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07/08/2007 6:25 PM

Kino squinted in the bright light as he awoke from another dreamless night on the hard hay mat which was his bed, the mage pushed himself off the mat and waddled over to the water filled clay bowl and dunked his face in the freezing cold liquid. After drying off his face Kino grabbed some seed out of a linen sack and tossed it at his sparrow-hawk who ate it up, while the bird munched on the seed Kino went to the bathing room and took a quick dip. As he emerged from the steaming pool he went to his room and threw on his black robe, after his cloths he fastened his leather shoulder pad and whistled to his pet who flew over to him and perched on his shoulder.

Kino grabbed his whale bone comb and combed back his hair and tied it in a pony tail. He glanced outside and it transpired to be raining, Kino pulled his hood of sheathed his rapier. he opened his hand and his staff flew into his hand.

Kino walked to his door and opened it very fast and rushed down the hall fore he was late to breakfast like he normally is. He open the doors to the great hall and the teachers didn't even stir fore the were tired of scolding. The magician looked around the room for an empty set and saw one at the end of the middle table. He took a seat and dove into the bacon.
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07/08/2007 7:27 PM

Name: Noipre
Magic: Weather Witch
Looks: Is close to 5'11, tall for a daughter from the Southren Copper Island. Also unsual for the Copper Island she has long blonde hair, twisted in to several dozen braids (each an medium for her magic), instead of the native golden brown, and dark green eyes (normally covered up by her glasses), instead of bright blue eyes. She is of a tanned color, not matching her blonde hair, and she has all of her fingers. A plus for a Mihannde (shark) fisher. Her hands are however completely scarred (bite marks) from the sharks her family would catch.
Origin: Southern Copper Islands
Age: 17
Weapon: Her fists and her glasses
Boat: A small, wooden, hull roaw boat, much like the chinese rowboats.
Equipment: Copper ear plugs, and copper tinted glasses.
Other: Exteremly able to fight, entire body is of a solid build, muscles bugling with every movement.

07/09/2007 6:09 PM

Sarth sat at the far end of a table in the great hall. The table was at the end of of the hall and Sarth sat at the very end. No other person dared sit next to him.

[i] Its quiet, just the way I like it. [/i]

Sarth's dark hood was hung over his face, concealing himself in a shadow. He had arrived early to breakfast and was almost finished. The eggs and bacon had been cooked well and he enjoyed it for once.

This all ended when the other one sat down. The one that Sarth despised beyond belief, the one that devoted his life to making Sarth feel miserable, the one that destroyed his boat, Bowen.

"So Sarth, whats your father been up to lately?"

Sarths eyes flared with anger as he struggled to get ahold of himself. He was successful and he leaned closer Bowen.

"Your first mistake, was assuming that being in public makes you safe from me" He put stress on the word me and drew back his hood. Then without warning he, struck his fist forward straight into Bowen's nose. Sarth heard and felt his nose break under his fist. Then Sarth grabbed him by his cloak and blasted him with a fireball.

The impact of the blast sent him sliding down the table, batheing him in a sea of breakfast foods. While Bowen was sliding down the table Sarth yelled "LOOKS LIKE THAT NOBLE FAMILY DIDN'T SAVE YOU NOW DID IT BOWEN"

When his Bowen finally came to a stop, all eyes in the room were staring at him. He gave them no notice, merely flipping a his hair back into place and chuckling. Sarth then walked out of the great hall to go to his room. He opened the door with a smile and a slight chuckle.

[i] Maybe this day will turn out to be good anyway [/i]

07/09/2007 7:39 PM

Noi was running towards the breakfast hall struggling to maintain her braids in her hair band ignoring as one of the braids wrapped around her index finger. The braid seemed to spasm as it touched her skin releasing small sparks trapped in the creases of her braids. Noi ignored the small pricking that traveled down her hand. All she paid attention to was the singular fact that she had yet to eat for the day.

"No, no I am late! I am late and all of the rolls will be gone!" she all but screamed as she raced around the corner her matted slippers causing her to be unable to retain her balance. Noi placed her arms in front of her face waiting for the fatal smack of her nose against stone.

But instead&

WHACK! Noi had slammed into something hard, but not quiet stone. She had no time to see what she had exactly ran in to before she and the other person went tumbling down the hall. Already Noi had had enough of the tumbling (and a foot constant stuck in her stomach) as soon as they started and before they had reached the other end of the hallway Noi reached out with her mind's eye plucking a particularly strong wind from inside one of the class rooms placing it in front of them, strengthening it herself so that both her, and whoever went down with her was caught in a mini whirl-wind.

Noi misjudged how strong she had needed to make the whirl-wind and it was actually several minutes more before she was dropped down on the ground next to& SARTH!!

Noi's normally tanned went ghost white as she realized the true horror of her actions wishing that she had slammed into the stone wall instead of Sarth.

"At least the stone wall would be more forgiving&" She murmured as she got to her aching feet brushing off her sleeves with a sigh. She turned to face Sarth when she sa-

"BACON! OH NO BREAKFAST!" She screamed turning around and racing towards the great hall praying that there was still food out to eat.

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