'd been watching the demon, but hadn't really paid attention, and now a dragon stood before her, her human form somewhat careworn, lovely grey eyes somewhat tired; and she was flanked by a large, dark-haired male- but not a full blood, if she was any judge.

She looked in slight surprise from the dragon back to the female demon. The ad had been brief, containing only necessary information, and while the dragon was certainly more what she was expecting could it be just coincidence that the demon had approached at the same time? Could they be connected in some way. It didn't appear so, but that was no indication.

She decided the best course was to return the greeting.

"Hi". She smiled at the dragon, sparing a glance for her companion.
"Aaliah. And, I'm sorry-" she turned to the blonde demon, "- I didn't have a chance to ask your name".

Let the dragon know that the girl wasn't with her- if what she had to say was sensitive she could always wait for a bit more privacy.

07/15/2007 1:57 PM

"I can't believe she is this scared. I wish she would calm down so I wouldn't have to keep hearing her thoughts too." Dario thinks to himself.

As his passanger takes a seat at the table, Dario stands behind her, As he makes his way behind her, he whispers in her ear "Everything is under control. Grab my hand if the shit hits the fan, I'll get us out of here."

Dario leans up against the wall, behind his employers chair, arms folded. A recent tattoo on his right forearm depicts a chained man, it reads "There is no hope, for the man in chains".

"No hope" Dario thinks to himself "This has no hope of going well".

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07/15/2007 2:16 PM

So they didn't know eachother, or was it a ploy?

[i]Damnit Katherine shut up.[/i]

I take a seat and tip my head downward, trying desperatley to show all three of them that I am not in it for trouble. How much easier it would be in dragon form to show submission, so many intircate little details I could perform with a tail, and ears, and wings, and body. But humans, humans have little more than facial expressions and restricted limb movement.

I make myself small waiting for the other two to sit down, keeping my arms up on the table to be seen by everyone, and taking off my hat lest they believe I have alterior motives.

I clear my throat and begin my introduction. "I'm Katherine, I don't know what this blokes name is but I brought him here with me. I don't mean to greet you with intimidation but you must understand I have had some unpleseant experiences here." I shift uncomfortably hoping I am not taken for a liar.

"Um, you must be Aaliah? I saw you responded to my ad, I honestly didn't think anyone would it was so vague but I'm desperate you see and..." I stop, I'm rambling I know. I must sound like a child babbling about some new toy or their first day of school. Get to the point girl, catch their attention, no, what if that drives them away? I can't lose help, not now, not when someone has responded for the first time in years.

Name, start with that, and greet the small one, that is simple enough. Trust you need trust.

"I'm sorry, I'm being rude. Katherine is the name. I'm sure I needn't announce what I am, I'm sure most of you have already sensed it." I nod at each of them in turn, trying to come across as friendly not stand offish. I can't help but monitor each of them. First the small one, no malice emmenates from her, I could easily deal with her in a fight. Then the Angel, powerful it looks like, flight seems a more decent option than fight with her. And as always when it comes down to the demon, drop human skin like a creepy bug and fly like hell.

"Can I get you guys anything, beer, water, soda? Please sit stay for a while, it's been a long time since I have had contact with Ethereals." I hope they don't think I am avoiding the subject as I shed my jacket and make my offer. Meet and greet first, explain the job later.

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07/15/2007 2:48 PM

Dario brings a hand to his forehead and shakes his head. He moves towards the seat next to Katharine, the tough guy routine is ruined... especially since one of these bashers she is talking too appears to be a celestial.

"Thats the last kind of fight I want to pick" he thinks to himself.

"I'm Dario. It seems like the gecko needed a hand. Besides, it sure beats my day job." Dario says as flips the chair around backwards, and sits with the back against his chest, planting his elbows on the table. A devilish grin cracks across his face.

"Of course. I signed on not even -truely- knowing what you needed a hand with..." he continues, the grin returning to his face. He tries to be macho, but he knows that he can't help but come off as impish, at best.

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07/15/2007 4:34 PM

Aaliah looked down at her glass, trying to repress a smile.

Her amusement was not at the dragon, Katherine, as such- she was clearly unsettled and weighted with some heavy burden, one strong enough to almost strip her of composure- but more at the situation. So awkward, so tentative: she felt like they should be human teenagers, making hesitant social overtures.

She nodded when the male introduced himself as Dario, wondering why he followed the dragon- they could be whimsical, demons, halfbloods even more so. Would his loyalty prove fickle? That was the dragon's concern, ultimately, but she clearly felt the need t protect herself with allies, no matter how tenuous the connection.

When he had finished she returned the courtesy, nodding once more in acknowledgment of the dragon's words.
"Yes, I am called Aaliah Zahedi in this world- and if you were offering then, yes, I would enjoy another glass of this wine. Greatly, in fact".

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07/15/2007 4:54 PM

Curiousity had gotten the best of her. She'd simply sat down at the table to acquaint herself with the angel, and now it seemed as though she had planted herself in the middle of a rendezvous. She quietly sipped her wine as introductions were made.

"I'm Aiden Martello, and I could use another one of these as well." she said, and motioned upward with her half empty glass. She didn't feel like being sober much longer, and relished in the possibility of needing someone kind to escort her home, much like Asher had done before he left. The thought of him left her feeling empty, and tears brimmed her eyes. Quickly she wiped them away, making sure she hadn't smeared any make-up. She'd seen Dario a few times before, though they'd never been formally introduced. She tossed the rest of her wine back, and set the empty glass down on the table in front of her.

"Excuse me if I've interrupted anything." Her words were genuine enough, but she made no motions to get up. Truthfully, she didn't want to leave. It was destined to be another lonely night for her, and this was the first seemingly real attempt to get to know anyone that she had made in a long time. She intertwined a piece of her hair between her fingers, waiting to see if they'd ask her to leave them.

07/15/2007 5:26 PM

Dario pushes his greasy black hair back, and takes a ciggarete from the pocket of his jeans... lights it, and leaves it in the corner of his mouth.

"If I had known they were taking me to see a Daemonette... I would've dressed up a little" Dario laughs to himself, genuinely. He seems to shake the whole table as he does so, ashes from his ciggarette dropping onto the table.

His black-eyed gaze eventually leaves Aiden, and returns to the semi-bored expression he has been carrying for most of the evening.

07/15/2007 5:45 PM

Aiden, Dario, Aaliah. I make mental notes of their names. The all seem friendly enough, enough to make me relax some. I don't doubt they are reading my thoughts, probing for my motive, I don't really mind. I hated making lengthy explanations but I had a feeling all of my tension was clouding any of their efforts to figure out why I called them together.

I signal over to a waitress and place their orders, putting in one for myself as well. Maybe I don't need to be as sharp as I thought around these three. I turn to acknowledge the small ones comment.

"You are no trouble at all friend. You are more than welcome to sit and stick around." I place a few dollar bills into the pouch of the waitress, a small gesture that simply meant, I need some privacy. She is human by the looks of it, young but familiar with the ways of magik and I can feel the cloak washing over our small gathering.

"You'll have to excuse the mysterious air, but there are those here who would prefer to stop what I have in mind, and others who would exploit it." I sigh and look them over once more. Do I have a right to pull them into my affairs? Do I have a choice? Of course I do. Snap out of it, they can decide if they want to help, at least give them the option.

"There is a prophet, I won't get into the long boring details, but I will say that I swore three lifetimes ago to protect her. As things have been heating up between Lord Damien and the Elders, more and more of the material plan have been pulled into their conflict. Prophets are particularly at risk.

I tried desperatley to try and take her from this realm, to try and warp her essence so that she may be safe and the two of us would no longer have to worry about the battle raging between the two Ethereal factions, but I am young for a dragon and my magik only just blooming." I scratch behind my ear and look down, the waitress wading into our orb of concealment and placing the drinks on the table. Cut to the chase, they don't want your life story they want to know what they are getting into.

"I contacted somebody, a sorceress, or witch is the more accurate description who said she could help. I trusted her as she had been a friend of Lexi's for a long time. Lexi was the last name she used on this world." A small choke at the mention of her name, but a gulp of beer and a breath push it back.

"Something happened, something unnatural happened and before I knew what, Lexi was no where to be found, niether was the witch. I tracked her for months, but my search was fruitless. All I found at her house, well I would rather not go into detail. But I know something magical went on, some type of transformation, something I have never felt before." I look down at my glass, they must think I am ridiculous. Not that what I was saying wasn't semi believable, were we not creatures of myth in the mortal world? It was only... coming out of my mouth it sounded... forced? No that wasn't right. Another sigh, another gulp, and a few more words.

"So what does this have to do with you? I need trackers, I need links to both Ethereal planes, I need strength, I need magik. I am fairly weak, I am young, and I dare not enter the heavens nor the layers of hell without help. You can turn me down if you wish, or perhaps you may want compensation, or maybe an eye for an eye, I scratch your back you scratch mine. Whatever it is you wish, I will do the best I can to accomodate your desires, I just need help." By the Elders I sound desperate, pathetically desperate.

I twitch uneasily. Perhaps that was too much too fast.

07/15/2007 6:02 PM

"I'm in." Dario speaks first,for he has nothing to lose but a job he hates, and an apartment he loaths even more. "I'll play the part of bodyguard. But myself and..." motions his head in Aiden's direction "won't be recieved well in the angel's realms. And I won't exactly get a lost son's welcome in the hells either. Not that anyone does."

"Either way. I have nothing to lose, and noone that would mind me gone. So why not?" Dario sneers.

07/16/2007 2:25 AM

The cambion was the first to declare his interest, somewhat unsurprisingly.
His claim that he had 'nothing to lose' was cause for mild concern- if this task was concerned with Damien and the Elders then the kind of recklessness that that thinking bred could be dangerous. She would not judge, yet, but she would remain observant, and ready to act if necessary.

She felt the dragon underplayed her own abilities- that she had survived this long, in this climate, was testament enough. She carried guilt, perhaps rightly so if she had been lax in her charge- although it did not feel that way to the angel- and it was shrouding her heart, making her mind chaotic.

"You knew my interest from my response to your ad," she faced Katherine, shifting in her seat, her legs crossed under the table "even before I knew the details".

She had felt tendrils of portent pull at her when she had read the words, innocuous and innocent at first glance, but drawing her eye irrevocably: the sense that she had known this was coming, and the importance of it.

"Things are... [i]difficult[/i], politically, at the moment-" she flicked a hand towards Dario, indicating that she was addressing his concerns, "-but not all are solely focused on this renewed conflict, some are more far-seeing. Passage will not be impossible".

07/16/2007 7:22 AM

I'm slightly surprised by their answer. I do not know of many Angels willing to go against their creator. I ease back into my chair and look at the small demon.

"And what of you? You came out of curiosity, are you willing to make your life more interesting?"

I laugh slightly, not maniaclly, more like one who has heard a joke but only she gets it. The laugh starts quietly, inside my lungs but spreads, becoming almost full bellied chuckle. I've waited years for this, a blink of an eye for one as ever aging as I, but still the relief that came after waiting was... The smile kept crawling across my face even after the laugh had died away. I wiped away the water from my eyes and sniffed slightly.

"I'm sorry, what was your response?"

07/16/2007 4:21 PM

She took a sip from her third glass of wine, smiling as the heady liquid trickled down her throat. She ran her fingers through her hair and flicked her glance around to the others sitting there. She needed a change of pace. She was tiring of the loud music and the colored lights that swallowed her while she was on stage. The thought of one more disgusting human staring at her lustily turned her stomach.

"If you need me, I'll help. Maybe you can do me a favor as well. We can settle that score later though."

Her thoughts drifted back to Asher, and she knew she must have looked like some lovesick school girl but she did miss him. He had been the only individual who had never judged her until he actually knew who she really was. If this dragon was so desperate to find Lexi that she'd offered compensation, perhaps she'd be useful in getting Asher to come home. Now that he'd chosen Damien over her, she wasn't sure she wanted his companionship. She just wanted him to know what he'd done to her.

"So when do we start?"

07/17/2007 6:14 AM

All three were in and I was beginning to feel antsy. Should I ask them to start tonight? Would that be pushing it? Do they need to pepare, do they need a night home to rethink things. I push the thoughts down and straighten out my shirt. Do you hand over the files, the lists of names, of places of ruins? Do you take them to the scene of the crime?

"We start whenever all three of you are comfortable. There is a house. It is out of the city, closer to the suburbs. It has been a while, but I can still sense whatever it was that happened there, but I am no savant when it comes to Ethereal magik. But if you don't want to go then I can hand you some files... or... um... perhaps I am pushing too much on at once tonight. I could send you them and you can go home and rethink if you like? Or if you all aren't planning on much for the evening and want to go tonight....rrr."

Rambling, always the rambling with you. Relax girl they don't look like they are about to leave, and Aiden even said something about asking a favor. Perhaps patience did pay off in the end.

07/18/2007 6:01 AM

Interesting that the female demon, Aiden, having come across the meeting by accident would and could agree to something like this, could drop her life on a seeming whim.

Dario, yes: he seemed the type to come to decisions quickly and decisively, and did not seem likely to have people to leave behind worrying for him. But the girl- she got the impression of youth from the demon, and could not help but think of her as a girl- seemed to know people here, seemed familiar with it: what was lacking that she could leave so easily?

"I can go whenever you wish Katherine- although I have some business to take care of first, I will need to make people aware of my absence", the angel smiled briefly, "I will not, of course, be mentioning the reason for the absence. It will only take only the shortest while so I could return and meet you here, or at the house if you give me directions- tonight or tomorrow- whichever suits all of you best", she nodded to indicate Aiden and Dario.

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07/18/2007 2:58 PM

"I have nothing here."

Her reply was simple, and well put. She sincerely had nothing, and had no one she needed to notify. She heard Aaliah's thoughts, and smiled. She downed her third glass of wine and contemplated summoning the waitress for a new drink, but she knew mixing alcohols in her mental state would be dangerous, and far less useful to Katherine. Instead, she excused herself and made her way to the bar.

After a brief exchange with the bartender, he handed her a glass of ice water with lemon. He seemed hesitant, as if he was contemplating about an inquiry of the conversation that was occuring between the four of them. She gave him no physical cues, and turned on her heels, striding back to the table.

Aiden was a mere ten feet away from her chair when a strong male arm dropped directly in front of her. She sipped her water and glanced at the lust in the face of the individual who seemed to beg for her attention. "He isn't coming back, and you know it. Don't waste your time on him, girlie.

She said nothing to him, and simply altered her route and continued her way to her seat with the others. Glancing back in the man's general direction, she felt annoyed and thought about how much better she'd feel if she could stab him in the eye with one of her stilettos. He'd done this to her on more than one occasion, and she knew far too well what would happen should she stay much longer.

Her attention was turned back to Katherine and the others. "Whatever you decide, I think we should disperse soon."

07/18/2007 3:46 PM

Dario chuckles slowly to himself as the man makes his attempt at Aiden. He runs his fingers through his hair and cracks his knuckles as she sits back down at the table staring at her with a frat-boy like smile on his face.

"You know, I could smash his face until his nosebone touches the back of his head for you darling?" Dario jeers, letting his eyes walk around the table, then innocently states "I mean, as a first act of team work, Y'know?"

His eyes return to Katherine. "I'm ready to go. If we are more than a month, ill be evicted, if we are more than a week, I'll be fired from my job. But, I really could care less about either of those things. "I could always go back to being a bouncer at a bar..." he is still facing Katharine, but his eyes turn to the corner of their sockets, looking at Aiden "Or maybe Aiden will hire me next... personal face smashers make a good living, I here."

"Either way. I can leave at dawn. I would like to put my cab back in the yard, and pick up last nights wage. So I have a little pocket money, and that way I won't have a warrant out on me for car theft."

Dario's hands, animated while talking, return to a folded position on the table, his head tilted to the side, and a cocky smile on his face. Inside he contemplates Aiden's words.

"Shes hiding something, and wants a "favor" later... this could be bad." his thoughts continue "But then again, it's not like it can kill me..." This thought produces a visible chuckle, as he does so, he speaks again.

"Well... shall we?"

07/18/2007 4:23 PM

"You know, I could smash his face until his nosebone touches the back of his head for you darling?" Dario jeers, letting his eyes walk around the table, then innocently states "I mean, as a first act of team work, Y'know?"

"He's nothing I couldn't handle on my own." she responded, now getting ever more agitated with the male species in general, whether they be demon, human, or half-breeds. If she wanted to be cold, she could make her unneccessary comments about his illegitimacy in both the mortal and ethereal worlds, but she was in no mood to start a conflict with him this early. Maybe in some odd sense, he was being genuine, but she doubted it and it showed.

"I could always go back to being a bouncer at a bar..." he is still facing Katharine, but his eyes turn to the corner of their sockets, looking at Aiden "Or maybe Aiden will hire me next... personal face smashers make a good living, I here."

"Don't hold your breath." she muttered, still frustrated with the pervert at the table who'd stopped her and Dario's wretched timing and jeers. She fished in her pocket and grabbed for a piece of paper and a pen. She found the pen, but when she failed to produce the paper to write on, she settled on a five dollar bill. Aiden wrote her name, address, and cell phone number on the money and rose from her chair.

"Take this, and call me when you need me."

She slid the bill in front of Katherine and stuffed the large wad of cash back into her coat. It was only a small portion of the cash that she'd been carrying and there was more in her bank account, plenty more. She went back to the bar, dropped more money on the counter to pay for her tab, and headed for the door. Once outside the Gates, she could breathe. It had been far too stuffy inside for her to remain much longer. She marched down the street and back through the abandoned industrial part of town. She passed the Calamity Club, and continued on for 3 blocks, arriving at her apartment building. Arriving at her destination, she unlocked a door marked 'A2' and stepped into the dark. Kicking off her shoes, she immediately relaxed and turned on a small lamp. She hung her coat by the door and dropped her keys on the table beside the lamp. The apartment was beautifully decorated, and nicely laid out. She paid a hefty amount for all her belongings, and an even heftier amount to cover the rent and utilities entirely for one year. Asher had helped her get established and had lived with her. His bedroom remained untouched and unopened since he'd left. Even though the apartment left her feeling empty, she was glad to be home.

Settling down, Aiden checked her machine, all of them full of messages from her boss asking for her to schedule another performance and promising double the money if she showed again soon. Ignoring the messages, she left the machine play and headed for the shower she immediately craved. [i] All the bathing in the world couldn't wash away your sins[/i] she thought. The hot water burst through the shower head and hit her, nearly causing her to collapse from the heat. She relished in the steam filled room for nearly a half an hour before climbing out and changing into a pair of tight fitted jeans, and a low cut black top. Though she sincerely doubted she'd recieve a call from Katherine tonight, she reapplied her make up and dried her hair. She then strode out to living room, flopped down on her plush sofa and turned on the tv, casually channel surfing while she waited for the cordless phone beside her to ring.

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07/19/2007 8:31 AM

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Katherine took it all in, the man who stopped Aiden, the remarks from Dario, the ever searching eyes of Aaliah.

"Dario, I need a ride to my house. Aaliah, whatever you need to do, go ahead, I will not rush you. But all of you please be careful, you're the first people to help me and..." She was about to finish her thought but it seemed so cold. Hello, don't die because I need your services. Real nice Katherine, real nice.

She scooped up the 5 dollar bill and cocked her head. Writing on money? Was this girl really so comfortable that she could do that? Of course money was power on this plane and if she held influence here, that could be just as useful as holding influence elsewhere. She nodded at the information and stuffed the bill iinto her pocket smiling as Aiden left.

"Dario, drive where ever you need, but when you are done I could use a lift to here."

She pulled a crumpled picture out of her pocket and threw it onto the table. Even the picture seemed to capture that something was unnatural about the house. A large brick fence outlined the yard and odd scratch marks indicated that something had tried to get out, something much stronger than a dog, or for that matter most creatures of this plane. The doors of the house had been smashed and from the looks of it two large metal axes had swung down from the porch and now hung idely. The black gate was still locked, still holding in whatever laid inside, but the house was certainly abandoned.

She chewed her lip and waited for him, to respond. She wouldn't have shown him the picture, would have just asked for him to drive her there, but she figured springing surprises on people was not a great way to start a working relationship.

"Aaliah, you can meet us here," She wrote the adress on the back of the picture and handed it to her, "But please if you get there before us don't go inside until we are all gathered. There are things in there I even fright to think about."

She gathered up her coat and hat and placed a few bills on the table to pay for the tab. With a snap of her fingers the cloaking spell was gone, and she was ready to do the same.

07/19/2007 9:03 PM

Dario stands and heads for the door, flipping his car keys around his index finger. The tank top is stretched across his muscular back, and from just below his hair line, across both his shoulderblades, and presumably down the rest of his back, are a chaotic array of tattoos. Some depict a gallows, another depicts a jail cell, the tattoos are not necessarilly "connected", but they all tell the same tale; Bondage, unwilling servitude, and the looming possibility of death. He shoves his hand into the pocket of his jeans, and pulls out a small crunched wad of cash and tips the bouncer as he exits through the door. Presuming that Katherine will follow, the massive figure stalks through the pouring rain, his head seemingly never looking up from the ground.

As Dario gets to the old checker cab, he opens the front passanger side door, and gets in the driver seat. He pushes the "paid" button on the meter, for the fare from where Katherine was picked up, and then turns the meter off. He puts an old Death Metal album into the radio's tape deck, and lays his head back against the head rest, waiting for Katherine to get in. As the tape finishes the blank portion, and begins playing the first track, the gutteral growls of the lead singer, and the repeated thudding of the bass drum, soothes Dario's seemingly constant headache.

07/20/2007 8:00 AM

Katherine followed, more than willing to exit the mouth of Cerberus. It felt like the jaws were starting to close down and the eerie tingling in her gut was not helping her paranoia. She quickly exited the bar, staying close at the heels of Dario, clenching her coat close around her, as if it could be used like the thick hide hidden under her human form.

She sniffed the air around her, something had caught her attention, something she had not smelled in a long time and the familiarity was... calming. It reminded her of her home world, the ashy smell of the burnt cavern in which she was hatched and raised, the magical scent that emenated from her parents. She shook her head, there had not been another dragon close to this planet in decades.

The rain continued to fall down and she swung herself into the car taking out a 10 from her pocket.

"For the cab fare from before, I forgot earlier." She wasn't sure if he would take it, but it seemed like the right thing to do. "Um, so where are we heading first?"

07/20/2007 9:34 AM

'You know it's Joshua, it always has been!'

Will Karmichael loved the way Wry's voice resonated through her vocal chords and lips, and boy was her perfume driving his pheramones crazy.

'Well you could of fooled me!' he spoke as Wry held his forearm tighted while she smiled.

'Just because your blind, your not that blind to see who my secret admirer is'

If she only knew, Will had been a close and personal friend of Wry since they were young. He had helped her through many a break up's with self-centred, egotistical jerkoffs. And Will always had a dry shoulder for her to cry on.
Wry was a potite framed brunette, with the softest skin and warmest brown-eyed look Will has ever felt. This always made Wry blush, which Will also sensed.

'Thanks again Will for tonight, I needed another reason to smile and laugh' she came in closer to Will's frame.

This was nice he thought, he always enjoyed the company of Wry, with her exuberance, her laugh, and the way she laughed wasn't very feminine at all. It was Wry all over and nothing seemed more certain for Will than to be as close as possible to her.

'Your very welc...'

He was cut short, he heard it. Ignored his cane tapping. Over the laughter of Wry, it was there. Through the steps of the street life, it was there. Amongst the sirens and asphalt shrieks, it was there. His civilised senses were being pushed aside as something primal took over and honed in further.

Will stopped, as Wry did too.

He could sense that Wry was talking to him, but Will didn't listen to her as he could sense something far more clear, a rhythm. A rhythm that wasn't Wry's; a rhythm that was not mortal; a rhythm that was not his own; but very similar in beat.

A rhythm of a dragon's heart.

Then a scent lingered ever so slightly passed his nostrils.

'Will, are you okay?' she exclaimed again.

As Will turned around and closed his eyes and waited for the smell to capture him again, the smell of a dragon's heart.

'Hey Will, hello?'

But this time Will heard, and Will recognised the all too familiar scent of Black Pepper and Vanilla that Wry was wearing.

'Sorry my lady, I was away with the fairies please a thousand apologies me lady' as Will put on an posh suave accent.

Wry just shook her head and embraced Will's arm again, as they walked down the alley the scent and beat of the heart remain in the back of the mind of Will. As the day he had dreaded had finally arrived.

07/20/2007 9:51 AM

"Aaliah, you can meet us here," She wrote the adress on the back of the picture and handed it to her,

She held the picture in her hands a short while after the others lift, a slight frown on her face. If ever a picture had captured the spirit of a place...

Standing finally she brought the money Katherine had left over to the bar, leaving another few bills on top of it, before exiting the bar. She stood in the outer doorway for a moment, breathing in the musky damp of the night, a light drizzle just starting but already forming small puddles.

A breeze seemed to pick up around her, gentle at first, and then, to anyone watching, she would have appeared to become less substantial, almost transparent, before disappearing in a swirl of dust.

There was a slight sensation of rushing, but it was more a matter of exerting will to change the place she was standing almost instantaneously to another: it felt like she bent the plane around her.

The drab and subtly foreboding streets outside the Gates bled into darkened green, space opening up around her, the damp air that had smelled slightly of machinery now laden with a heady organic tang, dark and vibrant. The rhythmic and melodic play of water came from behind her, and she turned to face the large fountain from where it emanated. She was standing in a large and quiet park, sparse of lighting, with paths that wove through small copses of trees and out into what would be bright, well lit spaces in the daylight.

Aaliah leaned forward and dipped her left hand into the water, the ripples that formed fragmenting what light was reflected, sending it skipping across the surface. After a moment the shadows around the fountain seemed to billow and ebb, a sudden flurry of dust coalescing into figure-shapes. In a matter of seconds six other shapes stood around the fountain: Epios, tall and slender, a dark spill of hair falling over clear eyes; Aadon, thickset and powerful; Melchiael, slight and solemn, seeming bled of colour; Caphriel, petite and fair, favouring the appearance of a young girl; Barchiel, ever-silent, ever-watching; and Raniel, golden Raniel, shining and beautiful.

They greeted each other silently, and then all looked to her.
Epios, as always, spoke first.

"How went the meeting?"

A faint smile crept across her lips.
"Interestingly. Yes, that about covers it."

"Was it the dragon?". This from Caphriel.

She nodded the affirmative. "Yes. She is young but... hides great strength, I think. She persists though she is alone. I have hope. We begin tomorrow".

"Good. The powers draw nearer, I feel". Melchiael's lips pursed tightly. "And time grows short".

"Agreed". Epios stepped forward and placed his hands on her shoulders.
"I do not know when we will be able to speak again, sister, our friends will help when they can. Be safe".

One by one they each embraced her before disappearing into the night, leaving only her and Raniel by the fountain.

"I do not like this, Ashtad. I do not like you being away from us".
His face was drawn, radiating concern.

"I know, but this is how it must be. And I have been away before", she moved closer, smiling up at him.

"This is different. This... if a reckoning is ever to be had, now is the time. We will all be caught in the upheaval".

"With some less able to protect themselves- you know this is why I must go".

"I know. Why can't you just indulge me?" his smile was sad as his fingers traced the line of her jaw, his touch feather-light.
"I will go, otherwise..." he hugged her suddenly and fiercely, the end of the sentence lost as a mumble in her shoulder. Breaking the embrace he kissed the top of her head lightly. "Be safe".

Too quickly he vanished from her sight, leaving her alone in the park.

07/20/2007 2:11 PM

"For the cab fare from before, I forgot earlier." She wasn't sure if he would take it, but it seemed like the right thing to do. "Um, so where are we heading first?"

"No, but... uhh", sounding forced, "Thanks anyway". Dario put the key into the ignition, and jiggles the stickshift, the car whining for a second, then finally kicking over and falling into gear, he pulls out of the parking space.

"Pretty embarassing, eh?" Dario chuckles to himself, "I assume you have know more than I do about 'where to next', your haunted house, yes?"

The car putters along, though not gem of a vehicle, Dario seems to be an expert of his craft, weaving in and out of traffic, but not in a manner that seems unsafe, he takes odd routes, but avoids traffic. About 10 or 15 blocks from the bar, Dario pulls into a little drive-thru coffee shack.

"Two americano, make mine a triple." Dario says to the clerk, a young human girl, no older than 19, her hair is dyed a mix of purple and red, wearing dark eyeliner and a T-shirt from a local band. She hands the two cups into the open window of the car, and Dario pays her. He keeps his cup in his left hand, and places the second one in the cup holder closest to Katherine.

"Thats one straight, and your usual big D." The girl says as she hands Dario his change, "On a date in that heap D?!"

"Shutup tracy." Dario replies, mocking a smile, as he puts the change into her tip jar. She gives the same mock smile, and then waves as Dario harasses the Checker into gear, and begins puttering away.

The tightly packed buildings of the city slowly give way to residential houses and small businesses, as the car passes over a small service bridge, into the outskirts of the city. All the while Dario's head rocks to the persistant thudding of the music's bass drum, it isn't as loud as most people would listen to that type of music, instead, it provides him a rythm. Inner peace through heavy metal, for a half demon.

As the car rounds the corner onto the street the house is supposed to be on, Dario throws his now-empty coffee cup out the window, and turns off the radio, driving slowly up the road, looking left, then right, trying to find the correct number, the other houses melt away into the rear view mirror, and the car putters around a bend, and then, alone, up on a small hill, is unmistakably the house in the picture, Dario puts the car into nuetral and kills the headlights, letting it coast to a stop.

"I suppose we wait for Aaliah now?"

07/20/2007 2:48 PM

"Aye wait for Aaliah, and call Aiden."

Katherine pulled into herself, her jacket offering the only protection against the chill running up her spine.

"I guess we could... No that might be unwise." She was talking to herself, the unpleasant memories and waves of hurt overcoming her body. "Shouldn't have come here girly." She whispered to herself, closing her eyes as the car drifted to its stop, the head lights clicking off leaving the two sitting in the dark and rain.

"Um... right, call Aiden." Her hands fumbled through the many pockets of her trench coat, kicking up the old smell of leather and there again that sweet spring day. "I'm coming for you babe, I'm coming for you." Tear rimmed eyes and a shaking hand, six numbers, nay seven, where was her head?

"Hello? Hey it's Katherine, can you come to-" Katherine choked out the directions, a hand seeming to clench her throat. She nodded at the response and stepped out of the car, folding the phone back into her pocket.

"The gate is locked for a reason Dario, be on your guard when we enter there are-" As if on cue a shrill, gutteral, white noise cut through the dank night sky. "Things that live in this place."

Small white bodies, blubberous and complimented by two long gangling arms and fat stubby legs. No eyes, why didn't they have eyes? Katherine pressed herself against the car, knowing they were secure behind the wall but shivering none the less. No eyes, and a mouth too big for the head, linned with too many teeth. Something out of a childs nightmare. If fact they very well might have been.

"Um, we..." She cleared her throat again, "We wait."

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07/20/2007 3:04 PM

Small white bodies, blubberous and complimented by two long gangling arms and fat stubby legs. No eyes, why didn't they have eyes? Katherine pressed herself against the car, knowing they were secure behind the wall but shivering none the less. No eyes, and a mouth too big for the head, linned with too many teeth. Something out of a childs nightmare. If fact they very well might have been.

Dario looks at Katherine. His face expressionless.

"I do not expect you to have me remain human for this?" Dario asks, "I have a shotgun under the seat, but its for carjackers and punks... not...." He trails off "What in the high-fuck are those exactly?"

He looks over at you, seeing how clearly upset you are, he cautiously puts his hand around your back and onto your right shoulder, in an attempt to comfort you. His hand against another sentient being... Though not human, or Demon, it still makes Dario unconfortable in his own skin. He is legitimately concerned about this Dragon's safety, and he has only met her tonight. A strange feeling, something that hasn't happened to him in a really long time.

"Don't worry. I'll do the grunt work. I won't let... those things... close."

07/20/2007 4:23 PM

"Hello? Hey it's Katherine, can you come to-" Katherine choked out the directions, a hand seeming to clench her throat.

"I'll see you there."

She clicked the 'talk' button on her phone and ended the conversation. Slipping into a pair of comfortable sneakers, she turned off the tv and checked her appearance in the mirror one last time before heading out the door. Aiden grabbed her keys and her coat, slipped into it, and locked her door as she exited her comfort zone. Once out on the sidewalk, she looked at her silver wrist watch and wondered if it had been smarter to call a cab than walk. She started down the road and winced after about 10 minutes of walking, realizing her feet still ached from her heels that she'd stormed through town in. Her mind was blank and she lost track of time and distance. Before she knew it, she was standing in the driveway of her destination, staring up at the taxi. [i] Must be Katherine, [/i] she thought and she trekked her way up to the rear of the vehicle, pounding on the trunk twice to let them know she had arrived.

The house gave off an eerie feeling, almost as though it had a life of its own. She didn't hide the shivers that crept up her spine as she stared at it. The night hours had a way of making normal things scare her, and this building was not normal. She eased up along the side of the car and stood next to them, reading Dario's body language like a book. It made her smirk to see how defensive he was. "I'm here." she stated, talking through the window once she had Katherine's attention. Looking up, she saw the white oddities roaming the property.

"What the hell are those?"

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07/20/2007 5:43 PM

Distracted she didn't here Aiden approach and the voice caused Katherine to jump out of her skin, a low growl emitting and an almost tangible change taking place through out her body. A brief flash of inhuman fangs and lizard like hands appeared before settling back into human form.

"I don't expect either of you to stay in human form for this, I must... I...." Her voice was trailing, the brief wave of magik energy she had set off had alerted the beings who now clawed viciously at the steel gates, their shrill screams scratching at her ears. She shrunk into the Half Breeds arms, an oddity as she as well had not had contact with the outside world in a while.

She could feel it before she recognized what it was exactly, the small transformati0on had sent a ripple out into the magical plane, making her blip like a radar on all those who could sense the essence of magik. She had made herself a beacon with that small transformation, and vulnerable at that.

"No, please no one notice, please no one notice." She closed her eyes weaving dark, choking, gray magiks around her body, making herself feel as human as possible, strangling out the lizard inside of her, but she knew it was already too late.

Or perhaps not, maybe the house would dampen, or discourage would be assailants. She could only hope for the later.

And there it was a second blip, as if in response to her outburst. That low burning campfire smell, caught on the wind, but infused with magik. Perhaps the other dragon had caught wind of her and was headed towars her? No she was only imagining it.

"Right, now all we need is Aaliah and I think we can proceed, I'll explain once everyone is here."

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07/20/2007 6:45 PM

And there it was a second blip, as if in response to her outburst. That low burning campfire smell, caught on the wind, but infused with magik. Perhaps the other dragon had caught wind of her and was headed towars her? No she was only imagining it.

They both stood at the doorway of her apartment, and the numerous occassions this scenario played out before Will. The numerous occasssions it ended with a friendly peck on the cheek and that was that.
He could hear Wry's heart beating so fast, he had always known of her affection for him but always treated it as plutonic.

"Goodnight gorgeous" as Will leaned in and placed a kiss upon her silk feel skin.

Wry grinned.

"I think you can do better than that Romeo, don't you?" she whispered.

Will froze and towered back towards her face, as her perfume had reached out to his face and pulled him in.

A sharp movement off to the side by Will, dropped his cane and caused Will to drop his head as he brought his hands to his temple. With the kiss in mind, was deleted completely from his conscious and the primal urge was boiling through his veins, it was the other dragon.

"Will are you okay, what is it?" said a concerned Wry.

"No, please, not here...not now..." Will hunched over his stomach, as he dropped to one knee. The urge was surging through his limbs, through his organs, and his body was rapidly becoming warmer.

Wry reached her hand to her friends shoulder, only to be confused when she saw that Will's entire body was starting to smoke. I can't let her see me like this he thought.

"Oh my god" gasped Wry.

"If only..." he said under a whisper, as Will stormed down tripping and sliding, guiding himself and natural instinctly remembering the amount of stairs and ledges in the stairwell getting further and further away from the cries of Wry to the side alley of her building where he hid behind a large dumpster.

"Not this night shall a mortal life cease. Stygian I am, no longer are you Rhy-har" Will spoke in the shadows, over and over. An incantation that was given too him if such a night should ever happen. And for the most parts it was working, however since Will had repressed his true form for so long there was no promises that this would work completely.

This was the furtherest he had ever been in resisting the transformation, unfortunately there was one more part to the anguish he had to endure to complete his own process. He just had to get back to his apartment before he crossed path with a mortal, in hopes it would pass to avoid that opportunity.

Then in the air, he smelt her, it wasn't the Black Pepper and Vanilla Perfume anymore it was her mortal aura.

"Will, let me help you?"

He stood.

"William Karmichael loves you, but Rhy-har needs you now."

The night and the city was now one mortal less.

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07/21/2007 6:51 AM

[b]Tang! Tang! Tang![/b]
[b]Tang! Tang! Tang![/b]

The sound of the forge echoed out into the night. Sounds of Jamie hammering onto the piece of steel in front of him, followed by the blast of the bellows, burst forth into the semi-quiet air of the edge of the industrial section of town.

This was the only place he could find that the city council would allow him to keep his forge. He didn't like it - the insurance bills were through the roof for this section of town - but that was the way it was. Either the smoke or the noise or the late hours or the heat or any and all of the aforementioned were causes of removal from his various places which he had lived in the past few years.

None of that was going through his head right now, though: that would come later. Right now, he was focused solely on the metal in front of him, and the creation that was slowly emerging.

He was making a katana. So many young brats wanted a katana nowadays, it made Jamie sick. He had more katana orders than anything else. Except for in January. In January, he had a bunch of medieval armor sets to make for a Renaissance Festival that was coming through town next summer. He should have them all done by June, if he was lucky. Until then, it was mainly katanas, with a few exceptions. He enjoyed making them, though - the labor of folding the metal over and over again, and the final beautiful product - so he didn't mind too much.

[b]Tang! Tang! Tang![/b]


[b]Tang! Tang! Tang![/b]


[b]Tang! Tang! Tang![/b]


Jamie stopped. His body, glistening with sweat, stood still.

And there it was a second blip, as if in response to her outburst. That low burning campfire smell, caught on the wind, but infused with magik. Perhaps the other dragon had caught wind of her and was headed towars her? No she was only imagining it.


Jamie knew that feeling. It came through him, like the thumping of the bass when you turn up the stereo to levels which no decent music needs.

Magik was being worked, and it wasn't far away.

For a moment, he hesitated. He hadn't been quite ready to put this down for the night. His arms weren't even sore yet.

Still, it wasn't often that he felt that feeling, so he quickly cleaned up. No matter how much of a rush he was in, he wouldn't allow himself to slack on keeping his forge clean and organized.

A few moments later, after throwing on a shirt, locking up the place, and murmuring a quick ward, he set out. For a moment, though, he faltered.

[i]Where had it come from?[/i] he thought to himself.

He turned to the North, then a little East. He could feel the pull of something in that direction, and it felt like the same source that the outburst had come from earlier.

With a sense of purpose, and caution, he made his way towards where he had felt the disturbance.

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07/21/2007 7:51 AM

"Oh God, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

Her words were there, but the meaning was lacking. She truly didn't feel like being sympathetic, but she felt a little bit of pity towards Katherine who had receeded into Dario a little farther, and now appeared to be cowering a little in his embrace. She felt Katherine's panic as she sensed the magik. She lit a cigarette that she removed from the pack in her coat pocket, took one puff, and reached her hand toward the dragon's shoulder.

"I didn't think you'd freak out, I'm so sorry."

This time her words were true. Her own nerves were taking over, and she realized every Ethereal from here to Generica's boundaries had probably picked up on them. Anyone who had any sense of the magik they used would have read their coordinates like a book, and would be headed in their direction.

"No, please no one notice, please no one notice."

Her heart felt for her, but other than touching her shoulder and trying to comfort her, Aiden knew there was little that could be done aside of waiting or running. She was in no mood to run, and waiting made her feel like a sitting duck. Finally she dropped her arm and shoved it in her pocket, leaning against the car and watching Katherine. She casually continued to puff the cigarette, but her mind was reeling and attempting to read any thoughts of those in close range, anyone who'd do them harm. Finally she felt it in the pit of her stomach. It was odd, something she had never truly felt before. A human was headed this way, but he was different. He was heading right for them. Her eyes searched Dario's and she made a silent plea, hoping her conclusions about the human were wrong. She knew it was foolish to hope for. Her senses were never wrong. Then she felt another presence, this one farther away, but a presence much like Katherine's.

"Someone's coming." she whispered, feeling foolish for stating the obvious. Saying it out loud made her feel childish, as though they'd been playing hide and seek. Although, she had to admit, this was the most interesting game she'd ever played.

07/21/2007 4:18 PM

Katherine could feel it as well, knew it was inevitable.

[i] Composure, need composure. [/i]

She removed herself from Darios arms and stepped forward, taking in a deep breath of the night air.

"We can't wait for Aaliah, not now. She will come when she is ready but to stay in this exact spot is trouble. We go forth." The last statement was quiet, unsteady and more than forced. Katherine wanted nothing to do with the house but knew also, that eventually, it would be necessary to step forward.

She walked up to the screaming horrors, each one of them becoming increasingly aggravated as she stepped closer. Their hisses spewed hunger, their teeth gnawing at the steel bars. But it was still their lack of eyes that frightened Katherine the most. Perhaps it was a nightmare from her wyrmling years, perhaps something she had felt Lexi dream.

[i] Well if they didn't feel me before they may certainly feel me now. But that won't matter soon. [/i]

She crouched next to the gates, the fiends nearly chomping at her throat. One low hiss, more threatening than a cobra, softer than a cats purr, and once more that ripple of magik could be felt. The creatures fell silent, their putrid bodies quieting as slowly they wabbled back away from the gate.

She looked back to the two demons.

"The energies around the house will hide our scent. Believe it or not we are actually safer inside."

07/21/2007 9:30 PM

Dario walks slowly now, purposefully. The transformation is painfull, but Dario sees it like a child removing an old bandage. It is best just to rip through it quickly, than to slowly pull it back. Dario pulls off his tank top, and throws it into the open window of the cab as he walks forward, the rain steaming off of his bare skin and he reaches the gate, and looks to Katherine for a moment.

"I'll step through first, and provide cover for you two to transform as you pass through." Dario states, taking the gates latch into his hand.

Dario whips open the gate and feels as though he has passed through some kind of magical membrane. He immediately lets go of Damien's seed inside him, the transformation takes place in a split second, Dario's head whips back, a red beam of light erupts from a cross shaped wound in his forhead, and his human exterior burns away in a torrent of fire. Leaving Dario in his true form. Eight and a half feet tall. Skin as black as night. White hair braided in tight braids down his back. A set of teeth that seems more a-kin to a shark, than something walking on two legs, spiked platemail adorned with skulls appears as if from nowhere, covering most of his body, but leaving his arms bare. A cape made of black scales pours from the back of the hulking shoulders of the armor, stopping just above his ankles. Lastly, in a ripple of fire, the heavy iron shackles wrap the upper portion of both biceps, a chain forms, and then the sword of his father, a broad bladed sword, roughly 10 feet long, covered in firey runes which Dario heaves to his shoulder, and leaves one hand on the hilt's counterweight, fashioned from a succubus skull.

Dario roars at the white blobs around him, his eyes ablaze with rage, keeping them further at bay, so the others may enter.

"Enter." Dario growls, "Lets get this over with." His voice is the thing that pains Dario most, he dispises his true voice, for it is said that all boys sound like their fathers and Dario cannot help but hear his father in his true voice.

07/22/2007 5:26 AM

It was a frosted felt afternoon where Wry Jenkins was making her way through the busy streets to her job of three years as a Beauty Therapist assistant at the very presitgious Randalls. Randalls, always held a high command of respect in the retail industry. More so from their clients, who were hob-knobbed rich, and who never had to work for sweat in their life. Everything ever mined, polished, cleansed, shaped, created by magik was on show. The mortals, loved the past and they certainly loved wearing it too.
Wry Jenkins was an accomplished dancer, who attended Tinsdall Scholars of World which was the highest regarded learnings of astrology in the country. She also lived out of the city in a rural towning of Benton.
However her passion for the classsics left her several summers ago and found fulltime position here at Randalls.
She finally made it to the glass entrance of Randalls, as she gave a warm look to the door man, as he acknowledged Wry and escorted her through. The store was filled with winter decorations and cheer.

She had so many layers of clothing, from her tea cosy looking hat to her thick white scarf.
You could now see her real beauty beyond the layers of clothing. With her long straight deep sandy brown hair, exuberate and toned complexion with the warmest brown eyes to match her very slim and toned physique. Wry was a striking beauty that's for sure and the male members at Randalls knew this too. Although first impressions may suggest shyness, but that is soon gone once a conversation begins. Within seconds of meeting her, a very funny sense of humour with a bass like laugh appears and her outgoing and creative nature does too.

Every single customer she dealt with had a life story to be told and heard, this quickly followed with a complaint after complaint after complaint. From the weather being too cold, to wondering why they don't make warmer scarves than the ones they sold. Wry had to spend two hours with one customer helping her with her shopping, only to be not satisfied with what she had. This was later hindered with a full two block radius blackout of the district for 45minutes.
There was no word to describe the chaos that engulfed Wry as held strong the strongest smile anyone could muster considering the circumstances, but then she started to cry.

The nobility of the customers was not seen, as they walked by the young crying assistant who just had enough of what she was doing. The repitition had finally gotten to her. As she crouched down behind her counter.
Not one of her working colleagues wanted to approach her, not even the young male staff members. Except for one person who found his way to the counter and started to sing a song.

'You better not be sad, when I'm not around
Because I can't take it when you are down
I will come back for you just to hear that sound'

Wry recognised the harmony and the words of the song she grew up with as a kid. And she always used to sing it in her room, and to the audience of her dear close friend.

'Of my heart asking you to be with me now'

She sung the last line of the song through her tears, as she stood up to see him there smiling from ear to ear. His hair styled and cutted since the last she seen him. The smile but deep dimple he had on his left cheek, with a slight five o'clock shadow, and she saw he had new wrap around glasses.

"Oh my gosh!" she yelled.

She spun around the counter to Will as they both embraced.

"I missed you so much, Will"

"I've missed you too gorgeous"


The rain fell hard, like the tears that were flowing down the cheeks of William Karmichael as he knelt in the splashes of rain. Down this dark alley, not fully comprehending what just happened. As he held the cold souless body of Wry in the pouring rain.
She was now gone.

"The duel sands of time are scarce"

The words came from the shadows as Will ignored the voice as it spoke again.

"I wish there was another way"

Again Will ignored the words.

Will was not alone, as the deep soft voice remained in the shadows watching and waiting for Will to act. He softly placed a kiss on the forehead of the frail body of Wry, even the scent of Black Pepper and Vanilla was fading in the night for the last time as he stumbled in the puddles for his cane. Stood, and faced into the shadows.

"She won't...um...you know...?"

Will knew what the answer was going to be, before he even asked.

"She will not remember nothing of you, your history together, the love she shared, of this day, nothing."

The voice answered, as Will interrupted straight away.

"Thanks for reminding me old man. Just thought it be different this time you know. I guess I better get over to the reason, she knows I know now too - well no surprise there."

Will heard the crackling of fire erupt from the shadows, and then he waited for the lightning strike which was the final sound he always heard and felt when the passing of another mortal crossed beyond with him, the man in the shadows.

"Goodbye Wry"

As he muttered, Will bowed his head in disappointment as he tapped his way around the buildings and pavement. Just like that as if nothing happened he walked on with the sincere heartache and guilt which was taking over his body. But time for mortal emotions could not be wasted on. If he ever wanted to have those mortal feelings for another again he knew what he had to do when he finally meets up with the other dragon.

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07/22/2007 6:10 AM

Aaliah's voice came from behind them, tinged with amusement, the remnants of a sudden breeze lifting a tendril of her hair before dissipating completely.
[i]Demons and their swords. Why do they always have to be so large?[/i]

She moved around from behind the cab, nearer to where Katherine and Aiden still stood, the looming presence of the house casting long shadows, even in the darkness, making black pools of her large eyes.

The magik around the place made her skin tingle uncomfortably, erasing the bittersweet memory of Raniel's burning touch. Her eyes were drawn repeatedly to the awful screeching things, white, amorphous, a feeling of revulsion crawling in the pit of her stomach.

Aware that they needed to move quickly before half the Elites in the city were upon them- she had felt the bright pulse of the dragon's energy even as she had travelled to this place- she nevertheless wanted to be prepared.

"Should we be expecting something when we go inside?"

07/22/2007 9:14 AM

He turned to the North, then a little East. He could feel the pull of something in that direction, and it felt like the same source that the outburst had come from earlier.

With a sense of purpose, and caution, he made his way towards where he had felt the disturbance.

A couple of minutes later, he had to pause in confusion.

The being had covered itself, so that it could no longer be traced. He could continue in the direction that he had been going, but he wouldn't know when to stop. If he had been more proficient in sensing magiks,

Even more cautious now, he continued on his way. It had started to rain, but that didn't bother him.

Dario's head whips back, a red beam of light erupts from a cross shaped wound in his forhead, and his human exterior burns away in a torrent of fire.

Directly ahead, about two blocks away, he saw a flash of red light, a beam straight up into the night sky. The source was hidden by the bulk of a building, so he quickened his pace to get around the intervening edifice.

As he got nearer, he started feeling uncomfortable. The hairs on the back of his neck raised up, his breath became haggard, and he felt cold inside. He was drawing near some bad stuff, and he knew it. Before he rounded the corner, he mumbled an arcane phrase, enacting a simple yet powerful ward to render himself unobservable. It wasn't anything as overtly obvious as invisibility, it just made him as uninteresting as could be. The ward made the person not care for seeing him, indeed verging on not wanting to see him, so the mind just glossed over where he was, both with physical senses and otherwise.

Creeping the last block, his breath caught in his throat when he caught sight of what had called him to this spot.

Four beings stood in the spot where he saw the red light come from. It was shocking to sense four beings right there, but not as shocking as seeing the transformed demon.

The demon was large, but still small compared to other demons. He had a ten foot long sword shackled to his wrists, and was quite imposing standing next to the other beings in their human forms. He had not doubt that they were not human, though. Feeling their auras, he was confused to feel an Angel in the midst, the one who looked as if she had just joined them. The third was another demon, although the final being confused him.

She was a meek little thing, and her aura reflected that, but had power behind it as well. He had not sensed a creature like this before, and racked his brain for the many possibilities.

Settling it as something to research later, he took a few steps nearer. He grew increasingly uncomfortable, yet he did not know why. As he approached, it hit him like a wave.

The house they were standing in front of was an effrontery to the senses. It blared its evil nature to any who would happen to glance its way, and when Jamie did glance at it, he staggered backwards. The waves of evil, and the little white demons that he saw, assaulted his senses, and he felt like retching as bile caught in his throat.

Slowly gaining control of himself, he leaned against the building. The beings sitting in front of the house were standing there, perfectly normal. He wasn't surprised that the demons were fine in its presence, but that the angel could withstand it without any sort of discomfort was not reassuring. And he still didn't know what the little one was.

In any case, it was obvious that there was nothing he could do. He felt like he was going to be sick, and had to fight off waves of nausea. Desperately wanting to go home, he steeled his will and watched. He couldn't do anything - he was far too unprepared. He regretted leaving so rashly, and not stopping to get a few pieces of equipment - he would be damned if he didn't stay and find out as much information as he could.

Then again, he could be damned if he did.

07/24/2007 8:39 AM

Katherine turned her head to see the angel standing with them. They had all made it, well that was a good first step. Now it was her turn, left foot, right foot. Think of it like a song, there you go. Left foot, right foot. Concentrate.

Katherine pulled at the negative energies from the house, causing her mind to become anxiouse, her whole body tensing as if to flee but her aura was warped. It wove itself into the dark fabric of energy that floated around this house, causing any who might care to look for her, seem like she was a creeping shadow or a pair of ominous eyes.

"I understand if you do not wish to follow me into this place, I will understand." Of course if they didn't follow she was more than wlling to bolt from the house and crawl back into her home. They had all asked what the creepy white demons were, and she was more than assured that they wanted to know what this place was.

"This is... This is what happenss when humans dabble in affairs that are not their own. When people try to mingle with the creatures of Father Dream and twist the magiks of Lord Damien." Katherine led them farther into the yard, the white creatures seeming unamused now as they used their single claw, at the end of their lanky arm, to scratch gelatinous bellies. They cried out their scratchy screams to eachother, making note of the black oozing cuts they left on their own bodies.

The yard was empty, except for a brick path that led to the front steps of the house and patches of dirt scrapped into the grass. But it wasn't just empty, it was void of anything, of breeze, of bird song, of bugs. A clouded grey space, hanging over a dead yard with unusual guard dogs. Katherine did not care to close the gate behind her, she had an eerie feeling that it would do it on its own.

The outside of the house was elegant. A large white mansion with a antebellum style porch. It looked like a large plantation house really, with a good ole' southern feel. But it was far from comforting. An auroraborealis of magiks could be seen spewing from the house, twisted energy trying to claw its way from the house and out into the open. Something was holding it down, chaining the energies to the house against their will, torturing their essence as they squirmed around. The magiks were aggravated, looking to unleash thmselves on anything, anyone.

Katherine was certain they could feel all this but was more than sure they would need an explanation. Quite frankly though, she herself could only speculate. She wanted to break loose, wanted to let herself change into her dragon form and repel the evils from this realm, but she knew that would spell her death or enslavement. Her legs became heavy, as they do in nightmares where one wishes they could run from a great evil but the harder they try the slower they seem to go.

"We only need to get into the door." The scene was not hectic, their were no evils swirling around them, no beings trying to bite their ankles, it was just irrational fear. [i] Just need to get to the door [/i], she thought, [i]and then everything will be ok.[/i]

07/24/2007 8:43 AM

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Every step he took, every tap he made with his cane along the concrete sidewalk, flashes of Wry's smile, her laughing, of her crying,of her neck...how he loved her neckline. The way she moved, the way she looked at you from across the room, everything that he cared about concerning her. With every glimpse of recollection it was getting closer to the inevitable present. The present being that he took her life, he was her friend, and he took it from her, he loved her and he ended it. William's head was a projector of memories, blissful memories of Wry and himself over the years being showed each time he took a breath or stride, it flicked over to a new memory. But as he walked briskly through the streets, through the rain, through his own loss and pain, he knew now that this was the beginning.

And for what so I could be more...complete? He thought to himself.

William couldn't even think the words without his spine tingling, yet he said them.

'Why, did it have to be like this?'

He kept asking himself that question over and over in his head, the guilt had seeped its dwelling upon his conscience and it was already working on the inner emotions of his heart.

I can't be thinking about this...I have to concentrate and focus on the task at hand, to take my mind away. These were words that he had to repeat to himself now, right now.

The reality was the presence of the other dragon, was like dropping a bloodied cow's leg in a pool full of piranhas. Everyone and everything will be coming for her. More so now, that her essence was being released. Her being here was luring William near, but he knew full well he wasn't the only one. Not anymore, it was up to him to get to her before the other hungry blood thirsty reapers would.

To have heard her, to have sensed her on the level William did raced every fibre of his being. It warmed him to know that she was here. Even if it meant that she would have a very threatening welcoming committee to officially greet her in a few minutes if they hadn't already. Yet very disheartening at the same time to gain something you treasure most, one had to sacrifice want you treasured most in return as he found out.

William predicted that she wouldn't be alone and she wasn't alone, he smelled and felt a number of different influences here now. A half- demon...interesting that would explain the ripple he felt earlier.
There were also angels...whoa angels, demons as well as the dragon on the same page...this keeps getting better and better as he proccessed the information while strategising a plan. So William stayed and waited amongst some abandonded machinery.

There was also another heart beat that wasn't non-human, and it was merely more than just a by-stander watching on. This one was different his heart beat was racing and so was his breathing, the tension, the aura...interesting indeed.
Then the dragon and her friends, they were gone without a trace.
Normally if William couldn't sense another dragon it meant two things either death, or she was now being blanketed by another force of Magik, but he just knew she wasn't dead.

Suddenly right on cue, he felt them, and William was sure now that they could feel him being here too. The piranhas were finally here for their so called bloodied cow leg and they wanted her.
Yet she was no longer in anyones grasps. However for William he was now in theirs though.

"I love it how a plan comes together," smirked William as he now could feel more and more eyes just turn their attention to him.

07/24/2007 5:14 PM

The house was not a welcoming sort, but certainly no more menacing than her own home. She stared at Dario in his full half-demon glory, her gaze than turning to Katherine, and finally Aaliah. Katherine's reaction to the house made her uneasy, and she shifted her weight back and forth anxiously.

"I understand if you do not wish to follow me into this place, I will understand."

"This is... This is what happenss when humans dabble in affairs that are not their own. When people try to mingle with the creatures of Father Dream and twist the magiks of Lord Damien."

Stupid Humans. What business did they have meddling in the affairs of the Ethereal? She was already agitated by humanity, and this only made it worse for her. Following Katherine's seemingly forced steps forward, she stared in disgust at the white blobs. She watched them gurgle at one another and swallowed hard as the scratched themselves. She'd since lost track of the others she'd sensed previously, and she wasn't sure if they'd left, or if the house was blocking it out. It didn't help her settle down. She had a nagging feeling that they weren't simply alone as they wished they were. If a human had seen Dario, the effects could be dangerously traumatic for the witness, and all who were involved. It could even possibly mean death for all of them.

"We only need to get into the door."

Lost in her own mind, she barely heard Katherine, She doubted that it would be so simple. [i]Just walk through the door[/i] she thought to herself. [i] Stay with the group, don't get stupid, and focus. [/i]

07/25/2007 11:00 AM

Jamie watched as the group of other-worldly beings entered the yard of the house that scared the living day lights out of him.

For a brief moment in time, he debated following them. Then sanity came crashing back into his mind.

It would be incredibly stupid to follow them. He was not equipped, unprepared, and -perhaps one of the most convincing arguments- it wasn't his problem. He hated non-humans, but that didn't mean that he would risk his life to follow a group of Ethereals into a house that looked like it would like to eat all of their innards for breakfast. Like seeing a car crash, and continuing driving by, it wasn't his problem. For now.

He would come back to the house tomorrow night, fully prepared, and see what he could find out.

It was during all of this internal conflict that Jamie had failed to notice the tell-tale signs of a large group of hostile beings coming in. The complete quiet, the sudden gusts of wind, the hair on the back of his neck raising even more than it already was, all failed to rouse him from his thoughts.

The growl that came from two feet away, however, did not.

With a jerk, he realized that a small demon with glowing red eyes and large fangs was staring directly at him. His heart jumped, and he realized that he had forgotten to shield himself from one type of detection - noise.

Berating himself inside his head, he muttered another quick incantation. 10 feet to his left, there was a racket as a metal garbage can fell over, and the demon bounded towards the sound of the disturbance. Quickly, he ran the other direction.

"I love it how a plan comes together," smirked William as he now could feel more and more eyes just turn their attention to him.

Paranoid, he was sure that whoever had said this was referring to him, and he froze. As he whipped his head around, however, he realized that such was not the case. Several of the larger demons were making their way to a lone blind man. With a sudden sense of altruism, he debated running to the blind man's aid, but before he did he realized that there was something not normal about the man. He realized that the man was the one who spoke the words, and he was standing there calmly, even assuredly, as the demons around him circled closer.

Obviously, the man was more than he appeared. Unbidden, a thought flitted through his head. [i]Filthy Ethereals. Now they're pretending to be handicapped as well![/i]

With a barely stifled grunt of derision, he continued to pick his way through the growing numbers of demons. He wished he could strike out, but pragmatism bade him stay his hand.

He was now only a block away from an alley that he could use to high-tail it out of there. With his eye on the path directly in front of him, Jamie was surprised to feel all of his concealment wards stripped away in the blink of an eye.

Looking around, he noticed a floating demon that constantly had an aura that wiped all magik away. He also noticed that his sudden appearance in the mass of demons did not go unnoticed.


Before any of the demons moved, he hurled a paralysis curse at the largest demon in front of him, and pushed it with his mind. As the demon fell over, he ran up and along the demon's body, utilizing the temporary hole he had created in the mob.

He did not go far, however, before he noticed the Demon Orb floating his way, and he quickly held up his wrist and sent five shurikens hurtling towards it. He saw all but one hit, the last one finding its way into the skull of a demon in the throng behind the orb, and the orb came crashing down to the ground.

Turning his attention back towards the direction in which he was running, he saw a man-sized demon standing in his way, ready to jump. He watched as the legs coiled, and the demon sent itself soaring through the air. With a quick push of telekinesis, he sent the demon farther than it had intended, and he rolled underneath the flying demon.

As he came back up, however, he felt a tug at his chest. Before he realized what was happening, he was hurtling backwards through the air, the victim of another's telekinesis attack.

Fortunately, his fall was broken by the concrete, and he rolled backwards and back onto his feet, shoulder and lower back sore and bleeding. Not to mention his bum.

The demons surrounded him, so he sent off several orbs of fire in different directions, satisfied by the yelps of pain and the smell of burnt demon flesh. He drew his sword, one that he had made himself, and started slashing at demons in front of him in a desperate attempt to force his way out.

He ducked under the swing of one demon, plunging his sword into its flank, then using that handle which he had created pulled himself up and over the very same demon as another demon smashed the concrete where he had been standing with a very large and mean-looking hammer.

Releasing his sword, he reached down and pulled two items which he only used in emergencies (but if this didn't qualify as an emergency, he didn't know what did) - his two semi-automatic pistols.

Firing rounds off, he saw the demons fall one by one. Each bullet was ingrained with a special rune of his, which was both expensive and exhausting to make. These runes were enchanted to cause immense pain in non-humans, so much so that weaker beings were instantly slain.

Having the path ahead of him cleared for a moment, he dashed forward, only to halt as the hammer that had already almost killed him once did so again.

Turning towards the large creature that was holding the hammer, he fired off a round, and turned back around to start running. He wasn't ready for the hammer to be lifted up once more, and to swing towards him again. He barely had time to put up a shielding effect before the hammer smashed into it, sending him flying ten feet backwards.

Amazed that the brutish creature was still alive, he fired off another two rounds into the creature. Still, it lumbered towards him. As it raised the hammer once more, he fired off several rounds into its hands, and the demon dropped the hammer from the pain.

Roaring with the rage possessed only by demons, it charged at Jamie, and swung wildly. Jamie, desperate, flung himself backwards as one, two, three, four swings missed. He stumbled on the body of a dead demon, however, and the fifth one connected, sending him flying once more through the air.

[i]I've got to stop doing this,[/i] was the only thought that came through his mind before he slammed onto the reliable concrete once more, sending jolts of pain through his already injured body. Before he could get up himself, he was picked up by a demon, and tossed to another demon, being treated like a rag-doll. As he felt himself be jerked this way and that, he couldn't help but think of cats that play with their food before they eat.

[b]"He's mine,"[/b] came the deep voice from somewhere to the left of where Jamie was currently flying through the air. Correspondingly, he felt the pull of telekinesis which sent him hurtling towards the possessor of the voice.

Looking up, he saw it was the large, brutish demon who had held the hammer, and whose bullet wounds were still spewing forth black, viscous blood. Its eyes held the dimmest glimmer of intelligence, being outshone by pure hatred. It opened its large maw, intending to snatch Jamie out of the air with his jaws, and Jamie couldn't help but feel how a piece of popcorn must feel as it falls into the mouth of an expectant teenager showing off to some girl.

In a last desperate attempt to keep his life, he pushed himself with his own telekinesis, using the same trick he had used on the springing demon earlier, except this time on himself. To his surprise, it worked, and he sailed over the head of the expectant demon.

Once more to his surprise, he felt himself crash through a wooden gate, and his fall was not broken by the ever-reliable concrete, but an expanse of dry and dead grass.

As quickly as he could (which is to say, not very), he picked himself back up, groaning a little, and expecting to be attacked at any moment. Astoundingly, the mob of demons were staying their distance, albeit if looks could kill he'd be dead more than once-over.

With a sudden feeling of dread, he turned around. Sure enough, he was standing in the lawn of the same house which had first made him feel a sense of apprehension, and which he had witnessed the first group of Ethereals walk into.

The white blobs which he had seen before were now creating a half-circle in front of him, their single-clawed arms scratching their bellies and tongues working overtime as they licked their lips and their multitudinous teeth. Their eerie, eyeless faces were all turned toward him, and they slowly shuffled closer.


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07/25/2007 3:54 PM

The roiling in her stomach increased as she had stepped onto the path leading to the door of the house, adding to the unpleasant feeling of repressed bile that came each time she viewed the mewling white [i]things[/i]. They would almost have been pitiful if there was not something intrinsically terrible about them.

She had seen much evil in her time on this plane, and much that would not have been called evil by those who committed it, and yet seemed indistinguishable to her from the other. This house was steeped in it, was rotten with it. It seemed a very sink for hatred and horror. It had taken much of her will to appear unaffected: Katherine seemed already almost drained of hope, she did not want to add to her fear. Steeling herself to follow the others her footsteps stopped once more as a slow, scrabbling tingle clawed up her spine.

[i]So soon? As if they have been waiting...[/i]

"Dem- [i]Dario[/i], I suggest you lead on quickly, we are about to be joined by some enthusiastic new friends".

She tried to usher Katherine and the distracted-looking Aiden to move a little faster, all the while trying to will the door nearer.

It was not an encouraging thought that this house was the most attractive of their current options.

Not a moment after the thought the area around the house began to throb with the energy of the demonic plane.

"More quickly, please".
She was now almost pushing Katherine towards the door, waiting for the demons to be joined by the Elders' Elites. From the vitriolic bursts of energy that emanated near to them that seemed to be already happening, although she was puzzled that she did not sense her brethren.

[i]Why does this pathway feel so [b]long[/b]?![/i]

She wasn't sure if it was an effect of the house, some sort of magikal protection, or merely her own growing sense of worry that made it seem that way.
Not especially inclined to ponder it at the moment, given the present circumstances, her focus was so intent on getting them to the door that she almost didn't notice the figure come hurtling through the gate and into the garden. A glance at him was enough to realise why she had felt no other angels near- although they must surely be but moments away: if he had survived what seemed almost a horde of demons he must be a magik user.

Almost without thinking she took her hand from Katherine's shoulder and went to him, briefly dispersing her essence to pass through the white creatures, but not able to repress a shudder at their nearness as she reformed.

Gathering her will she pushed it outwards quickly, almost an unfurling, the light around her seeming to flare briefly. With renewed shrieks the blobs recoiled, seeming almost to shield themselves with their awful arms, and a gap was created in the circle.

"Move". Her voice was low and tight. Small a thing though it should be to push these pathetic things back she felt nauseated with effort.

07/25/2007 4:06 PM

Aiden turned around and heard the small altercation happening outside the gates of the mansion. She felt the demons' presence and knew each one of them personally. She also knew that quite a few of them were dead. She turned her head ingrief, looking back towards Katherine, wishing there was something she could have done, but also quite sure she truly wouldn't grieve for any of them. For a while, whenever they were mentioned she would bow her head and wish them contentment but nothing more. She recognized the tallest one. He'd been the brute who'd decided to it wise that he hit on her. [i] Karma's a bitch [/i] she thought, and almost snickered, but her thought immediately were interrupted.

With a sudden feeling of dread, he turned around. Sure enough, he was standing in the lawn of the same house which had first made him feel uncomfortable, and which he had witnessed the first group of Ethereals walk into.

The white blobs which he had seen before were now creating a half-circle in front of him, their single-clawed arms scratching their bellies and tongues working overtime as they licked their lips and their multitudinous teeth. Their eerie, eyeless faces were all turned toward him, and they slowly shuffled closer.


She stared. What else could she do? She realized whoever it was, was indeed human. He was in quite the predicament as she gazed outward, sensing the other demons, and mentally searched for Asher. She knew he wasn't in the angry mob, but she checked eagerly only to be truly disappointed again. She watched as the white beasts trickled closer to the new being in their yard and she laughed. Feeling rather amused she chuckled loud enough for only her party to hear. "This is what happens when humans meddle in the affairs of the Ethereal."

Gathering her composure, she saw that poor human laying at the mercy of those things inching closer. Aiden was not going to save him. She could care less if he lived or died, and she was not going to pretend she did.

"Maybe if you ask nicely, they'll make your death quick...but I doubt it," she called out to him and smiled broadly. "I think they're hungry."

07/25/2007 6:33 PM

The smirk on William's face remained for a few more seconds, as hordes of demons were creeping their way towards him. Slithering and stalking closer, William could sense the intimidation they were trying to give off. In hopes they could smell the fear; the demons loved the essence and satisfaction they get when they can get a minute whiff of fear. William didn't need to see their saliva dripping or frothing at some of their mouths; the smell was pungent and definitely stung the nostrils especially with heightened senses.

"Well I'll be..."whispered William.

Ignoring the demons for a second, William tilted his head to the right ever so slightly as he noticed that another following of demons that broke away from the group surrounding him in the first place were now concentrating on the human who William sensed earlier.

Before any of the demons moved, he hurled a paralysis curse at the largest demon in front of him, and pushed it with his mind.

Not to William's surprise though the human was battling the demons with weapons but more importantly the human understood the methods of Magik and now he was using them very effectively too.

"Now don't think I have forgotten about you guys. So how are we all, are we all in shrilling and killing mood today, or are we simply want to play with a toy mouse kind of mood?" spoke William as he turned back to the number of demons now standing before him.

If they were laughing, William couldn't sense it that's for sure. But William kept still being very calm, and not even a sweat was seen or smelt by the other demons.

[b]"You don't fear us, I know this to be true yet you are not what you appear"[/b] growled a voice from the front of the surround horde.

[b]"All the more reason we should just slaughter him and ask questions later!"[/b] yelled a nearby voice. Demons were agreeing with what was being said, William could hear the demons bellies rumble, they were definitely hungry which was evident the moment they turned up.

Fortunately, his fall was broken by the concrete, and he rolled backwards and back onto his feet, shoulder and lower back sore and bleeding. Not to mention his bum.

William flinched, even he felt how sore that fall could of been for the human who had certainly lasted longer than he guessed. More and more demons were going after the human now.

Releasing his sword, he reached down and pulled two items which he only used in emergencies (but if this didn't qualify as an emergency, he didn't know what did) - his two semi-automatic pistols.

Firing rounds off, he saw the demons fall one by one.

This was a distraction William needed; he thought to himself that if the human comes out of this alive he should thank him. But now it was William's turn to distract the demons.

"Since none of you are in a jovial mood today let's cut to the chase then shall we, I suggest...no I order you all to leave the human and I alone..." William always tried to place diplomacy down on the table first. His eyes stunned for a second as he felt the surge within them.
An impatient demon had leapt from the pack of demons, directly head on to William. William reacted so quickly he already had his offense in the air waiting for the demons left eye. The end of the walking cane morphed from the blunt ended roundness it was prior to the attack to become a spike ended skew as the demon hung there jittering still like a demonic marshmallow on an end of stick to be roasted over the camp fire. William was now holding a decent size demon of the end of his walking cane with one arm; the weight should have not only broken the walking cane but also William's arm.

"You should have listened" grinned William, his voice deepened and darkened.
The demons were stunned and and simply stumped of what happened. William soon pointed the cane downwards as the cane elevated William over like a pole vaulter over the groupings of demons and into a clearing. Where he had a lot more freedom to move and to plan his next attack.
He brought both of his hands up to his face reaching for the frames of his glasses he sensed now that with many concentrating on the human. The human, he was no longer in the area unless he was... It wasn't the human but a demon instead from out of the shadows it was on top of William and he had him pinned hard to the ground.

[B]"Now I wonder what kind of screamer you'll be when I rip out your eyeballs blind man!"[/B] William couldn't believe his luck when he heard the demon say this, now what kind of line can I think of in reply, he thought. "Not as much of screamer as you I'm guessing!"

Noticing a slight red shine behind the glasses, the demon with playful curiosity pulled them off gently; soon the other demons were creeping in closer to the happenings. It was a reflex thing for William to keep his eyes closed when taking off his glasses maybe not for a normal blind man and William was anything but normal. He could hear the air coming through the nostrils of the demon, accordingly William adjusted his head the best he could. Then it was soon clear to the other demons, that this may not be a good idea.

The demon could not remove his eyes, he could not close his eyes he was stuck in the Gaze of Damien and William with his arms free placed his hand around the head of the demon. WIlliam could feel the pain that the demon was experiencing as he kept the demon in the gaze. Then reaching for his cane, the cane then coiled itself around the neck of the demon like a snake to muffle the already loud screams of the demon and with a final tight pull from William to end the demons life .

Once again they were perplexed, the demons roared out as some demons backed off tentively from the blind man who stood with his weapon of choice his cane and glasses in his hands with his eyes shut ready to be opened again.

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07/25/2007 7:01 PM

Katherine went from high alert to all out panic, her concealment spells slowly losing their grip as she felt her inner strength wanting to break lose. They were every where, crawling from cracks in the ground, descending from the sky. Damien and Elder's elites and power hungry seekers all mixed in to one chaotic mob. They faught with eachother, they fought against eachother, but one thing was for sure, if she was found she was done.

Katherine shrunk closer to the house, seemingly eating the pervasive and malicous magiks, melding them into her already twisted form. The magiks not only coated her human form but seemed to outline the dragon within her making a huge winged beast made of the pure essence of evil. It was all an illusion though, such as a small toad would put on to ward off predators.

She contorted with the energy, allowing it to pull her into the house, she did not care for the human flung into the yard, did not care for the dragons breath she could smell on the wind, did not care for the Angel, half demon and demon standing in the yard of the house. To her, they were all enemies now, all something to shrink back from.

She opened her mouth out in a shriek, but instead released a horrifying wail, one born of the magiks taking hold of her. It was not born of pain, but simply the one bred from lack of control. She delved deeper into the magiks, becoming the very light they emenated and seeped into the house. If her party found her so be it, but for now all she needed was safety.

The house was quiet, dimly lit and seemed to be cocooned from the outside world, it did not echo the fight outside. In here one would barely know of the passing of time let alone the welfare of the world around them.

[i] Catch your breath, regroup, then we can worry what is next. They'll find you, they are smart, they'll find you. You couldn't help it, they would kill you if they could. You're safe now. Relax. [/i]

Her breathing steadied and she waited, unwilling to step outside, but not wanting to meet her demise.

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07/25/2007 9:15 PM


heard the small altercation happening outside

[i]Small?[/i] ;)]

"Move". Her voice was low and tight. Small a thing though it should be to push these pathetic things back she felt nauseated with effort.

Weakly, Jamie looked at the angel. In the chaos with the horde, he had all but forgotten the reason he was even in this area. She was part of the reason he was here in the first place, she was one of [i]them[/i]; why was she trying to help him?

Still, if he was to survive, he seriously doubted it would be wise to argue with her at the moment.

Quickly moving through the opening the angel's presence allotted, he headed in the only direction available - towards the house. The fact that this also happened to be the one direction he would least like to go was not lost on Jamie. He most wanted to go towards his home, but seeing as there were a few hundred of the stronger demons in the city between him and his home, he was under the impression that attempting to go there would be an unwise decision.

He had not taken two steps when he heard another voice come to him, this one from the patio.

"Maybe if you ask nicely, they'll make your death quick...but I doubt it," she called out to him and smiled broadly. "I think they're hungry."

Snapping his head up, he could see the sadistic grin displayed proudly on the female demon's face. Instantly, hatred coursed through his system, and he was seized with the desire to empty the rest of his clips into her smiling visage.

Pragmatism, however, reared its ugly head once more. Realizing that any altercation in his current state would not bode well for his state of being, he let a glare at her suffice. Perhaps not the most effective nor brilliant of come-backs, but that's all he had at the moment.

She opened her mouth out in a shriek, but instead released a horrifying wail, one born of the magiks taking hold of her.

Clutching his ears, he searched wildly for the source of the horrible noise. He looked just in time to see the meek woman seemingly fade into light, although how that was logically possible he did not care to delve into at the moment. Bewildered and wishing that he could get back onto a plan of action, rather than having to react to everything that came at him, he trudged up to the patio where the demon woman was still looking derisively at him.

Turning around, he looked at the mob of other-worldly creatures in battle around them. For a moment, he wondered what had happened to that blind man he had seen, but quickly realized that it would be impossible to find him in the chaos he was watching.

"Bloody hell," he said to no one in particular. "But then again, I suppose you feel right at home, don't you?" he asked the demon woman, keeping his gaze resolutely on the scene before them. "See any relatives out there? I hope I killed some of them," he said as if he was reassuring her.

Without bothering to wait for a response, he turned to the house.

"I hope you," here he paused for a moment, unsure of what word to place. "All have a plan. What do we do now? Knock?" His sarcasm was evident in his tone.

Perhaps it was that he was sore, and hurt. Perhaps it was that he was tired. Perhaps it was that he had just had several near-death experiences in a small amount of time, had faced more demons than most see in a lifetime, and was even now unsure as to how long his hold on life would remain. Whatever the reason, he was filled with the reckless confidence and lack of mental activity of those who don't particularly give a damn, to borrow from a popular idiom.

07/26/2007 4:21 PM

Snapping his head up, he could see the sadistic grin displayed proudly on the female demon's face. Instantly, hatred coursed through his system, and he was seized with the desire to empty the rest of his clips into her smiling visage.

Pragmatism, however, reared its ugly head once more. Realizing that any altercation in his current state would not bode well for his state of being, he let a glare at her suffice. Perhaps not the most effective nor brilliant of come-backs, but that's all he had at the moment.

Aiden couldn't control her grin, which seemed to permanently glue itself to her face. She took one look at his battered state and stifled a laugh. His hateful gaze only made her laugh harder. Katherine's wail sounded painful and desperate and she turned to see that she'd disappeared into the house.

"Bloody hell," he said to no one in particular. "But then again, I suppose you feel right at home, don't you?" he asked the demon woman, keeping his gaze resolutely on the scene before them. "See any relatives out there? I hope I killed some of them," he said as if he was reassuring her.

"Keep your temper in check, human." It was all she could manage before he changed the subject, and she wasn't sure he'd even heard her. She didn't care. It was rather impressive that he'd survived the horde, but she kept her face cold and hard when he was concerned. Live or die, humans were like parasitic cockroaches to her. When you found one dead one, there were at least 10,000 still alive somewhere.

"I hope you," here he paused for a moment, unsure of what word to place. "All have a plan. What do we do now? Knock?" His sarcasm was evident in his tone.

She looked at him in disbelief. The odds were not in his favor, and he was rather mouthy for being so outnumbered. "Move," she commanded him, and pushed her way past him, setting her hand one the doorknob. It felt cool to the touch, and seemed to resist a little when she turned the knob and pushed the door open. It was dark inside, and she could feel a chill creep up her spine, "Katherine?" she called into the house. "Are you in here?" She let the door swing open, and stepped inside.

07/27/2007 7:59 AM

Dario stows his blade in the enormous paddle-like sheath on his back and dips his head and steping into the darkened house, his eyes slipping down the spectrums of visible light, and into the ultraviolet band, bathing everything in a faint purple glow. The flames burning in his eyes simmer down, and turn a dark blue as his darkvision is called upon.

"Now it is time to play hunter. Not hunted." Dario snarls, looking to the Angel.

"Dem- [i]Dario[/i], I suggest you lead on quickly, we are about to be joined by some enthusiastic new friends".

"I'm willing to take the brunt of any assault, but I have no clue where I am going...", he jokes, as he turns to Katherine "Speaking of which, what exactly are we looking for... or looking to kill, in this... place?"

07/27/2007 8:37 AM

[OOC: Crix- Katherine has disappeared wailing into the bowels of the building, lol. Also sorry this'll be rubbish]

Irritated by the verbal sparring between the female demon and the human Aaliah followed into the house.

She had almost forgotten than she was in the company of demons, and had been about to chide Aiden for her words when an awful, bowel-wrenching scream came from the house, alerting her to Katherine's absence.

[i]And here was me thinking we'd have a slow start...[/i]

"I think it would be wisest, for now, if you came with us", she was over the threshold when she turned to the human, "unpleasant a prospect though that may be". With a flicker of vexation her eyes flickered towards Aiden.

"I do not know what awaits inside but if we are favoured we may pass through and find a way to return you".

Considering he found himself in the midst of a group of Ethereals, a dragon, and a house seemingly born of evil and spawning white monstrosities, he was admirably calm.

She stepped further into the shadows of the house, the feeling of nausea diminishing slightly, the protections seemingly stronger without the house than within.

"Now it is time to play hunter. Not hunted." Dario snarls, looking to the Angel.

"Then your quarry is Katherine, and hopefully the rest of the hunters will remain outside. We must find her. What I felt from her before she entered..." she shook her head, frowning slightly, "I would not want her alone in here".

07/27/2007 11:59 AM

Katherine could feel a steady calm pull over her as she walked through the house. It felt strangely familiar, lke she had designed it, or perhaps a friend's house. It was her own but... not.

"Katherine?" she called into the house. "Are you in here?" She let the door swing open, and stepped inside.

They had made it. She followed the voice stumbling through the darkened mansion until she reached it.

"Aiden, Aaliah, Dario, and..." Katherine shrunk back from the man, once more checking that the gray magiks that surrounded her let noone know she was of dragon blood. He reminded her of someone, of a person whose memory had faded like the remenants of a dream. She cleared her throat not wanting to be rude. "And who might you be friend."

She was not allotted time for a response the house seemed to light itself revealing a well decorated waiting area. The floor was marble slabs, polished and placed down like tiles. A warm red rug welcomed those who entered, a place to dry ones shoes and line them up in neat rows. Magnificent stairs, made of fine cherry, and lined with white carpet met the door. the banisters were twisted, but not like a clawed branch of an ominous tree, but like the knotwork of the island tribes.

The doors were opened still but looking out one could not see the battle being waged outside. It was as if the house had engulfed them into a world all their own, shielding them from the horrors outside.

Katherine continued to observe, watching the house as if she were watching a potential oponent, loking for its strengths and weaknesses, looking for escape.

Cages, not cube like but cylindrical, tall enough for a human to stand in but not comfortable in the least. Straps had been broken and dried blood remained on the hinges and the bent bars. It's twin cage was covered by a cloth, but looked not yet opened. An audible gulp escaped her throat fearing what may be held inside.

A low gurgle caught the parties attention. Another white blob, this one dressed like a butler clicked and clutched at her pant leg. She growled and hissed at the thing but he was not aggressive, more inquisitive and wanting. The soft sound of "follow" gurgled from his throat. She looked at the collection of beings around her before looking down at the little blob again.

"I was not aware that your, er rather, this house was still inhabited."

"Follow." The little thing gurgled again, it seemed unable to speak more than simple commands. The creature waddled off, its claw still attatched to Katherine's pant leg as she followed. They probably thought she was crazy for following such a fiend but the inside of the house was not forboding, if anything it had an air of tranquility.

The light blue flicker of a T.V or perhaps a computer screen could be seen down the hallway.

[i]We have breaking news coming to you from the outside of-[/i] A womans voice sounded from down the hall. [i] It seems we have an emergence of what look to be fairy tale monsters have come in from the abyss and from above. Religous spectators say this is a sign of the upcoming apocolypse, scientists claim it is an alien invasion. Either way this is something completly different. We'll keep you updated- [/i]

The sound cut off as Katherine stopped.

"You." The momentary calm fled as Katherine looked upon a young blond. She did not emenate like a normal demon, nor Angel, nor human. She was not a half breed, or a dragon. She was in a category all her own. something man made, forged from balck magiks and molded into the various forms of being. She stretched out feathery wings her light Aryan face becoming brighter with a friendly smile.

"It's been a long time Katherine. Can I get you anything? Tea perhaps, and how about your friends?" She smiled politely at the group but it was enough to make ones stomach turn. Whoever she was she was powerful, and dangerous, and seemed to hold an interesting past with the Dragon.

(OOC: I'll let you guys interogate and investigate and play detective. Just imagine Katherine as a pale stone right now.)

07/28/2007 7:30 AM

No doubt the inside of the house was just as beautiful as the outside. Aiden was relieved to see Katherine walk up to them. At least she'd been safe enough in here. The cages dangled over head, and Aiden wanted to see what was in the covered one. Staring at it, she felt much like a kitten who wanted her owner to pull the cover off of a canary cage so that she could play with the birds inside. She admired the staircase, and began to contemplate how she could get to the covered cage without anyone noticing. She was distracted as the white blob pulled at Katherine's pant leg and led them through the house. She arched her right eyebrow and smirked at the odd looking creature in the butler uniform.

[i]We have breaking news coming to you from the outside of-[/i] A womans voice sounded from down the hall. [i] It seems we have an emergence of what look to be fairy tale monsters have come in from the abyss and from above. Religous spectators say this is a sign of the upcoming apocolypse, scientists claim it is an alien invasion. Either way this is something completly different. We'll keep you updated- [/i]

Looking at Dario, she almost cringed. It wasn't going to be very easy to cover this up. She knew Damien would know of the exposure, and knew that the humans knew as well. He'd be angry and her heart went out to Asher. Damien would kill the demons involved who had been unable to conceal their true identity to the human race. It would take a while, but the humans of this world would all forget. It hadn't been the first time they'd been exposed, and it wouldn't be the last. No doubt, the Gates would be buzzing with rumors, and because she wouldn't be making a public appearance, she'd be blamed for part of this. [i] This is your race's fault! [/i]she screamed at him mentally, knowing he couldn't hear her, but the vicious glare on her face would say more to him than verbal communication ever could.

"You." The momentary calm fled as Katherine looked upon a young blond. She did not emenate like a normal demon, nor Angel, nor human. She was not a half breed, or a dragon. She was in a category all her own. something man made, forged from balck magiks and molded into the various forms of being. She stretched out feathery wings her light Aryan face becoming brighter with a friendly smile.

"It's been a long time Katherine. Can I get you anything? Tea perhaps, and how about your friends?" She smiled politely at the group but it was enough to make ones stomach turn. Whoever she was she was powerful, and dangerous, and seemed to hold an interesting past with the Dragon.

She heard the girl's voice and looked at her, unamused. Katherine had looked as thought she'd lost the battle with her inner ability to attempt to remain calm. She'd seen that look before on the faces of first timers at her job. Her gaze flashed back and forth between Katherine and the girl. She was unable to read what she was, and it made her remarkably uncomfortable, almost angry at the girl. Her inviting nature seemed automated and forced, as though they were no more welcome to drink tea with her, much less remain in her home. Her thoughts went back to the suspended cages, and curiousity forced her to speak.

"I didn't know we'd been invited to a tea party," she mumbled, "but no, thank you. Forgive my brashness, but who and what the hell are you?"

07/28/2007 12:29 PM

Dario meets Aiden's stare with one of disdain, his transformation seems to have created quite a stir, and no doubt Damien himself would intend to "clean up" after the incident, but any being in high authority amongst the hells would want a cambion killed simply for being a cambion, not for merely making a bit of a mess out in the suburbs.

Dario observes the conversation between the fair faced woman and Katherine from the back of the group. As he begins to notice how uncomforatble Katherine is becoming, and how sickeningly calm the other woman remains, he reaches back for the hilt of his sword, and slides it from its sheath, letting it rest once again on his right shoulder.

The niceties of the house disturb him, a mask of some kind, a cover, for whatever dark business takes place here. Dario's eyes pass over a mirror, and he is forced to see the dark hulking brute staring back at him. His human half cringes with hate, which quickly melts away into sorrow. He sighs, and returns his eyes to the conversation.

07/30/2007 6:39 PM

"I didn't know we'd been invited to a tea party," she mumbled, "but no, thank you. Forgive my brashness, but who and what the hell are you?"

"Oh how nice of you to ask. I am Merideth Duloc, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duloc, and an odd couple to say the least. But how rude of my little friends. Did they not bring you something to sit on." The woman snapped her fingers and in return four of the little white demons began pulling a couch into the waiting area in front of the stairs. Her wings wrapped around her in a feathery cocoon as her voice became a low purr. "Oh, my dear cambion, I do suggest you put that blade back into its sheath. There is no need to get forceful here."

Katherine willed herself out of the cloudy magiks around her and like shaking off the groginess of a dream began to speak. "Where is she?"

"Where is who my dove?"

"Don't test me spawn child, where is she?"

The young woman giggled. "now let's not be rude your friend asked a question first. It would be positively impolite of me to ignore her. Now deary," A wave of her hand seemed to wisk forth tea from mere shadows. She placed the tray of steaming liquids down next to the couch and watched it contentedly as it floated at the height of a coffee table. Another snap of her fingers brought forth an arm chair.

"I used to be like he." She pointed to the human sorcerer. Except I was tired with being so weak. I continued with my parents studies, harnessing the powers of various races, testing their strengths and weaknesses. They were ignorant fools however, they had all the pieces but were too stupid to put them together. I figured it out but needed one more component. A key if you will, or perhaps a universal solvent to mix all the ingredients together. I tried to strike up a deal wit hthe Elders but they said something about it being against the will of the universe so, I made a deal with the Devil. So what am I. I am a little bit of all of you."

Her toothy smile looked as if it were about to break into maniacle laughter.

"Now as for your question my dove. I can't believe you don't even recognize your own prophet. Tsk, tsk, tsk. And all this time I credited you with intelligence.

Katherine looked at her in horror. Now that she had mentioned it she could sense it, Lexi's sweet essence twisted and mangled with the new magiks, unfamiliar magiks, tortured magiks of this woman. She was trapped, being used as a vessel, as a backbone to keep all the energies together, but even under all the layers of filth she could just vaguely be felt.

"I'll let you chew on that though a bit. Tah tah." her falsely sweet voice disappeared into the night, leaving the party alone in her house and the small white demons without a commander and now they looked hungry.

Katherine looked to Dario as they seemed to multiply, fearlessly moving forward unphased by the repelling spells Katherine was putting forth.

"Dario I think now is a good time to use that blade."

07/30/2007 9:56 PM

Dario's melencholy humanity is torn away by unadulterated demonic fury in almost an instant when the leash is taken off the mad dog that lurks within his worse half. The soft glowing runes on the black blade flare into white hot flames, as Dario barrels towards the approaching mob of demon-kin. Bloodlust in his eyes, and a self-hatred in his heart, he brings his enormous greave down on one of the demons, splattering the surrounding area with a the gut wrenching smell of the demons innards, oily black flesh and thick liquid splash Dario's face as the burning blade cleaves another. Another one of the creatures crawls up Dario's back, attempting to get to the exposed flesh of the nape of his neck, as Dario stomps another creature.

An exploding roar seems to shake the foundation of the building as the disgusting being claws the back of Dario's neck, he reaches back with his right hand, his off-hand still on the hilt of the sword, which he strains to keep at waist level, as he throws the gurgling beast across the room, smashing it against a nearby wall, Dario's right hand forms a fist, and he bellows, "TEL EHT SEM L'F EMUSN'C SIH S'MENE", as Dario throws an open handed fist at the screeching creature, a steady collum of fire immolates the soft flesh of the demon-kin. Dario spots the last Demon, its disgusting evil pouring over its mockery of a tuxedo, the little beast backs into a corner, now alone. He brings his blade down on it, over and over and over again, easilly six or seven times, the black-steel blade a-glow with heat and hatred. Deep cuts in the floorboards, still squirming bits of flesh, the long black claws, and broken teeth are all that remain of the disgusting creatures. In little over half a minute, their are no more apparent threats to the party.

Dario stands over the greasy spot where the last one was pulverized, breathing heavy, the end of his blade resting on the floor, the hilt in his off hand, he reaches down and picks up one of their claws, and pockets it. Ashamed of his barbarism, Dario wipes his blade clean, sheaths it, and turns back towards the party, eyes at the floor.

"Where to now Katherine?" His countenance grows more and more sullen, as the humanity inside him returns.

Suddenly, Dario groans in pain, the cut on the glows green, bringing him to one knee, he grunts again, reaching back and putting his hand over the wound.

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07/31/2007 3:59 AM

Aaliah had stood silently through the entire exchange between Katherine and the abomination, condensing her being as much as possible in an attempt to be exposed to as little of this house and its horrible magicks as possible.

She stood rigidly, looking at what had been a woman, rage and revulsion battling inside her at the thought of what had been done.

She was abhorrent, her mutilated from anathema to the angel. Aaliah followed the dragon because she believed that they- all Ethereals, whether of the Elders of Damien- interfered directly too much in this plane, exposed humans to what was best left unseen and unfelt: and now before her stood this woman who had bastardised what she was, altered her very nature, become a repugnant hybrid and lost that which was divine in her.

If they had not been swathed in the shadowy magicks of this awful house perhaps she could have felt pity for her. As it was, her fury was such that she was held immobile, not daring to move.

Even after Meredith- the very name was an affront, 'great lord'- was gone from her sight the anger still thrummed through her. She was thankful that Dario dealt with the white creatures so efficiently, as she slowly recovered her composure.

By the time he went to his knee, wounded, she felt sufficiently her self again to go to him gently moving his hand out of the way and placing her own just above the wound, bot quite touching the skin.

She made a brief noise of disgust at the sight of the wound before turning to the others.
"I could try to heal him- I've never attempted it on a demon before, and it might take me some time to separate what I'm looking for as 'wrong' from what is there because of his blood". She shrugged, indicating that she meant no offence to either the cambion or Aiden, but in no mood to go into the vagaries and methods of how her healing worked.
"That he is half human might complicate it even further, it will be harder to get a sense of him. Does anyone else have any skill in healing that may be more... [i]suitable[/i]?"

07/31/2007 1:00 PM

"Nay, I've never been a particularly adept healer. And my magiks may cause more trouble than relief." Kaherine breathed slowly, still reeling with everything she had just been told.

"Perhaps, there is something in this house that may be of use. In the basement maybe, or around us. The powers around here make it unclear what is magical and wat is not. It all seems to radiate unnaturally." Katherine paced, not really caring about those around her, her dilema had been made slightly more difficult by Merideth's information and by the presence of a new dragon.

Components of everything, of every essence that dwelled on his plane. How do you unweave something like that.

[i] I can't think, I can barely breath. Thanks to me one of them is hurt. They knew what they were getting themselves into when they sighned up. But Lexi, she is priority now. And how do you plan to get her without some muscle? Your party's well being is foremost. Then we can worry about our next puzzle. Damnit woman! What the hell were you thinking? But I'll make you pay and by the looks of it, I'm not the only one insulted by your presence. [/i]

She knew her loud thoughts could probably be heard by the others but made no attempt to hide them.

"Merideth said that her parents studied all forms of being. That means there has to be something around here." She whispered it to herself as she walked away from the party and deeper into the house. She let her senses roam, even if it meant dropping some of her ability to conceal herself. Right now she was almost certain that the house was repelent enough.

She walked into various rooms. Some were unremarkable, your standard bedroom or study, all lavishly furnished but not uncanny or bizzarre. Others however seemed lined with the unnatural. Demon like creatures preserved in death, a pairs of angels wings mounted on walls, dragon jaw bones hanging from the cielings. But one room in particular caught her interest.

It was shadowed, as was most of the house, but inide was the silouhette of a large man. He seemed nearly as tall as Dario but nearly as chiseled, no this one seemed to be more like... mud. She stepped closer to the room, an ill feeling clutching her gut, and turned on the light.

What stood before her was hideous, nearly seven feet of a Frankenstein like creation except this was not made of human flesh. This was carved out of the most valued pieces of angel, demon and dragon. It was elegant in a grotesque sort of manor, stoic in demeanor, patiently waiting for... for what? Life perhaps, or maybe death?

She shivered and observed the counters, scanning the samples from the different species.


The rest was scratched out. Regenerative however, that looked promising. She brought the vile back down to Dario and uncapped it, trying to sense what was inside. The magiks were mixed, a tint of angelic work tainted by human magiks.

"Can either of you figure out what this is?" She put the vile before Aaliah and the human sorcerer.

08/01/2007 4:44 PM

Meredith did little to intimidate or impress Aiden. Aiden was, in fact, rather disgusted. Dario's impurityies seemed minor in comparison to Meredith's, and the fact that she'd still been able to live made Aiden sick to her stomach. The house did little to change her mind. Meredith had been a curiously intricate individual, both in physical and mental make-up. Aiden scanned each room, not focusing on Dario or the others, but more concerned of when and if Meredith would randomly pop out and appear. Dario had made light work of the white demons before, but would the next beings be as easily destroyed?

What scared her the most about the house was not the beings that inhabited it, but the decorations adorning certain rooms. The demons frozen in time that were set here and there like statues made Aiden wonder what exactly Meredith was capable of. Then she saw it. In it's large, abnormal glory, it stood in a room with nothing to accompany it but the pieces of various Ethereals and human magiks. Her stomach dropped and her feet went cold as she stared at the beast. Turning away from the thing, she had a creeping sensation that it was staring at her as she turned towards Katherine and the others that looked at the bottle in question. Reaching into her pocket, she handed Dario a tissue to hold over his wound. Though it was essentially useless to him, she knew the action would probably be appreciated. Leaving her gaze on the strange bottle, she flicked her wrist towards Dario to see if he'd take it. Katherine placed the vile before Aaliah and the human and Aiden squinted attempting to see if she could make it out.

08/01/2007 5:56 PM

Keeping concentration and focus wasn't easy, staying alive on the other hand wasn't difficult. Because being difficult would be an understatement, not even the fact I was blind hindered my current scenario either. Maybe being phyiscally blind in this matter would be a good thing.
For every demonic interference I knocked out cold, wounded or killed the numbers were still growing, they were free roaming the streets in the public eye. I had to give her and her fellowship a chance. The question still plagued me though as I came crashing into the side of a dumpster.

[i]'Why do I want to somehow help or meet this other dragon presence, a complete stranger to me, when I couldn't even save a friend I've known for years and loved the most?'[/i]

I shook off the hit by what I could tell was a very large demon, not sure on height his steps suggests a heavy foot 620-640lbs, the weight placement through his lower limbs suggest that he was hunching.

The wound was minor, but his scales of his arms were major judging by the hit a took, and he was storming back for more. There were several winged demons hovering above. Low enough to reach for one of them as I used the Magikal properties of the titanium cane I had been using as my mobility cane. To good effect like a whip, I was able to grab onto the foot of a nearby flyer. Then I was able to propel myself over the large reaper sending him self crashing into the dumpster with a thunderous collision.

Knowing that wouldn't keep the big dweller down for long I used my weight and transferred the weight of the winged demon hurtling towards his kin also. As I landed, the cattiness of the winged demon came through and started to annoy the large demon.

"Hey you two, SMILE!"

I waited for the shift in the air, when one makes when they are moving. And waited for the breathing. The glasses came off once again, as I listened to their screams fill the night with the other demons this was not the way I was going to help myself let alone the other dragon. I had to think of something fast, the house felt so uncomfortable to me yet on some way I knew they were slightly better inside for now, slightly better.

If they were coming out of the house, they're going to be mobbed and swarmed. My only weapons I had was...being a dragon not an option. A gaze that temporarily immobilizes my victims, a cane that I could channel my Magik through to change the molecular structure of to suit my means-a handy party trick I'm sure. Being a dragon not a option. I still was new to Magik, an unlike the human. I didn't have incantations I could use, or guns, or bombs. And being a dragon was not an option. Sheesh I still don't understand this but I knew being a dragon right now was not an option as I kept telling myself. One whiff of my presence and that would be the end of that for me. So again being a dragon was not a...or was it?

"She better be worth all of this" as I sighed.

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08/02/2007 8:38 AM

Jamie had stood, alone and seemingly forgotten, off to the side during everything that had happened. He had been trying to cope with everything that had been happening, but wasn't sure how well he was doing.

While his capabilities to sense things wasn't the greatest - which was part of the reason he was here in the first place, because he actually [i]had[/i] sensed one of their presences - he could gather from his own limited senses and the thoughts that his newfound and abhorrent companions unconsciously projected that the little girl was not natural.

This feeling was punctuated by the decor of the house, most of which was little more than icing on the cake. The large amalgamation of beings which repulsed each of them seemed appropriate to Jamie, revolting nonetheless. From what he had gathered, the girl had fused the essence of different beings to her. This body was probably her first attempt in fusing the properties of the beings together. One physical, hers was magikal.

[i]Question is, was this first attempt successful?[/i] he thought while hoping it wasn't.

"I could try to heal him- I've never attempted it on a demon before, and it might take me some time to separate what I'm looking for as 'wrong' from what is there because of his blood". She shrugged, indicating that she meant no offence to either the cambion or Aiden, but in no mood to go into the vagaries and methods of how her healing worked.

"That he is half human might complicate it even further, it will be harder to get a sense of him. Does anyone else have any skill in healing that may be more... [i]suitable[/i]?"

The fact that he was cambion came as news to him, and he was shocked. He had assumed he was full demon, simply because half breeds were almost always killed. Now that he studied Dario with his senses, he noticed the faint wisps of humanity within him.

He had initially felt no inclination to help Dario. He felt a bit of sympathy for him now, though. No longer was he one of the accursed Ethereals, but a victim, much like he was.

"Can either of you figure out what this is?" She put the vile before Aaliah and the human sorcerer.

Had he not known that Dario was cambion, he would not have felt inclined to figure out what the substance was. Even then, though, pragmatism would kick in. Simple put, if he was to get out of this alive, he would need their help, and the half-demon's strength was an asset which Jamie wasn't sure that they could afford to lose.

For the time being, he placed his hatred for them all and looked at the vial.

He could see the words 'REGENERATIVE PROPERTY OF' but the rest of the label was scratched off. With a sigh, he closed his eyes, gathered his mental strength, and pressed his thumbs to his temples.

Immediately, the runes which he had placed on his thumbs and temples activated, and his senses were increased a thousand fold. The moment this happened, the evil of the house assaulted him a thousand fold, and he fell to one knee, eyes closed, thumbs still held to his temples.

He was trembling, and he knew it. He had been revolted by the house before, and now he was experiencing its effects more than he thought was possible. Not only did it invoke uninspired fear and sickness, but called upon his own internal inhibitions.

Images of explosions, gargantuan beings, and death arose in his mind. Screams of pain and of fear rose around him. Snarls, growls, and roars filled his mind, and ominous shapes flooded his mental vision. Moments of every horror he had witnessed flicked across his mind, each directly after the previous, yet all simultaneous. His parents, faces black with smoke and soot, crying out in pain, filled his mind. Their screams of agony tore him apart, and he felt his hands losing their strength to keep their place on his temples.

[i]No,[/i] he protested. He would not let the house win. His parents died due to the Ethereals, he was the way he was due to the Ethereals, and they would pay. They would all pay, starting with this damned house, and the blasphemy that was Merideth.

To do that, to avenge his parents and himself, he needed to find out what that vial was. He fought the house. He brought to his mind every image to strengthen his resolve. Image after image, sound after sound, he rejected all the things that the house sent at him.

Finally, still shaking slightly, he brought his foot back underneath him, he stood up. When he didn't feel like he was going to fall over from the effort, he opened his eyes.

He saw the vial sitting there. He felt the magic within, could feel the Ethereal qualities and the influence of human magik, magik different from his own.

He gazed into the vial, his brows furrowing in concentration.

He slowly worked through the lines of magikal influence, to the base source the source of the regenerative properties.

And then he saw it. It repulsed him, but he was used to that with the house. He took it in with stony silence, just another boulder to the mountain of disdain he already felt.

Before he removed his thumbs from his temples, he couldn't help but glance up at Katherine. Immediately, he saw through the layers of protective charms she had put up around herself. He saw through her disguise, and saw what she was hiding. He saw her true self.

She was dragon.

That knowledge came as a shock. He thought she was something unusual, but he wouldn't have guessed at the power behind her meek facade. Lowering his gaze once more, he hoped she hadn't noticed his intrusion.

Closing his eyes once more, he gathered his strength and pried his thumbs off of his temple. The runes deactivated, his senses returned to normal, and all strength flooded from his limbs.

He crumpled into a heap onto the floor. A pounding migraine came into his head, a result of the tremendous effort he had just expelled. Slowly, he opened his eyes, and crawled up to his knees. He stayed there, afraid of falling over once more.

Looking around, he saw that they were all looking at him. He looked at each of them, but he couldn't keep eye contact with Aaliah for more than a second before he looked down again.

"Angel blood." He said stonily, devoid of emotion. There was no other way to say it, he just had to present the facts.

"The vial contains Angel blood, and some kind of magik enhances the regenerative properties of it." The air was thick, the silence heavy. He looked over, and saw Dario still clutching at his wound, which seemed to be getting worse with time. Because he couldn't stand the silence, couldn't stand to be the bearer of such news to the one who had saved him outside of the house, he continued.

"I don't think this will be of much help to Dario. I may be able to help him, but I can't do it myself."

With a look pleading forgiveness for bringing the news of the vial, he looked up at Aaliah, apology and hope written on his expression.

08/02/2007 9:45 PM

Dario's knees nearly cave as he struggles to his feet, gritting his teeth and breathing heavilly, he picks his sword up off the ground, and struggles to sheath it, he breathes out sharply and quickly, taking his first step forward, grunts with obvious signs of pain.

"I'm fine. I can walk this o-" Dario is cut short by a throb from his neck, the wound looks infected on a demonic scale, and is obviously getting worse. He quickly composes himself, and admits, "Do what you can, if you can."

08/03/2007 2:54 PM

Wordlessly Aaliah took the vial from the human's hand, holding it gingerly, thumb at the bottom of the glass, the barest tip of her forefinger at the top.

She simply looked at it for a moment, her face expressionless, before letting it roll into her palm.

[i]Who were you? I cannot tell![/i]

She would hardly have known what it was had the sorcerer not said, so tainted was it by magik and the house itself.

She had followed Katherine silently as she had walked around the house. The gruesome relics that adorned the wall were revolting in themselves, but the thought of the aberrant mind that lay behind the acts was even more distressing, as was the knowedge that their dealings with that mind were not yet finished. Her throat had felt as if it was closing at the sight of the wings.

Only when her slender fingers closed around the vial did feeling flicker across the angel's face, sorrow and rage fighting for supremacy, before being swallowed until a time when they could be useful.

After watching Dario's struggles she finally met the human's gaze, analyzing the emotion they contained. Nodding, she spoke.

"In a world other than this" her voice was low and soft, and did not carry far, "a man once wrote '[i]none love the the messenger who brings bad news[/i]', but only a fool would hold him accountable. If I can help you I will- although I should like to know your name before we begin. Here I am called Aaliah."

08/04/2007 8:00 AM

For a moment, Jamie warred with himself. He had spent almost his entire life fighting against the Ethereals, and here he was, about to help a half-demon, and about to exchange a sign of trust with an Angel.

Still, he was indebted to her. She saved his life. No matter how much he hated the invading Ethereals, he would not allow himself to become the monster he hunted. Demons and Angels may have no sense of morality, but he did.

"Jamie. My name is Jamie." Quietly, he stood up, and softly took the vial from the Angel's hands. Looking directly into her eyes, he tried to comfort her in a small way.

"We will have no need for this vile creation." With that, he turned and chucked the vial into the other room as hard as he could. It flew out of sight, and there was the tinkling of glass shattering on a wall.

"We have to move quickly, the wound is worsening with time." He knelt down next to the half-demon.

"This will hurt, Cambion, I will not lie." As he spoke, he pulled a thick swatch of fabric from a pocket, and wound it so it made a solid mass. "Here," he said, handing the cloth to Dario, "Lie down, on your stomach, and bite on this."

Without waiting for the half-demon to comply, he turned to Aiden. "I know you don't like me, and I assure you the feeling is mutual. Right now, we need to help him if we are to get out of here alive. I am going to pull out the infection, extracting the poison the little demon injected, as well as the infection this House has caused. Once that is out, I don't know how much strength I will have left, and I need you to destroy it."

He then turned to Aaliah. "I assume your healing powers are greater than mine. I also assume that you already know that you cannot heal his demon half. I need you to concentrate and once I have extracted the infection, heal the parts of him that you can. Take care to only heal his human half. I know not what would happen should you affect his demon-side, but I suspect you do."

Finally, he turned to Katherine, with a knowing look. "I know not what aid you may be able to give, as I must admit that I have met very few like you. I will say that I may not have the power to complete the job, as this House is strong and I am still weak from battle. If I should fail, I would ask that you complete the task."

He then looked to each one. "Can you all do that?"

08/04/2007 8:44 AM

Aiden's face went white.

"Exactly how big do you think this is going to be [i]Jamie[/i]?" She put the emphasis on his name, the venom in her voice becoming more pronounced. She stared down at Dario. A fake pity showed on her face, the disgusting wound making her want to vomit. Realizing she still held the tissue in her hand, she covered her mouth it and nearly gagged. She backed slowly away from them as Jamie barked out what he needed them all to do. She was useless in human form, and would have to give in and change herself, letting her demonic form take over. She hated her demon self. It was not hat menacing really, and it wasn't nearly as impressive as Dario's. Hers was more based on speed and stealth, not size and strength. Aiden cringed at the thought of her fireballs. They were so cliche for a demon. They weren't even that impressive, but everytime she used them, someone got hurt, so they were effective, nonetheless. Standing about four feet away from them, she looked back over to Jamie.

"How am I supposed to destroy it?"

08/07/2007 10:00 AM

Katherine had lost herself momentarily in the man's magik, glanced briefly at the nightmares brought forth by the house, felt briefly his fears but that was not what she was after. She wanted a vessel, someone to amplify her senses with while disguising her own form. She had traveled with his magik, blended it with her own to search out for the dragon heart she had felt so briefly before. He was still alive and this impressed her.

She tried to call out to him, tried to influence his action to run into the house. she knew him not but she couldn't stand the thought of losing yet another of her kind.

Her thoughts were cut short as the man fell to one knee and looked up at her in recognition. Katherine cringed. Not many could see through the gray magiks she wound around her body. This human was powerful and from the sound of it, angry. A frightening combination but the situation at hand would keep them together.

"Angels blood?" She wispered. "I didn't even know you could taint such things." Merideth had increased in power since they had last met and part of her said it wasn't just Merideths strength that was behind this. Something told her Damien had more than just an idle hand in this mortals life. The shattering vial brought her back and she listened intently to the man's orders.

"I can help Aiden with the beast. Whatever it is. And I can help Aaliah and you with healing. My magiks are slightly watered down but they should help. I'm ready when you are Jamie."

08/13/2007 10:11 AM

He then looked to each one. "Can you all do that?"

She nodded silently, touched by his gesture in smashing the vial.

Waiting for Jamie to answer Aiden she prepared herself. She did not shed this form, but [i]loosened[/i] it. It was in large part composed of the extension of her will on this plane, so she relaxed her hold, freeing both concentration and energy for the task in front of her.

If Dario had been human it would have been a relatively easy matter: isolate the poisonous taint, draw it out, destroy it. But being what he was everything about him felt wrong to her, the demon and infection all but masking the human in him.

To do this she would need to withdraw her awareness enough to dim the whispering of the demon side, but not so much that she could not sense feel and help his other half.

When she felt she had gotten the balance right she turned to the human, her eyes seeming slightly more opaque.

"I am ready".

08/14/2007 12:49 PM

"How am I supposed to destroy it?"

Jamie shrugged his shoulders.

"To be honest, I do not know. The poison originated from a Hellspawn, so I assume that the key to destroying it lies in the abilities of demons. You know your abilities better than I do, I only hope that you can come up with a means to destroy it."

He nodded as each of the others replied, but did not bother to vocalize a response to them. Instead, Jamie turned to Dario.

"Prepare yourself."

His words were issued from his mouth, but he was hardly aware of what he was saying. If the Cambion had replied, he didn't register it. Jamie focused on what was to come, preparing for a battle with an unknown enemy.

Jamie's hands reached out, his right hand settling on the top of Dario's head, the palm pressing against the skull. Slowly, hesitantly, his left hand went to the injured shoulder. With a deep breath to calm his nerves, he pressed his left palm on the injury.

Immediately, a different set of runes ignited, sending searing hot pain through his hands. Gritting his teeth, he knew that Dario was getting the worse end of the ordeal, and plunged ahead.

He sent his senses into the wound. He could feel the hot, angry power of the house - the infection. He had to bypass that for now, though, and plow through to the source of the injury.

He continued through the thick infection, until he felt the sinews of the half-demon's shoulders. He could feel the tears and rips in the muscles, but that couldn't be repaired until the poison was drawn out.

Further he plunged. He felt between the sinews of muscle until he came to the tubes of life-giving blood that were the arteries and veins. He could feel where the poison had leeched into them, and he spread his senses to the circulatory system of the Cambion.

Outside, he could feel Dario quivering from pain. "Steady, Dario." Jamie knew the pain was nigh unbearable, but it was necessary, and he couldn't allow compassion to creep into his voice yet.

Still, he continued spreading across the veins and arteries of the man he was causing so much pain. Steadily, he pushed all the poison backwards, back towards the wound. He knew that this wasn't good, but he tried to help the blood flow along despite the fact that he was pushing the poison in the opposite direction. He was afraid that Dario would go into cardiac arrest, but there was no alternative.

On and on he pushed, knowing that the more he pushed, the more pain Dario went through. Finally he felt the poison differently - he could feel it seep out of the wound and ooze over his hand. Hoping that the other demon would know what to do, he ignored it.

He continued to push, to bring all of the poison out of the Cambion's system. When this was done, he paused for a moment, breathing hard, sweat dripping off of his end of his nose.

He then continued, pulling out the inflammation and infection spurred by the house. The thick pus that came out reeked of rot and decay. The swelling slowly came down, and the pus fell and collected on the floor in a disgusting, pulsating pile. Jamie hoped that Aiden had come up with a means to destroy it.

With a last surge, he fell to one knee next to the mass of infection. His eyes were closed, his breath ragged, but he spoke through his clenched teeth. "Katherine - There is still some infection. I can barely keep the connection of the runes...I need your help."

He knew she could use the opening he made with the runes, but he wasn't sure if she would be able to work out what to do. He wasn't even sure if she knew to try. If she didn't, he could only hope that she would figure something out.

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08/20/2007 11:17 PM

Dario roars as he suddenly becomes concious of each and every vein in his entire body, his heart feels like a bomb going off in his chest with each beat, as his blood backs up, pushing the poison out of the wound, which burns his skin like an acid, bubbling up and sizzling on his back.

The fire in his eyes simmers low, revealing his oily black eyeballs, his eyes turn to Katherine as the strange sage asks for her help, Dario stares at Katherine, hoping she has the right answer. Hunched over, his sword hands by the bidings of his biceps, and appears to be affected as well, its dark runes pulse purples and blues, with each throb of Darios struggling pulse.

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