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07/05/2007 2:44 PM

A small band of samuri are determind to restore the old ways. As the emperor pulls people from the west, the Phenoix Sun stands against them. Now, on the bring of extinction, The samuri have to survive the armys of the east, and west...

As Jiang Poie stands, sword raised, and screaming... you can't help the chill that runs down your spine. you look around you... Kimo Girde falls to the ground after a deafining roar you look down, to see someone elses hands. Where are you? in the eyes of the samuri. Are you ready to face down the west? or is it power and money you search for? or even perhaps the emperors new gaurd... what ever your taste is, ARE YOU STRONG ENUGH TO STEP UP AND BE COUNTED AMOUNG CHAMPIONS?


Open for discussion... When accepted or rejected, I will make rules and such...


07/05/2007 5:37 PM

Sounds cool. So what, do our characters start out as a novice samarai or what.

07/05/2007 6:07 PM

U i like samurais :)
But i think we all want more information :)

07/05/2007 6:29 PM

Well, I was waiting to see if you guys liked it...

Starting out is easy... you start out as either member of the Phenoix Sun, The 18 div. of the british army, or the emporers Elites.

You start out Semi-pro... but no Power moding (unless you are GOOD at it -ask for power mode-)

and as for plan of events.... :D This RP will probobly be new game to you guys, but the outcome, and everything before it is a suprise to everyone... except me.

07/05/2007 8:26 PM

Im interested, but really confused. Can you tell more info?

07/06/2007 5:03 AM



*cough*Phoenix*cough* :P

07/06/2007 9:40 AM

1. Ok, Ultimate info!!!

This RP will be a short post (paragraph or two per post) RP. It will consist of as many people as I can get to join... if it gets to going good, I will bring others to help. (I am in the process of making a new era in RPing. by making RP Groups... for army Rping) There are threee sides, like I said before, The Samuri, "Phenoix Sun" (I know its wrong, ;) I'm not a big fan of copywright infringment.), The "Westerners" (either western country you choose), or finally The "Elites" (The private army of the Emperor). in the battle of good and evil, its up to your perception who is who...

You will start out in the following places: Samuri- A small camp in the woods... Scouting... or havent joined the samuris yet (free range), Westerner- Boat dock... Emerors palace... roaming (free range), Elite- Emperors palace... boat dock (no free range avalible)

Powerlevels: Unlike most Rp's this one dosen't have time to slow down and have massive battles (until more people come) so this won't take effect yet. You ALL start off at PL: 1-5 (Attack-Deffence) EXCEPT RM's. RM's start at 5-10. I do not know people well enugh to choose RM's yet. but either way... you gain experience by asking for a chance... an RP Spar is needed for Samuri, RP Hunting is needed for Westerners, and RP rebellians are needed for elites.

The Characters: There are a few characters that have to be filled.. Jaing Poie- Leader of the Samuri (Me) David Birch- Leader of the 18th div.(N/A) Kima Riger- Leader of the Elites.

Weapons: The weapons that one can have vary. Samuris are proficeint in Bows, Swords, and homemade xplosives. They can have other weapons, like guns... but not to start out, and the more exp with a gun they get, the more they fatigue, and the less they can use swords. not to mention they become more loyal to the western way. (Insanity effect) The westerners can use small sabres (half the power of a sword), Musketeer rifles. (longer range, but slower use.) they can use swords... but an appreciation of the samuri comes... The Elite can use muskets, clay explosives, and some swords (not as good quality)

If you need more, ask.

07/06/2007 6:21 PM

As Jiang Poie stands

umm yeah... Jiang Poie isn't a Japanese name, neither is Riger or Kimo Girde. And Kima and Kimo might be but I could be wrong. Jiang could be either Korean or Chinese and as for Riger and Poie and Girde... well I don't know where those came from, they sound like Final Fantasy style names to me...

Also, in Japanese history the emperor's elite were always samurai. The faction of samurai that you are calling the Phoenix Sun are actually just Ronin and wandering free samurai, Rurouni. Also samurai did not usually use explosives of any kind, they thought it was underhanded and cowardly. And another thing. The katana's (swords) that the elites would be using would be better quality than the ones the Ronin or Rurouni could afford or make, because the emperor would give his best warriors the best swords the royal smiths could make. Also, samurai also thought that guns were cowardly and unhonourable weapons, the Ronin and Rurouni wouldn't even have access to guns, and they certainly would never use them, it simply goes against everything they stood for.

Essentially... If you are going to do an RP on Samurai... Then maybe you should know a bit more about Japanese culture (especially the samurai stuff). Names are important, as is a healthy knowledge of the RPing subject. Also try and refrain from making so many spelling mistakes... It makes your posts difficult to read. Sorry to be a bother but I think these things should be addressed.

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07/07/2007 8:45 AM

Dude... I know its not accurate, I diddn't want to be precise, or the RP would suck for everyone who was not a history buff. I am sorry to say it, but something about all you said comes across as a major troll.

I realize the elites were samuri, but these (for the sake of a good RP) have to be diff. Also, The RP would not be as good if the westerners and elites BOTH had better weapons, so I decided to modernize it a bit. I realize EVERYTHING that you say... but take into consideration everyone else.... Not everyone is intrested in history, but rather, everyone here is intrested in a good RP.

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07/07/2007 3:41 PM

People will only be interested in this RP if they are familiar with the concepts that you are presenting them. And alot of RPs based on things of a historical nature are more successful if they are accurate. And don't call me a troll-you have made numerous spelling mistakes in every post you've made so far. And people don't have to be interested in history. But if someone decides to do a little research before they join this RP then they'll realize you know nothing about what you're talking about and will be discouraged from participating. The changing of the historical facts of this RP does not make it a good RP, if anything. it decreases its value. And someone doesn't have to be a history buff to enjoy an at least remotely historically accurate RP, if anything, they'd appreciate it. You might as well not even set this RP in Japan if you are going to change the country's entire culture and history. Your entire storyline would benefit from being more accurate. And I rather doubt that you purposely made all those mistakes. It sounds more like you watched "The Last Samurai" and decided to base an RP on it, and from what you've presented, one would be inclined to deduce that "The Last Samurai" was the only reference on Japanese culture, or the samurai that you've ever had.

It's spelled "samurai"!

07/09/2007 4:02 PM

I have never seen that movie... I only made the events to make an RP due to the EXTREME lack of movement.

I refuse to continue this convo.

it is left open. Vote....

I say Yo

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